12 Best Baby Monitors Under $150–$200 Review [Updated 2021]

Looking for the best baby monitors under $150-$200 for 2021? The baby monitor is one of the best investments you will make for your baby, whether as a new parent or even if you are having baby number 2.

Baby monitors help you watch your baby throughout the day from another location. With a baby monitor, you can watch your baby fall asleep from your own bedroom, watch them play while you do house chores, or monitor them from the nursery, so you don’t have to go there physically and wake them up.

Most believe that a baby monitor is more or less like a home security system and that if you have invested in a good security system, there is no need for a baby monitor.

This doesn’t seem right at so many levels; one, the security system allows you to prevent burglary in your home, and in most cases, emphasizes footage features. This way, the system can records what happened in your home, and you can watch it later.

In contrast, a baby monitor’s features emphasize providing real-time incidences in your baby’s bedroom.

Thus, other than detecting any movements in your baby’s room, a baby monitor also monitors the temperature, humidity, pressure, and other environmental conditions in your baby’s room. This way, you can respond appropriately, like adding an extra blanket if the temperature suddenly drops.

A baby monitor’s most popular function is to prevent cot death, otherwise known as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In the US alone, an estimated 2000 children die of SIDS every year.

The baby monitor prevents this by alerting you when the baby stops breathing. The device consists of a pressure pad and a sensor monitor strapped to the baby’s chest.

The sensor monitors the baby’s breathing at all times, and the alarm in the monitor alerts you when the baby stops breathing.

So far, there are no statistics to show how the device has prevented many SIDS cases. But the peace of mind one gets knowing that they have the ability to monitor the child’s movement every second is what most people love about the device.

This review outlines the best baby monitors, features to look out for when buying a baby monitor, and a recommendation on the best baby monitor to buy.

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The TOP 12 Baby Monitors Under $150-$200 for The Money:

Baby Monitors are important to help you as a parent keep an eye on your baby as you handle your house chores. Below is a list of the top 12 best baby monitors under $150-$200.


#1 – VAVA large 5″ HD Display Video Baby Monitor

Vava video baby monitor is for the modern parent offering peace of mind and an excellent user experience. It comes with a large 5-inch screen with 720p clear images. You get real-time videos with full-color clarity and grayscale infrared images during the night. No matter the darkness, you can see delicate movements.

With an enhanced long 480-900ft transmission range, the portable gadget enables you to move around while you listen, see, or talk to your baby, no matter the distance. So feel free to go into the study room, kitchen downstairs, or even into your back yard.

The baby monitor has the latest technology, such as LED noise indicators and an external thermostat that accurately updates you of your baby’s room temperatures. It comes with 7-volume levels. You can set the highest level when you are about to sleep and low volume to alert you of loud noises. The monitor solution is especially useful for newborn babies. They are delicate, and monitoring their breathing or coughing is non-debatable.

Always feel connected to your child with the 2x, 4x zoom, and autopilot panoramic scan features. The options allow you to check on your baby instantly without having to use an app, set up, or slow internet.

Vava baby monitor offers you up to 24hr battery life. It comes with a built-in 4500AH rechargeable battery that is up to the challenge. If you need full display mode, the battery lasts up to 12hrs without plugging in and 24hrs when using only the audio mode.

  • Easy to use
  • Impressive battery life
  • Recommendable transmission range
  • Portable design
  • No App


#2 – CasaCam BM200 Pro Baby Monitor

CasaCam presents you with a simple and effective wireless device with lots of amazing features. The large 5-inch touchscreen colored display allows you to monitor your child as they snooze peacefully. The screen is responsive with a user-friendly interface; no internet required.

It comes with a simultaneous dual-mode HD camera with a pan 270 degrees and 110 degrees tilt. The dual connection is also compatible with your smart device and can be used as a CCTV camera. It also supports up to a 4-camera connection with a single/split/quad display. You can purchase the extra cameras on Amazon. They are sold separately.

You can also use the digital zoom that is 1.5x or 2x times stronger, allowing you to see any slight movements within the camera’s range. Place the camera in your preferred position, whether you mount it with the mounting bracket or on a table or cabinet.

The built-in high sensitivity microphone and speaker enable clear two-way audio. That way, you can talk to your baby even when you’re in the office, on the road, or anywhere in the world. You also have 4-lullaby options at your disposal with six languages; sound activates LED lights.

