Can Be Friend with a Sugar Daddy After a Relationship Ends?

Breaking up is a hard thing to everybody, sugars are not exceptional. Do you think you could keep him/her as a  friend when you over the sugaring relationship with your sugar daddy/sugar baby?
After a “Sugar” Relationship Ends
Answer 1:
I feel like it will be more difficult for me to be able to have a friendship after the sugar has ended, just because I get attached emotionally and it will be hard for me to separate that at first. After the time, I’m sure I would be able to develop that friendship but it will take some patience for myself. Although every relationship is different and it may not be an issue at all depending on the person!
Answer 2:
It depends. If our “sugar relationship” didn’t end so well, it would be best to depart just like any other relationship. But if we can remain friends after all then I have no issue doing so. Especially if the person is worth having in your life even after everything, then yes. But like I said before, it all depends on how the relationship ended etc.
Answer 3:
I would love to keep a friendship after me and my SD is finished.. Why wouldn’t I, we had a bond that will neva go away. We can still be friends he can hit me up whenever he likes because if it wasn’t for him. This would be possible to help someone, just as much as I help them be happy. Everbody need happiness and I love to communicate with my SD after everything said and done.
Answer 4:
Yes of course close knit friendships can’t be broken even once the sugar relationship is over. They could be teaching you something you didn’t know before meeting them. How they invested their time and money into you and you Jüst cut them off that’s pretty rude if you ask me! But I’m a friendly open person as long as they’re kind and respectful towards me I’ll be the same.
Answer 5:
Friendship is very important to me, I don’t like to use people.and then throw them away that’s horrible. Cause money can’t buy happiness it brings temporary satisfaction and a good relationship starts off as friends then it moves up. It’s level to this and if the sugar runs out and he was a damn good friend when I needed then hell yea we will remain friends cause friendship is one of the most important factors in life.
Answer 6:
If the relationship ended up on good terms then yeah I would love to be friends with him…. I guess after it you just get to know each other for who you are not just the relationship you are having … But if things ended in a bad way I guess I wouldn’t want to see him. It all comes down to what kind of relationship you had and how it ended to know if you can still be friends after it.
Answer 7:
There is no harm in sit of saying hi, when he is no more on it, once in a while I can dash to say he and know how is he doing and how life how be treating he too,and a little pink for him for his pass care for me, I keep on flow of both of us cus no one knows tomorrow, so if you ask me my relationship is still on the flow no distance cus he was once my helper .
Answer 8:
Personally, i out a lot of trust into someone, especially for something like this. I would hate to lose the friendship that was formed between me and my sugar daddy, even after we decided to end the money aspect of it. I enjoy being friends with who i have attachments with, even if one benefit from the initial friendship is over. I believe it’s wrong to just remove someone from your life because it isn’t what it was before.
Answer 9:
Yes of course. I say this because I think after being with that SD for quite some time we would have built a bond/friendship anyway. There is nothing wrong with keeping in contact with that person even after the agreement was cut off. I would honestly love to stay friends or have some type of bond with my SD even after we ended things just because I believe our friendship doesn’t have to end just because our agreement did.
Answer 10:
I think so. There are always fantastic people we meet out there. Many times, the most fun and friendly people we know meet them by chance or in less thoughtful places. Friendship, like love, occurs when two people are willing. As long as we are clear. We are adults and intelligent people.Surely it can help that we share the same tastes, the same desire to travel, laugh, have fun.
Answer 11:
It would definitely depend on what kind of person they are. There are too many creeps out there that either just wanna use you for sex or are trying to scam you. I would definitely need to get to know the person on a spiritual level. Make sure there’s a connection. You can’t be friends with someone who you don’t get along with or have nothing I’m common with. It just doesn’t work like that.
Answer 12:
Yes. I would love to still have that friendship. I do not like to end things for no reason. If I talk to someone for a while I would still like to talk to then even though the sugar relationship is over. Having a bond with someone is precious and doesn’t come all the time so if we have that bond why would I end it when everything is going great and my sugar relationship was great.
