15 Clear Signs Aries Man Falling in Love With You Deeply

You’re now in the friend zone with an Aries man, or perhaps you’re seeing and wondering, “Is Aries Man Falling In Love With You?” Watch Out For These 15 Signs and be sure he’s either falling in love with you or he’s just being. Who’s an Aries Man?

The Aries man is an adventurous man with lots of interests. It’s easy to get his attention, but keeping it is the real deal.
You are a lucky girl if you win his heart.

Aries men rarely fall in love despite their dating experiments. So when an Aries man starts falling in love with you, know that you’ve hit the right spot with him.

He is the hardest sign to tame in the zodiac, but he will do anything for you when he chooses you. So what are the signs that he is falling in love with you?

The 15 Absolute Signs Aries Man Falling in Love With You:

1. His affection towards you increases

An Aries man is a flirtatious man, and it’s somehow normal for him. But if he is really into you, you’ll notice his affection increases with time. This time it is intentional.

He will keep trying to impress you and win you over. He will try and get your attention and keep it.

Considering that he is not a shy man, he will go all out to make you feel like the only girl in his world.

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2. He is protective of you

Naturally, any man wants to protect his woman. The Aries man is masculine and aggressive, making him a good protector.

He will jump into fights and always be the first to throw a punch. He is not afraid to jump into danger to protect you. This way, he is proving his worth being your man.

Plus, he considers you worth fighting for. Apart from that, he will offer to walk you to your car, shield you from rain, and anything else that makes him feel manly.

3. He pays attention to your needs

An Aries man is naturally selfish, and all he thinks is about himself. But when he likes you, he will pay attention to you.

Notice that this does not come easily to him, but he is willing to share his spotlight. He will do the things you want without having to push him to do it. It is suitable for his ego; he will feel needed and keep doing those little things for you.

He will learn your routines and does a few of them for you to show he cares.

For instance, he’ll notice how you like your breakfast made and wake up an hour early to make you your favorite meal. Appreciate his efforts; he is out of his comfort zone here!

4. He makes time for you

Despite his busy schedule, gym, friends, and hobbies, he will always make time for you.

Remember, an Aries man gets distracted easily, and making time for you shows how much he cares. He will want to spend more time with you all the time.

5. He continually checks in on you

An undeniable sign is that he continuously checks on you. He will call or text to know how your day is going.

He will remember the interview you were going to or something you mentioned and know how you are fairing. He will also offer to help in situations he can.

An Aries likes to play games and ghost once in a while, but if he cares for you, that is out of the question.

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6. He gets jealous

The Aries man is proud, and he thinks of himself as highly irresistible. He will be agitated if he notices another guy is trying to get your attention.

He is protective of his territory and would be jealous of the slightest things.

It’s best not to try those mind games on him, trying to make him jealous. He will not take it lightly, and you will end up regretting it.

7. He will be spontaneous with you

Spontaneity and physical activities are some of the Aries man’s strongest traits. You might have realized he is involved in lots of activities.

If he genuinely cares for you, he will make random plans anything that will get you two comfortable and have fun at the same time.

Don’t be alarmed if he shows up unannounced with pizza and beer or invites you to a bowling game.

He is the kind that is eager to impress, plus he is looking for someone to share his expeditions. Loosen up around him; he will like you for it.

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8. He will be comfortable introducing you to his friends

An Aries man will want to show you off. If he values you, he will want everyone to know that you are with him.

He will invite you to hang out with his friends. At this point, he is involving you in his world and wants you to be part of it.

Expect to be invited to sporty events, parties, gatherings, and any social function where he can show you off.

Also, he will try to get to know your friend, which helps them. This way, he is trying to please you and will be happy to chat away with your girlfriends.

9. His compliments are genuine

The one thing that attracts an Aries man is a woman’s appearance. For him to be with you, he already thinks you are hot.

Yes, he can be a little flirtatious, but you’ll realize that he genuinely appreciates and gush out sincere compliments.

He will always point out how he loves the color of your eyes, how you push your hair behind your ear, or how cute your smile is. He adores you and will not shy away from saying it to you.

10. He includes you in everything he does

Another thing that will make you know he is falling for you is that he wants to be around. He will take you with him to everything he does.

He is an active man, so expect to watch him play his favorite sport, cycling at the park or kayaking. Whatever his interests are, he will want you there with him.

The reason being he wants you to see him at his best. Despite wanting to show you off, he also wants you to appreciate his talents.

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11. He gets extra touchy

Naturally, the Aries man is not shy, and he will be extra handsy with you. He can’t help himself, he has too much energy around the lady he likes, and he can’t keep his hands to himself.

Hopefully, you are like cuddling since this warm human is big on hugs, cuddles, and random kisses. He is not afraid of expressing himself, and this is a sure way that he likes you.

12. He thinks your bad habits are cute

Most people will find this topic irritating, but the Aries man doesn’t take offense that easy. For instance, you see the way you snort when you laugh or chew your nails when you’re nervous?

Chances are the Aries man will find it cute for reasons only known to him. So don’t beat yourself up; your Aries man will love you for it.

13. He laughs at your lame jokes

Notice how you give bad jokes? The Aries man will try and laugh at your terrible jokes. Yes, sometimes it will sound fake, but at least he is working.

He is being on his best behavior and wouldn’t want to let you down. He has a way of making people feel wanted, and if you noticed that you have suddenly become a comedian around him and others don’t think so, chances are he is into you.

14. He makes an effort to do things you like

An Aries man indulges in things that entertain him, and for him to put them aside to try out some of your stuff is a great deal.

He wants to know more about you and is fascinated by everything that you do. Invite him to do some fun things that you like.

Thus you will make him feel like he matters to you and, in turn, will spoil you. He will be more involved without asking too much of him.

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15. He makes it his duty to make you happy

Suppose there is anything that the Aries man wants the most is to see his woman happy. He will go out of his way to keep that smile on your face.

He is not exactly the most romantic, but he will make an effort to see you happy. He takes life not so seriously and wouldn’t mind throwing a few jokes around.

He is the type to break into a silly dance and make a complete fool of himself to see you laugh.


In general, an Aries man is not complicated. He does not send mixed signals. It’s either he likes you or not. He will not waste time dragging a situation; he does not feel comfortable pursuing it. Hence he will make it evident that he is into you. You won’t have to keep guessing. Check out for the sign and let him treat like a queen. Treat him well, and his eye will not start wandering.

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