ANCHEER B3008 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

ANCHEER B3008 Indoor Cycling Bike: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: ANCHEER B3008 Indoor Cycling Bike

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What We Like

  • Belt drive
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Ergonomically padded
  • Non-slip handlebars

What We Don’t Like

  • Squeaking noise
  • Not suitable for tall riders

You have been considering purchasing the ideal stationary cycling bike for your home gym, but you cannot decide which is the best for your needs. Do not look any further – you have come to the right place. Looking on the market, you will find hundreds of indoor bikes, making it hard to select the correct one.

Luckily, the ANCHEER B3008 bike is a simple yet effective indoor bike option that will allow you to get the most out of every single workout from the comfort of your own home. Plus, it can be used by all of the members of your family, making it a great value-for-money option.


ANCHEER B3008 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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With this bike, you can get in shape without having to leave your home. You can enjoy the convenience of an effective workout that is comfortable and silent while boasting the same resistance and intensity as a professional road bike.

Who is this product for?

The ANCHEER bike is perfect for anyone who enjoys cycling but can’t find the time to get to the gym or head out on the road every night. The workout on this bike is effective and high intensity while still being low impact.

What’s included?

With the package, you will receive the ANCHEER bike with all of its accessories, as well as a user guide and an assembly video. The bike is easy to assemble and takes less than half an hour with clear instructions and the tools provided.

Overview of features

This bike has a 49-pound flywheel that is inertia enhanced and can deliver a very natural ride, especially when compared with other bikes in this price range. The quick-stop brakes and the friction resistance lets you easily adjust your workout intensity with the conveniently placed tension knob. Twist the knob to decrease or increase the amount of tension to suit you. The knob can also be used for braking by pressing it down.

This belt-drive bike offers a smoother and quieter workout when compared to chain bikes. For added comfort, this ANCHEER bike has a fully adjustable seat with a comfortable, ergonomic design. The seat is also padded for optimal ease and comfort for your ride. For stability and convenience, you can move the seat up and down and backwards and forwards to ensure it fits your height.

This bike can be used for all of your family members to have a comfortable and efficient workout that will not hurt their back or stress their joints. The handlebars are padded and adjustable in an up and down motion. There is a phone bracket on the handlebars that allows you to enjoy music or videos as you work out. The LCD screen has a multi-functional display that allows you to scan calories, distance, speed, and time so you can track your workout progress.

The bike also has an adjustable bottle holder that lets you remain hydrated throughout your ride. It also has an adjustable base that keeps the bike even no matter the ground levels. The transportation wheels let you move the bike effortlessly.

The toe-clip pedals can be adjusted using the straps to lock your feet in place, offering you better control. However, if you would like to replace the pedals with SPD pedals, this can be done. The bike comes with a 12-month warranty that boasts free replacement parts.

How to use it

Once you have attached the seat, stabilizer bars, handlebars, console, and pedals, you are ready to start exercising. Mount the bike, adjust the seat to suit your height and start pedalling.


Holarose Indoor Cycling BikeThis heavy-duty bike has soft, ergonomic seats that make it comfortable for training. It is made using robust parts that can support up to 440 pounds. The seat and handlebar are completely adjustable, allowing anyone with any body type to workout comfortably. The bike is made to withstand high-frequency use.

The LCD screen displays your speed, time, heart rate, calories, and distance, allowing you to monitor your progress. The pedals have a foot cage that ensure that your feet are secure. The bottle holder allows you to stay hydrated. Plus, this bike boasts a 100% lifetime guarantee.


This bike is one of the best lower-cost indoor bikes for quite a few reasons. It is a reasonably priced 90-pound spinning bike that boasts a 49-pound flywheel, a belt drive, and an LCD screen. It can support users up to 264 pounds.

For beginners and non-professional cyclists, this bike is a good choice in this price range, especially if there is very little space in your home or if you need a bike that can easily be stored away.


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