The automatic light sensor detects light and darkness and automatically shifts to night vision or day modes. The base sits a convenient nightlight at the camera that allows you to see your baby without turning the lights on.

The baby monitor also comes with a temperature range alert to help you keep your baby comfortable and safe. If the temperature rises or drops below normal, you get a message popup on your smartphone.

CasaCam also offers you power save mode and audio-only modes. The monitor turns off when not in use and automatically turns on whenever it detects sound. So you can rest easy knowing your night guard will alert you whenever your little one needs attention. Also, it comes with a simple charging system that allows you to plug in a power cable.

  • Good quality image
  • Simple menus and navigation systems
  • Pre-recorded lullabies
  • Easy charging system
  • The touchscreen needs an update


#3 – Motorola Connect60 Wireless Video Camera

Motorola is a trusted brand with a commendable reputation over the years. They bring you a large 5-inch display monitor with multiple viewing options. You can now stream live feed in full 1080p HD videos. Download the Hubble baby app to your smart device and monitor your baby on the go. The video monitor also has a transmission range of up to 1000ft.

The Hubble app also provides helpful baby growth and parenting tips to help you through your journey. You may be required to subscribe for more development, features, and tips. All that requires an internet connection, and it’s compatible with most iOS and Android devices. As a bonus, the Motorola baby monitor works efficiently with virtual assistants and always ready for your voice activation command.

Check for strategic spots to place your baby monitor. That way, you have the complete view of your baby’s crib at your disposal. The camera has mounting screws and a wide base to place on dressers or cabinets without any blind spots. You have the luxury to control the camera remotely, allowing you to pan-tilt-zoom to check the surroundings.

Keep an eye on your little one even at night. With the camera’s infrared technology, you can stream bright-colored videos in the dark. You don’t need any flick lights to check out the odd noises during the night.

Motorola understands your cybersecurity concerns and offers you advanced encryption technology to protect you from hackers. Cyber threats are a real problem, and P2P technology with AES 128-bit encryption safeguards your live streaming. Therefore, now you can sleep peacefully knowing no creepy stalkers will be staring at your munchkin during the night.

Additional features are a two-way intercom that allows you to talk to your fussy bundle of joy. You have 10 preloaded nature sounds, lullabies, and bedtime stories to soothe your little back to sleep.

  • Quality camera
  • Safe and secure live stream
  • Multiple camera compatibility
  • You may want to use a stronger adhesive to mount the camera


#4 – Motorola Connect40 Wireless Family Video Monitor

This is another cool product from Motorola. With the Large 5-inch display, you get an array of vivid pictures and live feed. It s compatible with your smart device, and can control it remotely. Take advantage of the infrared technology that allows you to capture bright-colored videos at night.

Use the secure private WiFi connection whenever you’re away from home. Now you can monitor your loved ones back at home from wherever. With the two-way intercom consisting of a speaker and a high sensitivity Mic, you can talk to your family from all over the world.

Once connected to your smart device, you receive a pop-up sound, motion, and temperature alerts. You can also play, record, and share high-quality videos with your family and friends on social media. Furthermore, with a paid subscription, the monitor records automatically when there’s odd movement, upload them to your cloud, and accesses them anytime you want.

Motorola baby app is compatible with the downloadable Hubble app. There you get access to a wide range of informative content, including shareable videos. You can filter your baby’s age to receive valuable parenting tips. The app enables you to track your child’s growth and development, feeding times, pumping durations, diaper changes, and sleep schedules.

Work on your daily activities or errands without constantly checking your device to monitor the wellbeing of your little one. The baby monitor is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so that you can activate and use it with your voice.

  • WiFi access to Hubble app
  • Good picture quality
  • Remote pan-tilt-zoom
  • Good transmission range
  • Irritating blinking blue LED light on the parent unit when connected


#5 – Arlo ABK1000 Baby Monitor

Arlo baby monitor ensures you never miss a moment thanks to high definition live videos. You can now watch your baby in a 1080HD video. Connect the device to your phone and get alerts if something happens in your baby’s crib.

During the night, the automatic night vision turns on, allowing you to see the baby move or sleep in the dark. Arlo comes with multi-colored night light. This helps with babies that are afraid of the dark. The night light shines with warm, dimmable lights and isn’t too distracting.

