Aries and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility: What’s This Friendship Like?

Aries and Aquarius Friendship: Do Aries and Aquarius make good friends

Aries and Aquarius share one remarkable trait. They’re both curious. They’ll meander across the vast unknown together like a couple of stray dogs that have teamed up for an afternoon of exploring.
With these two, there is no looking back and sneezing over the past.
To the Ram, today is ever a great deal more exciting than yesterday.
To the Aquarian Water Bearer, tomorrow is a thousand times more phenomenal than yesterday or on the other hand today.
Every so often, they slip off the track and wander off independently. Then somewhere in the present, or future, they’ll bump smack into one another.
It is usually an intriguing encounter, and a destined one. Aries and Aquarius are both affected by the 3-11 Sun Sign vibration. The combination of their atmospheres carries them toward common encounters bringing with them, instruction, and otherworldly revelations.
Alongside karmic recollections from previous adventures, just as they expect, their wishes, and dreams are brought to the fore during their meetings.

Differences Between These Two


For the most part, the Aquarius is benevolent and softly spoken. They nevertheless appreciate a challenging conclusion, wherein they are sought after.
They covertly take pleasure in dazzling individuals with an occasional flighty lead. These ordinarily calm and obliging spirits can abruptly hamper an occasion. With effortless articulations, they’ll dive into activities at the most unpredictable times.
The Uranian can be wearing boots, oxfords, or Gucci’s, but he won’t check whether they’re suitable for the event.
He’ll even appear shoeless if feels like it, and deride you for giggling at him. Opportunity cherishing Uranians can be intensely clever, unreasonable, unique, prideful and free.
However, they can likewise be discretionary, delicate, thoughtful and shy.


Aries is immediate, to say the least.
Deceit and insidiousness are altogether unfamiliar to the Mars nature. Frankness and reviving trustworthiness are Arien trademarks, yet Rams don’t make the best credit partners. Some of them need steadiness and prove to be child-like in the presence of duty. Indeed, even the individuals who have developed obligations will dependably expend their whole concern.
In spite of the fact that Aries is the torch, who manufactures his way through existence with a brave undertaking, there’s a peculiar eccentricity to his fortitude.
He’ll face fire or the accursed beast without the smallest hint of dread, yet he can’t stand physical torment. It is a given, each Aries individual, sooner or later in his life, will endure damage to the head or face.

[As Friends/Mates] Are Aries and Aquarius soulmates?

Aries individuals devote themselves completely to things that excite them and they become completely engaged with what’s going on.
Aquarius is similarly as excited, yet these individuals don’t devote themselves completely to anything.

Therein is a delightful contrast.

The Water Bearer approaches each involvement with an air of disconnection. They’ll snoop around, scratch their heads, and squirm a little. That way they get to appreciate something without getting either tangled up or tied up. It’s just their charming way to remain detached until they’re certain about it.
The Ram might run, with head bowed forward, showering confetti and sending up rocket flares. The
Aquarian might ride a unicycle while crunching on a cured pickle as he spins a Hula Hoop around his waist. The two of them never fail to catch everyone’s eye.
One of the implications of the 3-11 vibration between these mates is karmic commitment.
The friendship includes either some incredible gift or a few extraordinary melancholy tales conveyed from one to the other as they return from their adventures. Maybe it is an obligation or duty, but it’s a broad given that they impact each other.
An Aquarian favored with an Aries friendship who remains by him (or her) for a very long time of inconvenience or ailment, may ponder, “For what reason did she (or he) do it?”
The Ram is just reimbursing his friend for some help given to him from quite a while back. It is not surprising that uncovered is the Ram’s desire to assist the Aquarian. And when the shoe is on the other foot, a similar circumstance is created.
An Aquarian will handle the business undertakings of an Aires, keeping the Ram safe from issues with duties and banks.
The Water Bearer smooths out monetary wrinkles and organizes extraordinary events under outlandish conditions. They are genuinely motivated by the memory of fiscal help they got from Aries in another time. Somewhere else at yet another time, and another karmic obligation will be reimbursed.

[Aries Traits]

Aries are energetic, propelled, sure, goal-oriented, inquisitive, bold and excited. They need to get things going as opposed to being simple observers. The requirement for fervor pushes Aries into new domains and makes them amazingly activity situated.

Aries Positive Traits:

  • Audacious – An Aries dreams and goals are huge
  • Fearless – When difficulties arise, the Aries gets moving and will tackle the test head first.
  • Adaptable – Aries are frequently the ones who’d give anything a shot. They’re the “Jack’s of all Trades”.
  • Exuberant – You will never discover an Aries low on vitality levels.
  • Positive – The positive vitality of Aries makes them a significant mainstream part in their groups of friends
  • Enthusiastic – When Aries are keen on something, be it a relationship or a task, they will get enthusiastic and be a motivation for other people.


