How to Do Effective Free Banishing Spell to Stop Someone from Doing Harm

Want to learn How to Do Effective Free Powerful Banishing Spell to Stop Someone from Doing Harm?

Are you a witch or someone who practices magic regularly? If so, then you must be familiar with this most common skill that cannot be ignored; banishing spell. Both new and experienced sorcerers always do banishing spell purposely to get rid of unwanted negative energy which might cause extreme problems in one’s life.

In this article, you are going to learn about how to perform a banishing spell, how long it takes for the banishing spell to work, and how to cast banishing spell to stop your enemy from doing harm to you.

What is a banishing spell?

As you are probably aware, there are tons of unwanted metaphysical energy out of your life. To get rid of those negative entities, banishing spell becomes a handy practice.

Simply put, banishing is the act of directing energetic instructions to an unwanted spirit or someone you don’t want in your life. With banishing spell, you have the power to remove things from your life and control more relevant aspects.

Why are Banishing Spells Necessary?

Banishing spell is necessary if you have suffered bullying or physical abuse for a long time such that you have no other alternatives left. The bullying might have taken place either at work or within a social set up such as in schools, households, family, or neighborhood. Banishing spell is usually a compelling practice. Before you decide to perform it, ensure you have exhausted all other options such that it is the only last resort left.

Disclaimer Before Performing a Banishing Spells

This kind of spell must be done with great caution. Before you attempt doing it, you must be calm and try to regulate the excess emotions you have against other people. Failure to follow such simple steps might result in more consequences to your target rather than removing them from your life. In this article, we will learn the seven different banishing rituals to remove hostile energy from your life.

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Method No. 1 – Burning It away

As the name suggests, you must use the element of fire to purify, cleanse, or destroy the negative energy. In the magic world, burning fire is used to symbolize getting rid of unwanted energy. Burning it away method operates under the same principle and can be used for banishing specific people and their bad habits out of your life.

You will need the following items:

  • A fireplace (It can be a dish, bowl, or bonfire),
  • Pen,
  • Paper,
  • Banishing oil.

What to do

  • With a strong focus on what you wish to banish on your mind, take a pen, a piece of paper and begin writing what you want to banish. You can write a specific name of a person or spirit.
  • Sprinkle some banishing oil.
  • Light the paper and drop it into the bowl.
  • As the paper burns, focus on the flame. You can imagine your target leaving your life the same way the paper burns out.
  • With a strong inner mind, feel the influence of the banishing spell. You can figure out how your life might look once the banishing succeeds.
  • When the paper is completely gone, dispose of the ashes away from your house. Burry them if you can or similarly throw the ashes into the river.


Blaze visualization

Even though this banishing method is almost similar to the Burning Method, the only noticeable difference is that you will not use physical blaze when banishing but instead use an imaginary flame in your mind. This method is used to banish persistent bad habits, panic attacks, depression, and anxiety, among others.

What to do

  • Choose an isolated quite location which is a bit comfortable and relaxing.
  • Close your eyes and start visualizing a blazing white fire.
  • Imagine that fire burns is so intense that it burns anything around it.
  • Focus your mind on the thing you wish to banish.
  • Visualize yourself having grabbed the memory in the form of a photograph.
  • With your eyes still closed, imagine tearing up the photograph and throwing it in the blazing white fire.
  • See it burn completely and release white energy towards you.
  • That white energy is the power you gave the negative entity. Assume it’s now been purified and has returned to empower you.
  • Repeat this procedure for days until what you’re trying to banish has gone away completely.


The waterfall method

The waterfall method is used to banish negative emotions or negative energies in your body. You shouldn’t necessarily to do banishing in the waterfall. You can perform the procedure in your mental brain provided you have a strong belief. Alternatively, you can easily do the practice in the shower.

What to do

  • With your eyes closed, visualize a waterfall in your mind.
  • As water continues falling, step under this waterfall.
  • Feel the cool water falling on you, hitting your skin and relaxing your muscles.
  • Now, feel the water cleaning away everything negative or harmful.
  • With your eyes still closed, see the waterfall transform to pure white light.
  • See the white light penetrate your skin and into every part of your body, flowing from your head to your legs.
  • See the brilliant white light flowing into every organ of your body, cleansing everything negative and harmful.
  • Believe that as the liquid light enters through your head, and flows downwards through your body, it exits with everything negative and harmful.


Cleansing and Banishing Bath Spell

It is the most relaxing banishing spell given the environment it is done. Your bath should be as enjoyable as much possible. You will need the following items; A bathtub, Epsom salts, Tea bags, Unsweetened coconut milk.

What to do

  • With soft music playing in the background, run your bath and add your Epsom salts, tea bags, and a cup of coconut milk.
  • Swirl the water anti-clockwise three times and say the following spell.

“I banish the negative in my life, that which gives me trouble. Negative that invade my sacred place is washed clean away.”

  • Now undress and enjoy your bath.
  • Let the charmed solution perform its function.


Reflective Banishing Spell

This is a simple penny saver banishing spell which can be done at the comfort of your bedroom to target unwanted spirits or troublesome people in your life. You will need the following materials:

  • A small mirror with unfinished backs.
  • A writing material.

What to do

  • Write the name of your target on the backside of your mirror.
  • Underneath it, write the following chant:

“Mirror to see, mirror to know. I call upon powers far and near, to remove the offending being from my life. It has caused me pain, I now reflect it again.”

  • Keep the mirror with you until the negative energy has been removed from your life.


The HotFoot banishing to get rid of your enemy

This banishing technique is more intense and forceful. The hotfoot technique is not only used to make someone keep their distance, but it can be used to get rid of the enemy from the vicinity.

For this method, you will need the following items:

What to do

Method 1:
  • Take the person’s picture, place it on a flat surface, and focus your intent of riding them away.
  • Take a small portion of HotFoot powder and sprinkle on the picture.
  • Recite the following chant

“Person X, you have crossed my path for long. I no longer need you in my space. It’s now time to move on, walk away from me. I banish you to stay out of my life.”

Method 2
  • Sprinkle the HotFoot powder on the ground where you know your enemy is going to walk.
  • If the person is a neighbour and you want them to move away, you should sprinkle the powder on their property, for instance in front of their door and cars.
Method 3
  • Collect the person’s foot track and mix it with hotfoot powder.
  • Sprinkle the mixture on a paper where you have written your target’s name.
  • Fold the content plus the paper and put it in a bottle.
  • Throw the bottle into running water and walk away. Avoid looking back.


Candle banishing Spell

The candle has empowering energy in banishing spell. To conduct this technique, you will need the following items:

  • A black candle
  • Black or white pepper
  • Salt
  • A carving tool
  • Anointing oil.

What to do

  • To purify your space and create a barrier protecting you from negative energies, sprinkle salt in an anti-clockwise circle around your work area.
  • Focus on the target of your banishing spell in your mind.
  • Carve your intention into the candle. For example, you might carve “Stay out of my life.”
  • When done, anoint your candle with the oil and sprinkle the pepper over it.
  • Light the candle and speak your intention aloud.
  • Chant the following while the candle burns.

“Worry is gone, I need you no more.”

  • Allow the candle to burn itself out and wait for the magic to do wonders.



If you are someone who regularly practices magic, you need to learn magical defence to have a more peaceful and quiet spiritual life. That is where banishing becomes a handy tool for users to get rid of harmful or unwanted energy. There are various methods to do successful banishing. You should choose one technique depending on how comfortable you are and the nature of your target.

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