How to Get 100% Free Psychic Readings Online Chat: No Credit Card

Do you wish to get a free psychic reading from top rated psychic readers who won’t require your credit card details or PayPal info? Well, this article will explain the reputable websites that offer 100% free psychic reading without credit card.

Nowadays, tons of websites claim to offer free psychic readings. But once you access the websites, you will be taken in for a surprise because you will find that these sites will require your credit card details to facilitate payment options.

Since we value our readers, we have made your work easier by compiling the list of reputable websites where you can get 100% free psychic online chats without a credit card.

All in all, you must understand that psychic reading is a delicate process, and you will be required to sign up in a majority of these platforms to get free psychic reading. Keep it in mind that your details will be kept anonymous and secure.


Things To Know Before Getting Free Psychic Readings Online

A majority of these psychic networks will require you to sign up before getting the free psychic readings.

Do not expect all your psychic questions to be answered for free. You can only get 2 or 3 psychic answers for free in most of these psychic platforms. It is only ORANUM that offers unlimited free chat to newcomers.

The free trials are meant to acquaint you with the website or a specific psychic reader.


Below are the psychic networks that offer 100% free chat reading:



ORANUM opens our list as the best platform where you can get 100% free online psychic chats. This psychic network has won the heart of many users for having met their needs by connecting them with qualified psychic readers.

One significant advantage of Oranum is that it hosts experienced spiritual experts from around the world, giving users an opportunity to chat with them without paying for anything.

To get started, new users are required to sign up in the platform, choose their favourite reader, and ask them questions through online chats.

Oranum network has no discounts such as free minutes reading. It is exclusively a platform that offers free chat rooms for newcomers. All the questions are asked through chat rooms and all answers given on the same platform.


What Will Impress You About Oranum?


Psychic Screening Process

The platform hosts more than 3000 psychic readers. All these psychics have to undergo regular screening and tests to ensure they maintain their skills. But compared to its peers, Oranum’s screening is not very rigorous. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing a psychic reader to answer your question.


Deals for New Comers

Oranum has a unique way to welcome newcomers through a vital tool called psychic chat. In psychic chats, users can ask psychic readers endless question for free and get instant feedback.


Customer Support System

Oranum lacks a support system, but users can forward their problems to the support using email.


Psychic services offered

Oranum has psychic readers with different skills and abilities. Some of the common services you are likely to get from the advisors through online chats include; Tarot card reading, love and relationship guidance, money and finance reading, career advice, family issues, spiritual guidance, and much more.



Psychic Source is another perfect consultation platform that can give you free psychic answers to your questions. The website boasts of more authentic psychic advisors who have been offering services on the platform since its establishment in 1999.

This reputable psychic network mainly offers readings through the phone. But of late, the platform has evolved and now offer readings by online chats or live video chat.

One fantastic aspect of the website is that all readings are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This means that when you purchase a service on the platform, you are likely to get good returns for your money.


Deals for Newcomers

Upon registration, users are given three free minutes as a trial. This will enable users to learn more about their preferred advisors. If you feel comfortable with a psychic reader, you can obtain a package that matches your budget. One limitation of Psychic Source is that it lacks an introductory offer. But all in all, you can get an extremely fair rate such as $1 per min for the first 30 minutes.


Psychic’s Screening Process

The psychic’s screening process is too rigorous to ensure only authentic readers make it to the platform. For those who apply to offer their services on the website, they have to be taken through rigorous scrutiny characterized by extensive interview and tests on their areas of specialization.


Customer Service

The customer support is available 24/7 and will answer your questions through phone or via email. Due to the 100% satisfaction guarantee, getting a refund isn’t challenging. You will not be asked multiple annoying questions to initiate the refund.



This psychic network has gained a positive reputation over the extensive years that it has been running due to its honest and intuitive psychic readings. The platform guarantees you authentic life-changing readings from qualified readers.


Means of contact

You can contact the psychics through the telephone or through online chat which is initiated once you download and install their messaging app. The customer support has an official hotline number (866) 552-3943 open 24/7. That means your urgent questions will be answered without waiting for long.


Types of readings offered

Since the platform hosts a lot of qualified experts with remarkable abilities, you can get a variety of your questions answered in several topics including love and relationship, finance and career, family life…and much more.


Screening process

It is the rigorous screening process that has made this site to remain trusted by a lot of clients. One psychic reader applies to offer their services on the platform; they will be exposed to thorough scrutiny, intense interviews, and tough tests to tests their abilities.


Deals for newcomers

Using the CA Psychic app, newcomers can chat directly with the psychic readers at a special introductory rate of $1 per minute for a 30-minute reading. The psychic’s pricing depends on their experience level, and the rate can be as high as $4 per minute.



If you need accurate life-changing reading, then Kasamba should be your go-to alternative. The platform hosts expert psychics who will shed light into a variety of issues in your life such as love and relationship, career & finance guidance, family issues, astrology readings, and much more.


Screening Process

Unlike its peers who have a rigorous screening process, Kasamba turns out to lack an elaborate psychic screening process. Instead, the site relies on the ratings and reviews of customers. That means that the psychics must always strive to offer outstanding services to the clients to be positively rated. But once you settle on a top-rated advisor, you are likely to get significant life-changing readings and remarkable advice that puts you in a dilemma.


Deals for Newcomers

Newcomers are given an introductory offer free first 3 minutes of their reading when they purchase a 10-minute session. These free minutes can allow users to test the services offered by a psychic reader and go through their reviews and ratings.


Customer Service

Kasamba lacks telephone support. In case you have a query, you have to contact support through email, which might delay your response. Lack of telephone support makes it challenging in case you might need a refund because you will be required to fill a form on the website and patiently wait for feedback. In either case, the platform has a satisfaction guarantee which means that you will get your refund despite how long it takes.



Life Reader is another psychic network that offers free psychic reading without a credit card. The platform boasts of qualified hand-picked readers who are screened thoroughly before given an opportunity to provide services on the platform.

This psychic platform offers a variety of readings such as dating advice, family guidance, tarot readings, astrology, readings…and the list continues.

Given that the psychic readers are hand-picked and rigorously screened, the readers guarantees you accurate and genuine reading which is likely to make you overcome the dilemmas in your life.


Newcomer’s Special Deals

One fantastic thing about Life Reader is the introductory offer to newcomers. Users are given free 3-minute psychic reading chat with different readers. This demo reading is meant to help new users to choose a reader that resonates with them. Once a user settles of a particular psychic reader, they can choose their favorite package to start their session.


Psychic’s screening process

Life reader hand-picks its readers then screen them through interviews and multiple tests to confirm their skills and abilities. With such a rigorous screening, you can trust the readers to answer your psychic questions genuinely.


Customer service

This psychic network lacks telephone support which might be its biggest drawback. However, when users access the FAQs section on the website, they can get elaborate explanations of the challenges they are likely to face and the proper ways to overcome such problems.

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