Aries Man Personality Traits, Compatibility, Love Signs, Jealous

Everything You Need to Know About Aries Man: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Love Signs, Jealous.

Aries men are some of the most eligible bachelors of the Zodiac, but they require careful handling. If you have your heart set on an Aries man, you may be in for challenge. Winning and keeping an Aries man’s affection is no mean feat, but once you do, you’ll be glad you did. Loving, protective, passionate, honest… with so many great qualities, it’s no wonder the Aries man is so desirable. If your intent on snagging yourself an Aries man, or

if you’ve already succeeded and want to know how to make him stay, read on to discover how to win, and keep, an Aries man’s heart.

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What Are the Personality Traits of an Aries Man?

Direct, determined, stubborn and hard-headed, the Aries man is anything but subtle. With their fun loving, adventurous spirit, you’ll never be short of entertainment when you’re in their presence. Aries men can be very competitive and will never willingly turn down a bet. Mischievous, egotistic (although rarely selfish), sexy, witty and full of creativity, the Aries man makes a powerful, passionate partner.

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What Does an Aries Man Find Attractive in a Woman?

An Aries man likes a powerful woman that knows what she wants. He doesn’t have time for passivity or mixed messages, and likes a woman who knows, and speaks, her own mind. This sign doesn’t want a partner who sits around on their hands, watching life happen around them; he has a zest for life and is attracted to the same quality in others. The Aries man demands passion and excitement in a relationship, so will never to be won over by boring women who are afraid of adventure or novelty. Aries men have big, bold, brash personalities; to spark their desire and keep the fire burning, their partner needs to be similarly imbued.

How to Make an Aries Man Fall in Love

The key to making an Aries man fall in love with you is to understand what drives him, and what he looks for in a partner. Aries men are big and bold, and they like women who can match them step for step. The last thing they want is a stick in the mud who never wants to leave the house. Be bold, be creative, and be ready and willing to take on any new challenge that comes your way. Show off your wit and intellect with engaging conversation, and never shy away from a challenge or new adventure. Aries men tend to love active pursuits and the great outdoors, so feel free to show him your adventurous side by joining him in his passions. Remember, though, that an Aries man doesn’t want a partner that relies solely on him for entertainment, so make sure to cultivate your own interests and hobbies at the same time as joining him in his.

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How Aries Man Shows His Love

If an Aries man loves you, he’ll be sure to let you know. When in love, an Aries man will treat their partner like a queen; he’ll wine and dine you, splash out on thoughtful gifts, gaze lovingly into your eyes, and shower you with passion. Aries men are protective, and if he loves you, he’ll make sure no one hurts you or causes you pain. If you’re feeling vulnerable, you can be sure your Aries man will jump in and protect you in any way he can.

How to Make an Aries Man Obsessed with You

Bear in mind three basic things, and your Aries man will soon be obsessed. Number 1. Make sure you look good: you don’t have to be the most attractive person in the room, but to stir an Aries man’s desire, you have to make the most of what you’ve got. Number 2. Show some confidence: Aries men shy away from shrinking violets, while finding confidence sexy. Don’t be afraid to let yours shine. Number 3. Provoke him: Show your passion and never be afraid to let him know when you disagree with him. Being challenged stirs the Aries man’s need to dominate a situation, and once provoked, he’s unlikely to be able to get you out of his head.

How to Make an Aries Man Jealous

An Aries man is vulnerable to the green-eyed monster, and it doesn’t take much to make him jealous. A sure-fire way to spark his jealously is to appeal to his competitive nature. Try flirting with another guy: seeing you with another man will spark his need to be “top-dog” and win your affections back.

How to Make an Aries Man Miss You

An Aries man is stoic and will never visibly pine over you. But this doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss you, or that there aren’t things you can do to make sure he does. Appeal to his base desires, and he’ll be missing you like crazy when you go. Remember, there’s nothing an Aries man loves more than a strong, confident woman that’s good at what she does. If you want your man to miss you, find a way to let him see you excel in your field of expertise. Seeing you in action will remind him why he was attracted to you in the first place and will guarantee you’re always foremost on his mind.

