9 of the Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces (Apartments) 2021

Tired of baby swings that occupy half the space of your room? Tired of heavy baby swings that cannot be carried to the airport?

I bet that’s why you are here!

A suitable space-saving swing for your baby should provide less space while perfectly performing its task of soothing, cuddling, and entertaining the newborn.

With the newborn around, many new parents rush to buy full-size swings, thinking that it is these that will be their lifesaver!

Some even forget that their small spaces may not accommodate these full-sizes. What awaits them is a disappointment!

Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces

Here’s the miracle of small baby swings:

One, they have compact sizes and can fold during storage. Next… they’re great options for moms who are using their living rooms as baby playrooms. Then…they keep a facade of normalcy.

If you’re having a newborn, investing in a swing shouldn’t be a brainer. The swing will mimic the womb and help coax your baby into sleep, especially those who’s three months and below.


Getting one that strikes a good balance between lightweight, compact size, and functionality is a daunting task. This is because most of those present in the market are big sizes.


I’ve surfed the net to make your work easier. I analyzed quite a number of baby swings to present you with the top 9 best baby swings for small spaces (apartments).


Here’s the result!


Our Top Nine Picks of the Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces (Apartments) 2021


1. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing & Seat

81RE6GP AGL. SL1500 9 of the Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces (Apartments) 2021

Looking for the best baby swing for compact spaces? There’s no doubt that the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing is the way to go!

Besides being compact, the swing is cutely adventurous. It mimics the soothing motion of rocking and cradling. So, if you’re busy with other must-do things on your list, place your newborn here, and let your arms rest for a while.

Unlike many other baby swings, this model comes with a menu of all soothing options. First is the portable rocker and dual motion soothing seat.

Second are the two gliding motions each having 6 speeds. Lastly are calming vibrations that include three nature songs, sixteen songs, removable toys, and an adjustable recline.

Versatility is also a plus feature of this baby swing, thanks to the 2-in-1 seat and rocker.

Many parents appreciate the safety that comes along with this baby swing. This feature is made possible by the head support and plush body shape.

  • Machine-washable seat pad
  • Powered by an AC plug powered
  • Adjustable
  • Soothing vibrations that make it suitable for busy moms
  • Power extension for convenience
  • Short power cord
  • Only handles infants weighing between 20- 25lbs


2. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

If you’re still short of space but really desire to give your little one an awesome traditional comfort from an automatic swing, you might want to consider the

This product is a head-to-head competitor of the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing. It also appears often in the ranks of the top three best baby swings for small spaces.

It boasts a smooth swinging motion that is expected from any swing master. It is ranked as #2 on our list today because of the 2 square feet floor space that fills an extra space. This floor space is quite bigger than that of #1’s small footprint, thus the ranking.

Let’s talk about comfort! isn’t comfort what every mother is looking for? Well, Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing doesn’t disappoint! It boasts cozy seats and various vibration speeds in a tight body.

And who said having a newborn means having no rest? No one! That is why the swing has a five-point harness to keep your baby secure and allow you to work on other tasks.

  • Has dual power options: battery + Plugin Option
  • Vibration speeds for a soothing feel
  • The seat snuggles tightly to imitate the baby’s shape and offers greater comfort.
  • Three recline positions
  • Six swing settings to select from
  • Swing less in an infant is heavier than 30 lbs


3. 4moms RockaRoo Compact Baby Swing

Now watch this: what beats an elegant swing for compact spaces that operate quietly even when plugged in?

Mmh, our list couldn’t be complete without a mention of the 4moms rockaRoo Compact Baby Swing. Here’s a compact swing measuring 1/3 the actual size of common traditional swings. Its footprint is small and saves a significant amount of room space.

The sleek-looking baby swing gives your crying newborn a back to front gliding motion. This goes hand-in-hand with five swing motion levels that will soothe him/her to sleep.

Parents who’ve used the swing confess that they were impressed with its plug-in use and machine-washable covers.

Noteworthy, the model is extremely lightweight; traveling with it won’t be a daunting task. You only need to find an electric outlet, and you’re good to swing.

With the 12-month warranty, you can be sure of a durable baby swing that will accommodate your baby until he/she is old enough. It supports baby weights of at most 25 lbs.

