How to Ask Your Sugar Momma For Allowance: [Tips for Sugar Boys]

If you are reading this article right now, that means that you already got your first step done. All that work you put in your sugar dating profile paid off, and you are going on your first date with a gorgeous sugar momma. Among all the details of your arrangement, there is probably a really big thing that you will want to talk about, which is your allowance.
A relationship with sugar momma is not just for the romance after all. This person is supposed to help you out, and your allowance is one big way that he/she is going to do that. It is probably expecting to talk about this, but you can make it a lot easier for her if you have gotten a few things worked out ahead of time. So let us see what kinds of tips we have today for you.
The first thing first, do not bring it up on your first date unless she does. You want to take the time to the first date to get to know her. A sugar momma is someone that you want in your life for a long time. She is not going to want to stay with some gold digger, and just out for squeezing with their wallets without actually offering anything sincere in return.
Plus, on the first date, you can usually tell how generous is going to be, and use it to your advantage when it comes to our allowance. Thank for dinner and drinks, and paying for your cab fare. Also, helping your date outlook and carry herself will be a good indication of what you are in for. Just remember not to bring up your allowance right away.
Now if you bring it up, you can talk about it. But you want to prepare just in case, which means that again for your first allowance talk you want to make sure that you have worked out a reasonable request. Do a quick calculate about what your monthly living expenses are, for example, rent, food, utilities. When the topic arises, you can give them a list of your monthly expenses, and ask if she is comfortable to help you with them. If she knows what he is paying for, she will not feel like you are just trying to squeeze money out of her wallet, and she is going to feel a lot more secure in this relationship with you. After all, you do need a roof over your head, transportation, clothes to wear and food in your tummy.
If you manage the second date without her bring it up, now it is your time to speak up and start the talk. Try something like “it is so nice to go on a date without learning about who is going to pay for what”. You are hinting at the generosity and giving her some praise without being really blind. You should also bring up some comments about that you always want to look the best in front of her, and the clothes are expensive. Be confident when you talk about what you want and need. Avoid any whiney tones and keep your chin up, put your shoulders back, keep your back straight, and make sure that you are giving her a welcoming body language.
While you talk about the allowance to her, do not forget to keep an eye on her body language. If the body language shows that she thinks the opposite, do not forget to ask her what is fair for her and speak up what the allowance means to you, make sure you make them understand that means so much to your life.
The last but definitely not the least thing is that once she is giving you the allowance, you want to make sure all the details, for example, how much will she gives to you, and how often is the allowance. Less confusion is better. And after all, the most important thing is that you want to be able to rely on her.

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