About Judge Aaron Persky: Who is Judge Aaron Persky?

After gaining international attention in recent years, one would wonder who Aaron Persky is and his story as a judge.

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about Aaron Persky.



Who is Judge Aaron Persky?

Aaron Persky, whose full names are Michael Aaron Persky, is an attorney and former judge based at the United States of America.

His educational life can be traced from his 1984 graduation from Stanford University, with a bachelor’s degree in international relations.

In the following year, he graduated from the same university with a master’s degree in international policy studies.

Later in 1990, Aaron Persky graduated from UC Berkeley School of Law earning admission to the bar in his home state, California, the same year.

While working for a private firm, Aaron Persky receive for his work on hate crimes and his pro bono work for the poor, making him a reputable attorney of his times.

Aaron Persky joined the Santa Clara District Attorney’s office in 1997, and by 2003, he was a deputy district attorney in the same office.

As an attorney, he prosecuted sex crimes, hate crimes, and juvenile offenders.

Despite losing to Del Pozzo for a seat in the Superior Court of California in 2002, Persky earned an appointment to the court from former Governor Gray Davis the following year.

Notably, he served as a judge in the Superior Court of California sitting on the bench between the years 2003 and 2018.


What Happened to Judge Aaron Persky?

Despite a year painted with success after the election without opposition for a six-year term on the bench, 2016 was the start of Aaron Persky’s problems as a judge.

Aaron Persky gained international attention after making a ruling in the case People v. Turner bringing criticism from legal experts.

Judge Aaron Persky sentenced twenty years old Brock Turner for six months and three years of probation for sexual assault and attempted rape of a twenty-two-year-old victim.

However, with three felony charges, Brock Turner faced a statutory maximum sentence of up to fourteen years in prison.

The prosecutors in the People v. Turner case has asked for a six-year jail term for the offenses committed by Turner.

Even after the recommendation of a six-month jail term, the defense asked for a four-month jail term in Santa Clara’s county jail.

Notably, Judge Aaron Persky cited several factors for the controversial jail term handed to Turner. The factors included Turner’s lack of criminal record, his age, and the fact that both the victim and the perpetrator were intoxicated during the assault.

Following the ruling of Judge Aaron Persky, a national debate sparked on whether wealthy white people were treated favorably in court.

Additionally, most of the legal experts termed the sentence to be too short, lenient, and a mockery of the entire trial.

The controversy in the People v. Turner case led to the analysis of cases passed by Judge Aaron Persky since January 2015.

Judge Aaron Persky was found to have followed the sentencing recommendations of the probation department in all the cases.

Following the findings, Judge Aaron Persky was cleared of any wrongdoing in the controversial People v. Turner case on December 19, 2016.


Is Aaron Persky Still a Judge?

Even though Judge Aaron Persky faced no opposition in elections held after Turner’s sentence and got cleared from any wrongdoings, he lost his seat in June 2018.

The Committee to recall Judge Persky was formed in hope to force a recall vote in November 2017. It was led by law professor Michele Dauber, an advocate on-campus sexual assaults and close friend to the victim in People v. Turner case.

Judge Aaron Persky, in turn, formed a committee to fight the recall effort by Professor Dauber.

However, more than enough signatures were collected to put the recall of Judge Aaron Persky on the ballot.

The judge was recalled stripping him off his seat as a county judge.

He became the fifth judge to be recalled in California, having his removal happen more than eighty years after the last recall.


Persky Where is He Now?

After being recalled, Aaron Persky has maintained a low profile following criticism for what was termed as light and biased sentence in Turner’s sentence.

Meanwhile ‘Emily Doe,’ the victim in the People v. Turner case has come out to reveal her true identity, Chanel Miller.

Chanel Miller details her assault case in her new memoir, ‘Know My Name,’ scheduled for release on September 24, 2019.

That might as well uncover the story of Aaron Persky after his removal from office.

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