Answer 13:
Depends on what they want. I would love to come to a mutual agreement where we both end up happy. I wouldn’t mind to still keep in touch and be friends I honestly love communication so it wouldn’t matter to me. The connection between me and that other person just had to be right at the time though and it has to end on a good note also. In order to stay in touch.
Answer 14:
Yes, I would love that because he might be my ex but also he could open my doors wider in my area of employment since he might know many people than I do have been in the working world for a long time. Also, I would because it’s not like being friends would be bad after all he is the man that has eating my kuchi not a stranger that I am meeting for the first time
Answer 15:
It would be awkward you know, but depends on the other side .. I’m cool tobe friend after all done .. but somehow man have ego that they cant resist .. and woman have big problem with feel .. i just scared if one day i falling in love with my sugardaddy and he call me off for everything .. that would be sad depress and pathethic too .. hahahahaaaa
Yes, I would want to continue the friendship afterwards. You cared for me as I cared for you. This is a very intimate relationship. Of course I would keep in contact and maintain an honest friendship. I would want to know just as much about your life as I did before. If I was supportive then I wanna continue to be supportive. The sugar I feel is an added bonus.
Answer 16:
Of course, I would! I’m always very close and open with those I have a connection with, so when I find the right sugar daddy that’s willing to help me, I would be more than happy to stay in touch over the years regardless of the relationship, friends or sugar daddy. But if things take a bad turn in the relationship then that might change my mind on that matter but I usually give people second chances to make it up. So I guess it really just depends on the situation after.
Answer 17:
I would say it’s very dependant on the relationship that was had. If it doesn’t end on good terms, would either one of us really want to stay in contact? Friends? I am not a very confrontational person, nor do I experience conflict in my life often. With that in mind, it’s unlikely that any sugar relationship I’m in would end badly and so I suppose I would remain friends with my Sugar Daddy, if he so wishes.
Answer 18:
As long as things didn’t end badly I don’t see the harm in continuing to be friends with said sugar daddy/mama. If you have already created that comfort and friendship with that person I don’t see how either would want to drop the other from their life, especially if you have spent so much time getting to know each other and understand each other in a deeper level.
Answer 19:
Friendships are like diamonds…hard to find and nearly impossible to destroy. Once my Sugar Daddy and I have established that level of platonic kinship I definitely see no reason as to why we should let a great thing wither if the relationship was to end. As a person who values long-term friendships, not just acquaintances, but relations amongst friends, my desire is to hold tight and never let go!
Answer 20:
f we create a goddess relationship, friendship and our sugar relationship ends well I will be fine for me. I guess that if both agree and we’re clear from the beginning about the nature of the relationship it won’t be a problem. I like to meet nice people and if that’s the case the way we treat each other will determine the good or bad ending of a sugar relationship.
Answer 21:
I think that it truly is up to the sugar daddy on whether or not we stay friends. I am a very friendly person and a very open to keeping friends with anyone that I talk to. I would love to keep a friendly relationship with the person that I had a “sugar” relationship with. They have gotten to know me as time has passed, and they have seen a side of me that no one else gets to.
Answer 22:
I think you can be friends if things don’t work out you can never have too many friend you have to know your place is the others person life and they need to respect you as you will respect them we all need friends in this world we live in a crazy world today so all way be kind to each other my mom said you never burn a bridge that you might have to cross over at some time.
Answer 23:
If we are good friends then no the relationship on friendship should not end but if the relationship ends badly then yes its best to go in different directions no need in staying in touch any more the feeling are gone and nothing more needs to be said but if your great friends then keep the bond of friendship going no harm in having good friends huh.
Answer 24:
Yes definitely,you have created a bond with the person,just because you got what you wanted,that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep in touch or go out a few times,,also it’s good to keep the friendship cause at least you know that he was a genuine person,so if you have financial problems or need a little cash, you can count on him to help you out, yea…
Answer 25:
Well after the sugar relationship ends I would hopefully want to continue our friendship. I mean of course we would have had to have some sort of connection and I would not want to lose that just because you stopped being my sugar daddy. Friendships are hard to come by nowadays and if I felt comfortable enough to open up to you and become close I would not want to lose that. So yes I would want to continue our friendship and hopefully, they would too.