Negative Traits

  • Pompous – An Aries can be harsh on others’ feelings and not even realize
  • Difficult – The red hot Aries have fixed suppositions and they won’t move for anything on the planet
  • Impatient – Both hasty and eager, the Aries won’t think about the issues or thoroughly consider the circumstances to land at a choice
  • Undisciplined -The Aries is dynamic, yet their energies are, as a rule, dispersed so they have to bridle their desires so as to prevail throughout everyday life
  • Fierce – An Aries won’t reconsider before posing inquiries that may possibly hurt a relationship
  • The propensity to leave ventures – Aries can’t focus on undertakings for long and thus will abandon them mid-way.


[Aquarius Traits]

Aquarius is one of the four “human signs” in the celestial circle, the other three being Gemini, Virgo, and Libra (except if one checks the Centaur – half- horse, half-human Saggitarius).
Thus, Aquarian interests are progressively controlled more so than those of the Ram.
Aries possesses a natural instinct to cherish and despise which frequently prompts the Aquarius to act from sheer creature desire or individual delight.
The Uranus- ruled Aquarians all the more regularly escape from knee-jerk activity into the domains of the more thoughtful. In some cases, you’ll find him drifting on gossamer clouds while he dreams of other events. This gives the Water Bearers an uncanny mystic or natural charm.
Aquarius individuals are self-directed, solid, strange, whimsical, clever and alluring in identity. They are similarly great at considering dynamic and reasonable things.
Their capacity to acknowledge individuals as they make them mainstream in their social circles is exceptional.
We should take a peek at their positive and negative viewpoints.

Positive Traits

  • Agreeable – With a decent comical inclination, the Aquarius love to share a joke wherever they go
  • Helpful – What delights them is philanthropic exercises. They attempt their best to do whatever is conceivable to make the world a superior spot to live in
  • Keen – The Aquarius individual is enthusiastic and will dependably search for scholarly incitement. They are best known for their broad interests
  • Imaginative – Dreariness exhausts the Aquarius which is the reason they attempt their work in inventive ways
  • Autonomous – They are sincerely free, and any endeavors to tie them to a particular circumstance will have them maintaining a strategic distance from it
  • Steadfast – They are prevalent in light of the fact that they are faithful to their companions and friends and family


Negative Traits

  • Unusual – Aquarius loathe dullness, and will never pursue a fixed standard of conduct
  • Conflicting – They can be extremely contradictory
  • Isolated – Their logic in life is to incline toward toleration, but they won’t let anybody draw too near to their heart. They are terrified of losing their freedom
  • Difficult – In spite of the fact that they are great audience members, it is hard to make the Aquarius change his or her mind
  • Detached – They will cut themselves off from others at whatever point they wish, and become distant
  • Radical – There is by all accounts no center point for the Aquarius. It is in every case win big or bust for them



Although there can be great malice between these two Signs (or any two Signs impacted by the 3-11 vibration) when conveyed to one another it is only minor.
In the event that Aries and Aquarius think about the laws of Karma, they’ll get why one of them is so eager to help the other, and figure out how to acknowledge the support smoothly.
They’ll understand why both of them continue to pointlessly harm each other only to turn around in the next heartbeat and be there for each other. Or else, they’re just going to pile up a bunch of extra commitments for future lives.
Their two spirits will be bound together in an interminable progression of cozy connections, through the unavoidable law of attractive fascination and repulsion, activity and response.


Aries and Aquarius are basically good together. There’s an obvious line of understanding running between them.
It’s the regular compassion among Fire and Air.
Once in a while, Rams will likewise seem, by all accounts, to be mystic, however, they’re truly not, in the genuine sense of the word.
Aries goes promptly to the center of the issue. They utilize neither rationale nor objective thinking.
The Ram fixated on a mind-boggling need to jump in and get to the base of a thing, ignites the increasingly multifaceted flashes of Aquarian’s electro-attractive wavelengths.
The Aquarian’s enlivened resistance protects them against the shock of the abruptness and profoundly unique, innovative penchants of Aries.
There will be times when Rams believe Aquarius doesn’t exactly have it together.
And Aquarius will surrender all expectations in order to avoid the hot temper flashes of Mars.
Together, however, for the most part, these two do appreciate a frantic, remarkable, and novel affiliation.
Aquarius is a Fixed Sign, thus, every so often, the Water Bearers can be quite obstinate.
Yet, tenacity won’t work with Aries.
But with love, respect, and graciousness, extraordinary dollops of it, this is a friendship worth admiring.

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