12 Aries Man Negative Traits 95% of Women Hate

So, the date’s going well. You have lots in common, and you think he might be the one, but there’s just one problem – he’s an Aries.

Those born under the star sign Aries can be passionate, kind, and adventurous; however, Aries males have many negative traits that you might want to watch out for. If you’ve got an Aries male in your life, watch out for some of their standard negative features down below:


The 12 Aries Man Negative Traits 95% of Women Cannot Stand:


1. They’re argumentative

Like the stubborn Taurus males, men born under the Aries zodiac don’t back down.

What can start as a heated discussion for an Aries male can quickly blow up into a huge quarrel.

It could be the most trivial matter globally, but the Aries male will still bring it up. This is due to their aggressive nature, making it more likely for an Aries male to speak out sharply and very loudly! And once they start, they won’t stop.

Aries males love to have the last word and win any argument they’re in. Be sure to leave the room and take time out when dealing with an Aries male, or else conflict will arise quickly – especially if you’re a Pisces.


2. They can be selfish.

An Aries man knows what he wants. Once the desires something, he will stop at nothing to reach his goals and ambitions.

Unfortunately, this go-getter attitude can cause Aries males to become a little too self-absorbed.

They can become so focused on themselves, they become less mindful of other people’s feelings, needs, and wants, which can cause many Aries males to have fallouts with friends and messy breakups.

In the workplace, an Aries male is more likely to throw their work colleagues under the bus if it meant that they could progress in their careers, so be careful if you work closely with an Aries male.


3. They’re insensitive

Unlike Virgo males, who tend to be more in touch with their emotions, Aries males are the exact opposite.

Aries males tend to be more logical and objective, meaning that they aren’t the best at understanding other people’s feelings. If you’re upset at an Aries male because they’ve decided to go out and see the game with their pals instead of spend time with you, they will probably not understand why you’re upset.

When talking to an Aries male about you’re feeling it’s best to be as transparent and honest with them as possible so this negative trait isn’t as frustrating to you as it can be.


4. They’re disorganized

If you’re an organized person who thrives best in a structured routine, an Aries male might not be for you.

Aries males don’t like life to be monotonous. They’re thrill-seekers who want every day to be different and dislike the idea of planning the week.

But this comes at a price. You’ll find the Aries male will always be late for appointments and dates and tend to forget essential milestones in relationships and pay bills on time.

It will come as no surprise that in the home, an Aries male’s private office will be filled with countless amounts of clutter, and they’ll be running around each morning trying to look for their keys that they have no idea where they put the night before.


5. They travel a little too much.

Aries males live for the adventure. They love seeing new places and experiencing different cultures, but they sometimes can take this to the extreme.

Their wanderlust can cause them to be gone for long periods outside of work and often have little communication with you when exploring due to their need to immerse themselves in everything they do.

Be sure to tag along with your Aries male, so you don’t end up missing them all the time. But don’t expect a quiet vacation if you do.

Aries males are notorious for doing crazy things such as jumping off high cliffs and deep-sea diving.


6. They aren’t so good at saving money.

Money makes the world go round, and the Aries male indeed loves to spend his hard-earned cash.

But because of their impulsive nature, this can mean they’re doing more spending than saving.

If they see something they want at the moment, an Aries male will part with their cash quicker than you can say ‘don’t.’

Unfortunately, many males born under the Aries star sign can find themselves living a life that’s unstable and full of debts and items they’ve bought that they never needed in the first place.

Aries males also get bored quite quickly, so you might also find them purchasing something and promptly throwing it out after their phase has ended.


7. They want to be in control.

Aries males are notorious for wanting to be in control of everything. They’re natural-born leaders that don’t like to be a follower or told what to do.

This can be an issue if you aren’t easygoing and don’t like being dependent on someone else.

For the Aries male, being in control is something they take pride in, and when they’re not, you can expect them to be more stubborn and moody than they usually would be.

However, Aries males are logical, so if you prove to them you can handle things just as well as they can, you won’t have to hear them say the dreaded ‘I told you so.’


8. They don’t like to wait for anything.

When an Aries male wants something, they want it now! It could be waiting in line to buy some coffee or waiting for a concert to start, and they’ll still be impatient.

Although Aries males can be easygoing, they still don’t be the ones waiting around for you if you’re late.

Because of their impatience, they can quickly become bad-tempered and become argumentative, so be careful about making your Aries male wait around for anything.


9. They’re vain

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for Aries males, they want to look good for just about everyone.

If it means putting on countless amounts of moisturizers in the morning or visiting the barbers once a week, Aries males aim for perfection.

So if you thought that you were high maintenance, don’t underestimate your Aries male’s vanity.

And if you don’t match up with their high expectations of how one should look, they might say it to you in the bluntest way, which can once again cause arguments in their relationships.


10. They can’t keep their ego in check.

RuPaul once said that ‘if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else,’ but when it comes to Aries males, they take this to the extreme.

Aries males think very highly of themselves; they view themselves as highly successful and can be huge to know it all.

Aries males have to constantly keep their ego in check to ensure that they don’t alienate the people around them.

If you’re a down-to-earth individual who doesn’t put themselves on a pedestal, you may find it difficult to bite your tongue around them when they’re arrogant and egotistical.


11. They can take things a little too seriously.

Aries males are highly competitive people. They always aim to be the first place in everything they take part in, which can cause many.

Aries males to take it to heart when they lose. They take the littlest of competition a little too seriously and get hot-headed with their competitors.

You may even find the Aries male in your life taking other trivial matters seriously, such as a stain on their shirt to being the butt of a bad joke.

Aries males can find it hard to keep themselves grounded when they feel like a failure, so it’s best to keep out of the way your Aries male hasn’t been as successful as they sought out to be.


12. They get attached to people quickly.

There is no star sign more passionate about others than Aries males. When they fall in love, they fall in love head over heels and often take romantic gestures to the next level.

They love taking their significant other out to dinner and enjoy giving gifts on Valentine’s Day.

However, when relationships don’t work out, and the other person wants to end things, you can expect Aries males to have messy breakups with their exes.

An Aries male can find it difficult to move on from their ex once their relationship has ended and may even resort to bitter text messages, blocking your number and telling their friends what an awful person you are.

Treat with caution when entering a relationship with an Aries and ensure you don’t take things too fast, so your Aries male doesn’t end up getting hurt.

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Every star sign has negative traits, but it’s always best to check if it isn’t compatible with your zodiac.

Aries males have many negative traits that can be hard to overcome, but their positive qualities can outshine anything terrible about them that they possess with time and effort.

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