B. WEISS XL 5.5 QT 8-in-1 Family Size Air Fryer Reviewed

Air frying is becoming widely popular due to growing health concerns from deep frying. It’s an easy-to-use method of preparing delicious food without drenching it in oil. And the results are nothing short of perfection. Unlike deep frying or even shallow frying, air frying keeps your food light and healthy.

Frying in oil not only adds lots of extra calories to your food but add trans-fat to your food. This fat is difficult to break down in the body which ultimately leads to many adverse health effects.

But the reality is that we all love fried items. Whether its French fries or fried chicken pieces, we have this irresistible craving for fried food items.

Air Fryer XL Best 5.5 QT Extreme Model 8-in-1 By (B. WEISS) Family Size



This is where an Air Fryer comes handy. It fries your food but without oil. Now that’s something we all wish; to have the same delicious taste without the added calories or trans fat.

Though an extremely useful kitchen appliance, Air fryers are not something that you buy every day. It’s a one-time investment, and that’s why you need to be 100% sure a certain fryer suits your needs.

In this article, we have chosen B. WEISS XL 5.5 QT 8-in-1 Family Size Air Fryer for you. We will look at the air fryer from all possible angles. We will discuss its features, how it can be useful for you? If there are specific features, or lack of features you should be aware of, and any possible downsides of this product.

We have compiled a complete review of the B. WEISS XL 5.5 QT 8-in-1 Family Size Air Fryer so you can have a better idea if it fits your needs or not.


What is B. WEISS Air Fryer XL Best 5.5 QT 8-in-1

(B. WEISS) Family Size Huge capacity,With Airfryer



The B. WEISS XL 5.5 QT 8-in-1 Family Size Air Fryer offers one easy and necessary step towards healthy eating. The air fryer promises 80% less fat in your food as you require only a tablespoon of oil, or even no oil at all, for frying your favorite fries, nuggets, or any fired item you love.

The B.Weiss Air Fryer offers the latest rapid electric air technology that circulates hot air around your food in a metal cooking basket.

The rapid circulation of air cooks food in very little time. That makes air fryers time savers. They take a few minutes to cook anything that might take longer to cook in other methods of cooking like baking, grilling or frying.

The frying process does not need any oil at all as it uses hot air to cook the food. You can drizzle a few drops of oil to veggies or other food, but that’s only for giving it a color and brightness.

The direct heat from above gives a crispy exterior to your food that we all love in fried items. Like any other fried food, they are crunchy from outside yet soft and moist from inside.

You can make use of this amazing air fryer in several ways. You can enjoy grilled, baked, or fried food with no oil, without compromising the taste at all.



The B. WEISS XL 5.5 QT 8-in-1 Family Size Air Fryer comes with many covetable features that make it an ideal choice for customers.

B. WEISS XL 5.5 QT 8-in-1 Family Size Air Fryer



Let’s look at its several features in detail.

  • Fryer Material: The B.WEISS Air Fryer has a clean and shiny exterior that is made of high-quality plastic. But, the inner surface of the fryer is made of a non-stick material that makes it convenient for cleaning as well. It comes with a high quality steel basket with a nonstick coating. The nonstick coating does not let your food stick to the bottom or sides of the basket.
  • Fryer Wattage: The Air Fryer comes with a powerful capacity of 1700 watt. This much electric power is enough to cook your food in a snap. However, the fryer offers different heat settings for cooking your food on their optimal temperature.
  • Certification: The fryer is FDA approved.
  • Fryer Capacity: The fryer offers a huge capacity for preparing mouthwatering food for the whole family. It is XL with a 5.5QT in size that is enough to cook for 3-6 people easily. The inside of the fryer is spacious enough to roast the whole chicken, and you can fit 8-10 chicken wings loosely or 12oz of steaks in it.
  • LED Digital Touchscreen Panel: The fryer offers an LED touchscreen panel for adjusting different heat settings. You can adjust the heat and cooking time that suits your food type. You can set the temperature from 180F to 400F and cook it from 1-60 minutes. The air fryer also offers preset temperatures for cooking chicken, pork, fish, fries, pastries, or shrimps.
  • Basket: The B. WEISS Air Fryer comes with a spacious basket. It’s a premium quality steel basket that has a nonstick coating. Its nonstick coating makes it easy to clean as well. You can clean the basket with a damp cloth or sponge or simply throw the basket in a dishwasher for a hassle-free quick wash.
  • Warranty: It’s a quality product, and manufacturers offer a warranty for one year. You can always return the product within this timeframe if you notice any problem with the appliance. That’s a great relief for many who are hesitant to invest money without any warranty.
  • Accessories: The fryer comes with many useful accessories that are helpful when cooking different food items. It comes with a pizza pan, a grill rack, and food divider that makes it even more appealing.
  • Cookbook: The B.Weiss XL Air Fryer comes with a handy book of 50 recopies. These easy to cook recipes make your cooking easy with all the details and the pictures of dishes to tempt your taste.
  • What You Can Cook: you can cook almost anything that can be grilled, baked, or fried. The Fryer is excellent for grilling vegetables, making some tender steaks, roasting a whole chicken, or even frying some jumbo prawns. You can cook chicken, fish, hamburgers, shrimps, pork, vegetables, chips, and even pastries in this Air Fryer.
  • Oil required for cooking: The best part of having an air fryer like B. WEISS is that you need no more than a tablespoon of oil. You can even skip that too. Now that’s like cutting a lot of calories from your regular fattening food items.



We must warn against its warm exterior. When you remove the food unit to take out the food, its outer part gets warm from where your knuckles are going to touch it. It does not have a completely cool exterior from that area. So, you must be careful while taking out food to save yourself from an accidental burn.



The B.WEISE Air Fryer comes with a bonus of a cookbook. The book has collected some of the best recipes that you can make in this fryer. It includes some quick snacks and cool and healthy methods of frying different food. It contains delicious recipes that are specially designed by professional chefs for air frying.

Whether you want the quick method of roasting a whole chicken or want to some nicely done steaks, the book has something for everyone.

All recipes are explained step by step in easy words. It’s a colorful book illustrating the finished look of recipes with presentation ideas.


Who Can Benefit from B.WEISS XL Air Fryer

The B. WEISS XL 5.5 QT 8-in-1 Family Size Air Fryer is an excellent choice for a large family. Its spacious basket can cook the food for the whole family in a snap. It’s probably overkilled for only couples or those living alone.


Editor’s Opinion

Now that we have taken a comprehensive look at different features of B.Weise Air Fryer, we can certainly call it an ideal choice for a big family.

The Fryer comes with everything you need in a good air fryer. Its digital LED screen displays the current temperature and time. You can also adjust the time or heat in the middle of frying if you think the food inside requires less temperature at this stage of cooking.

Its nonstick shiny look, rapid air circulation technology, and varied heating options make it ideal for any household.

However, the fryer looks bigger than you expected when it comes out of the box but keep in mind its XL in size and caters the need of the whole family.

So we recommend B.Weiss 5.5Q 8-in-1 XL family size Air Fryers to all those who want healthy food choices for their family.

Instead of drenching your food in oil, the fryer uses only a tablespoon of oil to prepare equally crispy from outside and tender from inside food items.



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