Forget about purchasing toys to attach to the swing; this model comes with removable toys to make your baby’s stay happy and exciting.

Are you sensitive to noise? Worry not! If you pay keen attention to this product as it swings back and forth, you’ll hear no noise.

Forget about the many others that make a whirring, ticking, or clicking, and are annoying. This model is nearly silent, and the sounds and music produced herein are pleasurable to the ear.

  • Solid construction that promises durability
  • Amazingly small footprint
  • Boasts a quite plug-in operation
  • Five swing motions to soothe your baby to sleep
  • The toy bar falls out


4. Graco EveryWay Soother

If you’re looking for a nice swing that can double affordability and quality rocking features, do not miss out on the Graco EveryWay Soother!

All its amazing features are parked in a compact size. The small footprint means that the swing won’t consume much space in your small apartment. Plus, the carrier is lightweight, thus easy to carry around the house.

It boasts a sleek and modern design that gives it a lovely aesthetic appeal.

More good news: the swing has multi-use soothing features for convenience. These include; sixteen rocking motions, eight swinging ways, and six swing speeds. All these translate to various soothing options for that newborn.

Its seat also acts as a removable rocker. And so, you’ll enjoy keeping your little friend happy beside you as you move up and down within your house.

More notable features involve a soothing vibration, three-position recline, sounds and fifteen songs, adjustable mobile, interactive toys, head support, and five-point restraint.

Those who’ve used the product showers it with lots of compliments. It’s often called a lifesaver that entertains the colickiest of babies.

  • The baby rocker is easily removable
  • Five-point harness mechanism
  • Plug-in operation
  • Saves space
  • Customers complain that its music turns off after some time


5. Bright Starts Safari Smiles Portable Swing

For those working on a tight budget, the Bright Starts Safari Smiles is the cheapest yet top-rated swing for nearly all small apartments.

Despite its pocket-friendly price tag, the product guarantees all the unique qualities of a full-sized baby swing. All these neatly packed in a smart and space-saving unit.

This cute looking baby swing comes with six swing speeds. You’re allowed to increase the speeds as your infant gets older. In connection with this are the two recline positions provided by the swing to give your newborn ultimate comfort.

Planning to travel worldwide? You’ve got a companion beside you. The baby swing speedily folds up in half to form a compact size and give you easy travel. This fold-up mechanism also saves space when it’s not in use in the house.

Mothers who’ve used the baby swing before confirm that it doesn’t consume lots of space. It can be well-squeezed at the living room’s corner and still remain intact. Most also admit that the lightweight of the baby swing is a bonus feature that makes it a go-anywhere model.

  • Folding design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • The toy bar is removable
  • Features a five-point harness mechanism
  • Doesn’t vibrate
  • Doesn’t have music


6. Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Deluxe Soothe ‘n Play Glider

The Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Deluxe Soothe ‘n Play Glider knows best to strike a balance between portability and lightweight.

This unit takes the crown home as one of the best baby swings for small apartments because it can easily fold into a small suitcase! More to this, the swing doesn’t eat up much of the floor space. Rather, it occupies the space that an ordinary chair would. Amazing, right?

Like the Graco Slim Spaces Compact Swing, this baby product also features a limited option of accessories. Albeit, this unit comes with a vibration feature that beats the other competitor.

The baby swing has a vibration feature, six swing speeds, natural sounds, and ten tunes with a volume control. The seat pads are removable and machine washable, not forgetting the five-point harness safety mechanism.

If you must know, it is a convenient two-in-one baby soothing product; you can use it as a stationary seat or a swing for your infant. Parents appreciate the great swing because of its friendly budget.

Unfortunately, the space-saving swing doesn’t have a Plug-In power option, meaning that it operates on batteries only.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Calming vibrations
  • Convertible to a stationary seat
  • Doesn’t take up much floor space
  • Can fit into a suitcase easily
  • Lacks a shutdown timer


7. Primo 2 in 1 Voyager Convertible Swing

81lTwLXOHGL. SL1500 9 of the Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces (Apartments) 2021Maybe you’ve seen too many swing and rocker combos, but you’ve never imagined one with a swing and chair combo. Well, meet the Primo 2 in 1 Voyager Convertible Swing!