With the two-way talk communication, you can sing for your baby, read bedtime stories, or assure them of your presence no matter the distance. If you prefer using lullabies, the inbuilt music player will soothe your baby every night and make your parenthood easier.

It also comes with air sensors that allow you to monitor your nursery’s air condition and regulate the bedroom’s humidity and temperatures. The baby monitor works well with Amazon, Alexa, and Google assistants. With the rechargeable battery, you can monitor for up to 6 hours without plugging in.

  • A good quality picture with night vision
  • Motion sensors with temperature and humidity alerts
  • Records every notification
  • The wireless connection needs an upgrade


#6 – Cozime Baby Monitor

Cozime baby monitor offers you a fully upgraded 5.0″ LCD with up to 1080P high-quality resolution images and videos. Compared to the previous 2.4″ 720P baby monitors, you can now spot delicate movements that need your attention.

The baby monitor is convenient and makes your parenthood a lot easier. It comes with a camera and audio options that only require you to plug in and play. Cozime doesn’t support WiFi connection or any phone app, making it safe and secure from hackers.

You can connect the baby monitor up to 4 cameras with split-screen capabilities. Choose strategic spots for your camera to avoid any blind spot as far as the baby is concerned.

The portable baby camera can also pan 355 degrees and tilt 70degrees allowing you to see what’s happening in the baby’s crib. It’s also compatible with LCD panels and is easy to install and use.

It is equipped with an advanced and high-sensitivity microphone and speaker for clear two-way communication. You can soothe your baby with your voice or play lullabies to soothe the little bundle of joy when the baby is fussy. Stay connected from anywhere within a 1000ft long-range radius. No matter where you are within the house, you can receive a smooth live video to concentrate on other things.

Cozime provides you with a crisp infrared night vision with full-colored videos during the day and greyscale images at night. You don’t need to leave the lights on, thus saving on electricity bills. With room temperature monitoring, you can adjust the room temperature to allow your little to sleep soundly and comfortably.

Cozime baby monitor also offers you the Vox wake up a mode that turns off the screen when not in use and auto wake in the baby cries. That will buy you extra battery time. The portable baby monitor powered by a Rechargeable 3600mAh battery offers you full mobility in the house.

Pros & Cons

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • No cybersecurity threat
  • Vox mode sensitivity
  • Long-distance transmission
  • Has a blind spot


#7 – Motorola MBP845CONNECT-2 Cameras

This particular unit comes with two cameras for strategic positioning. With the 5” video baby monitor, you can always watch your loved ones and your mischievous pets. Best for parents with two kids or more in separate rooms and need to monitor them simultaneously.

The device is compatible with your smart gadgets. Now you can capture the cute moments even when at work. Download the Hubble app to send you smart notifications and capture pictures or record videos in case of sudden movements.

Receive motion, sound, and temperature notifications with your smart app. Communicate with your spouse or the baby seater from another room with the advanced intercom. You can also take advantage of the 5 lullabies readily available.

Moreover, you can spy on your baby seater while at work, get a glimpse of how they treat your child during the day. The Images are crystal-clear with vivid live videos perfect for day and infrared night vision.

  • WiFi connection with a smart Hubble app
  • Connects to multiple cameras
  • Quality images and videos
  • The parent screen beeps loudly


#8 – Motorola Comfort75-2 Video Baby Monitor

Motorola brings yet another awesome wireless baby monitor camera you can access remotely. You can pan-tilt-zoom using your parent unit. With the 2x digital zoom, you can spot slight movements or objects in the baby’s crib. The large 5″ inch LCD baby monitor screen allows monitoring and automatically records movements as you go about your business.

Use the support stand to prop the monitor onto a table, dresser, or flat surface when your hands are busy with other things. The camera uses infrared technology for night vision to ensure you stream clear live feed after lights out.

The unit comes with hypersensitive motion sensors and captures the slightest sounds. It comes with inbuilt 2-way audio speakers and a microphone. This will help you talk, sing, or read to your bundle of joy.

Also, the baby camera alerts you when the baby wakes up or is distressed. A temperature display will notify you when the room is freezing or too hot, disturbing your baby’s deep sleep at the top left on the screen.

The smart device can transmit up to 1000ft apart and alerts you when you are out of range or on low batteries. Play the soothing 5 preloaded lullabies to help your child relax and lull them into a colorful dream world.

