Aries Man Personality Traits: 15 Facts That Will Surprise You

Are you looking to date an aries man and want to know about Aries Man Personality Traits? These 15 facts will keep you well informed about the aries man

Aries Man Personality Traits – Aries man is a confident man with practical masculinity and is generally aggressive in nature. He has a wild side and he is hard to tame. An Aries man is fun loving and entertaining. To him, every day is a party. He has lasting vibrant energy that is infectious and fun to be around.

Here are 15 facts Aries Man Personality Traits That Can be Easily exploited if You truly want to date one:

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1. What is the Aries man personality traits

Before, diving deep into the aries man personality traits, let’s understand a little bit about these traits.

The Aries man is an extroverted guy and is in touch with his inner child. He’s outgoing, adventurous and a people’s person. He is bold, confident, spontaneous and independent. He can be described as an unruly child with impulsive tendencies. This man is hardworking, ambitious, aggressive and very competitive. Sometimes he comes out as impatient, insensitive, blunt, outspoken, selfish and controlling. In all fairness, he believes in fairness and does not fancy winning by cheating. He also hates feeling inferior or helpless. He does have an ego.

He takes on the pleasures of life and tends to live in the moment. He isn’t exactly the saving type. Instead, he spends up to the last coin with the notion of tomorrow will take care of itself. The Aries man is not afraid of taking new risks with little to no self-control, though it may sometimes not be good for him. The downside of an Aries man in a relationship is that he will constantly want to always be right. He is very confrontational and controlling all the time. This can be a problem and they need to learn that they cannot always be right; sometimes it’s better to be at peace than be right.

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2. How do you keep an Aries man interested

The Aries man is energetic and very active. Its one thing to catch his attention but it’s another to keep him interested. He gets bored fast and you need to be just as spontaneous to keep him interested. Forget about the routines and catch up with his pace. Give him his space to do his own things. He is a free-spirited soul and loves his independence. If he feels like you are trying to control him he is going to bail and you’ll be left wondering what went wrong.

When wanting to address an issue, approach him with caution as he gets triggered by small things. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t talk about things with him but avoid arguing with him, as you will not win. On the other side, be active both in the bedroom and outside. These guys have a lot of energy and if he does not direct it to you, he will direct it somewhere else. So try and be available though not all the time.

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3. How do you get an Aries man to open up

The best way to get your Aries man open up to is by asking direct and relevant questions. If he is into you he will be comfortable sharing his feelings but if not, you’re going to have a hard time. Note that everyone has a past and it varies depending on individuals. He might be a little shy and not want to make your relationship open immediately. This should not discourage you, give him time and if he really is into you, he’ll show it.

4. How to get an Aries man to chase after you

Aries men like a challenge. The only way for him to chase you is if you are mysterious and somehow unavailable. This means in the back of his mind he will want to win you over and prove to himself that he can get you. In return, he will do whatever it takes to impress you and will have him chase you through it all. He will find you interesting and will treat you like a prized possession.

5. How to get back an Aries man after a breakup

It’s critical for the first few weeks to ignore him. Give him space and instead work on improving yourself. Get new hobbies, and go out and explore new things. Let him wonder if he mattered to you in any way. The Aries man is proud but his ego will be hurt if he is ignored. If he wants you he will get in touch with you as soon as possible. At first, let it be casual first and observe how he behaves, and then you can decide if you want him back.

6. How to tell If an Aries man is done with you for good

The Aries man can be distant after a breakup. If the ghosts you or takes too long to reply to you, chances are he’s not coming back. You’ll notice that he becomes distant and makes no effort to come back. This is especially true if he is confused about the relationship or his attention is somewhere else. The downside is when he walks away he will not come back. So before pushing him away be sure that’s what you want.

7. How to effectively flirt with an Aries man

Aries men are attracted to intelligent ladies. A sure way to get his attention is by being bold. Approach him and let him know that you like him. Don’t make it too obvious but leave him hanging and the rest will be left in his imagination. He will be curious to know more about you. If he responds openly let him be amazed by your intelligence. Before you know it, he will be into you.

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8. Is the Aries man promiscuous

The Aries man is too flirtatious and will not miss an opportunity to hit on another lady. They love the thrill of being in a new relationship; this is especially because they get bored fast. If they are tired of a woman they definitely will chase another without a second thought. They are the zodiac playboys and change their women casually with no worry about the consequences. Hence it’s a lot of work to keep him interested in a relationship. Note that it’s entirely his decision to stay faithful or cheat; it has nothing to do with you.

9. What is the ideal date with the Aries man

Aries live for the adventures of life; anything unconventional will excite this man. They like people who aid them towards new experiences and participate to make memories. They hate routine and if you are creative and plan things that are out of the ordinary, they will love you for it. Be a person who lives in the moment and goes with the flow. Make random plans in new places and explore together, he will appreciate the gesture.

10. How Aries Deal With Heartbreak

Aries are usually the ones dumping people but never on the other side. They may never admit to getting hurt but they care much when a relationship ends. Heartbreak will bruise his ego and will end up feeling unworthy of love. He probably uses all his energy to conceal his emotions and indulge on other things to forget their pain.

11. How Aries Are As Friends

Befriending an Aries means you’re in for a lot of fun and adventures. They are naturally playful with a wild side. Normal is boring to them and they have to spice things up with jokes, sarcasm and worry humor. The good thing is they are respectful and will value your friendship; surprisingly he is loyal as a friend.

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12. How Aries Are When They’re Mad

Aries is ruled by the sun and throwing tantrums is their biggest bad trait. They boil up like volcanoes and erupt without care. They have a tendency of blurting out hurtful words when they are angry and often regret it later when they calm down. He can be extremely rude and show their worst side, this can be damaging to their relationships. The best way to deal with an angry Aries is by being quiet, avoid being confrontational or prove him, you will regret it!

13. Simple Things That Make an Aries Happy

Aries man is the easiest to make happy. They love attention and a good time. Spending time with people who appreciates him or exercising will always elevate his mood. He is the optimistic kind even when things get tough, he stays positive and inspires those around him to hope for the best.

14. Where to Take an Aries on Vacation

As discussed earlier, an Aries man is an energetic man and physically fit. The best vacations for this macho man is any place that will physically challenge him, for instance, mountains, cliffs, snorkelling, ice skating or anything fun.

15. How Aries handle stress

The Aries man does not handle stress well. He is prone to burn out and over stimulation. He pushes his limits and sometimes it’s not good for him. He may need to slow down or take a break in order to reboot. An Aries does not take defeat lightly and may take too long to recover from a loss. Remember his inner child is at play will have him with his tantrums. But when he recovers he regains his energy like never before.


To conclude our discussion on “Aries Man Personality”, I’d like you remember this: If you come across an Aries man, have an open mind or he will run away from you. Other than that he is a gentleman you’ll enjoy getting to know.

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