Asknow Psychics Review 2019 – Not a Reliable Psychic Service?

Are there reliable psychic services? The issues in your work, love life, money matters, and goals often make you feel anxious and stressed. Psychic and advisors are often knowledgeable people with special psychic abilities to help you get through it.

In this article, you’ll learn more about AskNow psychic network and know whether they are reliable or not. In this AskNow review 2018, you’ll get answers to the following questions:

  • What type of readings are offered in AskNow?
  • Can you trust their psychics?
  • What is the edge of AskNow from others?
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • Why have psychic reading and advice?

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AskNow Overview

AskNow has been providing numerous psychic readings to help people for thirteen years now.  It started in 2005. The site has several psychics who they claim to give accurate readings. According to them, the entire conversation between the sites, the psychics and their clients are handled with confidentiality. Let’s know the truth throughout this AskNow review.

Can You Trust AskNow Psychics?

Can you trust AskNow psychics? The answer is a big YES.  Viewing their profiles will leave you amazed. Since the site has a high standard in the psychic selection, you would know that you are not wasting your time and effort talking to quacks. They are absolutely legit and considering their superb credentials, this psychic website is awesomely impressive.

In other words, before their profile is placed in their list of advisors or psychics, the psychics are thoroughly screened to ensure that only the best psychics will be available to give you readings. The psychics of AskNow has its own unique attributes and abilities that enable them to provide accurate readings.

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The Type of Readings Offered

What Are The Edge Of AskNow From Other Psychic Websites?

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee

It is nice that the company cared for the satisfaction of the customers.  Whenever you feel that your chosen psychics and you aren’t the best matches, you can cut it and find another one. You should first need to contact the AskNow customer service, then they will give you up to 5 minutes credit for you to find the advisor or psychics that’s best for you.

  1. 24/7 Psychic Services

This is just like emergency services and it is one nice attribute of a psychic network since you are able to reach them anytime. Life’s difficulties and crisis can happen anytime, so the availability of the advisors is an edge. There are times when you felt like you had enough and no one would be eligible to comfort and give you direction. These are the times that you need to connect with psychics and advisors.

  1. Asknow Introductory Offers and Promotions

The new clients may enjoy the introductory offer of AskNow and it can be accessible after you register in the site.  It gives you an advantage because you can talk or chat the advisors or psychics for $1 per minute. When you see some the usual rates of the AskNow psychics, this deal or offer is awesomely great. You can choose from the following offers:

  • 10 minutes for $10
  • 20minutes for $20
  • 30 minutes for $30
  1. FIVE minutes of free talk/chat with a Psychic

New customers are the sole persons entitled in this offer. While other networks offer only 3 minutes or 4, AskNow extends it to five minutes and that’s an edge. When the five minutes free offer is over, a tone via phone will be heard. After that, you can select to continue phone session and be charged per minute.

  1. The Screening Process of Psychics in Asknow

This psychic network doesn’t easily welcome a person saying that he/she has psychic abilities. Compared to other networks, AskNow has a really high standard when it comes to selecting their physics. An applicant psychic should have what it takes to be one. Through this, psychic seekers are assured that each AskNow psychics are not fraud. They are genuine and has psychic abilities.

  1. They Offer a Refund

Another one is that they offer a refund. When the performance or service of the AskNow psychics is unsatisfactory to you, you can send a claim for a refund. But you will need to follow a process like sending the site an email regarding the reasons why you’re unsatisfied with their service. You will send detailed information and the team will properly review it.

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What is Payment Option?

The charges of the psychics can be paid in US dollar.  In terms of payment method, AskNow is accepting only one payment method, which is through the use of a credit card.

Asknow Information and Privacy

One of the most important things is to dig deeper most especially on the site’s privacy policy. The site can’t give you assurance regarding information security and privacy in the MOBILE PHONE SYSTEM. AskNow has a mobile application and like any other apps that you install, it asks you permission to access some of your data in your phone.

So, it is better to share limited information or be very strict about giving your information in your phone. These things are only applicable to the mobile app and not to the site or the psychics.  AskNow psychics have very high regards to the confidentiality of information of each of their clients.

Asknow Website Review

When it comes to the website, it is really pleasing having superb design and layout.  It is easy for you to look for the psychic that you need because they are categorized very well.  The site has a nice filter such as a filter for advisors that are available.

You can filter psychics along the following:

  • You can choose psychics through categories such as availability (away, busy, and available)
  • Reading type (phone or chat)
  • Type of advisors (top rated, elite advisors, master advisors

Other  psychic’s categories include:

  • Relationship and love
  • Money and finance
  • Careers and goals
  • Tarot readers
  • Spiritual guides
  • Numerology
  • Past lives
  • Dream analysis
  • Astrology reading

Psychic Profiles, Horoscope, and Articles on AskNow Website

horoscopes Asknow Psychics Review 2019 - Not a Reliable Psychic Service?Moreover, the profile is detailed including the experiences, categories, total readings, and credentials.  This is just great.  Site visitors could also enjoy free daily horoscopes in detail. I love free horoscopes. It’s complete including the lucky numbers, luck color, element, lucky stone, and the compatibility. It’s just awesome.

The site also provides vital videos for you to know more about the site and the psychics. More than that, there’s a lot to read in the site’s article section. Categories of these articles include the following:

  • Romance and love
  • Finance and career
  • Health and wellness
  • Destiny and goals
  • Tarot
  • Dreams
  • Animals and pets
  • Holiday
  • Unexplained phenomena
  • Past lives
  • Angels and spirits
  • Astrology and numerology


  CONS :

  • Most psychics have more than 20 years’ experience with imposing credentials
  • Advisors give an honest and authentic response and readings
  •  If you are a new user, you can enjoy 5 minutes of free conversation
  • iPhone App
  • Satisfaction guarantee (100%)
  • Conversation is confidential and modest
  • Superb customer service
  • Strong reputation
  • Excellent psychics screening
  • Video chat is not provided
  • The charge per minute of every psychic is really high than the charge of other networks
  • The price labels are confusing


Why Have Psychic Reading?

Most of the time, you always get limited and wrong answers to your questions, right? And there you are continuously throwing questions and wishing that answers will bounce back out of nowhere. There’s no such thing like that. But you can get answers if you ask the relevant persons who know what you are talking about such as AskNow psychics. They are very beneficial in times of crisis.

Maybe you want to know the answers why he left you or why he acts that way. Also, you can be problematic regarding which career to choose or you want some help regarding decision making. These advisors and psychics will thoroughly answer  All of your questions in your mind. They can touch your life in times you least expected

Below are some of the particular reasons why you need to consult psychics or advisors:

  • You want to confirmations whether he/she is the one meant for you
  • You want to validate if your relationship with this man or that girl will eventually lead to marriage
  • Know if he/she is already married
  • Knowing when will you find your soulmate
  • You are wondering if it will be fine to ask for a raise and will it be the right time to do so.
  • You want reading to guide your decision on whether it’s now time to quit or not.
  • Knowing whether your newly established business will be a hit or it will fail.
  • You want to discover your purpose
  • You want to have fulfillment in your everyday life

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Final Verdict

Whenever you think that it’s the end of everything for you, there are people who will let you realize that everything can just be a matter of perspective. Psychics and advisors are capable of giving relevant and accurate insights and readings to enlighten you in everything you’re going through.

So the question is, is AskNow a reliable psychic network? Compared to others, this site has a commendable screening process to their psychics. And this, alone, will let you know that you dealing with reliable psychics and psychic services. The offers for new clients is also superb.  Whenever you are in doubt, AskNow is the right persons to talk to.
Ask and you will be given reliable and accurate answers.

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