  • Easy to use
  • Large screen with high-resolution motion pictures
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Recommended pan-tilt-zoom feature
  • Lacks a mounting option


#9 – iBaby Smart WiFi Baby Monitor M7LK (M7 Lite + Wall Mount)

iBaby smart baby monitor brings you a 1080P HD video quality with infrared night vision. Now you can monitor your lovely child during the day and at night without a glitch. It works on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, ensuring no interference or pixilated images at any time.

The baby monitor offers you the widest view options with an impressive 360-degrees pan and 110-degree tilt features. This feature allows you to adjust your view with the touch of a finger. Besides, it’s convenient when the baby reaches the crawling stage, and you need to see what your playful child is doing.

You can invite multiple users to connect to the iBaby video monitor, allowing your friends and family to help watch over your baby when you are away. When you need privacy, you can switch to private mode and exclude other users.

Sound features are impressive with serene prerecorded songs and more than a thousand lullabies. You can also record your songs, bedtime stories, or soothing voice to assure your baby of your presence.

With an advanced AWS security server, you don’t have to worry about being monitored or hacked by creepy stalkers. The device is highly secure, and you can relax whenever you use the device.

Besides, you can access the award-winning mom assistant features and baby monitor to help you navigate parenthood with ease. The apps are compatible with both iOS and android smart devices making all parents feel included.

  • Have a range of awesome features
  • Recording options with large internal storage
  • Secure AWS services
  • Large screen
  • It has blind spots


#10 – iBaby M6T HD Wi-Fi Digital Baby Monitor

iBaby M6T digital baby monitor offers you all the cool features you need. With an upgraded system, connect it to your smart gadget via the internet on the go. It allows you to check on your baby as your busy working on your goals.

The iBaby monitor pans up to 360 degrees and tilts to 110 degrees allowing you to scout around the baby’s room. Stream vivid videos in full 1080P HD during the day and utilize infrared night vision. It comes with noise cancellation features to allow you to hear your baby crying or capture odd noises in the room.

Equipped with a music player, you can prerecord your music, lullabies, and your voice reading bedtime stories for future use. You never know when the baby needs a mommy or daddy’s voice for assurance. iBaby monitor also has a temperature and humidity sensor to notify you whenever the crib’s environment is not conducive for a deep slumber.

Download the baby app and follow the manual guides to help you set up the device in less than 60 seconds. You can share live feed with your family and friends securely. It allows you to invite an unlimited number of users with an email invite and shut it down whenever you need privacy.

  • Easy and quick installation
  • 24hr live feed with clear images
  • Noise cancellation
  • Motion sensors
  • Huge and bulky


#11 – Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO Baby Monitor

Infant Optics delivers a high definition 720p video resolution. It allows you to stream even when the camera is positioned away from the baby’s crib. With the large 5″ display monitoring screen, you get impressive details, vivid colors, and warm brightness with a portable, sleek design.

Control the interchangeable lens for full room monitoring. Use the pan-tilt-zoom features to look around and make sure your family is safe. You can buy an extra wide-angle lens (sold separately) with 2x, 3x, and 6x zoom capabilities to capture all movements even when the camera is at a distance from your baby.

Utilize the double audio 1000mW speaker for louder volume and play soothing audio tunes for your little one. You also have the echo cancellation option to reduce background noises and hear your baby cry.

This particular device has no internet connection. Hence, safe and secure lines with only one parent unit connected to it. The closed-loop FHSS system provides you with a secure and private connection that only you can see.

  • Powerful 1000mW speakers
  • Closed and secure internet connection
  • Zoom capabilities
  • Interchangeable lens
  • It can use more features.


#12 – VTech VM5463-2 Video Baby Monitor

VTech is last on the list but doesn’t make it any less efficient. With the High-resolution, 5-inch color LCD screen, you can watch your baby sleep and never miss any cute moments. Take the portable parent unit with you, and you’ll feel like you never left the room.

If you need a better-detailed view, you can use the pan, tilt, and zoom camera features. The camera pans up to 270 degrees side to side and tilts 25 degrees up and down. The zoom features only go up to 2x, but it’s enough to see everything.

It has an auto light that shines warmly during the night with 3 colors to choose from. The auto feature turns on at night, whenever it detects the baby crying or strange noise in the room. Utilize the prerecorded soothing sounds and five lullabies. Turn on the ambient sounds of trickling streams and white noise to your little bundle of joy slip back to sleep.

