How Good is Aries Man in Bed? 15 Amazing Tips to Turn Him On

What it’s to Have Sex with Aries man?

The while Aries man sex. Do want to know how while and good is Aries man in bed? In this article, we’re going answer that, plus 15 amazing tips to turn him on.

It’s no secret that the Aries man is adventurous with a constant quest to explore new things. It’s with the same wandering imagination he uses to seek his next sexual experiences with random women.

His large sexual appetite is unquenchable and can sometimes be too much for one woman. That makes it extremely difficult for him to commit and prefers remaining a bachelor to keep his tabs open.

He is aware what he is doing is wrong and wouldn’t want to feel guilty afterward.

For him to settle for one woman she must be equally wild with a sexy curiosity to get his attention and draw him to commit. He requires a partner that is open and reciprocates his sexual desires. The Aries man admires a woman who is proud of her sexuality and has nothing to be ashamed of.

His best compatible signs are the Leo and Sagittarius women who can actually match his fiery desires.

The Aries man is not the romantic type and can be a little vulgar to most women. Other than that he loves the thrill of chasing with a playboy attitude that makes him an attraction among most women. The problem is not catching his attention but keeping it for long, especially in the sheets. So how do you keep this curious ram from getting bored in the bedroom?

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The 15 Amazing Tips to Turn Him On An Aries Man in Bed

1. Play hard to get an Aries Man in Bed

As discussed earlier, the Aries man loves a good chase. It makes him feel powerful and he is entertained by the idea of getting the coveted woman. His competitive nature can’t resist you when you make it hard for him. The adrenaline rush and excitement will make him want you more and more. To him, it’s like getting a trophy and he will feel like he deserved it. But if you jump into bed with him soon, he will get bored and ghost you as soon as he is done.

2. Let him take charge

The Aries man likes to dominate in bed. He enjoys being in control during sex. Let him have his way and follow his lead. In turn, he will get so turned on and can hardly resist you. He will pull out some crazy sex positions with 69 and doggy style being his favorite. If you have some experiences show him and indulge his sexual fantasies. He is open to trying anything as long it turns him on.

3. Be well groomed With An Aries Man in Bed

If you want to get the attention of an Aries man, you need to take care of your body. They are not perfectionists so model bodies aren’t exactly what they are looking for but at least a well-toned body will do. Although, no one wants a shapeless and unattractive person, at least make an effort on your appearance. To top it off, rock your confidence and own your feminine self. The Aries man cannot resist a well-groomed lady since he wants to show you off like his prized trophy. He has a specific taste in women and like you for who you are is not part of the package. Sorry!

4. Avoid routine The while Aries Man sex

The while Aries man sex is the recipe for boredom in the Aries playbook. He craves excitement, adventure and anything different. New people, places, positions, and forms make sex everything he desires. If you want to seduce his mind suggest creative ways of sex including threesomes or orgies if you are comfortable doing such things. Spice things up with erotic conversations, role plays and even porn. Don’t be afraid to initiate intimacy, seduce him and let your imagination take over. With the Aries man, there is no limit.

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5. Be down for aggressive sex

If there is anything that turns on an Aries man is rough sex. He craves it. Aggressive sex and the loud moans of a woman is the biggest turn on. He is prone to get wild, from asking for sloppy blowjobs to anal or whatever his crazy mind pushes him to. For you to satisfy your Aries man you must leave your morals out the door and be ready for anything. Don’t be surprised when he asks you to role play like in 50 shades of Gray. You can take it a notch higher and slap or bite his ear. Be a little bossy, show him your wild side and he will never get enough of you.

6. Be open to having The while Aries man sex in public places

An Aries man is not scared of having sex in public places. The adrenaline rush that comes with the possibility of getting caught is what drives him. He will not do it in an obvious place but if it’s open and public, his pants are likely to come off. If you’re not into such escapades then he will consider you a bore. This kind of thrill boosts his ego especially because he knows most people wouldn’t dare to go to such extents.

7. Try new things

This curious sign is known for experimenting. He is the kind to never settle for less and is sure of what he is looking for. The Aries man takes sex very seriously and likes to show off in the bedroom. His impressive energy allows him to go on and on for hours nonstop. You might need an energy drink to keep up with his libido. This can actually be a blessing or a curse. It’s all up to you to decide.

8. Don’t deny him The while Aries man sex.

The worst thing you can do to an Aries man is to deny him sex. He is not the kind to abstain or wait for long periods. That’s why they are the biggest cheaters of all the zodiac signs. If you’re planning to withhold sex from him it will be your loss, he will go out there in search of it. He has a huge sexual appetite and he needs to satisfy it.

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9. Challenge an Aries Man in Bed

With this sign it’s either you be bold or you get replaced. They love anything edgy with a little danger to it. This means they need a partner who is more than willing to participate in their daring quest in the name of orgasms. Juggling between food, alcohol, and sex they want you to make them sweat and light their spine on fire.

10. For the love of quickies

One thing you’ll notice about the Aries men is they like to get down to business. He is impatient and foreplay are a waste of time according to him. For this is you can expect random quickies as he does not need sweet nothings to turn him on. He simply cannot have enough, plus he will be ready to go again in a short while. So why waste time in meaningless foreplay?

11. Unusual things turn them on

As discussed earlier, the Aries man sexual desires are a little peculiar. For that, he gets aroused by unusual things. For instance, he can be turned on by competitions, scars, fires, pain, fast cars, a man shaving, debates, quarrels, swords or boxing among others. It’s weird how they think but some of them are actually turned on by such. However nonsexual it sounds, it’s how the activity makes him feel; powerful!

12. They are like a switch, on and off

The Aries man can have the hots for you in one minute and act cold in the next. This especially happens when they get what they want. This means the thrill is over and he is onto the next woman. Yes, he can be that insensitive but to him, it’s just a game and everyone else is there for his entertainment.

13. Don’t expect to cuddle after sex

Men that fall under this sign are categorized as unromantic and emotionally detached. He is the kind to have lots of one night’s stands or come over for a steamy session and bail as soon as he is done. He is unlikely to sleep over or cuddle after sex. He is a selfish lover and all he worries about is his satisfaction nothing more. He is really not interested to listen about your terrible boss or your lost cat. He will not even pretend he cares. For your own good, keep your feelings to yourself and enjoy the rough sex.

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14. Be independent

Aries men love independent women. Show him that you can move swiftly without him. Make him feel like he is replaceable and he will be attracted to you even more. Powerful women arouse him and he cannot resist you.

15. Don’t be a pushover

As much as he likes a submissive partner, he prefers one who will challenge him or push him to greater heights. Have a mind of your own. He is turned on by an intelligent mind rather than a puppet that is too eager to please. He is looking for his equal, not a slave. There is nothing sexier than a woman who has a mind of her own.

For your relationship with this fiery Aries to succeed, you need to communicate with him what you are comfortable with and what you not. Let it not be one-sided and he gets to have his way all the time. Stand your ground and let him respect your wishes.

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