Asus vs Dell Computers Compared: Which Brand Is Better?

Asus vs Dell Computers Compared: But, Which Brand Is should you buy? Overall, both are great options that give you an immersive on-screen experience. Find out.

Both Asus and Dell are industry-leading brands that have offered some of the best hardware for your convenience.

Brand names are confusing, and at times it is difficult to choose between so many options.

We have designed these articles to review two 32-inches LED monitors by Dell and Asus. Both brands are famous and offer a range of products that we use every day.

We have chosen two 32” 4K monitors, Dell U3219Q and Asus ProArt PA32UC, for this purpose, and we will compare their features and see how they are different or similar.

Dell U3219Q 32” 4K Bonitor Brand

Dell U3219Q 32” 4K Bonitor Brand

Dell is a renowned brand that has given us a great variety of laptops, monitors, computers. It not new in the market and has earned a lot of credibility due to its technology solutions for school, business, and other professionals arenas.

Del offers better affordable options. They have a range of monitors in the market that are well within the range of everyone.

Asus ProArt PA32UCB rand

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Asus is a multinational company that was founded in Taiwan in 1989. It produces laptops, monitors, electronics, and other hardware.

It has come up with some of the best options in monitors. However, Asus more pricey and may not suit the students.

They suit more professionals who want better class, precision, and productivity.

Asus Vs. Dell; 2 Best 4K Monitors Reviewed

So here we have chosen Asus ProArt PA32UC and Dell U3219Q to review. Both are 32-inches monitors with 4k resolution.

We will closely look at both monitors and compare their specs and features.

Let’s look at some of the features in detail.

  • Build Quality: Both Dell U3219Q and Asus PA32UC-K are thin bezels that give an ultra-slim and attractive look. Both have thin bezels that make them look beautiful resting on your desk.

Thin Bezels also makes you perceive the view on-screen even bigger. With an Ultra HD view, you will have a more immersive view, especially live streaming or watching movies.

 Though both monitors look great if we really compare them, Dell U3219Q looks slimmer than its Asus counterpart. The back screen of ASUS looks a bit chunky, but that’s because of its unique designs and does not impact its slim structure.

  • Stand: Both monitors offer great adjustability options. You can tilt, pivot, swivel it around, and even can use the screen in portrait orientation if you need to.

The little difference lies between the look and the built of stands.

Dell U3219Q offers a sturdy looking stand that looks secure and stable.

When the Dell U3219Q looks secure and stable,  Asus PA32UC-K looks more attractive. Here Asus PA32UC-K wins the race. Its slim look and silver- the brushed plastic finish has an elegant and minimalist look.

Both are secure and stable stands that you can even go without by wall mounting your Monitor.

  • LED and LED-Lit: Dell U3219Q has an LED panel while Asus presents LED lit. It means the Asus monitor comes with a backlit option as well. But if we go in a little depth, both LED and LED Lit comes with a backlight, so the difference is more words. Though the difference is not great
  • On-Screen Display: With Asus PA U32UC-K, you have a range of buttons at the back of the screen that provides easy access to some monitor settings. With Dell U3219Q, you don’t have that convenience which seems a little disappointing.
  • Screen resolution: Both monitors offer 4K resolution and have come with 3840×2160 resolution that is four times more than what Full HD has to offer.

The density of pixels allows a great view. The graphics on the screen appear more clear, and you can work on the details with more assurance.

  • The 32” size of the screen allows you to enjoy the 4K resolution the most. So both Dell U3219Q provides a fully immersive experience. The only difference lies between the picture quality and other small details that we will discuss soon.
  • HDR: Both monitors are HDR capable. Dell U3219Q is VESA certified DisplayHDR 400. The brightness level is just 400 nits.

On the other hand, Asus ProArt has a peak brightness of 1000 nits which is a lot better than U3219Q.

The brightness allows you to see the slight variation of colour and highlight even the shades and shadows of colours.

