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Air fryers: History and their Application

It is likely you have heard about air fryers but do you know what they are? Since the gadget entered the U.S market in 2013 a lot of questions have been raised about air fryers.

When you check online, you will find the air fryer being compared to an instant pot.

To avoid the confusion that surrounds air fryers, I decided to do some research about the popular kitchen gadget.

Here is everything you need to know about air fryers including their history and their application.

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer which is popularly referred to as a mini convection oven works by circulating air around the food via convection mechanism.

It has a mechanical fan that circulates hot air around the dish at great speed which cooks the food, making it crispy on the outside without drying it on the inside.

The air fryer has an opening at the top which absorbs air while at the back it has an exhaust that controls the temperature.

A traditional air fryer can reach up to 230 degrees Celsius depending on the make and model.

Most air fryers feature timer adjustments and temperature which allows more precise cooking.

Others come equipped with accessories such as skewer racks, cake barrels, and pizza pans.

How Do Air Fryers Work?

As the name suggests, the air fryers cook food by circulating it on hot air which cooks the food that would be submerged in oil.

It has a fan that circulates hot air around whatever is being cooked.

Unlike traditional frying methods which completely submerge food in hot oil, air fryers work by coating food in a small layer of oil before circulating it in the air that can reach up to 200 degrees Celsius.

When this happens, the kitchen appliance can brown foods such as chicken, potato chips, fish, and pastries among others.

Benefits of air fryers

  • ·      Healthy to cook: It is healthier to cook foods such as potato fries using an air fryer than using a deep fat fryer. You might not get the same result but the fried food that comes out of the air fryer is just as good.
  • ·      Simple to clean: Air fryers usually come with a compact design which makes them easier to clean. When you compare it to a traditional oven, an air fryer is usually simple to clean.
  • ·      Fast to cook: Air fryers are pretty fast to cook with. This kitchen appliance can cook most foods in 5 to 15 minutes

History about air fryers

The history of air fryers backdates longer than most people think.

The idea of air fryers was first conceptualized back in 2005 by Turbochef Technologies when it was patented.

The Turbochef Technologies came up with this idea after they thought that air fryers were a perfect fit for commercial firms back in the day.

But it was 5 years later that giant technologies Philips came up with the first-ever home air fryer. This breakthrough kitchen appliance was launched at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) which is a consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

Philips air fryer was developed using the patent known as Rapid Air Technology. Come 2019 numerous brands are selling the appliance.

Consumer Reports of the year 2019 show that the top 5 brands selling air fryers are Ninja, Farberware, Elite, and NuWave.

Application: What can you cook with air fryers?

There are a variety of fried foods you can cook with air fryers such as sweet potatoes.

The good thing about cooking sweet potatoes using air fryers is that it cooks the food in half the time and they come out crisp.

The circulating hot air inside the device can be used to cook foods such as

  • sausage,
  • bacon,
  • fish,
  • eggs,
  • French fries,
  • cheeseburgers,
  • chicken breast,
  • steak, and
  • Chiko rolls.

Other foods you can cook using the air fryer include the following:

  • ·      Sweet potatoes fries: For dinner, you can cook Alexia sweet potato fries as well as tater tots or regular potatoes. This can be served as an easy meal aside from vegetables and proteins.
  • · Desserts: To avoid the confusion that comes with cooking desserts because of their small size, you should make them in ramekins.
  • Leftovers: You can use air fryers to reheat leftovers such as pizza.

An air fryer cooks food using hot air circulating, as compared to submerging it under oil. The cooking chamber of the air fryer radiates heat from a heating element located on its walls, near the food, cooking it more efficiently. A fan circulates the air.

Air fryers can cook food without or only a tablespoon of oil, but still maintaining the same flavor and taste of deep-fried food or baked fries. The goodness of air fryers stems from the fact that they use very little cooking oil to deliver tasteful food.

The disadvantages are: small cooking space, high chances of food getting burnt considering the high cooking temperature (300-4000 degrees F), the food dries out quickly because no oil is used for cooking, a bit pricy, they need electrical power to function, the nonstick coating can flake, and when new, they produce a strange smell.

An air fryer makes delicious and healthy meals. It uses low to no fats fat; thus, cooks healthy meals, cooks food evenly, and is easy to clean. Besides, you can cook multiple dishes at once, nogreasy stains, and finally, the air fryers heat up instantly, thus offer quick and fast cooking.