Should I Tell Aries Man How I Feel

You may want to hold back on expressing how you feel until you know your feelings are reciprocated. Aries men like to feel in charge, and being the first to say (or at least, show) the “L” word is part of that. If you move to fast and tell him you love him, it could scare him off. Watch him and see what he does. If an Aries man loves you, he’ll be sure to let you know with lots of physical displays of affection. Another big indicator that he cares is if he gives up his free time to spend with you. Let him show his feelings first, before revealing yours.

How to Know If an Aries Man Is Rejecting You

The Aries man is always direct and straight to the point. If he has something to say, he’ll say it, whether it hurts your feelings or not. If an Aries man is going to reject you, then don’t expect a cushion to soften the blow. The Aries man doesn’t waste time on empathy or sympathy; when he has a point to make, be sure there’ll be no hedging around, no cushioning, and no ambiguity in his words. If you’re being rejected by an Aries man, he’ll leave you in no doubt as to what’s happening.

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How to Get an Aries Man to Commit

Aries men have big ego’s, and if you want them to commit, you’ll have to learn to flatter it. Praise him, adore him… let him know you think he’s amazing at every turn. Remember that Aries men hate routine, so make sure he doesn’t get bored by keeping him surprised with unexpected gifts, holidays, or by cooking up a special meal. If you stop working for his attention, he’s likely to start looking for it elsewhere.

How to Attract an Aries Man

Aries men are attracted to an air of mystery, and love nothing better than the thrill of the chase. Keep him intrigued and you’ll soon have him begging at your feet. Remember as well that Aries men like femininity. Dress in a girly way with dresses and skirts, and make sure to engage his senses with perfumed, soft skin. Aries men like nothing more than to know they’re appreciated; make sure to flirt with him, praise him, and shower him with attention if you want your affections reciprocated.

How to Seduce an Aries Man

Of all the zodiac signs, Aries are the easiest to seduce understand their base instincts, and you’ll soon have them at your mercy. At heart, Aries men are hunters, and like nothing more than the thrill of the chase. Although they like strong, powerful partners, they need to feel like they are the hunter, not the hunted. Make them come to you… if you make it too obvious that you’re interested by pursuing them first, they may get bored and lose interest. Play hard to get and keep them on their toes by flirting up a storm one minute and appearing indifferent the next.

How to Tell If an Aries Man Likes You

One of the best things about Aries men is that they are rarely hard to read; if they like you, you can be sure you’ll know about it! An Aries man will have no problem in making his feelings and intentions known; indeed, one of the main complaints about this zodiac sign is that they can sometimes be too direct! If your Aries man is showering you with gifts, paying you lots of physical attention, acting protective in your presence, and generally treating you like a queen, you can be sure he likes you. There’s no subtly or ambiguity when it comes to an Aries man’s affection. If you have to ask yourself whether or not he likes you, then the answer is probably no.

How to Get an Aries Man to Chase You

There’s no getting around the fact that Aries men love the thrill of the chase. On a base level, they are hunters, and want to feel like they are the predator, and you are their prey. If you give in too easily, he’ll lose interest and is unlikely to pursue you further. Pretend you’re the string and he’s his cat; tease him, tantalize him, and then, just as his interest is pricked, back off. Let him know you’re keen, but, when he asks for a date, tell him you’ll have to check your calendar first. Keep him on tenterhooks, and you’ll have him lapping at your feet in no time.

How to Text an Aries Man

Aries men have a great sense of humor and love a witty woman. Keep him amused with a sarcastic joke or a funny anecdote. Try texting him with the details of what you’re up to: an Aries man will want to know more about you, so share your plans with him to help him understand you better. Remember that an Aries man will love having his ego stroked, so send him little reminders of what you love about him. Most of all, keep it short; Aries men are not known for their patience, so keep your text’s brief, concise and to the point.

