The TOP 6 Best 4moms Baby Swings Reviews 2021

The ultimate buyer’s guide to buying one of the 6 best 4moms baby swings for 2021 – their features, what we like, and their drawbacks.

It’s time to talk again about your baby and their products that keep them comfortable, relaxed, calm, and entertained. Baby swings have been around for quite a while. I am certain that you, or someone close to you, have used a baby swing, and you have seen its benefits.

I can tell you genuinely that the benefits of using this product are very many. If at all, your budget allows it, then you should consider getting a baby swing for your little one.


Besides allowing you to be hands-free, baby swings also mimic the womb movements, stimulate the baby’s system, are a learning tool for your child, and help with naps. 4moms is a brand that has focused on producing baby products, and their baby swings are among the best in the market. However, since they have varying baby swings regarding features, design, and price, I shall give you a detailed layout of six baby swings from the 4moms brand.


The TOP 6 Best 4moms Baby Swings Reviews 2021:


1. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing

Talk of beauty, style, and modern technology, this 18.61 pounds product comes with it all. First, your number one consideration when getting any baby swing is how to clean it and maintain its hygiene. With this Bluetooth-enabled baby swing, you have nothing to worry about. The swing’s seat fabrics (cool mesh, classic, and plush) and the baby insert are machine-washable, and you can comfortably clean it using cold water.

The product’s seat mimics your movements. It bounces up and down and swings from side to side, just like you would do when calming your little one. Additionally, the seat’s recline can be adjusted to different positions that allow your baby to lie down and relax or sit up and play. The swing features 5 unique motions and 5 swing speeds. You can utilize the swing’s 4 in-built sounds or conveniently connect the product to an mp3 player for entertainment purposes.

The Bluetooth feature of the MamaRoo swing gives you the freedom to wirelessly control the sound, motion, speed, and volume without necessarily disturbing your baby. The 4moms apps are available for both iOS and Android phones.

Besides soothing, entertaining, and calming your baby down, the 4moms MamaRoo swing should not be used as a sleeper or for overnight sleep. This is because it is never a flat surface. There is always a slight recline that could harm your baby’s spinal cord. It does not use batteries, making it hard to use the swing where there is no electricity outlet.


2. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing

Plush blanket-like fabric. However, this baby swing is also Bluetooth-enabled for easy and convenient sound, volume, speed, and motion control without causing distraction or disturbance to your baby.

The swing comes with 4 built-in sounds with mp3 connectivity and 5 unique motions and swing speeds. Such a wide range of swing speeds helps you select the best pace suitable for your ‘bundle of joy’.It comes with an AC adapter and does not have a battery compartment. With this product’s adjustable seat recline, you can choose your baby’s most comfortable position to lie and relax or sit and play.

Assembling this 4moms baby swing is not a complicated process, and you can set it up for use within five minutes.

It measures 33 x 19.5 x 25.5 inches in length, width, and height, respectively. . This means that the swing cannot function properly where there is no power outlet.

The swings functions using power ranging from 100 to 200VAC (or from 50 to 60Hz). The swing also has maximum weight limitations, and it cannot support babies who weigh more than 25 pounds. Ensure that you get your baby’s correct weight when shopping for a swing.


3. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Bluetooth Baby Rocker with 5 Unique Motions

This is yet another classic and stylish Baby Swing from the 4moms brand. The product is made of smooth and woven nylon material, making it different from its relatives above. Nevertheless, most of the other features are quite similar to those of its predecessors on this list.

This swing comes with 4 in-built sounds to keep your baby entertained. Additionally, this item features five unique motions and swing speeds that give you a diverse range of options for the most suitable speed for your little one.

The swing is Bluetooth-enabled so that you can enjoy the convenience of controlling and adjusting the swing’s speed, motion, sounds, and volume without bothering your baby.

An AC adapter is included in the package when you purchase this 4moms baby swing. Worry less about the hygiene of the swing’s seat because its fabric is machine washable. This ensures that your baby lies, plays sits, and relaxes in a clean and safe environment.

The swing can be used for babies weighing up to 25 pounds, and its adjustable seat recline helps you set the right angle for your baby to lie and rest or sit and play.

