Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet for 2021

To find basketball shoes that fit your wide feet can be an actual pain. Utmost performance sneakers are cut slightly narrow to guarantee a tight fit for athletes with regularly wide feet. If you are a wide-footer, this can be annoying as an average pair of shoes will almost certainly fit very uncomfortable, and you will have to deal with sores and pressure marks.

However, the good news is that I have managed to find the top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021. I have extra wide feet and understand any frustration you may be experiencing.

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

It seems that the whole footwear market is overlooking issues like these and focuses on people with narrow feet as an alternative.

Thankfully, in the past few years, lots of footwear producers started to turn this situation around and are now proposing a variety of basketball shoes to fit a wide foot. We’re talking about arch sustenance, ankle support, stability regulator, anti-slip soles, wider space for toes, and much more!

And not only are basketball shoe producers starting to focus a lot more on the practical advantages for people with wide feet, but they also are not unable to remember about aesthetics either.

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The top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet for 2021:

Now are several of the best basketball shoes for wide feet;

1. Adidas Neo Ilation Wide Feet Shoes


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Another release from Adidas means as well as in this list is the Neo Men’s CloudfoamIlation Mid basketball shoes, made from a preparation of textile and artificial with a packed grain leather upper design.

Its ventilation structure on the front and the sides is also a great asset, particularly if you plan on wearing them for extended periods at a time. Most of the buyers cannot help but praise the traction and the construction, which allows able movement of feet.

The lace-up assembly is also a great feature because it allows your feet to keep on locked in and fully supported. They are fairly lightweight, which provides you with optimum comfort and the light material on the inside guarantees breathability for your feet.

One of their most delicate features is that they are obtainable in different widths, which is certainly step-up from the usual focus on people with narrow feet.

But, what arrays the Neo Men’s CloudfoamIlation Mid basketball shoes aside from the rivalry is definitely the price, taking into account that basketball shoes cannot often have cosmological prices.

Opening at $60 for a pair, you’ll reach an agreement that they’re a bargain too.

2. NIKE Lebron XIV Basketball Shoes

2. NIKE Lebron XIV Basketball Shoes

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The resources used mostly mesh and foam overlays, while some colourways can include leather details. The softness of the material permits flexibility and freedom of movement.

The shoe can give the impression quite heavy when weighed (about 14.09 oz) but feels light as soon as you put it on.

Lots of buyers also claim that they don’t, in fact, need any break-in periods, this means you can show off your moves on the court as soon as you get them while helping some looks as well.

Another feature that sets them aside from the competition is certainly the fact that in almost each single review you will come across, you will read about how they fit extensive feet better than any extra basketball shoes on the market, which possibly will not come as too much of a shock taking into account the price (which not all of the consumers might find within your means), but at least you’ll know you’re investing your money into an appreciated, long-lasting product.

3. Under Armour’sClutchFit Drive 3

Under Armour’sClutchFit Drive 3

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Under Armour’sClutchFit Drive 3 edition absolutely stepped up the game after the update of the ClutchFit technology, which now agrees to an even better familiarity on the court.

It makes available the necessary breathability, maintenance, and stretchiness of the material, permitting them to amend to your wide feet as you play.

Their bear-trap lacing system permits them to easily connect to the tongue for a fitting way, which can advance your performance on the court significantly.

There’s no other need to worry about the laces untying during the game. The Achilles pillow arranges for, along with the extra padding, the best comfort of the heel. But their ultimate asset is assuredly the full-length Micro G sock liner, which permits complete movement of the ankles while providing them with entire sustenance.

Overall, they are contented and provide you with full support, with their only downside being the above-mentioned issue with dust.

4. Adidas Crazy Explosive Men’s Basketball

Adidas Crazy Explosive Men's Basketball

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Adidas never seizes to make available their customers with excellent products, and their Crazy Explosive 2017 Edition basketball shoes will without a doubt not be an exception.

An innovation from Adidas is the new Boost equipment, a new method for cushioning systems. It was designed to make athletes feel as at ease as they can get on the court.

The technological uses of thermoplastic polyurethane, a material that essentially compresses under pressure to allow better shock absorption and promptly ‘bounces back’. This is one of their best-selling tools of all time and is included in the Crazy Explosive edition as well.

Thousands of commentators have found it to be a game-changer in the basketball shoe industry.

The Adidas Crazy Explosive basketball shoes are made from a delicate material to avoid over-sweating. They guarantee the fabric will amend to the width of your feet and support your wide feet.

Their rubber soles are designed mainly to provide you with durable traction and to elude any possible slipping on the court. Numerous buyers say that they are perfect for indoor courts because there is no need to wipe off the dust from them, this means they will provide you with impeccable traction control.

The high-top construction adds to optimal ankle support, while not losing on the capacity of free movement whatsoever.

Overall, these basketball shoes are an abundant choice for both outdoor and indoor courts because they make available athletes with great support, traction control, and stability.