Answer 26:
In my opinion, being a sugar baby, you should have a daddy whom you trust, can confide in, spend time with, enjoy life with, etc…. I think a friendship is key in having this type of relationship. And that should be established before any intimacy, wealth sharing, or anything else personal occurs. With that being said, I don’t see anything wrong with having a platonic friendship post sugar daddy/ baby relationship. As long as both parties are in agreement, why not?
Answer 27:
That all depends on how the relationship /friendship started sugar daddy/relationship all based on trust. If they never paid if they never helped me or were never there for me when I need help.Then what’s the point of keeping a friendship when it wasn’t even a relationship or friendship, to begin with? Ïf it ends badly that means it started badly, in the beginning, one of us wasn’t fully committed, faithful, or honest and I’m honest as hell, faithful and know the pain I’d rather make someone happy then make them sad.
Answer 28:
I guess that staying friends after an arrangement ends will depend on a couple different factors. The first factor is whether or not the arrangement was based more On a physical connection and ended there. Or was it an arrangement with chemistry where there were a mind, body and soul connection. When u build a bond with someone on that level u care about their wellbeing even when the arrangement is long over. The second factor depends on what terms the arrangement ended on. For obvious reasons.
Answer 29:
I feel that if you have a real sugar daddy that you connect with on more than a sexual level, it would be hard to just end all communication. You guys would still care for each other and wonder how you’re doing. Only If I had an NSA SD then I wouldn’t wanna keep being friends; there wouldn’t be any real connection so we wouldn’t really care about each other’s well-being that much.
Answer 30:
Even after a relationship has ended, I would want to keep that friendship going. Relationships are incredibly important. We are humans and we are social creatures. I would love to maintain the relationship as a friendship, even though that romantic relationship has ended. I would only hope that the other party would feel the same way later on. Here is to hoping.
Answer 31:
I’m fine with not being friends with anyone but myself, if we can still be cool but understand that a relationship wouldn’t work that’s great. But if you are even a sliver of negativity in my life I’ll just push you away. I got enough friends and loved ones anyway, I wouldn’t need to stay friends and I’m here for a sugar daddy not just another friend.
Answer 32:
I would say yes I mean u had some type of connection so I would hope that we could be friends afterwards and Still talk and stuff no reason not to unless u stop on bad terms but I hope that would never happen I love being able to have communication still afterwards I think that is important to establish a barrier from the beginning and keep it afterwards.
Answer 33:
Sure I don’t see why not. After all, my sugar daddy will be more than just a bag of cash but he’s a person with feelings and I respect that. The only way you can make me not want to be your friend is if you have disrespected me I take disrespect to the heart and I’m still friends with some of my ex’s who have not contributed to a damn thing so what the heck.
Answer 34:
I think this greatly depends on how long it lasted, the type of relationship you had, and what ended the arrangement. I’ve dated quite a few Sugars, 2 seriously, but only a couple I maintained a friendship with after it was decided to part ways. One of them has married since our arrangement and I have limited contact, the other we fell out of touch with time and life heading in separate directions.
Answer 35:
If it’s possible I would love to, I never like to end things on bad terms and I would love to keep in touch with my sugar daddy after everything ends. It’s impossible not to develop some affection for your sugar Daddy, at least in my opinion, so you start caring about him. Not that I would fell in love but I’m very fond of my friends, so a sugar daddy would be no different from that.
Answer 36:
I’d love to keep a friendship going after a ‘sugar’ relationship. There’s something there if we managed to be in a ‘sugar’ relationship. If you can be friends with someone after a real life relationship, why not online? Everything works out in the end. Your sugar daddy wouldn’t of choice you if he didn’t have similarly interested or anything in common (just an example).
Answer 37:
Absolutely. I think continuing a friendship after sugaring is done is how you keep friends, and those around you who can be there in times of need. my first sugar daddies are one of my most trustworthy friends around. Anytime I have troubles or even just need someone to talk to, or to calm me down, he is who I call. And he also helps me weed out the creepers.