This baby product is one must-have thing that families with babies should have. It offers a safe and secure place for your infant to eat his/her food and play with toys, especially those who’s more than a year old.

Converting the unit from a baby swing to a high chair is a ten-seconds activity. When converted for chair use, the product offers a double tray for feeding. This tray is dish-washable. Connecting the swing with a phone allows you to control its music volume and swing speeds conveniently.

The supporting part or, say, bottom structure, is pretty strong and still small. For small apartments, you’ll only need to empty a compact space for it to fit.

One gorgeous feature of this baby swing is its large bearing weight. The chair is suitable for big babies, especially those aged 7-8 months.

It is Bluetooth-enabled, and you can connect your phone to and allow you, baby, to listen to more pleasurable songs.

  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Engaging music
  • Adjustable swing speeds
  • Swing combo and high chair
  • Feeding tray and removable toy
  • 20 pounds weight limit for swing mode


8. Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go Portable Swing

A portable baby swing is what you need for a long journey!

Ingenuity products are always brilliant options for small apartments. It is no wonder the Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go Portable Swing appears on our list today. A small, foldable, and lightweight swing suitable for both outdoor and indoor baby needs.

Besides having a compact structure, the newborn swing is quite thoughtful as it reflects elegance and toughness through its harness. The five-point harness promises safety even when your baby is playing in the swing.

Unlike other baby swings on our list, the Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go Portable Swing is among the few that has a protective cap. The cap is made from a wide cloth that ensures the baby’s head doesn’t hurt.

Even babies can enjoy melodies! Seemingly, this baby swing understood that concept and incorporated three nature sounds and eight melodies in its system. More to this are the six swing speeds, and you’ll choose what best suits your baby’s needs and preferences.

Unforgettably, the infant swing features a TrueSpeed technology that keeps its speeds consistent throughout the baby’s growth. A childish environment is achieved in the swing thanks to the hanging toys and detachable tray. Even the fussiest of kids will calm down on noticing such a lovely play platform.

Lastly are the two adjustable reclines that meet the playing and napping demands of your baby.

  • Five-point harness
  • Detachable toys
  • Best for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Automatic swing motions
  • The fabric is machine washable
  • The swing is operated by batteries


9. Bright Starts Whimsical Wild Portable Compact Automatic Baby Swing

71K8CXYeMfL. SL1500 9 of the Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces (Apartments) 2021

Don’t let the small size fool you – the swing is packed with several features that do not reflect its size!

Swing, dangle, and rock your baby to a more relaxed sleep with this elegant baby swing. It is designed with Whisper Quiet technology to provide peace and comfort as your baby visits the slumberland.

The swing has soothing taggies that twist and tug his/her toys. This is a removable toy bar and two take-away toys. The two dangling toys keep your baby in a swinging company and a good mood.

Worried about portability? This swing has got you covered! It is lightweight and foldable and thus, you can easily pack and carry it wherever you’re heading.

Its two-position recliner offers upright and reclines positions that feel amazing for the baby. And as they swing and enjoy the cheerful tunes, the adjustable five-point harness keeps them comfortable in their cradling seat.

It has all it takes to be considered on this list!

  • Two-position recline
  • Smooth working condition
  • Two cute toys
  • Special protection thanks to the five-point harness
  • Doesn’t use a plug-in option

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Final Thought

If it can swing, it can walk, and if it can walk, it can fly! All our top 9 best baby swings for small spaces are portable and lightweight. They’re designed to be your go-anywhere companion; from use in the house, to the streets, and even, to the airport.

Buying any of our products guarantees you of nothing but rich, quality, and satisfactory services. They’re tested for durability and confirmed for top-notch performance. So, I’d recommend any parent who’s looking for a top-rated swing for limited space and smaller houses to stop the hustle and make a choice from this guide!

From our discussion above, it is evident that all our products are specially configured to save you lots of space while giving you outstanding features to soothe, entertain, and comfort your newborn. Never forget to keep your budgets, preferences, and needs in mind when out for purchase.

So, if you’re tired of buying baby swings that last for a month and break or crack, this guide will save you from the situation. Some are backed up with a manufacturer’s warranty.

What are you still waiting for? Buy one today and be among the millions showering countless praises to these products.

Best of luck!


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