12 Common Mistakes That Will Crush Your Medical Assistant Resume

It goes without saying that the probability of getting a job interview rests on your medical assistant resume. Therefore, you should take your time and effort to craft and edit the resume to avoid commonly encountered mistakes such as choosing the wrong resume type, carelessness, dishonesty, lack of focus, and much more.

The medical field is so competitive that you must stand out in your resume to catch the prospective employer’s eyes. In this article, we will tell you how you can craft your medical assistant resume even if you don’t have experience and avoid the common mistakes that might crush your dreams.

Your medical assistant resume must be tailored specifically to the job you’re applying for. Therefore, you must take your time to avoid some common mistakes and differentiate yourself from the jokers club.

But first, let’s understand the basic elements of a standard medical assistant resume:

  • The first primary element is your contact information which should be positioned in an area that prospective employers can easily see. The contact information can include your email, your address or your phone number.
  • Your resume should also contain your educational background. You can include the medical school or college that you attended.
  • You should also include your realistic career objectives realistic.
  • The resume should contain relevant certifications to prove your skills and abilities.
  • Your medical resume should contain important medical language and keywords touching on the excellent abilities that you have.
  • Lastly, your resume should contain the relevant working experience to highlight your expertise.

If you consider all these factors, you can have an outstanding medical assistant resume that can make your application stand out. These elements increase your chances of landing the job after the interview.

Why Do You Need an Excellent Medical Assistant Resume?

As we are all probably aware, there is stiff competition in the job market. This means that your applications must stand out from the rest to have amazing opportunities at your door. That’s why an excellent medical assistant resume is important to make you the perfect candidate to fill a given vacancy. A strong medical assistant resume shows the hiring team that you have sufficient experience in the medical field, increasing your chances of being hired.

4 Costly Medical Assistant Resume Mistake That Will Crush Your Dreams

The type of resume you choose to write depends on your qualifications for the job in question. Chronological resumes are the ideal resume of choice when you apply for a job for which you have extensive relevant work experience since this entails listing your pertinent work history in reverse chronological order.

This is not the recommended type of resume for fresh college graduates or for individuals applying for a specific job for the first time. Instead, these individuals should use functional or skill-based resumes, where your abilities and proficiency, as opposed to work history, are the resume’s focus. To have an impressive resume, it is advisable to avoid the following four costly mistakes that will ruin your chances of getting hired to fill a given position:

1. Spelling, Grammar, and Sentence Structure Carelessness

Carelessness is a common but easily remedied issue when writing resumes. As we all know, there isn’t a single perfect person without flaws. This means that as you write your resume, you will occasionally experience typos, misspelling, poor grammar, poor sentence structure, and much more.

Keep in mind that when you submit your resume with these silly mistakes, your potential employer will begin judging you and quickly be convinced that you are a joker. He/she will then put your resume aside and move on to the next. Lucky for you, such careless mistakes can easily be avoided, thanks to software such as Grammarly and Microsoft Word, which have spell check function that can help you a great deal.

Remember that even if no misspelled words are highlighted, it does not mean that your text is error-free. You should always make an effort to proofread your words and remove the careless mistakes. Avoid complacency by editing your content line by line. Common mistakes include errors with contractions (your/you’re) and misused words, for example, using the word “end” for “and”. A second phase edit by another person is recommended, not only to spot errors but to provide additional constructive input to improve your resume’s impact as well.

2. Dishonesty

Dishonesty is another frequently encountered issue, especially for fresh college graduates or individuals with inadequate work experience. Remember that a resume is meant to summarize your professional experience to the hiring team, which is why you must become as honest as you can.

As a medical professional, your resume should contain sections such as license and certifications, your medical training background, professional work experience, professional memberships, honours, publications… and the list continues. This means that all these details should be accurate and honest.

Fresh college graduates may be tempted to exaggerate or falsify credentials, work history, and skills to enhance their medical assistant resumes. However, in this era of advanced communication, it has become a lot easier for hiring personnel to verify the information presented in resumes. And once your lies are caught, not only will you have to lose your chance at that particular job posting, but you might also lose out on future employment opportunities with that particular company.

Always try to avoid stretching the truth because hiring professionals often have an advanced social network. They can easily confirm your details, and if wrong, you might be in for it. Lying on a resume can cost you the job because the hiring companies require background checks to see if your experience matches your resume.

3. Lack of focus on keywords

In terms of resume content and organization, lack of focus can become a seemingly insurmountable obstacle for some job applicants. People find it hard to edit their resume content because they are compelled to include every skill, achievement, work experience, etc. With the misguided hope that it will increase their chances of scoring an interview. In fact, they are only hurting their chances.