Answer 38:
I would say yes, but it also depends on the person an how things ended… You build a relationship with your Sugar Daddy. Spending time with them an getting to know them for who they are. I would like to keep a friendship with my Sugar Daddy. After all the time you guys spend with each other, it would suck not having any friendship with them…….
Answer 39:
I think it would depend on how the relationship ends. There are boundaries. If I were treated disrespectfully by a daddy, I would not want to be friends with them. However, if I have built a connection with a daddy and the flame burns out, then we can agree to just be friends. I am open to either, as long as no boundaries have been crossed. It could go either way.
Answer 40:
I’d say yes. I think it’s only natural that you will end up building a relationship with the person. It would become more natural to talk to this person every day and spend large amounts of time with them. So even after the arrangement was over it would make sense to keep that friendship going. This also depends on the arrangement. I know it would depend on the situation of the baby or the daddy and everyone has their own lives to live. It might not be convenient for relationships to last past the arrangement.
Answer 41:
I personally would like to keep a friend relationship because I don’t like to lose bonds that I’ve made with somebody because it’s hard to detach from somebody once you’ve given them something personal but I also think it depends on what your sugar daddy wants a lot of sugar daddies don’t want to have a relationship with you outside of the normal sugar daddy relationship because they have families and lives and you could be a distraction to their normal life to their new sugar babies and you could hurt them in the long run and I wouldn’t want to hurt somebody that I created a bond with.
Answer 42:
Of course, I’d loves to be friends with him afterward. If I take the time to know someone I’m going to open up and expect the same in return. Why wouldn’t I want to stay in touch with someone I’ve grown to care about? It’s really not about the money I’m looking for my best friend and possible life partner. But someone being accomplished driven and successful is something I look for in my relationships.
Answer 43:
I think I would. It kind of depends on why it ended between us. If it ended well I wouldn’t mind being friends after the relationship ended. I mean we obviously had a connection in the beginning and I wouldon’t want to give that up. If it ended on bad terms like he did something I didn’t like then no we are not gonna be friends we are somebody who use to tslk.
Answer 44:
No probably not. Having a sugar daddy is not being in a relationship with them in my opinion. Its simply just getting to know someone, but you get to know multiple people throughout your life time. Girls don’t look for sugar daddies expecting a long and committed relationship. That’s the difference between a relationship and a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship.
Answer 45:
Yes! I have done this in the past and it’s nice to know someone is there for you always. You build bonds with your daddies and just because the relations stop does not mean the friendship has to stop. Daddies are the best at giving advise and I’ve had past sugar daddies help with my other relationship by giving advise. Having someone to trust is huge and I’ve found that sugar daddies can be very trustworthy. Some of them!!
Answer 46:
If it meant we still saw each other yes but if not then there’s be no point in keeping contact. Most people I keep I’m contact with I have the desire to see them again. If I’m talking to you with no future intentions together then I don’t see the point if we can’t hang out anymore. A relationship whether friends or in a romantic relationship involves meeting in some way.
If it meant we still saw each other yes but if not then there’s be no point in keeping contact. Most people I keep I’m contact with I have the desire to see them again. If I’m talking to you with no future intentions together then I don’t see the point if we can’t hang out anymore. A relationship whether friends or in a romantic relationship involves meeting in some way.
Answer 47:
Of course! I’m new to this but it’s the same as any connection between people, their is a mutual understanding, level of intimacy and trust. Just because circumstances change doesn’t mean that person is no longer welcome in our lives or visa versa. This is entirely dependant on the the people of course but I would hope a friendship remains even at the most basic of levels. 0
Answer 48:
I think that would depend completely on the manner of sugar relationship. Just like with any other relationship, if you were intimate, things could be weird. I’m a very play it by ear kind of girl for those kinde of situations. Every one is different, so every one needs an individual approach. Blanket rules just don’t work. If you were friends, and they finacially supported you, well, you’re still friends. That’s the kind of relationship I’m more interested in, and I’m more interested in making a life long friend than using someone.