  • Soothing sounds
  • Large screen
  • Quality images
  • No internet connection


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I really need a baby monitor?

That depends on your status. If your baby is always close to you, you have a small apartment, or your baby sleeps in a bedside bassinet, you may not need a baby monitor. The importance of having a baby monitor is to monitor your baby while you are away.


Do baby monitors need Wi-Fi?

A good number of modern baby monitors use Wi-Fi. Such monitors offer clear connections; you can watch or hear what your baby is doing clearly. This type of baby monitors come with the risk of being hacked if the connection is not secure.


How can you stop baby monitor interference?

Interference usually occurs when a digital baby monitor comes across another device using a similar frequency band and channel. Similarly, radiofrequency can cause interference.


Can a baby monitor pick up another device’s communication?

Baby monitors can pick other signals. Keep in mind that most baby monitors broadcast on a similar frequency, making it possible to pick other people’s conversations or radios.


What’s the Best Baby Monitor to Buy?

All the baby monitors reviewed above are amazing products, but if you choose to pick one product only, the best one is the DXR-8 Infant optics baby monitor. The best thing about this monitor is that it combines both audio and video transmitters, thus enabling you to see the baby and get to hear them.

The audio and video transmission are done in real-time, meaning there is no lag. Unlike most baby monitors, which have up to one-minute lag, the DXR transmitter gives you real-time videos; hence if your baby is having a problem like falling off the bed, you can rush to the bedroom immediately and pick them up.
This baby monitor uses the wireless transmitter, unlike most monitors that use the internet, preferably Wi-Fi transmission. The privacy should be a priority while monitoring your baby. As much as you want to keep in touch with your baby, you should be the only one seeing the videos and audios of your baby. Further, cases of internet hacking are on the rise. You should pick a baby monitor that is not vulnerable to hacking, and this baby monitor is just the device.

The device gives you clear videos and audios to make you the feel and sound of your baby, even if you are miles away. The baby monitor is meant to transmit videos and images of your baby.
Also, the device comes with adjustable lenses. As the baby grows, their vision changes, and thus there is a need to adjust the lenses of the camera to cope with this change. Rather than spending money to buy a new baby monitor when the baby gets older, you need to adjust the lenses with this device.

Further, the DXR-8 Infant optics baby monitor comes with a temperature regulator. With the rapidly changing weather condition, it is hard to keep track of the changing temperature. Fluctuating temperature can negatively impact your baby’s health. Hence, with this device, you can know the baby’s room temperature at all the time and take corrective action as soon as the temperature changes.

Although it is quite expensive, this baby monitor is worth every cent. If you are looking for a monitor that gives you the feel, sound, and even weather conditions of the baby’s room, this device is just the ideal one.

How to Choose the best baby monitor – Buying guide:



To most people, the price is one of the most important considerations when buying a baby monitor. While some are quite affordable, others are quite expensive. The trick to deal wiry the baby monitor’s cost is to understand your baby’s monitoring needs.

What is most important to the toy? Do you want to see the baby? Feel their voice? Get the weather condition of the surrounding area or any other element.

Once you understand this, you can pick the device that meets your needs. The rule of thumb is that the more the features, the more expensive the baby monitor will be.

Thus, instead of buying for features that you don’t need, clearly define your needs and pay for a baby monitor that has just what you need.



So what do you expect from a baby monitor? Do you want to monitor the baby alone or with your spouse? Is security important to you?

Remember, every feature comes with a unique function designed to meet your needs, hence like price, you need to clearly understand your needs for you to pick a baby monitor that meets your unique needs.

For instance, do you prefer an audio-only baby monitor or both audio and video? You can get an opportunity to watch your baby the whole day; hence a video baby monitor is ideal for you. However, other people might not have the privilege.

For instance, if you work in an office and are required to stay glued to your computer the whole day, you might get an opportunity to watch the baby; hence the audio version is best for you.

If you live in a big house, you might want to add additional cameras to the baby monitor to watch the baby as they move around the house. Thus, you should pick a baby monitor with the ability to accommodate more cameras.



Clarity of sound and video is an importer when choosing a baby monitor. If you are using a video monitor, you want to get the clearest pictures possible, the same case with the audio baby monitor.

