10 Best Sugar Daddy Apps Right Now: Sugar Daddy Dating Reviews

Since the inception of the IoT, the operation formula for many sectors changed. The Sugar daddy dating field included. Among the items responsible for the sugar dating quantum leap are sugar daddy apps.
The market is awash with all sorts of apps owing to the audience online dating has amassed. This post aims to review the top 10 sugar daddy apps with genuine users and strict privacy measures.
To avoid bias, we tested the apps and engaged multiple sugar daddy app reviews. Without further ado, let’s dive into the sugar dating apps that should cross your bucket list in 2019.

What criteria did we use to rank the sugar daddy apps?

For a shot at landing a sugar arrangement, having the best app for sugar dating is critical. To reduce the struggle of sifting the deluge of apps, we checked for a myriad of factors.
Among the items, I checked for include: features, user base, subscription prices, security, and verification. In addition to these factors, we engaged the app’s reviews to ensure a quality review.
However, I gave security and quality of user-profiles much primacy, given they rank the biggest challenge in sugar baby dating apps. After reading this sugar daddy app review, I hope you will be able to tell an official app from a scam.

Sudy: Most Popular Sugar Daddy App

Rating: ★★★★★
Sudy Homepage
In the myriad of options disposed to users, Sudy seems to cater to sugar dating needs the best. A testament to its functionality, Sudy has gained the most positive ratings compared to any of its counterparts.
In addition to this, the Sudy interface is easy to navigate both on their website and the mobile app. While they offer options for Sugar daddy dating, Cougar Sudy and Gay Sudy, the app was initially for sugar daddies seeking sugar babies.
Besides its vast audience, this ranks among the best sugar daddy apps in terms of user verification. Unlike the other apps, Sudy requires an invited to upload an image of the invitee, holding a Sudy placard.
This approach reduces the chances of scammers encroaching the safe sugar dating space. True to their commitment to safety, Sudy ranks among few sugar daddy apps 2019 with no history of data breaches.
The app includes features like sugars and coins to add some sweetness to sugar arrangements. These elements help sugar daddies to break the ice and curry favor with prospective sugar babies.

SugarBook: the best sugar dating app for college students

Rating: ★★★★
Sugarbook home sugar daddy apps review
When it comes to luxury dating, Sugarbook is one that other wealthy dating apps would borrow a page from. Like the latter, Sugarbook boasts of a vast audience and features an interface that is easy to interact with.
What’s makes this an outstanding sugar daddy app for college students, however, is the offer for students. By registering with active student details, the app allows sugar babies that are students free access. As a result of this offer, college students can rip the benefits of the app without sinking into debt.
While the app engages photo verification, it goes a step further to verify the backgrounds of sugar daddies. By ensuring the financial and personal backgrounds of sugar daddies, the app ensures that sugar babies get their bargain without falling victim to scammers and crooks.
Even better, the app has a rich profile that gathers ample info ranging from sexual preferences to habits. The rich database gives the algorithm abundant material to compare against thus yielding more appropriate suggestions.

Seeking Arrangement: Genuine luxury dating site

Rating: ★★★
Seeking Arrangement sugar daddy app Reviews
Seeking arrangement not only redefines luxury dating but also boasts of a vast audience. Like the latter, the profile is detail-rich, therefore feeding the ample algorithm material to make suggestions.
While many apps stop at verifying the appearance and worth, seeking arrangement goes a step further in matters security. Besides wealth, the app also checks to ensure that users have a clean criminal record.
This helps identify the prying scammers and also ensure the safety of arrangements. Among the features, users on this sugar dating site enjoy include; the swipe feature and real gifts.
Beside ranking on many sugar daddy app reviews, the app has also gained attention from media. Among the hubs it has featured on include: CNN, 20/20, ABC, The View and The New York Times.
Unlike many paid sugar daddy websites, SA offers ten free messaging attempts to members on the open plan. By getting a view of the service, users can make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in the app.
Like Sugarbook, this app is free for sugar babies. Thanks to the let’s talk sugar blog, users can improve their method of approach to sugar daddy/ sugar baby arrangements to gain more benefits.
To protect one’s anonymity, the app offers security options including but not limited to private photos. My favorite feature, however, is the broadcast to members for diamond club users.

WhatsYourPrice: Best value for the money

Rating: ★★★
whatsyourprice sugar daddy apps review
In its eight years of existence, WhatsYourPrice has achieved a feat that its longer existing counterparts cannot rival. Like other Brandon wade creations, WhatsYourPrice is unique and redefines sugar daddy dating norms.
Unlike common sugar daddy dating apps, WhatsYourPrice works on the principle of selling dates. As such, sugar babies can discuss the terms of their dates with sugar daddies before committing.
Thanks to the apps face-to-face payment policy, the chances of getting scammed are slim. Thanks to their credit-based approach, you only require to pay an amount and spend your credits until they are depleted.
Additionally, the app allows for anonymity before sugar daddies, and sugar babies reach a deal. Like the best sugar daddy apps 2019, WhatsYourPrice also has a blog. Here, you can find tips for sustaining sugar daddy relationships and ensuring your safety.
Proof that the app delivers their promise; this sugar dating app has featured on Forbes, Daily Mail and popular dating site reviews to mention but a few.
However, I rated this app three out of five due to inadequate background checks. For instance, there have been instances of sugar daddies being lesser affluent than they claim on the app. Besides that, the app is more productive in meeting sugar babies than most apps in the market.