Gripping is a component that is highlighted by quite a few companies, users, and people who are into conducing products. It is best with regard to the resulting points:

  • Stops you instantaneously without noticing jerk.
  • The player can change bearing at any given time, from right to left or left to right, turn from place to place and what not!
  • There is not a pre-judgmental location when it comes to playing. A basketball player can stop without thinking or determining the next move. This is called a topography map.
  • Sole which is not just inside but outside of the shoes too can help in feeling the extreme level of grip.
  • Traction fails somewhat only when the court is heavily coated with dust.


Luxury is the essence of playing basketball in a court or outside. Without comfort and ease, there is no point in capitalizing a lot on shoes with unique features. Adidas Crazy Explosive tends to make sure of the succeeding grounds while manufacturing products:

  • First and foremost, the cushioning of Adidas Crazy Explosive makes the finest deal in cuts and classes.
  • It also makes sure to manufacture something that is not produced in the native or mainstream market.
  • With that conception, Adidas company defenses to the transitions made between toe and heel. This is definitely vital for those who have extensive, broad, and even flatter feet.

5. Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi Basketball Shoes

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi Basketball Shoes

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Beloved by many basketball players that have broader feet, the Air Visi Pro Vi brings ease to the table. These great performance shoes have a collar with uneven foam for a more comfortable and more supportive fit.

Your ankles get the sustenance they need when doing those complex maneuvers. Aside from a roomy interior, it also features heels that have air units in order to engross most of the impact of the shoes. There are also perforations to the shoes that let air flow easily for better breathability.

The upper material is leather while the lining is cool, calm and collected of mesh material. It has a sturdy rubber outsole with outstanding traction on a wide range of surfaces, mainly basketball courts. The design should match impeccably with the best basketball shorts.

Unique Features

  • You will be hard-pressed to find somewhat as durable and well-constructed at this price point. Many of those who used this said it stood up in contradiction of abuse. Even when used every day, it still remained intact.
  • They retain their operational integrity. There are those shoes that are sturdy but tend to lose their shape after a while. This one, though, still maintains the structure of the sides even with consistent use.
  • It is comfortable. The inside is totally padded, so you know your feet can get the utmost comfort.
  • They are lightweight, so they don’t impede your performance and speed.
  • The design is incredible. We like how fashionable they are and how they can also be worn in normal clothes.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet:

Types of basketball shoes for different players

The style of playing basketball depends fundamentally upon shoes that are worn. If professionals wear shoes for noobs, then perceptibly, traction and other features would be way dissimilar compared to veterans.

Basically, players are characterized under three classes – all-rounders, the powerful, and fast players. Each has its own trait, the requirement of the shoes, and needs that help in creating scores. Let’s sneak in them and see a bit about them:

  • All-rounder: Moderation and balance are the programs for all-rounder players. It means ankle care as well as cushioning must be appropriate – not too light or weighty padded. In short, this grouping finds shoes easily. It is very energetic because of the fact that it is considered the best traditional shoes.
  • Powerful: Since this group is more pro and has know-how in playing basketball, you ought to go for something with characteristics best and maybe thickest cushioning. This is because, when these people bounce, flips, or make definite actions, the best traction is vital.
  • Fast: Light shoes are top for such players. Traits that certainly should be looked for as a fast player include sensible cushioning and traction. Essentially, players must get an idea to buy shoes that are handled accordingly.
  • Variety of cushioning: Variation of cushioning makes it easier for the player to score well. It is always wanted to comprehend the dynamics of cushioning. Knowing about the functionality of numerous types of cushioning will lead to the correct pick of the shoes.

Diversity in cushioning fits the variety of technology used. Following are some cushioning used by well-known brands:

  • Jordan Flight Plate – first and foremost, Jordan belongs to Nike Company and it has outstanding cushioning – it is dual as compared to Nike. Plus, this technology has the possibility to boost Nike Zoom Air.
  • Nike Zoom Air – the finest thing about these shoes is the way it springs up and springs faster. How does it happen? Well, fibers and material that is used in creating enable to response way higher than expected.
  • Adidas Boost – it is all about energy – more the better. It offers the same level of energy which you put on these shoes. Won’t be mistaken to say that the advantages are reliant on responsiveness.
  • Under Armor Charged Cushioning – it has two bits of cushioning. The first one is made of plush material and is on the upper layer. The second one is foam which is not easygoing like plush, instead, it is denser.

Traction And Grip On Floor Or Ground

Significance of traction or grip of a shoe is the prime want of all types of basketball players – all-rounders, fast, and powerful. It is a game in which there are a lot of actions.

Ankle Support

This is another significant factor to consider. Basketball players tend to be vulnerable to ankle injuries due to the nature of the sport. It should have a padded collar in order to sustenance the ankles when you are making sharp and unexpected movements.


What category of materials were used in its upper and soles? Two-sided reinforced materials might be seen in high-wear areas in order to make the shoes last longer.


Liken prices. Just because it is more costly does not mean it can make available your wide feet with the comfort they need. It still boils down to individual preferences.

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