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Learn How to Get 1 Free Psychic Question Answered by Phone, Email, or Instant Messaging for FREE of charge. Get an Answer to your most burning question now.

Do you have uncertainties in your life and would like to turn to psychics for answers? Well, divine intervention is always the best go-to alternative to give you accurate psychic readings on a variety of topics including relationship advice, career guidance, dream interpretation…and much more.

There are a lot of amazing psychic networks, but not all of them offer free psychic questions. Therefore, the critical issue is knowing the reputable and trustworthy psychic networks where you can get 1 free psychic question answered by phone email, online chat, or instant messaging.

But you don’t need to worry about where you will get authentic psychic networks that offer 1 free psychic question. We’ve already done that for you by listing the websites in this article.

Check out the list below to see the top psychic networks where you can get one free psychic question answered.

Where to Get Get 1 Free Psychic Question Answered by Phone or Email:



Psychic Source opens our list as the best website where you can get 1 free psychic question answered by phone, online chat, or live video.

The platform has been in business for more than 3 decades, and that guarantees you of reputable reading.

Psychic Source has qualified psychics who specialize in a variety of topics such as energy healing, dream interpretation, love & relationship guidance, spiritual career advice, numerology, card readings, Tarot… and much more.

The platform also hosts different types of psychics such as clairvoyants, psychic mediums, clairaudients…and much more.


How to Get 1 Question For Free from Psychic Source

Psychic Source has the best introductory offer. Newcomers are always required to register a free account to get started. Upon sign up, which will only take seconds, users will be directed to the homepage where they will select a category of the psychic question they want to ask.

Users will then see the profile of different psychics and a brief description of their abilities/ skills below their profile. Once you click on a specific psychic that resonates with you, you will be taken to chat room where you can ask any genuine question of your choice.

Your 1 free psychic question can be answered by phone, email, or instant messaging. The question can come from any topic including love & relationship, family issues, career & finance, and much more.

Since there are no rules, try to be as calm as you can. Always be nice to create that personal touch with the psychic readers to enable them to read your energy and answer your psychic question. Make more inquiries by calling (866) 953-6748.



Asknow is another psychic network that offers 1 free psychic reading through phone or online chat.

ASKNOW has been in business for nearly two decades and hosts the largest selection of qualified psychics who specialize in a variety of topics such as future foretelling, astrologists, love & relationship advice, guidance & counseling, tarot readers, among others.

The qualified advisors guarantee you accurate reading with a friendly tone on the phone. Readings are also available in both English and Spanish.


How to Get 1 Question For Free from ASKNOW Psychic 

Users are required to sign up and start enjoying the introductory offer which includes a free 5-minute package at a discounted rate.

Upon sign up, newcomers can interact with the advisors and ask one free psychic question either via online chat or phone. Make more inquiries by calling (855) 525-6677.



Keen is also another website where you can get 1 free psychic question answered by advisors through the phone.

Psychic readers on the platform cover broad topic such as love & relationship, spiritual guidance, finance & career guidance, tarot, among others.


1 free psychic question answered


How users can get 1 free psychic question answered

Upon registration, new users are given the first three minutes free. Users can use these free minutes to ask psychic questions and expect instant feedback from the advisors through the call, online chat, or email.

Users can also decide to access KEEN by the app and browse through a list of top-rated advisors.

The network has a thrilling introductory offer for newcomers; getting the first 10 minutes of their readings for just $1.99.



You can also get 1 free psychic question answered by advisors in California Psychics. The platform boasts of offering the best psychic phone readings from qualified advisors who handle a variety of topics such as clairvoyants, mediums, empath, dream interpretation, and much more.

Because psychic’s screening process is rigorous, it is a guarantee that you will get accurate readings from the readers who will handle you professionally and engage in a friendly phone conversation.


How users can get 1 free psychic question answered

Users are required to sign up to begin enjoying the service. Upon registration, which takes less than a minute, users will be given an introductory offer of $1 per minute.

The platform lacks online chat, but users can exclusively get their readings via telephone. Call Now (800) 374-2807.



If you prefer to get 1 free psychic question answered by email, then KASAMBA is your go-to alternative.

Kasamba has been in the business since 1999 and has gained a reputation for offering the best accurate readings from experts who specialize in a variety of topics.

You are likely to get different types of advisors in the platform such as love experts, tarot readers, love & relationship experts, fortune tellers, astrologer… and much more.

Even though KASAMBA lacks a phone or online chat option, you can still get your readings via email which ensures extra privacy.


How users can get 1 free psychic question answered

News users are required to sign up to start enjoying the free session.

After that, newcomers are liable to enjoy 3 free minutes where they can ask any psychic question in areas that give them a dilemma in their lives.

Newcomers are also given the 50% discount as an introductory offer in the first 3 minutes.

One fantastic aspect of KASAMBA is that all sessions are completely private, ensuring your identity is kept anonymous.



You can also get 1 free psychic question answered when you access ORANUM.

The platform has been in business for quite some time and has gained the reputation for hosting hundreds of advisors who have a wide range of abilities including; horoscope reading, astrology, dream interpretation, tarot reading, fortune-telling, and much more.

Unlike its peers who offer readings mainly by phone and online chat, ORANUM offers readings through webcam where users can hear and see their spiritual advisors.

The platform also provides an instant messaging session where users can ask free questions.


How Users Can Get 1 Free Psychic Question Answered

Users are required to sign up to get 1 free psychic question answered before they buy a full session.

Upon sign up, users are given $9.88 free credits which they can use to contact top-rated psychic readers on the platform via webcam and shoot their free question.


What’s The Difference in Psychic Readings by Phone, Online Chat, or Live Video?


Phone Psychic Readings

This is the most popular method widely preferred because of convenience. Users can remotely access psychic readers from any location and have their questions answered.

Most psychic networks have a hotline phone number which allows users to call advisors once they set up their accounts and deposit some money.

The only advantage of phone readings is that there is high transparency when it comes to charges. In telephone readings, a variety of topics can be handled including love readings, dream interpretation, fortune-telling… and many others.

Phone readings are more accurate because the advisors use their spiritual gift to read the energy in your voice and provide the correct answers.


Online Chat Psychic Reading

It refers to getting readings through messaging platforms. Chat readings have gained popularity because of the high level of anonymity and the ability to get instant feedback from the advisors.

Users can also talk back and forth with the psychic readers and have their questions answered. In an online chat, users are charged based on the minutes spent on the session.

To get started, users will be required to sign up in a psychic network and start engaging a psychic reader in a chat.

Online chat is a preferred method because readers aren’t influenced by your physical appearance which might give the readers clues on their readings.

Moreover, after the online chat, your chat is saved for future reference, which eliminates the need to take notes. However, online chat has some remarkable limitations.

For instance, you must have a stable internet connection, and your typing speed must also be top-notch.


Live Video Psychic Reading

As the name suggests, live video entails getting psychic readings through hearing and seeing your advisor from the other end.

This method is like a traditional visit to a real psychic to get a face-to-face psychic reading. The only difference is that Live Video entails the use of technology tools such as a webcam.

All in all, live video reading creates a personal connection during the session which provides a lot of comforts.

Psychic readers can use their natural abilities to read your energy and give answers to some of your dilemmas.

The only limitation with live video psychic reading is that your physical appearance might influence the psychic reader.


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