Air fryers use less oil as compared to a microwave. Precisely, it uses about 70-80% less oil than normal cooking. Using less oil to cook generally makes food healthier. In fact, those who like eating fried chicken more often can cut fat intake by using air fryers for cooking their food. 

White smoke is produced when cooking fatty food. The food releases oil which spatter on heating element, and burns to release white smoke. Also, the spattering of food particles on the heating elements causes smoking. And, lastly, overcrowding the basket or food rack can cause spattering of food particles, hence smoke.

Do not put in your air fryer any lightweight food or that which can be blown easily around the coking cavity; the air fryer blows out hot air, which may blow food t heating element. Similarly, avoid wet batter. Flowing air blows the wet batterfrom the food to the cavity.

Yes. You can use aluminum foil in air fryer. However, this depends on the type of food you are cooking. But, acidic foods react with the aluminum foil, decomposing it. The small aluminum particles get into the food. When you consume these particles, it can be detrimental to your health.

Air fryers slightly differ from ovens. They are a little fancier than conventional ovens; with a convection feature, i.e., they have a fan that circulates the hot air. This keepsthe temperature consistent within the cooking cavity. This results in faster than ordinary cooking and can give them a crispier exterior.

The studies concerning air fryers and cancer are mixed. The cancer notion arises because dietary acrylamide (a substance produced when food is heated at very high temperature) is associated with a high risk of some cancers such as ovarian and endometrial cancers. Acrylamide is known to be carcinogenic.

Air fryer gives a nice textured toast – light and fluffy. The time and the temperature of cooking depend on the wattage of your air fryer.Some heat up the bread pretty quickly, while others take a little longer.  However, toast your bread between 8 and fifteen minutes for better results.

Air fryers are unique in the sense that they can cook food, including the commonly deep-fried foods like French fries, without using much fats. This is possible because it is a mini convection oven, thanks to the air fan that blows hot air around the cooking space.

Philips air fryer use up to 80 percent less fat. First, preheat the fryer to about 270 degrees F. Second, place your the eggs to the frying basket. Cook for 15 minutes if you are boiling the eggs, but for fried eggs, it should take 5 minutes.

Yes, it is possible. Nevertheless, you should not put food directly on the base of the air fryer. This might hinder the fan from circulating air properly. Instead, you can use a pan or any other accessory that can withstand oven temperatures. The best recommendation is to buy a standard glass airfryer.

The USA manufactures quality air fryers. With such an air fryer, you can cook your food without guilt. USA has made plenty of top-notch air fryers, including GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 air fryer, among other top versatile air fryers sold worldwide.

As compared to ovens, air fryers consume less energy, and further reduce the cooking time by 25 percent. On average, an air fryer runs for between 12 and 15 minutes. This makes them consume less electricity. Additionally, most air fryers can fry, grill, roast, and bake. This multi-functional ability makes it to save a lot.

The loudness of air fryers depends on the brand and type of air fryer. While some are silent, a good number make some noise. Some may sound like a washing machine or a dishwasher. The fan is one culprit that contributes to the large sound. Any air fryer above 65 decibels is loud.

Air fryers run on electricity. They have a shorter cooking time than the standard oven; thus, they consume less power. Besides, you can cook different kinds of food together, as you can grill, bake and roast. Being able to prepare different types of food together saves time and electricity.

It is economical to use air fryers as compared to ordinary ovens. Apart from consuming less electricity, they shorten the cooking time, and they come with a variety of functions such as baking and grilling. You can cook once a variety of food, thus saving time and electricity.

Air fryers are easy to clean because they do not use much oil for cooking; there is less oily spotting on the surface. While using the air fryer, the cooking basket is entirely closed, a feature that eliminates spattering. Again, all the oil, grease, and fat drips into the oil pan. However, always clean the air fryer after cooking.

There is no tangible proof that air fryers are toxic. The only fear is that they can lead to cancer. This arises because of the tendency of food forming acrylamide when heated at a very high temperature. When well used, air fryers reduce the chances of acrylamide forming.

