Ashley Madison Review: My Personal Experience with Ashley Madison

What can drive you to join a dating site? There are more than a dozen reasons or excuses to justify such a decision. You need not be single to join one. In fact, the majority of people joining dating sites have partners. Dating sites offer, among other things, an opportunity to explore and enjoy life.
What’s your take on this? Joining a dating site isn’t a bad thing, is it?  It’s all about enjoying life. And, it depends on what you are after. While there are numerous types of dating sites, only a few can meet the required standards. Some sites accommodate everybody. Others come with restrictions.
Ashley Madison is a dating site that opens doors to every kind of individual. People fear admitting that spouses cheat. They do. With Ashley Madison, you can cheat on your spouse without being caught. The site is honest enough to acknowledge this fact.
Moral pundits say it is wrong.  This has given the site an infamous reputation; it helps spouse cheat. The question is, why do people still register with this site? Since 2001, no single day has passed without a new registration. Look at my profile number!
Simply put,
People need relationships. Ashley Madison gives that. Besides, it offers unmatched levels of discretion and independence.
Signing up
The development of the Ashley Madison dating app was a brilliant idea. This app offers a quick sign up process.  I downloaded the app from Google play. You can also get it at on app store.
The registration process was quite amusing to me. Why? Some requirements were just funny. For instance, indicating your weight. Is that relevant? Okay, maybe yes.
The process takes less than a minute. Fill in your personal details – height, eye color, skin color, user name, location, relationship, and postal code, among others.
The login page appears;
User interface
The app is user-friendly. It offers easy navigation, thanks to the simple layout. The general appearance is just amazing.
The information you fill in during registration exposes you to people with similar features as you do.
The lower horizontal bar has 3 icons, i.e., profile, discover, and message. On the left top corner is an icon that takes you to the account settings while on the left top corner is a shortcut to the searching for people.
Profile setting
After logging in, you need to set up your profile. Tap on the profile icon, and you are in. You can edit the information present. Also, describe yourself in a few words.  This is what sell you, so it must be excellent.
A basic profile appears like this
The fascinating thing is the “interest and desires.” There are 37 of them. Check below for some insights.
A woman’s complete profile appears as;
How to make contacts
You can search for people near your location, or you can specify the location through the “discover” icon.  Fill in specific details as guided by the outline on the app. Some of the details to include are age, weight height, location, etc. A typical search is as below:
Alternatively, if you have a list of favorites, you can select one of them.
The primary way of contacting others is through messages.
You can also search for a perfect match;
Relationship variety
The app offers a sufficient number of relationship for all categories of people. Everyone has a unique reason for joining a dating site.  Ashley Madison does not limit you.
Whether you are single or married and looking for something casual, flirtatious, or serious, you got covered. Are single, attached, attached and seeking affairs, or attached and seeking something that excites?
Ease of use
The ease of using this app is another standout feature. All the icons are perfectly aligned, making it easier to navigate. For instance, for quick search, you can tap the icon at the top right corner on the home page to search for the right person.
Furthermore, easy setup procedures enable you to manipulate your account to your liking. Most settings are one touch. I found the ability to customize a profile quite interesting. You can temporarily hide the profile, show as offline, and rejecting quick reply messages, among others just with a single touch.
This app is very reliable. It has features that allow you to get what you are looking for in a short span. When you feed in your details under the “discover” icon the app presents you with the matches.
Such a feature reduces the burden of searching through the thousands of profiles available on the app. The most astounding thing is that you can search based on location; how far or near the matches are from you.
All of us have favorites. We feel great when our favorites are with us. Under the contact options in the settings, you can set the app to notify you by email when a favourite has logged in. This also applies to when new members sign up.
Discretion is important. The site guarantees you total discretion. The payment confirmation doesn’t come with Ashely Madison.  Besides, you can anonymously browse through other member’s profile.
Premium credits
When you register for an account, you cannot enjoy it so much unless you buy some credits. These credits also allow you to send and receive gifts and premium messages. These premium features qualify you as a full member of the dating site.

credits Cost
100 (basic) $ 0.49 per credit
500 (classic) $ 0.30 per credit
1000 (elite) $ 0.25 per credit

The method of payment is through credit card. You’ll feel in your details, as shown below.
The charge does not appear as Ashley Madison on your statement but under a discreet billing descriptor.
To get full mobile access, the site charges $19.99. This charge is done once when you pay the first fee.
There is an additional fee: member initiated contact fee at 29.99 per month, but you won’t pay on your first month of registration.
Ashley Madison is a trustworthy and reliable site to have an affair or a partner. Once you register, the site practices the highest level of discretion. You can blur your image to hide your identity. Besides, the site advises you to use an alternative email.
The support from the team is superb. Once you call them, they answer your calls.
You’ll agree with me that this is the most straightforward app to navigate through. I found it easy to locate what is wanted. The level of responsiveness is just superb. It was built with the exact features to allow dating online.
User ratio
The men/women ratio is skewed. The best explanation for this is that women do not pay. They cannot buy credits. So they use the site absolutely free of charge. Men, on the other hand, have to cough up some credits.
After registration, I started getting messages of women within an hour.
As a woman on this site, you have to exercise some patience.
Special features
There are some unique features that I loved. They include;

  • Automatic private key exchange – it allows subscribers to share their private photos with the people they wish. Also, you can make clear the blurred photos.
  • Priority man – this is a man who has paid so that his profile is highlighted in the search results. It makes you stand out during searches.
  • Traveling man – this feature allows you to send your photos to up to 30 women in the city you are traveling to.
  • Message plus – with this feature you can read and reply to messages without using credits. It is for new members; they are awarded free services after purchasing their credits.

What I did not like about the app
The registration process is not strict. These lead to the establishment of numerous fake profiles. This can make it frustrating for people who are looking for a real thing. The managers should make it strict for people to register. This way, only genuine people can access the site.
The site is quite expensive, and you are not guaranteed to get a partner. The consumption of credits is at a faster rate because every text you sent, you spend credit.  Most people you make friends with want just to chat and not to meet. This is devastating.
Closing account
Closing the account on the app is so far not possible. The only option you have is to set your profile into various modes. For instance, you can temporarily hide your profile. This feature makes you invisible to other people for as long as you want.
To close your account, use the official website. The website offers you two options. You can either deactivate or entirely delete your account. Fully deleting your account means erasing all the data while deactivating it simply mean removing your profile from search results. This is reversible.
Log in to your Ashley Madison account > select manage profile>delete profile
This gives you 2 options i.e., deactivating and deleting your account.
Ashley Madison is the best place to have fun, regardless of your current sexual relationship. Do not feature about being caught because the system offers means to protect your identity. It has features like image blurring tools. Further, the invention of the app makes the whole process easier.

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