10 Australian Emu Oil Health Benefits You Should Know

Emu is a native bird found in Australia and mostly used in the provision of fats which are processed to give a final product known as emu oil. Oil made from Emu birds has been used for long due to its outstanding results that it provides after usage. Additionally, it is a natural product that is processed and refined into different products with multiple purposes. Notably, this article will discuss the various Australian emu oil benefits that have led to the popularity and high usage of the product by many.

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Enhance skin moisturizing  

Emu oil is right for your skin since it penetrates and increases the hydration process at a higher rate. Additionally, this oil on your body is essential as it reduces the water loss from your skin. Moreover, the oil easily gets absorbed by the skin hence maintaining the skin moisture preventing it from drying and cracking. Remarkably, due to the oils absorbable attribute, it is used to pass other compounds that are mixed with it, and the mixture enables the skin to moisturize. Notably, hydrated skin is not prone to damage and cancer caused by radiation.

Pain reliever and arthritis treatment

Using emu oil application assists in the reduction easing of arthritis pain to patients. Additionally, mix the oil with other substances such as eucalyptus and spread it over the arthritis swelling. Notably, emu oil has a painkilling effect that reaches deep to the skin hence relieving the aching in the skin. Therefore, when applied to the affected places of arthritis, it prevents further infections.

Reduces breast sensitivity

Emu oil from Australia is of most importance to the mothers who are breastfeeding since it decreases the sensitivity of their nipples. Furthermore, new mothers experience a lot of pain when newborn babies latch, resulting in the dry and cracked breast. However, women use emu oil to keep the nipple skin hydrated while they are feeding the children. Application of the oil after delivery enhances areolar skin barrier that aids at preventing nipples from soring. Notably, emu oil does not tamper with the temperature or the elasticity of the areolar.

Skin healing

Emu oil is effective when applied to the skin that has been injured. Apply it several times to reduce pain in the affected part. Moreover, this oil heals the skin faster compared to other treatment due to its high penetration rate to the surface. It enhances the healing of second to a third-degree burn, especially for the children’s skin.
Furthermore, the oil gives excellent results when applied to cuts and bruises by curing them faster. Most people find oils very useful when applied to an injured part compared to other medical ways. Hence, this oil satisfies the belief of many in the healing process of a wound.

Managing cholesterol in your body

Emu oil, when taken orally assists in decreasing the cholesterol concentration in the body. Additionally, it helps in the reduction of obesity along with exercises and refrains from calories. Moreover, consuming emu oil helps in loss of weight due to the lowering of cholesterol. Taking the oil aids at moderating lousy cholesterol and enhances the excellent cholesterol-induced in the body. Notably, natural oil has essential fats that raise the level of cholesterol.

Acts as anti-inflammatory

Contents in the emu oil allow it to get absorbed into your body so quickly. Therefore, it is dissolved through the outmost layer of the skin and relieves conditions such as redness and itchiness. Emu oil contains antioxidant compounds that are used to fight inflammation from different parts of the body. Notably, this oil is crucial since it treats conditions that include ear inflammation and bowel syndrome inflammation. Usage of emu oil reduces chronic inflammatory complications like dermatitis and eczema. Also, the oil decreases inflammation in the gut lining when used.

 Hair growth

Applying Emu oil on your scalp encourages the growth of more hair follicles without affecting the skin. Moreover, the oil is well known for curing thinning hair by stimulating hair growth, thereby reducing brittle hair and increasing the hair density. Patients with health problems that lead to hair loss such as chemotherapy and alopecia can use emu oil since it increases the generation of skin cells. Notably, it is a natural product; hence, it can be used to massage the scalp causing hydration in your hair mask.

Insect repellant

Smearing the emu oil on your skin helps repel insects such as head lice, mosquitos, and cockroaches. It contains terpenes that are natural elements which increase the repelling effect of the oil. Apply the oil on exposed skin to disorient insects, especially the bugs while going outside your home. Among the Australian emu oil benefits, repelling insects is universal since it aids at keeping away pests that can causes diseases to human beings.

Anti-aging effect

Components of Emu oil such as collagen provide effects that moisturize your skin and produces anti-aging results. Collagen maintains the skin and keeps it wrinkle-free and plump. The antioxidant influence caused by the emu oil fights away signs of aging produced due to oxidative stress. Notably, the oil raises the number of healthy cells generated by the skin. Additionally, it regenerates most of the tissues that have been damaged by the skin and those that are aging.

Gut treatment

Emu oil is capable of healing the gut, particularly when you have Crohn’s or colitis diseases. Remarkably, the oil is used to treat gut ulcers and reduction of the small intestines irritation. Application of Emu oil acts as protection from further gut ulceration when applied at different levels.



Australia emu oil benefits, when embraced, can help in living a healthy life. Therefore, when used either orally or applied on the body can yield many advantages to a person. Additionally, it should be taken according to the right dosages as instructed for it to yield proper results.

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