Established Men:

Rating: ★★★★
established men homepage
EstablishedMen is unarguably the remedy for sugar babies seeking wealthy travel partners. Unlike popular sugar daddy apps for wealthy men, this app is free for sugar babies.
While charges are slightly high for men, the price is fair for the calibre of men that use the app. With a claim that this app bears the highest ratio of wealthy men in the market, it is an ideal space for attractive sugar babies to meet wealthy sugar daddies.
The app has a good sugar daddy to sugar baby ratio owing to their incentive for sugar babies. To ensure productive engagements, the app has a strict verification system which includes a wealth verification for sugar daddies.
For a taste of service before taking the plunge, the app offers three free messages upon successful creation of a profile. Thanks to their worldwide audience, this app can double as a sugar daddy app for travel dating.

Miss Travel: best sugar daddy app for a travel dating

Rating: ★★★
miss travel dating site
Miss travel like WhatsYourPrice also revolves around a different principle than universal apps. Here, sugar babies can seek a travel partner and discover new destinations and cultures together.
While prices range on the higher part of the sugar dating premium spectrum, it ensures that only wealthy members can access the services. To engage, a wealthy member suggests a travel plan to an attractive member entailing the destinations and responsibilities they intend to cater for.
Upon receiving the proposal, sugar babies can offer counter offers or agree to the travel plan. Alternatively, users can view their destinations and travel routes and engage other users plying the same route.
While many may assume it as a sugar daddy app, miss travel can be used to foster mutual engagements with equal-age partners.

SugarBabies: Safest sugar daddy app

Rating: ★★★★
sugarbabies review
Safety is an element which one cannot afford to compromise on the online dating arena. Sugarbabies ranks among the apps that recognize this and take the right approach to maximize safety.
With a foolproof 3-step verification, the chances of scammers making it to the platform are minimal. With options for messaging, video calls, and phone chats, you can engage users in any method of your choice without exposing your private contacts.
Also, this ranks among the best sugar daddy apps for college students as it is free for sugar babies. Even better, premium plans for this app rank among the most affordable programs in the market.
Also, the app boasts of a blog and a travel dating option which gives users the best of three dating worlds.

Support Girls: best upcoming sugar daddy dating app

Rating: ★★★
Support Girls Reviews
A broad audience, quality verification and an interface that is easy to interact with. All boxes that Support girls tick proving the best upcoming sugar dating site. Unlike apps that rely on basic verification procedure, support girls required me to upload a video for verification.
Even more, unverified members cannot engage others on the platform, therefore, ridding itself of fake profiles. To ensure more appropriate suggestions, this app has rich user profiles that explain every trait of a person in detail.
By comparing your wants with user profiles, you can get like-minded suggestions that whet your appetite. While the app is excellent at its function, I found the mobile design wanting of design.
Given the impact it has made in its few years of existence; however; I recommend the app as it shows promise of a better future.

SugarD app: trending Sugar daddy app 2019

Rating: ★★★★
SugarD 10 Best Sugar Daddy Apps Right Now: Sugar Daddy Dating Reviews
SugarD proves among the best sugar daddy dating sites as it requires sugar baby pictures free of makeup for verification. This curbs the rampant photo editing con that many users pull in a bid to uplift their looks.
By viewing the real appearance of a user, you can easily decide whether or not they satisfy your needs. In addition to this, the app verifies the worth of sugar daddies to ensure a good dating site for all.
A testament to its quality, the sugar daddy app has featured on TV, magazines, and numerous reviews for dating sites for sugar daddies. While it is not available on PC, the app has a mobile version which makes it easier to access for members on all platforms.
Among the features, I upvote on the app include the quick match feature which stores your search parameters and brings up suggestions congruent with these parameters. Mutual likes which allow you to contact a person that adds you to their favorite tab after you “favorite” them.

Secret Benefits: Popular sugar baby dating app

Rating: ★★
secret benefits 10 Best Sugar Daddy Apps Right Now: Sugar Daddy Dating Reviews
Despite its short duration of existence, Secret Benefits ranks top with the apps that command a vast audience. While it maintains the traditional approach of sugar daddy dating, this app showcases usability and elegance rivaled by few of its counterparts.
Among the engagements you can get from this site include dating, hookups, and sugar daddy engagements. While it has scaled the competition chain faster than many of its counterparts, I feel that the app has many changes to employ.


When packing your sports paraphernalia, you need workable material to unlock the maestro in you. Similarly, sugar daddy dating calls for quality apps to yield substantial engagements.
By engaging either of the apps mentioned above, you are assured value for your money and fruitful endeavors.

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