Air fryers are good at cooking fried foods. With as little as one tablespoon of cooking oil, you can impressively fry your chips. The air fryer can fry chips because of its ability to circulate hot air within the cooking chamber, which results in crispy and crunchy chips.

The major selling point of air fryers is that they can cook food with very little oil as compared to deep fryers. That is why many people perceive them as the best cookers if you want healthy foods for your family. They are taken as the best alternative to deep frying.

No. Air fryers are, in fact, the best option, especially for people who want to cut on fat intake. They offer the healthiest way of cooking foods than traditional deep-fried food. They use very little oil, and very hot air to cook the food, which gives rise to food without much fat.

No. Each appliance has its specific strong points. but, air fryers can be is a healthy alternative to a deep fryer. It produces similar result to deep fryers in terms of taste and flavor, but not identical to deep fryers. By contrast, a deep fryer is larger than the air fryer, and the food is most, tastier and tender.

Much as the two look similar in size, shape, and shell design, the air fryer uses a coil and convection method while the halogen ovenuses a light bulb and infrared energy. In an air fryer, the coils heat up to the desired temperature, and the fan circulates the heat. In halogen oven, heat is distributed by radiation.

Absolutely. Grease the bottom of the fryer basket or spray it with a nonstick spray. Arrange your battered food or fish in a single layer with a little space between the pieces. You can spray the fish with more nonstick spray. Cook at between 3750 F and 400 degrees F for 10 minutes.

There is no solid proof that air fryers lead to cancer. However, food, especially meat, when exposed to high temperatures, lead to the formation of acrylamide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and heterocyclic amines. These compounds have been associated with types of cancer. But, with proper usage, you reduce the chances of the formation of acrylamide.

Yes. Air fryers can cook frozen food. However, you have to change the settings a little bit. An air fryer cooks faster than a standard oven, so adjusting your fryer to the suggested time seems a viable option. For some foods, e.g., nuggets, use the same temperature but cut the time to half.

No. Air fryers have been built well. As such, they rarely catch fire. But,  always use them in the right manner. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember, in some cases, it can explode if internal air builds up pressure and is not released in time. 

Yes. The only problem is that air fryers have a limitation of space. Their small space allows them to cook little food. So if you have chicken, you have to stack on its side to ensure that there is a lot of surface area exposed. Otherwise,  you wnt get a crispy and tasty outcome.

Yes, an air fryer can dehydrate your food – fruits, vegetables,herbs, etc. Arrange the food you want to dehydrate and place it in the air fryer rack. Adjust the setting to 120 degrees F for 4 hours. Some have a dehydrate setting. For even dehydrating, cut the food into even slices.

Air fryers cook fried fish in a healthy way; with very little oil. The good news is that it can cook any kind of fish. You have to coat the fish with olive oil and grease the bottom of the basket before placing it in the fish. Cook for 10 minutes at 40 Degrees F before flipping.

Air fryers are the easiest way to warm your food while retaining their crispy look and taste. Place your food in the air fryer and set it to 350 degrees F for 4 minutes. This time is enough to give your leftover the hotness and the sweetness just as before.

Yes. It takes just 8 minutes to prepare your toasted bread. What you need to do is have the right temperature to get the right texture and look.  If you are new, set your bread at low temperature and check often.

Yes. An air fryer can do a number of functions in your kitchen. It can cook anything that a standard oven can cook. For a fact, you can use it as a replacement for appliances like toaster, deep fryer, and grill, among others. The best part is that it cooks impressively

All the removable components of an air fryer are dishwasher safe. When you want to wash them, detach them safely wash them in a dishwasher. Always ensure that you clean the interior of the air fryer using hot water and a piece of cloth. Completely dry the pan, basket, and tray before returning them.

The technology concerning gadgets is ever-changing. This has seen the production of high performing air fryers. The best air fryer depends on its features, technology, and size. People purchase them based on brands too. The most notable ones are COSORI Air Fryer, Ninja Air Fryer, and GoWISE USA, among others.

Currently, store shelves are full of a variety of air fryers, all with the promise of cooking crispy but juicy foods. But the best oven air fryers don’t come easily. They should fry food similar to conventional frying. Such include Philips Twin TurboStar, Cuisinart AFR-25, and Cuisinart TOA-60,  among others.