Answer 49:
No one likes to imagine being rejected but if such a decision was decided on I would do everything in my power to ensure an amicable parting. Later down the road circumstances may change and I wouldnt want there to be hard feelings. Not to mention you always need an influential presence for advice or guidance should you run into a business snafu.
Answer 50:
I would still be friends after everything is over. I mean just because it didn’t work out as a sugar relationship, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work out as a friendship. And there could be some much we could learn from each other. Why waste a great opportunity to pick the mind of, music Mogul, CEO, Engineer, Scientist, or whatever. In the friendship that you retain, there is so much more room for expansion of the mind.
Answer 51:
It really just depends on the person and why it ended. If it ended on good terms or they just couldnt afford my allowance any more of course! I love making friends! But jf it ended badly as in they did something to make me uncomfortable or not safe around them. I dont think i could continue talking to that person. Thats just how I am though. Hopefully none of my sugar relationships end badly though(:
Answer 52:
Yes of course! It doesn’t matter what we had in the past. That person still was in my life and meant something. I always try to stay friends with people because my love has no limits. And i believe that i could still have a nice talk or shoulder to cry. I’m very simple and easy young woman. And I would be happy to help him if i could. That’s why we have friends!
Answer 53:
Umm this ones hard. I guess it would ultimately depend on my sugar daddy, and the relationship and or bond we had created with one another. If we had a good friendship during our time together as sugar baby and sugar daddy, then I don’t see any harm in keeping a friendship. How ever if it were to end on not so good terms I would rather we go out separate ways.
Answer 54:
I think having an SD is always to make a connection and if it’s strong enough, I would say remaining friends wouldn’t be an issue. At the same time, if the connection wasn’t that strong it wouldn’t be practical to hold a friendship. As well as if the sugar daddy/sugar baby feels as though the friendship would be strained, I then i think that we would have to say our goodbyes.
Answer 55:
It depends on why the relationship was terminated. And how. If it was because someones life hanged or they were moving on or soemthing. Heck yeah. Why not? I mean on some level there has to be a connection. If it ended poorly or because someone crossed a boundary or something I can see why I may not want to be. I guess it just depends on the situation.
Answer 56:
I feel like that would come down to a case by case basis. Not every sugar daddy is looking for a friendship, and especially not one outside of a sugar relationship. I suppose if you develop a good friendship and both choose to end the sugar aspect of it than it could work but not if both are on the same page about changing the dynamics of the relarionship.
Answer 57:
Since I have a friend relationship with all of my ex’s and have never had a issue with that, I am more then willing to remain friends with my Sugar Daddy if the “relationship” had to end for any reason. I assume in order for us to have any type of Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship that we would have to have things in common and to uphold this type I’d relationship we would have to be friends already. The only real thing that will change oa not having sex and being spoiled by him.
Answer 58:
I think this really depends on the individual and I would approach this on a case by case basis. If I feel a true friendship connection forming them I would definitely be open to keeping up the friendship, as long as we had mutual interests and everything else you need to have a successful friendship. I would also take care to make sure the friendship didn’t have a negative impact on any other part of my life.
Answer 59:
Why not? If the end of the relationship was mutal and not as dramatic as my last breakup, what in the world should stop me? I wont be jealous if he finds someone else, I’d be happy for him and I wish he will feel the same for me. Empathy and a mindful heart, these are important traits for me in another human being and just like any relationship the baby/daddy one can end because of so many reasons but that wont stop a friendship.
Answer 60:
I would say it would depend on two things; 1 would be depending on the reason why our relationship end. Reason would be why would we be friends if we had a bad break-up. second would be depending on my sugar daddy if ever. And the reason would be wouldn’t it be awkward for both of us if we were to break our relationship and decided to just be friends?
Answer 61:
After the sugar daddy ends, if we have build a good connection and great communication of course we can be friends. I see no harm in being friends after everything is done. There was a reason for me to talk to you in the first place so I feel like we should continue that. Unless there was a time where the other person was rude to the other but other than that the sure we can be friends.
