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We noticed that Sugar Momma dating apps draw growing attention recently. ‘Sugar Daddy’ comes out because people noticed that those rich people are not necessarily in a dominant position if they hook up or court others because most of the wealthy people are older than other young charming people. Most of the sugar daddies are males, but females, aka.sugar mommas are still significant part of people who are wealthy and want to spoil male or female sugar babies.

Sugar Momma Definition

Sugar momma could also be called cougar in some cases, we know many celebrities are the typical cougar or sugar mama like Wendy Deng, Maria Carry, Madonna, Robin Wright, Sharon Stone and so on. In order to meet diverse needs of people, there are few sugar mommy apps which focus on cougar in a sugar relationship, today we will introduce and review all of them to rank the top10 best sugar momma dating apps of 2018.

Here are Top 10 Sugar Momma Apps Right Now

No.1 Sudy Cougar – Date Sugar Momma App

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Editor Verdict:★★★★★
Sudy web homepageSudy Cougar was also be launched by Sudy Limited, this company knows their users better than themselves, except the very first app sudy, which focuses on general sugar dating field and mixed male/female sugar daddy and male/female sugar baby, they also create other apps exclusive for different people who have different dating needs and different sexual orientation. Sudy Cougar is one of them, exclusive for cougars and cubs who temporarily none interest in regular sugar platforms, and rather find a relatively easy-to-use place but surely could meet many people of the same kind and taste.
In this case, we can see Sudy Cougar is indeed a good place to connect sugar mamas and guys who are young and into mature females.

No.2 Sudy Les – Sugar Momma lesbian App

sugar mama dating app review les
Editor Verdict:★★★★
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Though sudy is the No.1 sugar daddy dating app because of the world largest user base and the most rising numbers of sugar seekers, Sudy Cougar provide an exclusive place for sugar mama and female or male sugar baby to have fun as well, Sudy Limited still take the user’s need as the top concern, then Sudy Les came out, just like Sudy Gay. Based on all the advantages of Sudy, Sudy Les will be the No.1 sugar momma dating app exclusive for lesbian, because of the reasonable features, clear&good looking design, real&verified members and etc.
Sugar mama who is lesbian looking for a lesbian sugar baby or young girl who just want to seek a sugar mommy to get spoiled could use Sudy Les only, and there will no other kinds of sugar seekers or males bothering.


No.3 Sudy – Best Sugar Dating App

gay sugar daddy app review sudy
Editor Verdict:★★★★
sugar daddy app download sugar daddy app download
Just like I said above, Sudy Cougar and Sudy Les both are most preferred sugar momma dating app for those people who have especially wants, like “don’t want to be bothered by male” or “only find sugar mommy and no sugar daddy please”. However, we can see that mostly of sugar babies are interest both sugar momma and sugar daddy according to the huge user base in Sudy, and the ratio of sugar mama in all members we can see there are impressive number of  mamas both interest male and female sugar baby.
For general sugar seeker, no matter you’re a sugar momma who want sugars or a sugar baby who want to find either sugar daddy or sugar momma, where has the most people of this kind, has the biggest sugar community to meet others, where is the best place to go. So if you don’t have that much picky needs Sudy will be your very first choice.


No.4 Cougar Dating Life

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Editor Verdict:★★★
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A intersecting point of this app is that they offer their users 3 different ways to choose dates: The older woman known as cougar can looking for younger guys known as cubs without financial limited, the rich cougar known as sugar mama can seeking arrangements with male sugar babies, and ‘Mature Dating’ which connect mature women and some people of the same age or slightly older.
But on the other hand, users have some little trouble when they use the app because there are many requests that they don’t want to receive. In all, the newest version was launched at 23/11/2017, which means they are more care about the design and user experience now. We’ll see.


No.5 Sugar Mommas Dating

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Editor Verdict:★★★
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I believe this is a good app for cougars and cubs, well ranking on Google Play App store and many positive reviews as well, you can free to manage your profile and search your potential sugar mama or cubs near you, through simply using the filter like age, location, nationality and else.
But I’m not sure what’s its name, a little bit confused about the number of the users. And the new version gets stuck on two months ago. For this two reasons, I can’t tell the situation of their user base for now.


No.6 Cougar Dating

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Editor Verdict:★★★
sugar daddy app download
This app focuses on making users to easily manage their profile, search filter, messages, the well-designed interface and proper features are easy to use. If you are a young man who wants to date a mature woman, or you are a cougar who has rich experiences of life and full of passions,  you can give this app a try and hook up the one in your dream.


No.7 Cougar Dating Life

Editor Verdict:★★★
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Another cougar app who doesn’t seem to focus on sugar dating, but it claimed that they are the No.1 Older Women Date Hookup App, as the rating is good yet can’t see any feedback, I can only review it by my usage experience. You can upload private photos and choose to show them to selected members, except this you can swipe to match others and search local member by easily browsing. Moments provide a relatively good community for all members but it seems not many active people and all pictures I saw while browsing Moments seems not quite high-quality members.
In the end, I wish it has a good promo so that increase the number of member as they have basic and some advanced features are worthy to try.


No.8 Cougar dating site – OGO

top-sugar-momma-app-review-2018 Editor Verdict:★★
sugar daddy app download
Just like it said, cougar dating is a big trend today. OGO is an easy to join cougar app and they have mostly divorced, single mothers and single older women who are all willing to find cub partners, and they have been successful in their lives. Young men who are attracted to the experienced older women then it’s designed to help you date and chat mature women.
But it seems extremely tend to a cougar instead of sugar momma, so you may love each other because of touching, but it has a rare chance to find sugar relationship.


No.9 Cougar Life

Editor Verdict:★
sugar daddy app download
Bad rating and the same reason as above app extremely tend to cougar instead of sugar momma, It was removed from previous website to mobile version and almost two years have no update.
Though you can  flirt with profiles that catch your eyes and grant access to selected members to see the private photos in your profile. I still found that there are not much users or they were come then go. It gave me bad first impress.


No.10 Rich Mama Dating

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Editor Verdict:★
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We can see this app ranking well on Google Play store if we search “sugar momma” or “cougar”. According to the rating and the positive reviews, we can’t see more info about users’ review. But when I signed in the app, the whole app-design was just like made by a layman… None gorgeous interface and few features you can do.
I didn’t quite understand why it still has a high rating, whether they have a certain loyal user, or they cheated Google Play like to buy rating I don’t know. I think it’s bad as the same as the above cougar life app, but this app’s design is much worse…

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