So Asus PAU32UC-Kis capable of displaying colour well outside the HDR range.

So, Asus offers a better colour range and depth, which means better accuracy and true-to-life picture.

  • Colour density: Both Dell U3219Q and Asus PAU32UC-K offer stunning visual experience in colour density and accuracy.

But we noticed slight differences that may not be of much value to a common user but matters more for professionals.

  • Response Time: Both Asus ProArt PA32UC and Dell U3219Q offer a refresh rate of 60HZ. The refresh rate may seem fine for graphic designing or other professional applications, but this response time is less for gaming.

The monitors may feel sluggish to those pro gamers who want a better refresh rate to get a better edge in the playing field.

This refresh rate makes these more suitable for offices, professionals, designers, and content creators.

For gaming monitors, we expect a better refresh rate.

  • IPS panel

Both Dell and Asus monitors come with IPS screen panels. IPS screen has liquid crystals that are aligned in parallel panels.

The shifting pattern of liquid crystals creates better viewing angles.

The IPS panel provides better accuracy of colour. The view remains consistent from different angles, and you don’t have to tilt or adjust the monitor to have a better view.

Both monitors give a wide view and allow you to have a better

  • Screen Calibration: Both monitors come factory calibrated. The calibrations play a crucial role to give you a wide variety of colours.

Calibration is the adjustment of colour contrasts and brightness on the screen so that the colours are reproduced with better shades and with accuracy.

Both options come factory calibrated, but many monitors come factory calibrated, but they are not accurately calibrated, and you may want to calibrate it yourself.

Asus ProArt comes with an automatic monitor calibration tool that allows you to calibrate the screen as per your work requirement and preference.

Asus ProArt calibration technology offers colour accuracy tuning and uniformity compensation to make things easy during calibration.

  • Connectivity options: Dell U3219Q and Asus PA32UC-K come with many connectivity options that you would expect from a modern monitor.

It offers DisplayPort, HDMI Ports, USB ports, and USB-C port. The monitors allow you to connect to multiple devices.

You can also charge your laptop, smartphones, and a lot more.

  • Price comparison: When we come to the price comparison, the difference is not slight or minimum.

The price difference is much higher than you expect in any two hardware with almost similar features.

As compared to Asus PA32UC-K, the price of Dell U3219Q is much affordable.

PA32UC-K is an expensive monitor that may not suit you if you have a small budget.

The price of the Asus monitor may seem a bit justified if we consider the little edge it has over picture quality and HDR.

 It also comes with calibration hardware that may add to the price. Still, we feel Asus PA32UC-K is overpriced.

  • Gaming: Both Dell and Asus 32” monitors are not very suitable for gaming.

They come with a 60HZ response time which is not very high for gaming. For the upper hand in games, better response time is needed.

 So, both these monitors are not suitable for professional gamers.

  • Professional Use: Dell U3219Q and Asus ProArt PA32UC are more suitable for professionals. Being a graphic designer or content creator, you don’t care much for the less response time.

For professional applications, you need a sharp view, better colour depth, and wider viewing angles.

The monitors come with a 4K resolution that gives a sharp and clear view. It enables you to take care of fine details with much ease.

The results are very professional and quality work. You can make use of it for content creation as well.

The monitors suit content creators, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and other professional use.

It may also not suit you if you are only buying a monitor for watching movies or live streaming. These are expensive monitors and are designed for some professional work. You may get many other options exclusively designed for gaming or watching movies.

Final Words

Both monitors are equipped with industry-leading software and technologies. Dell U3219Q is a more affordable option out of two.

But, if your concern is not price, and if you are looking for better professional quality, then Asus PA32UC-K is a better option.

It provides you with the real HDR capabilities that bit overshadow Dell U3219Q.

Overall, both are great options that give you an immersive on-screen experience.

With 4k resolution, HDR, and a wide variety of colours allow you to use the monitors add a lot of efficiency and productivity to your professional work.

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