How to Get Absolutely Free Psychic Reading Online: No Credit Card

There are plenty of websites which claims to offer free psychic reading online, but only a few are legit to guarantee your satisfaction. In this article, we have compiled a list of best online free psychic reading websites that offer you online readings without necessarily leaving your house.

Before you understand how to get a free psychic reading online without a credit card, you need to understand the meaning of online psychic reading.


What is Online Psychic Reading?

Online psychic reading entails consulting a psychic reader either for fun or for the therapeutic aspect, where the psychic reader uses there extrasensory perception to guide you through a particular dilemma in your life.

Psychic readers rely on their mysterious ability to read energy from you and foretell your future, clarify your problems, help you communicate with the spirits, give you health, love & relationship advice, and spiritual guidance.


How Do You Know If Your Psychic Reader Is Legit

  • A majority of readers offer free psychic readings for new customers, giving out three free minutes upon registration.
  • Transparency of registration fees and psychic readings packages.
  • The psychics handle you professionally: for instance, shares both positive and negative news responsibly.
  • The psychic readers give you outstanding solutions and sensible clarity of issues affecting your life.
  • Encourages you to focus on your weaknesses/shortcomings.
  • Gives you legit, honest, and real reading.
  • Doing your research to check for reviews and their years of experience.


Characteristics of a fake Psychic Reader

  • Gives you a scary reading meant to distort your thoughts.
  • The psychic reader asks for clues or supplementary information to give you a response.
  • Claims that you are cursed or doomed instead of reassuring you that everything will be well.
  • Sugarcoats themselves and claim they are the best in the world.
  • Gives costly remedies which are fake.


What are some of the questions that you should ask a psychic reader?

You must remember to frame your questions based on the aspects of your life. If you have accurate questions, the psychic readers will use their intuition to connect with your energy and give you answers to your dilemma. You can ask questions touching on;

  • Your personality
  • Your career and finances
  • Your inner self
  • Your social and personal life

You may frame questions like:

  • How does my attitude/personality relate to others?
  • Will I get the job I applied for? Will I get a promotion at my workplace?
  • Is this business opportunity viable for me?
  • How will my relationship/love life be in the future?


Can I get a free reading?

Yes, you can get a free reading upon registration to our recommended websites. It’s simple, once you register, you can get 3 minutes free reading.


Top 5 Websites Where You Can Get Absolutely Free Psychic Reading Online

Below we have listed five websites that we feel offer top-notch free psychic readings to customers with no credit cards, ensuring they keep your identity safe, secure, and anonymous.



Opening the list is Kasamba, which is on the world’s famous and large platform that offers trusted psychic readings. In one particular time, you are likely to get more than 50 active psychics who are online to give you a reading.

Kasamba is a chat-based platform which allows you to gauge the abilities of a psychic reader through chats before settling on one that resonates with them.

The simple & easy-to-navigate website enables psychics to create their profile and advertise their skills. The psychic screening process is very rigorous which ensures that only authentic psychic readers are hosted on the platform.

The best aspect about this website is that the psychics are available 24/7 and offer extensive readings in a variety of areas such as astrology readings, career, family, finance, tarot readings, romance, and much more. You can quickly filter the psychics based on their skills & abilities or based on the problems you have.


Mode of readings

Kasamba psychic’s mode of reading is mostly by chat, but a good percentage also offer phone readings. The platform hosts multi-lingual Psychics who have mastery of major languages of the world such as English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, etc.


Offer for Newcomers

Upon registration, Kasamba offers newcomers 50% off their first session. Additionally, one can get 3 FREE minutes to chat with an advisor when they sign up.

Prices range $2.50 per minute to $4.99 per minute. The costs depend on the experienced/celebrity psychics listed on Kasamba.



Even though Ask Now is the least popular site on this list, it is a fantastic psychic platform that keeps on gaining a positive reputation day by day. The psychic network boasts of committed psychic readers who are willing to share their gifts and help clients who require online psychic reading.


