Am I Psychic or Intuitive? Signs You’re One of Them

There may be times when you’ve felt like you have psychic capabilities. Often psychic power has been confused with intuition. The following explains what it means to be psychic and what it means to be intuitive and help dispel common misconceptions. 

What it means to be psychic:

[1] Psychics are often very sensitive to things that are either non-physical or considered to be supernatural. While most of us use the traditional senses to receive information and evaluate input, psychics go one step beyond. They use extrasensory methods to evaluate data and actions that affect them.

There are three primary ways in which psychics receive insight.

  1. Clairvoyance is a way for them to see without relying on eyesight. It’s the ability to receive information about a person, animal, place, or event through extrasensory perception. People who can use this ability are referred to as being clairvoyant. Signals that a person is clairvoyant are when they can see orbs, flashes of light, or shadows in their peripheral vision that are unseen by most people.
  2. Clairsentience is a way for psychics to feel without relying on their physical body. It has also been called a precise feeling or clear sensing. Clairsentience is based on feeling on both physical and emotional levels. Clairsentient people have often felt the appearance of spirits or angels when they enter certain rooms or buildings, can sense if the mood in a room is positive or negative, or can quickly understand other people’s perspectives within minutes after meeting them.
  3. Clairaudience is a way of hearing what is said without using ears. Psychics with this ability can listen to words, voices, and sounds that are inaudible to others. It’s referred to by some as clear hearing and is one of the most common and easiest psychic abilities to develop. Many people who are clairaudient report hearing sounds or noises that others do not hear, having repeated buzzing or ringing sounds in their ears, or giving profound advice to people without really knowing where that advice came from in the first place.

All of these psychic abilities go beyond our physical limitations. Psychics who have one or more of these abilities can reach the spiritual or psychic level to perceive and interpret information that may not be easily accessible to others or has often been overlooked by others.

Psychics rely on logic to interpret information. They have to be able to receive and fully understand the words, feelings, sounds, images, and other input they receive from a person. This data should be interpreted in a way that makes sense for the person they are working with. Psychics often use both their sensory and extrasensory perception when conducting a reading or otherwise helping people.

Most experienced psychics can turn their psychic abilities on and off when needed. They can get rid of all the background noise and clutter and use their extrasensory perception to see, hear and feel things that most others may not. It gives them added insight into the situation in question and can reveal possible causes or solutions.

#5 Common signs of having psychic abilities:

  1. You’ve always felt different. People with psychic abilities rarely feel like they belong. They are often loners or outsiders, depending on their upbringing and other factors. Having psychic skills can make people feel like they stand out above the rest of the crowd. Other times, such abilities can feel like a curse, significantly if they predict disaster for people that they care about.
  2. You can feel other people’s emotions. When someone is going through a tough time or celebrating a significant life event, their feelings are usually pretty obvious. Their feelings of sadness, happiness, joy, rage, and frustration are evident in what they say and do. Psychics pick up on these and other emotions in people around them. They may be feeling these people’s same emotions before they even enter the room.
  3. You had imaginary friends as a child. Most of us probably had imaginary friends as a child. They comforted us in times of loneliness or uncertainty and cheered us up when we were feeling down. Psychics usually have imaginary friends as children, some of which may be interpreted as angels or spirits. Spirit energy often resonates at a high frequency, and psychics may pick up on and interpret that energy at a very early age. It can be very disorienting or confusing for them until they can fully comprehend what they are feeling and seeing.
  4. You feel like you can read other people’s minds. Close friends and relatives sometimes know each other so well that they can finish each other’s sentences. They have become so accustomed to each other’s thought processes and mannerisms that they seem to know exactly what the other person is thinking. Psychics often have these same connections with other people. Some psychics experience telepathy, which is when unspoken messages are transferred via energy. This is one of the best-known and most frequently used methods of psychic communication.
  5. You have a strong sense of knowing. Many psychics have a great sense of knowing what a person will do or what will happen in certain situations. It may seem like they are predicting the future, but the psychic can sometimes see what is going to happen before it happens. They pick up impressions and vibrations from different people, some good and some bad. It could be a person they’ve known their entire lives or someone they’ve never even met before.

