What Is the Best Manual Citrus Juicer?

From lemon meringue pie and French lime caramel to sour cherry panna cotta and pale grapefruit ale, most people will believe that fresh juice actually tastes stronger.

Since these fruits can be strained by hand, a specialized citrus juicer can help get the pulp- and seed-free work completed. The tool form you like, a manual citrus juicer for any kitchen, is a helpful accessory.

So there is nothing easier than freshly squeezed juice as you want to make a jug of iced lemonade on a nice sunny day, drink fresh orange juice for an early morning lift, or whip up a lemon vinaigrette for a salad dressing.

How does it work?

The ones that spin like centrifugal juicers are Citrus Juicers or are only used for citrus fruits. In order to extract the juice, these juicers have a moving cone-shaped head, which is pressed towards half of the fruit.

The pulp or seeds are pooled on the strainer’s tip in this method, and the juice is gathered in the cup. When the holes’ size on the strainer is large, the pulp and the seeds are also blended with the juice.

Best Manual Citrus Juicers

You ought to know what you want to do for the essential performance when it applies to picking the best citrus juices, how much juice it can get with the least amount of least effort from pure fruit.

1. Electric citrus juicer

An electric juicer has an engine to move the placed conical portion into the fruit, allowing the cook to keep the fruit against it simply as the machine does the job.

Usually, an electrical citrus juicer is linked to a larger tank such that the cook can juice a huge amount of fruit at once. An electric juicer is a great significant feature for hand juicers when preparing orange juice or lemonade for a massive event.


  • Ideal for citrus of any scale, will not heat juice, safe to use, fantastic juice yield


  • Small control chain, taking up lots of extra space

2. Manual citrus juicer

The manual juicer provides a multi-system, though these pieces can be molded together into ways. A part is placed on a conical portion such that it looks outward, but the other absorbs the juice.

The cook presses a halved citrus fruit down on the conical section to use this type of citrus juicer when moving back and forth to get the juice out.

In these cases, a sieve for drainage pulp or seeds is used in this type of citrus juicers, so it is more efficient for a greater fruit volume.


  • Suitable for huge volumes of produce, appropriate for all citrus fruits, removable pieces are secure for dishwashing


  • Bulky, more costly than other lemon manual squeezers


You also get excellent access from the juicers, so that with less effort, you can exert more force on the fruit half so you can only use your hand on the fruit.

That makes the Best manual citrus juicers of such types more stable and simpler to use. You can browse for the right food to suit your needs when you have a thorough grasp of your juicing choices.


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