Age Gap in Sugar Daddy Relationship

Women prefer mature men who are senior to them because they tend to have more experience in career and life, dating with older men can learn something useful. In sugar relationship, as we know that sugar daddy mostly old men, according to Users Report of Sudy—Sugar Daddy which launched this year, we can see the average age of sugar daddies is 44. The age gap is the most common case in sugar daddy dating, and sugar babies have a strong acceptance of it. Let’s see what real sugar baby says about their acceptable age difference in sugaring.
I don’t think there should be a cap on “acceptable age differences”. As an 18-year-old, I have connected and vibed better with 54-year-old daddies rather than 28-year-old ones. Age is just a number, the real factors here are personality traits, how he treats you, things of substance rather than a number of years. This topic is such a controversial one, I mean sugar babying in general is, but this isn’t something that should matter as much.
I believe that age is only a number. If your SD and SB relationship is strong who cares how old either party is. Everyone has their preference and opinion and deserve to live the way that they want to live to spend their time and money any way that they very well please to. If they can have a strong friendship and help one another I don’t see that it truly matters.
I feel like age is just a number when it comes to the relationship between a sugar daddy and sugar daddy, what is an important factor is a difference in lifestyle and personalities because that to me is what decides compatibility and the ability to get along together. If you get along and like the same interests then age shouldn’t even be an issue.
The acceptable age difference for me would be between 15 and 25 years. I am 21 years old, and I’ve never met a daddy Who is fully grown for the position, to be honest. Most of them are older, but haven’t reached maturity yet. At the end of the day, what really matters is the personality; someone who is preferably introverted, acquainted with the truth, and achieved a depression-zen state of mind. Haha!
Mhm usually when I meet a sugar daddy they’re usually 20 years older than me. I don’t go any higher unless I am extremely attractive to them. That’s just my preference but for anyone else, it just depends on how comfortable you are with your choice and the person that you are with as long it makes you happy. kinda like that saying age ain’t nothing but a number lol
I am ok with all ages, 18 and going on up. There is no one age for affection, love and kindness. These are essential for human function. It helps decompress, why not go for it? Why does there have to have a ‘limit’? Love is love, and it doesn’t matter the age. People will judge any relationship, so why not do what you are going to do anyways, if judgment will be placed?
Personally, age shouldn’t matter. If the Two of you vibe and connect well, and get along well, then thats what matters. Age means nothing as long as there is respect, kindness and comfortability, some girls prefer an older man as they tend to be more mature in knowing exactly what they want, and that shouldnt be a bad thing. Two mature people together should be perfectly acceptable no matter the age difference.
I’d say plus or minus ten years not too much age difference and keeps your options open. I know lot of people who have lasted a long time with older and younger together it works well with submissive and dominate partners. Any more age diffemce I feel may be too much to relate or feel comfortable around especially the younger partners. Of corse if it feels right there is no matter the difference;)
Honestly I dont have one its that simple. As long as he’s Mataure highly attractive and has a great personality I’m good with that. Chemistry also plays a big role if he can make me laugh that’s a plus. I get told alot that I have an old sould, and typically I tend to have troubled relationships with men within my age range because we have different morals and life goals. I’m a hopeless romantic. As far as relationships go, it can get complicated. Age signifies so much more than just a number. It can reflect your maturity, your stage in life, and your experience. At the same time, age can be deceptive. Not every 21-25 year-olds are on the same playing field–some are already gearing up for the ninth inning while others are just jumping into the dating game, I’d prefer a more seasoned Vet lol! But It’s often “different strokes for different folks,” as the old saying goes.
It’s Not The Age That Matters But The Compatibility Of The Baby And Daddy. As Long As The Arrangement Makes Both Parties Happy The Age Is Likely Forgotten. Also You Have To Hold A Certain Chemistry For Eachother. The Chemistry Really Brings Everything Into Play And Makes The Whole Relationship Really Spark Into Something Amazing 😉It’s Truly Wonderful
Age doesn’t really matter to be honest . As long as you’re not a minor or seeking high demands , age shouldn’t be a problem for you . Maybe if you started a relationship w your sugar daddy , & you were really young & wanted to sleep w him you may have some problems lol , but then again you there’s always a way ! I believe there’s a solution to every problem !
I think it all depends on the maturity of the baby. I don’t believe a baby 18-21 should be with a man who is more than 20+ years than them. now 22+ babies just depends where there maturity and liking is dome might still need some growing and shouldn’t be with a man much older and some need a man as old as 80 to keep up with there maturity and liking.
There no real acceptable age difference for me. Who’s to say that our age defines who we are. There are some young people with old souls and there are some older folks who party harder than a teenager…. Every age loves different… I base judgement on how I’m being treated as a woman…. I believe someone older than me can be my guide to avoid things they’ve already encountered.
There are no specific age difference requirements. If you want a number, you will need to go with the “socially acceptable” regular dating age which is 5 to 7 years older. However, as many other babies state, it’s about the feel and maturity of the people involved. IMO it’s a good idea to try things out with potential daddies that you vibe well with, regardless of age.
Age and maturity are sometimes mutually exclusive. As long as you’re young at heart and not at risk of keeling over and dying any time soon age differences aren’t really something I consider. I have met exceptionally boring 21 year olds and 65 year olds with quick wit, great sense of humor and charisma to spare. It depends on the person, really. Personally I would prefer a silver fox instead of a greying hound if they are in the later stages of life.

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