Most Powerful Beauty Spells for Self Love That Works for Free

Who says only those that are born with a silver spoon deserves to be beautiful? Or that you cannot be beautiful if you’re not born beautiful.

Now, if you feel you are not beautiful enough. Or you know you got the beauty deep down your soul, but you need a little help to bring it out? You can trust that is why we are here, to bring you some of the most powerful beauty spells for self-love that works for free.

Now that you actually have an idea of what kind of spell we are going to be casting. Below are the sections that tell you all you need to know. As a beginner or an expert in spell casting, you can always try the spell below.

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What is the Beauty Spells for Self Love?

How To Surprise My Boyfriend For No ReasonBeauty spells are not just for people who want to look more beautiful.

On the contrary, beauty spells can also be practiced by people who want to have more confidence and be more acceptable by people.

In the world we live in today, there is no need shying away from the truth or burying the inevitable. As a lady, if you are not glamours, people tend to have a bad first impression about you.

Very little people would take their time to know you. Not, instead of being that person that is always being shoved to the side in a crowd or that person that is never noticed, use the beauty spell to turn the tables around.

The way the beauty spell works is that it changes you from the inside out. After all, beauty comes from the inner you.

When you cast the spell, it allows your soul to connect with the beautiful goddess you are trying to reach out to, depending on the spell you cast.

The goddess you summon would then come to your aid and change you from inside.

As soon as the goddess comes around, it’s almost like you feel different, more like a heavy burden being lifted off your shoulders. You would begin to feel freer and at ease with yourself.

And before you know what’s happening, you begin to build your confidence very fast, and in no time it begins to change the way you talk, the way you walk, and everything about you begin to change gradually, and at the same time rapidly.

The Beauty spell is so intense that some people think anyone who cast a love spell has been possessed. But that is not true. When you cast a Beauty spell, it only alters your choices and changes them to what would make you more attractive and pleasing.


Why would you need to cast a Beauty Spell?

Draw love towards yourselfThere are so many reasons why people case a beauty spell. It could be for the fact that they want to be more attractive and have people desire you more.

If you are casting a beauty spell for the fact that you want people to desire you more, you are casting the right spell for that. Or if your reason for casting a love spell is to love yourself more, then you can also ease your mind because this spell would do just that.

A lot of people struggle with accepting themselves for who they are. People who find it so difficult to accept themselves for who they are can cast a beauty spell, as it helps with self-confidence. The beauty spell like I said earlier is not only meant for making a person beautiful but the process by which the spell converts the person is what brings about the change.

People who struggle with self-confidence tend to be more confident in themselves based on the choices they start making, based on the way they react to things.

A beauty spell is that kind of spell that once cast, changes who you are from being that lady that struggles with things, to that perfect independent woman everyone wants to associate. So, even if you do not have a reason before why you want to cast a beauty spell, just for the fact that you can take advantage of the beauty spell to build your confidence is reason enough to cast a beauty spell.

For some people, they use the beauty spell to achieve some personal goals like losing weight. Funny how just a spell can make you achieve so many things. There is practically no reason why you should struggle with achieving those goals again when you can easily just cast this beauty spells and then you can watch yourself as your goals become a piece of cake to achieve.


The Risk Associated with Performing A Beauty Spell

The Risk Associated with Performing A Beauty SpellSelf Love and inner beauty rituals are safe, and a lot of people do them very frequently. But as you all know, things can still go wrong if not properly done.

There are just a few minor risks associated with performing a Beauty spell, but that doesn’t mean that beauty spell is dangerous. All you need to do what you are casting a beauty spell is to ensure that you follow the instructions vividly.

If for example when you are told to make use of purple candles for the ritual, you make use of white candles, you might end up setting the ritual site ablaze because of your choice of the candle.

The risk associated with performing a beauty spell lies in not following the instructions properly. But if you follow the instructions properly, you can rest your mind as nothing absurd would happen during the ritual.

Beauty spells are safe and pose no harm.


How to Cast A Beauty Spell

How to cast business spells.And now, the part you have been waiting for – how to cast a beauty spell. I know you have been waiting for this part of the article for a while. The truth is that I am also very eager to give it to you as well.

But I needed to make sure you understood the basics of the spell before jumping into the main spell itself. I wouldn’t be pleased hearing something horrible happening to you as a result of the spell I gave.
I’m giving this spell to you to help you, and not to put you in more troubles, so all those stories were necessary.

So, before we jump into how to cast a Beauty spell, some ingredients are needed for the ritual before we get into the steps involved in casting a beauty spell.


  • One pcs of Purple candles
  • One pcs of canister salt
  • One pcs of fresh rose
  • One pcs of fresh carnations
  • One mason jar
  • Pure water enough to fill a mason jar
  • One ball of fresh orange
  • One pcs of clothing big enough to wrap a mason jar
  • Your photo or the photo of the person you want to cast a spell on
  • Your full name and date of birth or the full name and date of birth of the person you want to cast a spell on


  1. Waiting until it’s a new moon before casting the beauty spell. The beauty spell we are going to be casting is the Cleopatra beauty spell. So, when it’s around 10 pm or later in the evening of the new moon, use the salt to draw a circle on the earth. Make sure the circle is in a spot where you can get a clear sight of moonlight. And ensure the circle is about 9 feet in diameter.
  2. Step into the circle and then light the purple candle. Make sure you light the candle only when you are inside the circle of salt and not before you enter it. Also, ensure you get all the ingredients you would need and take it with you inside the circle. Ones you initiate the spell, by lighting the candle don’t just abruptly abandon it.
  3. Then place the orange peel, rose, and carnation into the mason jar. Roll your photo and your full name and place it inside the mason jar as well. Add the water into it and then cover the mason jar with the piece of cloth
  4. Then say this chant, “The beauty of time past, I invoke you, the beauty of the ancestors. I invoke you, for their beauty will be found within me, and I now have their beauty.” Then take the mason jar to a dark place to store. Your spell is cast; you can now wait for the result.



Now that you have cast the beauty spell, or at least you know how to cast the beauty spell, you should not let anyone push you aside anymore. Believe in your heart that the spell has worked and that is when it would take a very strong effect on your doing. After all, why indulge yourself in something you do not believe it. So, my advice to you now is to go to the world and thrive.

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