15 Barbados Hotels All Inclusive that are Luxurious

The 15 Barbados Hotels All Inclusive. When planning a trip to Barbados, consider staying at one of these top all-inclusive hotels.

Barbados itself is a posh sunshine destination known around the world for its thrilling Caribbean culture, popular beaches, most expensive dishes, and the traditional architecture of Caribbean origin.

If you are looking for luxurious hotels that pamper guests with fantastic amenities, stylish guest rooms, state-of-the-art design, refined international food, and immaculate, luxurious service in Barbados, then worry no more.

This article is briefly going to mention the best bed and breakfast hotels based on customer reviews.

Below is a complete description of the 15 best hotels in Barbados.

The 15 Barbados Hotels All Inclusive:

1. Fairmont Royal Pavilion luxurious adult-only hotel

This luxurious adult-only hotel is situated in Western Barbados.

Guests have given the hotel positive reviews because of the decorated rooms, suitable for a romantic retreat.

The exterior architecture is lavish and contains furnished balconies that offer the guest a perfect ocean view.

The pink colonial color on the exterior gives the property a romantic look, making it a suitable destination for a romantic retreat.

When we get to the interior, the property boasts of spacious and furnished guest rooms that contain amenities such as TVs and DVD players, Wi-Fi, sports equipment for swimming and yoga practices.

Since this resort covers 11 acres, it means that there are plenty of guest rooms, going to the tune of 72 rooms. Other excellent amenities in the property are tennis courts, non-motorized water sports, spa treatment, make-up and nail services, and international cuisine.

The hotel is slightly pricey, bookings going for $595 per night, but the experience you are likely to receive is worth the cost.

2. Sandy Lane Hotel

If you like beautiful luxurious property, then Sandy Lane Resort is the place to be.

This impressive luxurious property has been in operation since 1961 and has gained an exceptional reputation form the guest because of the unparalleled service.

This property is a contender in this list because of its extensive capability in accommodating guests, has 112 guest rooms.

At the cost of $1140 per night, Sandy Lane Hotel is one of the most expensive resorts in the world.

The hotel has a high level of repeat clients because of the spacious rooms, vibrant furnishings, marble bathrooms, and super exclusive international cuisine.

This lavish facility hosts international celebrities because of the following services: tasty dishes of the Caribbean culture, well-positioned balconies where guests can view the beautiful gardens and the ocean, access to the golf club, impressive spa treat, a Rolls Royce Bentley ride, and state-of-the-art guest rooms.

3. Mango Bay All Inclusive

As the name suggests, this is an all-inclusive property located in the historic Holetown, Barbados.

This luxurious hotel is famous for many reasons: outdoor pool, king-sized bed in each room, Wi-Fi, TV, air-conditioned room, a mini-gym, spa, private bathrooms, and private balconies.

Mango Bay is never crowded since it has 76 guest rooms, all air-conditioned and fully furnished.

Once you pay your packages, you are likely to enjoy the tasty meals, indoor and outdoor restaurant activities such as night entertainment, waterskiing, and catamaran rides.

One flaw of the Mango Bay Hotel is that the bright rooms which are ideal for a romantic retreat lack the typical Caribbean decor like most of the resort’s competitors.

4. The Sandpiper

Even though this luxurious property is family-owned, it boasts of impressive lavish experienced tailored mostly for couples.

The hotel was opened by family members who had been at the senior management of the Coral Reef Club.

Unlike its competitors, the Sandpiper doesn’t have a lot of guest rooms. The property has a 48-room capacity, suitable for a small guest who will get quality services.

Since its opening, the hotel has been modifying its interior and exterior designs, making it be among the most elegant west-coast hotel on the island.

Because of the small number of rooms, they are all air-conditioned and have the latest state-of-the-art design.

The luxurious property is complemented by a pool surrounded by beautifully landscaped flower gardens.

Other amenities you are likely to find in the lavish hotel include ground-floor units, tropical scented air-conditioned rooms, and the spacious dining areas.

One flaw with the hotel is that some rooms might lack TV and Wi-Fi, but the royal experience you are likely to receive is worth it.

Additionally, the SPA is not located within the property.

5. The house of elegant

The house of elegant property is the perfect description of luxury, where you will have to part with $748 per day’s stay.

The property is a luxurious hotel located in Barbados and boasts of incredible upscale amenities such as feather-topped beds, Wi-Fi, smart TV in each guest room, spa, massage, and tasty international meals.

Guests have 24-hour access to espresso machines and the wine-drinking area. What’s more? The spacious air-conditioned rooms improve your holiday feeling and ease all your tensions.

If you need to feel the cool ocean breeze or need to bask in the sun, you have a spacious balcony that also gives you a perfect view of the ocean.

The property also offers water sports equipment, including paddleboards, snorkel gear, kayaks, and much more.

Guests at the hotel can also get water taxi transportation to beaches and the nearby sister hotel for a spa treatment.

6. Crystal Cove Hotel

If you need to feel the luxurious atmosphere and experience the luxurious amenities, then Crystal Cove Hotel is the place to be.

