Are Wheelchairs Covered By Insurance? – In 2021

If you are an individual who uses wheelchairs for your disability or other medical issues, you should consider insurance for your wheelchair. As a thumbs rule, you know that your wheelchair may get damaged, stolen, or other unwanted damages. What if an insurance company covers you for these unwanted issues with your favourite wheelchair?

So, you may be finding the answer to the query- Are wheelchairs covered by insurance? There are millions of wheelchair users in the United States for their injury or physical disability. Insurance companies come up with their offer for your familiar with uncontrollable damage to your wheelchairs. They have covered you with any loss, theft, and destruction- vandalism and accidental.

Are Wheelchairs Covered by Insurance?

Wheelchairs are a great and convenient way for persons who have disabilities or injuries all over the world. These wheelchairs help them to go wherever they want to go. For their proper mobility, these wheelchairs come in handy in the scenario. Therefore, to prevent your loss in the case of an accident, you need to cover your wheelchair with insurance.


Insurance companies offer a great deal of insurance for your wheelchairs. They try to cover both nationally as well as internationally. While travelling from one country to another with your wheelchair, it may be damaged or stolen. If you have insurance for the wheelchair, the company will cover the loss of your stolen wheelchair.

How to Get a Wheelchair Through Insurance?

Wheelchairs, whether they are power-operated or manual, are helpful for those who have a physical disability to move from here to there. Also, there are other types of individuals who have an injury, and therefore, they cannot use their feet to move from one place to another.

How to Get a Wheelchair Through Insurance

Insurance companies out there cover powered-operated and manual wheelchairs as DME or durable medical equipment. Also, make sure your doctor has prescribed you to use a wheelchair. To get a wheelchair through insurance, you must submit a written prescription from your doctor saying that you are unable to use your feet to move.

The medical need for a wheelchair

You have to prove that you need a wheelchair. To do so, you need a certification or recommendation from your physician. The doctor will treat your medical condition and may test you whether you need a wheelchair or not. If the doctor thinks after examining you that you without any doubt need a wheelchair, you can get it through insurance.

Limited mobility

Due to your recent injury in the legs, you may not move comfortably in your home. Also, you may have a physical disability and find difficulties moving. As a result, you cannot do daily activities easily at home, such as bathing, dressing, getting in a bed or chair, and so many related things.

The health condition may be worse than you imagine. You may not move even if with the assistance of a crutch, walker, or crane. All these physical conditions prove that you are entirely unable to run on your feet. Therefore, the doctor will suggest you use a wheelchair for your betterment.

You can operate.

Another important consideration before you get the doctor’s recommendation about having a wheelchair through insurance is your ability to operate the wheelchair. You need to get on to the chair and get off it safely. If you can run a wheelchair to go from different places at home, you can get one through the insurance companies.

Besides, you can receive help from someone always available to you. You have to ensure that the person is ready to help you get on and off the wheelchair. Otherwise, you will find difficulties while operating the wheelchair for you. It will help you to find the answer to the question- Are wheelchairs covered by insurance?

Home condition

Getting a wheelchair through insurance is not enough for you to go ahead. To use the wheelchair in your home, the home condition should be up to the mark. Therefore, the insurance company you want to get a wheelchair from may visit your home. They need to understand whether your home is suitable for the wheelchair to use. You know that you have to use the chair safely inside your house.

You and your doctor should have enrolled.

It is one of the most important things before you head over to get a wheelchair or scooter from an insurance company. You have to ensure that the doctor you have gone to get a written prescription to enroll on the same company.

If you are your doctor are not a signed member of the insurance company, you may find obstacles in the way of the process. So, before starting the process of applying for the wheelchair, you need to be sure that both of you have enrolled in the same company.

Rent or buy

Rental can be less expensive for the time being, so you may decide to lease, instead of purchase, your wheelchair. If you rent, Medicare will take care of rental expenses for as long as 13 months. Following 13 months, you will possess the gear if you hope to utilize the wheelchair for quite a while; purchasing in advance might be less expensive after you represent a store and the rental installments.

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions below may be evolving in your mind, too. Therefore, I think that you may need the best answers to these queries, right? Here is the most important frequently asked question you may be searching for the answers to.

Do you need a prescription for a wheelchair?

Obviously, you need a written prescription from your doctor, who will recommend after examining you that you surely need a wheelchair. Without the prescription, you will not get a.

Can you borrow wheelchairs?

Yes,  you can borrow a wheelchair for yourself if you think you need it for a short while. Maybe, you have injured yourself, and your doctor says that you will get round soon. You need to borrow a wheelchair.

Will the hospital give me a wheelchair?

When you are entirely unable to move, you need a wheelchair. In this case, the doctor of the hospital recommends you use a wheelchair. So, it depends on your difficulties in moving.

Final Thought

Wheelchairs are covered by insurance, depending on several different things. You have to prove that you are completely unable to use your feet due to medical conditions. Do you need to understand that are wheelchairs covered by insurance?

Also, you have to have the ability to operate the wheelchair, or you have someone ready for you all time to help you get in and off the wheelchair. Wheelchairs allow disabling persons and those who have an injury to move from one place to another.

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