On the downside, however, this swing does not require any batteries. This implies that you can only use the product where there is a power outlet.


4. 4moms rockaRoo Baby Swing: Best Compact Baby Rocker with Front to Back Gliding Motion

From the products on my list, this baby swing from the 4moms brand is unique in that it can glide from back to front. Additionally, the item comes in a compact size, approximately a third of the traditional swings’ size.

The product measures 16.5 x 29.6 x 27.5 inches in length, width, and height, respectively. The material used in making the swing’s seat is nylon, and it is easily removable and machine washable.

The swing also includes a toy mobile with detachable and reversible toys.

Unlike the above three swings, this one is not Bluetooth-enabled. This implies that you have to adjust the swing speeds physically. However, the item is compatible with an mp3 player.

This gives you the freedom to select your preferred music and sounds for maximum baby comfort and entertainment. The 3-point harness will well support your baby in this product.

The swing requires no batteries as an AC adapter is included in the package upon purchase. Using an AC adapter only reduces the cost of buying batteries, but it also means that the swing can only function in rooms with a power outlet. You will enjoy a one year warranty when you buy this baby swing.

Only children weighing 25 pounds and below (or those that cannot sit independently) are fit to use this product.


5. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing (Smooth, Nylon Fabric)

From the makers of MamaRoo, this product measures 33 x 19.5 x 25.5 inches in length, width, and height, respectively.

The adjustable seat recline is one of these swing’s most iconic and important features. It allows you to set the right angle for your baby whenever they want to sit and play or lie and relax.

Beware that having your baby on the wrong recline could have negative impacts on their backbone for a long time.

The product comes with 4 in-built sounds, and it is mp3 compatible. Therefore, you have a wider range of sounds and music to entertain your baby.

The swing’s seat is made of smooth woven nylon fabric that you can easily detach from the swing, and it is machine washable.

The 5 unique motions and speeds incorporated in this swing give you the freedom to choose the right speed preferred by your little one.

Like some of its predecessors on this list, this baby swing from the 4moms brand is Bluetooth-enabled. This feature allows you to virtually control the sounds, speed, motion, and volume without causing disturbance to the swing’s user (your child).

An AC adapter is included in the package upon the purchase of this item. However, the swing does not require any batteries, so you can only use it where there is a power outlet.


6. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Blue Baby Swing

This is another exquisite and classic baby swing from the 4moms brand that will be essential in your parenthood.

The swing comes with 5 motions and swing speeds to easily select a preferable pace for your baby. The product is Bluetooth-enabled to help you adjust the speed, motion, volume, and sounds without physically interacting with the swing.

For maximum entertainment, the swing features 4 in-built sounds. Additionally, you can play the music and sounds of your choice using the mp3 plugin.

The swing is made from woven smooth nylon material that is easily removable, and you can wash it in a machine.

Measuring 33 x 19.5 x 25.5 inches in length, width, and height, respectively, makes this baby swing ideal for a newborn to a baby weighing 25 pounds or one who cannot sit independently.

Once your baby starts attempting to climb the swing, then you should not use it to avoid accidents.

Just like the five swings before it, this product does not require any batteries. It operates by connecting an AC adapter to a power outlet.

The adapter is included in the package upon purchasing the swing. Nevertheless, the lack of a battery compartment means that this product cannot function outdoors, parks, camping sites, and other areas without a power outlet.



4moms MamaRoo is a brand that has been in the market for quite a while. The brand has cultivated a genuine and positive reputation, especially in its effort to manufacture quality baby products.

The six best 4moms baby swings discussed above are among the best of their kind in the market today.

Although the above products share almost all features, there are huge differences in their prices, designs, and colors. There are some factors to consider when you feel the need to buy a baby swing. The first factor is your budget. You can find the price for these products online, and they will give you a hint of how much you can spend.

Secondly, you should know your baby’s height and weight. As you can see from the above description, the 4moms swings support kids who weigh up to 25 pounds.

If you have a big baby in height and weight, you might research other bigger swings from this or any other brand.

Thirdly, you need to consider the product’s features that will keep your baby relaxed, comfortable, entertained, and safe. This includes knowing if the fabric that makes the swing is washable or not.

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