Answer 62:
Yeah of course, I’m a lover of all people, having formed a relationship with someone, i’d like to keep them in my life regardless of our relationship stance or why go through the effort of wasting your energy to form that bond to begin with? It’s like walking a mile to get a donut and ending up throwing it away, waste of time, energy and money.
Answer 63:
Honestly I would love to continue having a friendship with my sugar daddy. In all honesty we are friends before anything. After getting to know someone there is a bond that will always be there no matter what. As a sugar baby and sugar daddy we are doing what friends do favor for a favor. I would let go of a friendship because we are no longer seeing each other as sugar baby/sugar daddy.
Answer 64:
Yeah. Why not? I mean, we spend alot of time together, of couse we do have chemistry, as friend. If this SD end, we still can hang out or at least have lunch together. I would like to be friend with my end relationship SD as long as i havee chemistry with him and i can talk about everything with him. Too hard to let go people like that. Hard to find.
Answer 65:
In my opinion, it depends on how things end. If it was Mutual decision to end things then I don’t see why staying friends would be a problem. But if one person ended things due to the other ones behavior, then I think its best to go separate ways. Also, if a new baby or a new daddy comes into the picture, its best to just cut all old ties so that no drama is created between the parties.
Answer 66:
Yeah I would love to be friends after the relationship has ended. Everyone enters your life for a reason, you either gain new experiences, make a new friend or learn an important life lesson. Just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean the friendship does as well. As long as we’re mature about it and able to connect on a deeper level anything is possible.
Answer 67:
That can depend on the sugar daddy if he was a good gentle man then I wouldn’t mind being friends with him after we’ve ended our relationship I mean there’s no harm in being friends with a gentle man. If he was not so welcoming & didn’t know how to treat me or treated me badly then there’s no need for me to be friends with him we can just part ways & forget that we have ever met. .
Answer 68:
It depends on how our sugar relationship ended. I had a sugar daddy that would always cone to visit me and would also mentor me. I loved his company. When I got into a relationship, our sugar ended but he tried to keep in contact with me as much as possible. So as loing as he respects my. Choices in life and doesn’t try to step over boundaries and is a good influence, then I would definitely keep the friendship .
Answer 69:
I think the answer to this question greatly depends on how the sugar relationship ended. If it ends peacefully and mutually I would be more than happy to keep the sugar as a friend. If it ends badly, I do not think i would want to continue involving them in my life. It’s really relative to the relationship that has been formed between sugar parent and sugar baby .
Answer 70:
Of course why not if he was a good sugar daddy to me he will be a great friend ad well. Never know maybe that friendship will lead to a more long lasting relationship. We both we actually grow to have trust and loyalty in one another. And if you think of it he will always be there for me rather he my sugar daddy or friend because I will have grown on him..
Answer 71:
I would like to think that the relationship developed between me and my SD impacted us positively, leaving us with a great relationship that goes beyond material things. So of course I would, I want a mentor and a friend before anything else. This means that our relationship, by default, would be sustainable beyond our mutually beneficial SB/SD arrangement.
Answer 72:
I COULD be friends with an ex sugar daddy. Its all circumstantial. Depending on the terms we ended on. Given a situation where I’m disrespected, inconsidered or deceived, I may not end it very welcomingly.I would anticipate and respect for you to do the same.Treat me the way you want to be treated.If you’re taking care of me and have genuine respect for me I can only give that love back 7 fold.
Answer 73:
Yes. As long as we mutually parted on amicable terms…i dont see why not. If they are okay with it then yes. After creating such a bond that most may not agree with nor understand..I believe it would be great to be friends. Seeing one another continue on their own path and grow after sharing such a bond seems interesting and rewarding for both parties.
Answer 74:
HEY WHY NOT? 😉 after having a good time i would love to keep him as a friend because there is no a necessity to stop talking or sharing personal things. i like to hear, help and more if its a friend ! I’m open minded so i accept every kind of friendship after having a sugar daddy. LIFE is one and i would like to spend it doing things i really want so i don’t mind if he wants to be my friend after it 😉

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