18 Different Types of Physic Readings and How They Work

Almost all people that visits a psychic reader whether online or not desire to know what lies ahead of them, talking about love life, career, wealth and health, while some will want to know the relationship of their past with the future, wanting to know if the past has any effect on the future and how can that be corrected.

All of this refers to the type of reader one will prefer depending on his or her area of profession or expertise, there are several types of psychic readers depending on your question, also there is a psychic reader with multiple abilities, and can answer and proffer solution.

Tarot Reading

Psychic Tarot reading is usually done with cards, where the deck uses 78 playing cards to perform this type of psychic reading. This type of reading existed for hundreds of years, and was used to predict the future through the interpretation of the shuffled cards, this type of reading is still in practice to date and is for clients that are nervous regarding their future, such people can visit the online psychic tarot reading.

Fortune tellers

This type of reading has been, telling the client of the future holds (wealth) or what is to come, fortune tellers usually performed this type of reading using some visual aids around like tea leaves and coffee grounds, and sometimes use cards like that of tarots. The psychic fortune teller readers inform his/ her client of better days that are ahead.


The Cleromancy type of reading is an old form of psychic reading, that is performed via the casting of lots or the use of dice or other items like stones and the reader will interpret it, this is customarily a traditional form of reading that is most practiced in Africa.

This form of reading is also referred as palm reading, which involves reading of one’s palm to tell that person’s future, this is an intensively studying and interpreting of the lines alongside another part of the palm with fingers inclusive, to predict and tell the result.


This type of reading is the flip cross to foreseeing the upcoming. The Retrocognition psychic reading takes a look at the past to declaim a person’s past lives and what he or she did also the unseen part of life amid their past lives in order to comprehend the reason of their present difficulties. This reading is an option if a person is just trying to find out why things are happening the way they are if one is feeling a bit unlucky and want to recognize the motives why. Many times the right responses are inscribed long before the client when out to find them, and can also originate from the past.


Cartomancy psychic reading uses the 78 decks of cards to read fortunes. On the other hand, Physicians and legal practitioners are sometimes referred to as cartomancers and they practice their skills via the use of consistent decks of cards. Similar to the psychic tarot card readings, the Cartomancy psychic reader provides answers for what lies ahead (future)


Clairvoyance which means “having a clear vision or seeing clearly”. This type of ability allows you to see things that are not physically present but are related to a client’s life which could be people, things or animals. A psychic with this ability is able to tap into a person’s energy system and have a clear vision of a client’s past, present, and future life. Some clairvoyant takes years of practice and meditation to be able to train their minds to have a clear view of a client’s life while other clairvoyants see it as a usual form of vision.


Clairaudience which also means clear hearing is the ability to receive information from spiritual realms through sounds and sometimes through literal thoughts. This sounds can also be heard from crystals, the universe, personal belongings or music. The clairaudient is able to receive and interpret the meaning of the sounds to the client.


Clairsentience which is referred to as clear sensing or feeling. This ability is the art of feeling or sensing an information a spirit wants to communicate usually by touching objects that are in connection with the spirits, which could be buildings, events or people. Readers with this ability can tell a person they just meet vital information about them like name, birthday, favorite game or food.

Clairsentience works just like aura readings and psychometry which are aimed towards helping a client get rid of emotional trauma.

Astral projection

Astral protection means “out if the body experience.” This is whereby the astral body (soul) leaves the physical body. This astral body is able to travel throughout the universe.


Medium is one of the most popular types of psychic readings. Medium is simply defined as a psychic who has the ability to communicate with a loved one or deceased. Some medium readers allow a deceased to take over their body in order to convey a message to a client while other mediums stay in their body as they receive and interpret the message.

The main aim of a medium is to allow people who are still traumatized over the death of a loved one to communicate with the deceased. Most medium readers are from the past even though some psychics claim to have the ability to summon spirits from the future.


Divination is one of the oldest psychic ability that has been greatly used in ancient times. Diviners are able to read, interpret signs, symbols and warnings or message from a supernatural being. Psychics that practice divination makes use of different items like:

  • Crystal balls
  • Runes
  • Tea leaves
  • Tarot cards
  • Pendulums


Telepathy is an ability to read a person’s mind or being able to transmit thoughts to a person’s head. Telepath is in different forms which include latent, emotive and precognitive. Good telepathy can tell what a person’s thoughts are in the past, present, and future.

Remote viewing

Remote viewing is a psychic ability to collect information about a person, place, or a distant event. Most people don’t have a clear understanding of what is going on in their head or minds, but a psychic who has the remote viewing ability can gather all the information and give them a clear meaning or interpretation.

Remote viewing is also used by psychic investigators to narrate crime scenes. Furthermore, a psychic is able to tell clients previous life through the pictures they receive.


Numerology is the art of study of numbers and understanding how they work in a person’s life. Numbers are great factors in determining a person’s life like astrology which deals with charts. Numerology is studied through giving of names at birth, a clients name or birthday.

Energy healing

Energy healing is a natural part of alternative medicine that awakens the body’s healing power. This type of healing ability is unique because it can be performed for a client who is far and also close-by. It is performed in several methods which include laying of hands on the sick client or hands-off healing.

Do not replace the physicians with healing energy, because healing energy is meant to enhance the body general well being. Some common healing schools are:
– Reiki
– Tai Chi
– Qigong
– Crystal healing
– Acupuncture


Astrology is looking at the arrangement of the universe and energies on a clients birthday. This chart is able to tell who you are, where you are going and what the future holds for you. An astrologer can also provide answers to questions that are related to stars.

Animal Telepathy

Animal telepathy is the ability to communicate with animals. This practice has to do with mastering the feelings, behaviors, and thoughts of animals. Even though this practice is not common, but there are good animals telepath online and around you who are willing to help you communicate and assure your pet that you love and care for them.

Love readings

Love readings are ways of foretelling or predicting a person love life. This type of reading is where a client asks a series of questions he is unsure about his love life- am I dating the right person? Will he ever propose? Is she cheating on me? Only a trained and very skilled psychic can answer these questions. Sometimes the psychic answer may not favor you, but that does not mean the psychic wants to hurt you.


An Empath is a highly skilled psychic that controls the emotions of an individual. This type of psychic is aimed at helping you deal with sadness and providing solutions about things you have wrong feelings about.

Other psychics abilities are:
– Itching.
– Lithomancy.
– Telekinesis.
– Scrying.
– Automatic writing.


With all this list of psychics ability, I hope you can easily find which type of reading suits your need and consult an expert to help you interpret or provide answers to all your questions.

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