For audio-only monitor particular, clarity is highly important. This is because you rely on the audio to know the ongoing in your baby’s room; hence unclear images can give you a different perception of what is actually happening.

Alongside clarity, a good baby monitor should be able to block as much external noise as possible so that the only sound or voice you can concentrate on is your baby’s.



With technological advancements, most baby monitors are transmitting using in build-features as opposed to the internet. A good baby monitor should not transmit video and photos via the internet.

Other than risking being hacked by hackers, transmitting through the internet can leak your baby’s photos or audios to the social media networks, even if that’s not your intention. Hence, ensure that the transmission is done securely and safely.


Ease of use

You want a baby monitor that is easy to install and use as much as possible. Remember, most companies offer the manual only, and though some promise to give you a 24-hour support system, there is no guarantee.

Thus, pick a baby monitor that is easy to use; even if you have to let your nanny do it, they should be able to install or set it up without much hustle. The introduction of baby monitors designed as the application has really improved the use of such applications. In most cases, one needs to download the application, install, and start using it.

Hence making them the most simplified baby monitors. Alongside ease of use, look for a baby monitor that is compatible with most devices.

If you can access your baby monitor using your phone, desktop, or laptop, that can be better. Watch out for applications that have an android only version.

The best should be the baby monitor is the one that can be installed on an android, windows, or even iPhone.


Temperature sensors

The best baby monitor should be able to sense the temperature of your baby’s surrounding area to enable you to take corrective action.

As weather conditions fluctuate, this can adversely affect your baby; hence, there is a need to monitor the temperature closely.

If there is a high temperature, the baby can be sweaty, and if you remove a few blankets, the baby can get skin rashes due to excessive sweat.

Similarly, if the temperature drops extremely low, the baby can get a cough if you don’t take corrective action to keep them warm. Hence, the best way to deal with babies is to keep track of temperature changes and take corrective action as soon as possible.


Battery life

The best baby monitor should have a long-lasting battery life. The best review in this article has 18 hours battery life, which is quite good.

Having a good battery life means that you don’t have to plug your baby monitor all the time. Further, if you are planning on traveling, or taking a flight, a good baby monitor for such a condition is the one that has longer battery life.

Other than having a good battery life, the best baby monitor should have an interchangeable battery. Some baby monitors have a feature that notifies you when the battery is low; this is also a good feature as you can plug in and continue monitoring your baby.


Compact and portable

Remember, you need a baby monitor that you can carry around the house to monitor the baby as you do your house chores.

Thus, you need a baby monitor that is highly compact and portable. A good baby monitor should be light and highly portable, especially if you love traveling and would love to bring it on your trips.

The receiver should be quiet during the movements, so it doesn’t distract you while moving around. Further, the receiver should not be noisy; it should emit as low sound as possible so that you can monitor the baby while watching your favorite TV program.


Visual stimulus

Some baby monitors have a feature that can alert you when there is movement in the baby’s room. The best ones are the ones that sent you a notification on your mobile phone.

The notification can be quite useful, especially if you work in a noisy place, or you can’t stay glued to the baby monitor. Another good visual stimulus that alerts you when the battery is low; this way, you can plug in and continue monitoring your baby.

Some baby monitors, especially those that don’t transmit using Wi-Fi, can alert you when you start moving away from the signal. This is also a good feature to look out for in a baby monitor.


Number of parent units

While some baby monitors come with only one parent unit, others come with two. The number of parent units is important, especially if you and your spouse want to monitor the baby.



Basically, the range of the baby monitor depends on the size of your house. If you live in a small house like an apartment, then the ideal baby monitor is the one with a short-range.

However, if you stay in the big house, then the best baby monitor for you is the one with a long-range.


Final thoughts

The security of your baby is the most important thing for you, especially new mothers. Shopping for a baby monitor can be an overwhelming experience. With the many models, designs, brands, and types, it is hard to pick the best baby monitor.

Thus, to ease your anxiety, focus on three things:

  • Find out what your baby’s needs are and consider the baby monitor you want, whether audio, video or motion.
  • Write down the exact features you feel will meet these needs and be as specific and detailed as possible. For instance, to watch the baby, you need a video baby monitor.
  • Lastly, pick the best baby monitor that has the features described above and is within your budget. If you do this, you are guaranteed to find the baby monitor that you not only want but need.


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