Air fryers have a limitation of size. However, some are large-sized as compared to others. Such types include the 10 and 16 quarts, e.g.,Instant™ Vortex and Big Boss Oil-less air fryer, respectively.

Air fryers cook food by using hot air rather than submerging it in oil. The cooking chamber radiates heat from a heating element, while the fan is used to circulate the heat within the chamber. The location of the heating element is close to the food.

The size of an air fryer you need depends on the size of your family. Notably, the 3 to 4 quarts are the most popular types in the market. For a family of 5 people, 5.8 quart is sufficient enough. Smaller families can buy smaller options.

An air fryer is a mall chambered cooker that cooks food through the action of hot circulating air. The heating element produces heat, and the heat is circulated by a fan. It has a cooking basket in which you place food. In turn, this basket is placed in the cooking chamber of an air fryer.  Essentially, an air fryer is a smaller convection oven.

There are numerous videos online showing how air fries work. These videos are vital because they explain how to cook as well as how to change the settings to get the desired cook. However, it is essential that you look for a video that is specific to a particular brand you intend to buy. 

Air fryers are purported to help lose weight. It helps cut down on fat intake. The food cooked by this kitchen appliance requires very little oil as compared to a conventional deep fryer. So people will consume meals with little fats (healthier meals) while still maintaining the safe texture, flavor, and texture.

There are different recipes to make your chicken wings. However, the simplest way is to have your chicken wings and sauce. Remember, chicken wings have fats, so you do not need to add any oil. If you need them crispy, you can add baking powder. Cook for 26 minutes. The extra fat drip in the bowl.

It takes the shortest time to fry your frozen French fries. It only takes 15 minutes cooking at 400 degrees F. However, this depends on the thickness of your French fries. Just place the French fries in the cooking pot, even without oil.

The noise produced by an appliance is measured in decibels. A rating above 65 decibels indicates high sound. However, the loudness depends on the model. The quietest includes GoWISE USA Air Fryers (hums), Cozyna Air Fryers(30 decibels), and Ninja Air Fryers (30-60db).

Warranties only cover manufacturer defects. Philips products come with a two-year warranty. However, this warranty is only given to buyers in America and Canada. Other brands offer a 12-month limited warranty on all products.

The primary reason why an air fryer produces smoke is because of fatty foods. Fats usual drain on the fat pan at the bottom of the fryer. When temperatures build-up, the fat/grease will start to burn to produce white smoke. Similarly, burning food particle may produce smoke.

Preheating the fryer takes 2 to 3 minutes. Preheating shortens the cooking time. In fact, when you preheat your air fryer, it results in more crispy food. The only problem with preheating is that it makes it difficult to evenly place your ingredients in the air fryer.

Philips air fryers come with unique features that make cooking smoother and faster. They include; improved digital display, detachable cooking trays, easy-grip handles, timers, different food settings, removable cooking grill. Besides, there is a full range of air fryers to choose from at Philips.

Yes. Set the air fryer at a temperature of  350 degrees F, and set the time at 9 minutes for thicker bacon. For thinner bacon, set the time at 5 minutes. Lay your bacon in the air fryer basket in a single layer and switch it on. When time is up, check if they are cooked.

Yes. An air fryer can make your food golden brown and crisp, especially with fried and breaded foods. When you apply oil on the outside of the food. The air heats the oils on the food, which makes them turn brown.

The air fryer is the best kitchen appliance to make popcorns. You only need corn seeds, and you are ready to make air-popped corn with your air fryer. The cooking process should take the shortest time, because the flowing air will blow the popcorn towards the heating element, causing them to burn, and this produces smoke.

Much as some of their function overlap, Air fryers cannot replace microwaves. The advantage of an air fryer is cooking with less oil than a microwave. But, there some functions performed by a microwave that an air fryer cannot. Remember, these two appliances have distinct features.

An air fryer can cook a hamburger pretty well. If it is frozen, it takes you a maximum of 20 minutes, but a normal one takes you a maximum of 12 minutes. Just place your hamburgers in your fryer basket and close the lid. Cook at 375 degrees F, for the stated cook time.

Granite is a tough substance. It can resist heat, and thus cannot easily burn. However, when a hot substance is placed on them, it may leave a mark on its surface. This mark can be removed with mild soap. Much as the air fryer produces heat, the heat may rarely reach the granite countertop.

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