Telling an Aries Man How You Feel

An Aries man is nothing if not direct, and he values this same quality in the people around him. Tell him how you feel, but don’t be ambiguous. Don’t leave subtle clues and expect him to notice; Aries men are poor at picking up hints or noticing body language. Even if it seems obvious to you, he’s unlikely to notice how you feel unless you lay it out for him in a clear, direct way.

How to Cheer up an Aries Man

If your Aries man is feeling low, shower him with lots of tender loving care. Aries are physical beings and will respond to physical displays of affection best; give him lots of hugs and kisses to show him he’s loved and cared for. Be his sounding board: if he starts to open up to you about his feelings, be patient and let him talk as much as he needs to. Let him know he can express whatever’s on his mind without fear of judgment, but don’t feel the need to respond or interject; just let him talk and show that you’re listening. Remember to give him lots of encouragement. Aries can sometimes seem aloof and independent, but secretly, they need lots of reassurance to feel loved and secure.

How to Make up with an Aries Man

Your Aries man will have a temper that’s easy to rise but equally quick to pass. They tend not to hold onto resentments, making them one of the easiest zodiac signs to make up with. Once they’ve gotten whatever’s bothering them off their chests, they’ll be back to their usual selves in no time at all. In the same way that he doesn’t hold on to his grudges, an Aries man expects his partner to let go of hers and move quickly on.
If you have an argument with an Aries man, remember they respond to positive, powerful actions. Express yourself clearly and calmly, and show you mean every word. If you to start to waiver, or show any doubt or regret over your words, they may start to lose their respect for you. Stay true to your words and give them space to think about what you’ve said.

Once the argument is over and you’re ready to make up, appeal to their passionate side. Give them hope of a hot and heavy reconciliation by pricking their desire; flirt with them, stroke their ego, and let them know you still think they’re the best. Show them you’re still interested, without seeming like a doormat, and your relationship will soon be back on track.

How to Get under an Aries Man’s Skin

To get under the skin of an Aries man, you have to start thinking, and behaving, like one. Aries men are governed by their sense of adventure and need for excitement; if you seem distant, lazy or overly cautious, you’re unlikely to prick his interest. Match his spontaneity step for step; be confident but not afraid to show your vulnerable side; be impulsive and surprise him; stroke his ego but show you’re a strong powerful woman in your own right. Hold an Aries man too tightly and he’ll trickle away like sand; allow him his freedom but be sure to give him a big welcome when he comes home. Most of all, appeal to the tender heart that lies beneath the brutish exterior with your femininity and charm.

How to Win an Aries Man

It’s hard not to be attracted to an Aries man. He’s charming, sexy, and oozes animal magnetism. On top of that, he has a zest for life and passion for adventure that’ sure to make you weak at the knees. Once you’ve found an Aries man, you’ll want to know how to win him. Aries are big, brash and bold, and they need an equally powerful partner to keep their desire burning. Match them step for step, and you’ll win their heart for life. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and stand up for what you believe; there’s nothing like a feisty woman to stir the heart of an Aries man. Aries are known for their humor, so engage them in witty repartee. Throw in some double entendres to up the sexual tension. Aries men like partners they can be proud off, so don’t hesitate in letting your intellect shine though. Be sharp, but never use your smarts as a weapon- if your Aries man see’s you belittle others, he’s unlikely to stick around. Most of all, remember that he doesn’t want a done deal. When his gaze lands on you, don’t play it too cool or too hot… let him know he has to work for your affections, and keep at a tantalizing distance until he’s smitten.

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Concluding thoughts…

The driving forces in an Aries man’s personality are his confidence, honesty, passion and determination. As we’ve seen, these qualities spill over into his relationship, determining not only his own behavior, but what he looks for in a partner. If you want to win the affections of an Aries man, never forget the 2 things that motivates him most …a strong, sexy woman, and the thrill of the chase. Be comfortable in your own skin, never be afraid to show your personality or sensuality, and never let it be known just how keen you are. Succeed in this, and you’ll have him at your feet for life.

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