What it means to be intuitive:

One of the main differences between being psychic and being intuitive is that people who are intuitive often don’t need to interpret input from others. Intuitive people often receive sudden insight that doesn’t require interpretation. This insight seems to come from out of nowhere. There’s usually no rhyme or reason for it, and there’s no way to control it, either.

Most of us have been intuitive at some point in our lives. We’ve received a sudden “flash” or sensation that affects our ideas and feelings. They could give us the inspiration to do or try something new. These sensations often cause us to react or take action in some way. Intuition is also something that we can rely on when our psychic senses are ineffective due to lack of use.

As the saying goes, “intuition doesn’t lie.” It often helps us form our opinions and feelings about different people and situations. We rely on our intuition to assess the role of certain people and events in our lives. It helps us see the warning signs of toxic relationships and helps us determine when we need to start over or seek different career paths.

Intuition is also different in that it primarily affects our own personal lives. Psychic abilities usually affect both us and the lives of other people around us. Insight helps us to form our own opinions, beliefs, thoughts, and values. It’s integral to many of the critical moments of our lives. The more we rely on our intuition, the better prepared we are for surprises, both positive and negative.

#5 Common intuitive personality traits:

  1. You have a lot of empathy for others. Many intuitive people are empathetic. You’re not only aware of your feelings, but you’re also aware of the feelings that other people have. Intuitive people can usually pick up on the feelings and emotions of friends, family members, and others around them. It doesn’t matter if you know these people personally or not. People are generally more open and receptive to empaths because they feel they have a common understanding or knowledge about their emotional state.
  2. You are constantly aware of your surroundings. Intuitive people are often very observant of their own emotions, feelings, and thoughts. They are also very observant of their surroundings. Over time, they begin to notice details and events that others may miss. Some of these things may seem trivial or unimportant to others but could end up taking on more significance in the life of the intuitive person or others close to them.
  3. You are generally optimistic by nature. Intuition can be a powerful tool. It helps to warn and prepare people for negative thoughts and potentially harmful situations. However, being an Intuit isn’t all bad. Most intuitive people are positive people who tend to see the good in people and situations. They often assume positive intent and assume that most things in life are going to be okay. Even the bad things usually have a positive undertone or intent, no matter how bad some of those things may turn out to be.
  4. You’re an overthinker. One common problem that intuitive people often have is that they begin to overthink or over-analyze situations. It’s perfectly okay to analyze things as they happen and weigh both the positives and negatives, but overthinking can make a situation feel or seem to be far worse than it is. Intuitive people usually look beyond simple answers because they’re looking for solutions or answers beyond those presented in the facts or logic provided. Often, this is unnecessary, but it can be difficult to change this habit of overthinking and over-analyzing.
  5. You usually have very vivid dreams. For most of us, we only remember bits and pieces of our nightly dreams. Intuitive people often have more vivid dreams and are usually able to remember them more clearly and in greater detail. These dreams may sometimes feel like deja vu and can sometimes help intuitive people find solutions to problems bothering them.

Whether or not you are psychic or intuitive, it can take some time to develop these talents. Many people spend days, months, and years learning about and honing their abilities. It takes a lot of dedication and discipline, so stay focused and determined. These abilities are neither good nor bad. They are gifts that not everyone has. Listen to the energy around you, and listen to yourself. Your actual talents will expose themselves in time.

You don’t have to share your gifts with the rest of the world. It’s up to you as to what you want to do with them. Several psychics turn their talents into a full-time career. It may take a while to earn a living as a professional psychic, but it can be done. Seeking out the advice of other psychics or intuitive people can help you better understand your abilities and see how they can be used to help others. There are always others who use their skills for destructive or self-serving purposes, but those individuals are usually the exception to the rule. Most of them realize how lucky they are to have such talents and do their best to use those talents to make the world around them a much better place.

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