Located in the south of Holetown, Barbados, the hotel boasts of magnificent ocean view while giving guests impeccable catering services reinforced by entertainment and delicious tasty meals.

The hotel has gained reputation from adults with large families of kids because it entertains the youngsters using its small wonderland park.

Moreover, Crystal Cove hotel offers spa treatments that are likely to appeal to couples.

To boost the family treat, Crystal Cove has aquatic activities such as water sports and organized beach games.

After a tasty lunch meal in spacious dining, guests can head to their air-conditioned rooms that contain upscale amenities such as Wi-Fi, Fridges, and a few lifestyle magazines to keep you entertained.

Guests can also head to their private balconies and have a clear view of the coastline.

7.   Bougainvillea Barbados Hotel

This is an eco-friendly property located in Barbados Island. The hotel prides itself on containing lots of upscale amenities include its air-conditioned state-of-the-art guest rooms.

The hotel has a 138 guest capacity and popular for royal weddings.

One fantastic aspect of the hotel is the beautiful and well-maintained flower gardens, reinforced by the ocean breeze, which gives you that luxurious feeling.

All guest rooms have flowers strategically positioned to provide guests with a desirable warm welcome.

Lavish amenities likely to be found in the hotel include a spa, fitness center, kids’ club, and water sports.

8. Little Arches Boutique Hotel

As the name suggests, this is a distinctive boutique hotel that has gained popularity among adults who desire a romantic royal treat.

This unique adult-only hotel has won several prestigious awards due to its impeccable décor, best dining food, and best-tasting meal of the Caribbean culture.

The hotel has incredible furnishings that give you the outstanding luxurious dining experience.

The small guest room capacity hotel is perfect for couples who prefer luxurious dining experience, intimacy, and romance.

In the guest room, you will find tons of upscale amenities such as king-sized bed, Italian designed interior, kettle, mini-fridge, coffee maker, cable plasma TV, and much more.

9. Colony Club

Colony Club has gained popularity because of its meandering pools and the eye-appealing gardens that evoke the royal experience.

The hotel has 96 guest rooms which feature feather-top beds, ceramic flooring, tropical scented air-conditioned rooms, and iron, ironing boards, coffee maker, phone, cable plasma TV, and private shower.

The hotel is also considered family-friendly since it has a lot of amenities for children, including aquatic surfing and other friendly activities for the kids.

10. Tamarind Cove Hotel

This is another family-friendly hotel that has gained positive reviews because of the luxurious services offered.

The hotel has tailored most of the experiences to satisfy the kids and give them that absolute treat.

After taking your delicious dinner from the family-friendly dining atmosphere and the friendly menu that contains mostly

Caribbean meals, the kids can enjoy educational activities while the husband and wife can indulge in a romantic spa treatment or sunset cruise.

The guest rooms have an extensive upscale amenities including private balconies, Wi-Fi, plasma TV, mini-fridge, kettle, and iron box.

11. Hilton Barbados Hotel

Hilton Barbados is another luxurious property that has gained popularity due to its family-friendly amenities, tailored to give children fun and a royal treat to the couples.

At the cost of $291 a day, a family can visit the establishment and experience the true definition of luxury.

After a family dinner of the delicious meals from the friendly menu, the family is separated such that children are taken to the kid’s paradise club while the adults engage in other private activities such as spa treatment, tennis playing, and much more.

All guest rooms have private balconies, private bathtubs, coffee-makers, Wi-Fi, and slippers.

12. Cobblers Cove

With only 40 guest rooms, Cobblers Cove guarantees that luxury treat. Luxurious activities that you are likely to experience at the property include swimming with turtles, tennis lessons, and non-motorized water sports equipment.

The menu has fresh seafood that won’t disappoint. Each guest room has a private balcony with garden or ocean views, a bathroom, a sitting room, twin or king-sized beds, slippers, minibars, and free Wi-Fi.

13. Coral Reef Club

This is another luxurious property in Barbados that has a guest room capacity of 88, containing cottages, suites, and villas.

All these guest rooms are furnished and include private balconies where guests can have a clear view of the well-maintained gardens.

The rooms also have separate showers and tubs, work desks, feather beds, Wi-Fi, and other upscale amenities.

Guests can also get access to the private pool and water sports equipment like kayaks. At sunset, guests can also get spa massage for some meditation.

14. Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is a family-friendly hotel that comes with tons of luxurious activities including spacious suites and tons of outdoor activities such as water sports and tennis.

The property also has Flying Fish Kids Club which provides youngsters with educational and entertainment activities.

Guests can participate in dance lessons, golf, and guided walks around the hotel.

15. Sandals Royal Barbados

This luxurious hotel is known for its thrilling dining options and outstanding customer service.

Upon arriving at the property, visitors will spot seven restaurants on-site and 11 others available at nearby Sandals resorts.

The property offers guests an eye-appealing scenic water view. The spacious guest room has a separate living area and private balconies.

The room also features amenities like king-sized beds, coffee makers, mini-fridges, Wi-Fi, a spa amenity kit, closets, and private bathrooms.

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