What Makes ASK NOW a contender in this list?

  1. At the time of writing this article, the platform was offering both English and Spanish readings, which makes it the most sought-after psychic network.
  2. That’s not all; the prices offer are extremely generous. Newcomers will part with $1.95 for 10 min on their introductory reading. Therefore, if you have a fixed budget, ASK NOW is your go-to alternative.
  3. ASK NOW psychics are well-trained and are versed across a wide range of topics from astrology readings to psychic mediums.
  4. What’s more thrilling is the free email questions.
  5. The platform also offers a 100% money back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with their service.  



Keen has gained positive reviews from customers who’ve heard problems in their love and relationships. Keen is now one of the largest networks containing qualified psychic readers who specialize in a variety of areas such as tarot readings, astrology, channeling, spiritual readings, psychic mediums, and much more.

One significant bonus with the platform is that psychics are available 24/7 and are easy to contact through phone, chat, or Keen mobile app.


The Screening Process

Psychic’s screening process is different from other sites. KEEN allows psychic readers to create their profiles on the platform and start offering their services. Users can then review the psychics based on how satisfied they were served.


Pricing and Special Offers

Pricing is one aspect that makes KEEN a go-to alternative site among millions of users. Upon sign up, users can get 3 minutes for free. If you are lucky enough, you might be charged $1.99 for the first 10 minutes.

The pricing offers mostly depends on the category of question you want to ask like finances, love, family. Most advisors charge between $1.99- $10.


What’s Good about Keen?

  • Uses customer feedback to rank the psychics and eliminate the non-competitive ones. After each consultation, customers can give their honest, anonymous rating/ review on the services received.
  • Users get a satisfaction guarantee
  • The platform has a callback option in case a reader isn’t available.
  • Users can easily reach customer support through phone at (1-877-533-6435).



Oranum offers psychic readings through video chat. The platform has gained a positive reputation in the last couple of years due to offering readings through a webcam. But even if you lack webcam, you can still get your text by typing your questions on the chat box and wait to get a response from the psychic readers.

But for a better experience, it is advisable to speak to a psychic reader via webcam and get to see their physical appearance.


Psychic’s screening process

The platforms host reputable psychic readers who have been exposed to rigorous screening process characterized by tests, training, and extensive interviews. The platform hosts many psychics, and you can schedule a meeting with one at your convenient time.


Deals for New Customers

Upon sign up, customers can get 10 minutes of free credits.P



Psychic Source is another amazing psychic network that has gained excellent reviews from satisfied clients. One bonus of the platform is that you can use the “Find a psychic tool” to get experienced online readers that you feel can answer your psychic questions.


Psychic’s Screening Process

Every Psychic listed on the platform is likely to answer your question because they have undergone through internal certification and testing before being allowed to offer services on the platform.

Moreover, customers always leave feedback on the profile of every psychic. If a psychic reader has been getting consistent poor ratings, they can be denied a chance of offering services on the platform.


What’s Unique about Psychic Source?

  • It offers pre-paid psychic readings. Unlike other psychic networks, Psychic Source allows users to register by creating an account on the website, then adding money on their account. One then chooses a psychic reader, and at the end of a session, the cost is taken out of their accounts.
  • Offers nearly all modes of psychic readings such as live chat readings, telephone readings, and video readings.
  • You can also filter psychic advisors depending on their divination tools, reading style, subject expertise, and their area of specialty.
  • A user-friendly website that is easy to navigate; saving you a significant amount of time.
  • Rewards for members after enrolling for the free rewards program. Users can get bonuses for the dollars spent on the platform.

Psychic Readings Pricing

One fantastic thing of Psychic Source is the straightforward costs with no hidden fees. Readings cost range between $1- $50 per minute depending on the psychic’s experience. New users can get a low rate of $1 per minute for their first session plus three free minutes.

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