What people should focus on is the power of keywords. A recruiter will not find you if you ignore the words and phrases used in the job description. To have an outstanding resume, you should include some of those keywords mentioned in the job description in your resume to catch the eye of the screeners of your resume.

You should focus on the keywords described by the prospective employer and avoid filling your resume with unnecessary generic information. Always try to link your achievements to the job requirements. Your medical assistant resume should focus on what you can add to the company/organization.

Other articles have already emphasized the advantage of tailoring your resume content to meet each job requirement. This means that you only include credentials, skills, achievements, and work experience relevant to the job you are applying for. Phrasing and terminology should be concise and action-oriented to draw attention to your pertinent qualifications and proficiencies without sacrificing your resume’s readability.

5. Being too lengthy

Your resume should be short and straight to the point. Many professionals recommend keeping your resume short between two and four pages. What you must understand is that the screeners of your resume have tons of resumes to go through. Therefore, when you come with a bulky resume, it might cost you a significant position.

To overcome this challenge, make your resume easily skimmable, using headings and subheadings to highlight important achievements. You can also label sections and include bulleted lists to make the work of the screeners efficient.

We are all aware that the medical field is so robust that it might have exposed you to tons of experiences which might take 10 pages if you start writing. This overwhelming information may be annoying to the resume screener. Therefore, keep your resume short of making it easier to skim through.

Bonus common mistakes

1. Sending Your resume to the Same Place Twice

This is another grave mistake that might cost you a position. To avoid this mistake, keep a list of where you have dropped your resume. Dropping a medical assistant resume in an organization twice might confuse the hiring managers and develop a negative mindset against you.

2. Inconsistent formatting

A stellar medical assistant resume must be outstanding when it comes down to formatting. By this, what we mean is that we should format the resume in a way that makes it easy to read for anyone who comes across it. Poor formatting will make the hiring managers trash your resume, and you will never get the position applied for. A good medical assistant resume has a consistent format. Check on the headings and subheading to bold and the chronological order. You can differentiate sections using different formatting styles such as bold, font colour, italics, and numbering.

3. Using too many buzzwords

Buzzwords are those which emphasizes more on your praises rather than your actual skills. For example, instead of saying, “I can work with minimal supervision,” you can try providing details that you can indeed work without supervision, such as, “I was assigned 6 days to conduct medical research, but I delivered the findings within 2 days.”

4. Using unprofessional email addresses

Most people create their email address while in high school. And yes, you know the format taken due to peer pressure. Example of unprofessional email address includes [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]. At the high school level, such email addresses are thought to be hilarious, but when you send your resume to the hiring managers with such email addresses, the chances are that you won’t get what you desire. It is advisable to incorporate your first and last name in the email.

5. Getting too personal

Personal details you should never include in your resume includes your hobbies or interests. You can instead consider sharing unique things about yourself that might translate to employable attributes. For example, you can talk about how your interest in reading can positively impact the organization.

6. Misrepresenting gaps in employment

If you do not have any employment experience, don’t misrepresent it in your resume. You should never forge your dates of employment, and remember that it can easily be verified through HR. It’s much better to avoid expressing employment details rather than lying.

7. Digging so much into the past

You should not dig too much into your work history. Employers don’t need to know about each job you held after high school.

8. Lack of specifics

Make the prospective employers understand what you’ve done and accomplished. For example:

  1. Worked at a private facility for 3 months.
  2. I worked at a private facility for 3 months in the department of labour & delivery, where my role involved assisting women through the birth process.

These phrases describe the same experience, but example B is more specific and will grab an employer’s attention.

How should you overcome such common mistakes?

The best way to overcome such mistakes is by seeking the help of an independent professional resume writer. You can also attempt to create a resume and show it to friends, family, or colleagues for comparison. But since these people know you, they will not give you an honest review or feedback. That’s why it’s important to have an independent professional resume writer review your resume and give you genuine feedback. You can consider hiring a resume specialist at a cost to review your resume.

Final Words

You have read all the mistakes that might crush your medical assistant resume. It’s now upon to make a great first impression on hiring managers by crafting an outstanding resume. A polished professional resume puts you one step closer to your prospective employers.

Although there are numerous blunders you can make when writing a medical assistant resume, you may be able to carefully avoid the rest by keeping these four common mistakes in mind. If you avoid all those mentioned mistakes, your resume will be up to par, and now you should start preparing for the interviews.

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