BeautyRest Ribbed Microfleece Heated Blanket Review

Choosing a heated blanket can take almost an entire winter season, and by the time you have figured which one you need, you may not even be cold anymore. To help you choose a heated blanket that will keep you and your partner happy, warm and comfortable all through the night, we focus on the Beautyrest Ribbed Microfleece heated blanket in this review.

The Beautyrest Ribbed Microfleece Heated Blanket comes with 2 controllers so you and your partner can each control your own climatic zone.

If you like to sleep somewhere near the heat of the equator or Sahara and your partner wants to keep the frost from forming, you can both be happy and choose any of the 20 different temperature settings.

This blanket also has a ribbed knit construction and is available in different colours to suit your preference and style. You will be happy to know that you don’t have to sleep under an ugly blanket to stay warm. It has a 10-hour automatic shut-off function for your safety and is machine washable.

We will take a look at the features this heated blanket has to offer, compare it to other blankets and give you its pros and cons so you can decide if this blanket will keep the ice caps from forming on your bed.

The Beautyrest Ribbed Microfleece Heated Blanket:

BeautyRest Ribbed Microfleece Heated Blanket

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  • It comes with 2 controllers
  • It has 20 different temperature settings
  • It has a knit construction
  • It has self-binding edging and a solid pattern
  • It is available in a choice of colors: ivory, taupe or mink
  • It has a 10-hour automatic shut-off safety feature
  • Made in China
  • Machine washable but needs to be air-dried
  • Dimensions: 84 x 90 inches (213 x 228.6 cm)
  • Weight: 9 lbs (4 kg)


  • Great blanket for a bed
  • Flexible, thin coils that don’t break easily
  • Warms up quickly
  • The digital controls are rectangular and rest steadily on a nightstand
  • The preheat functions work very quickly
  • Nice medium weight
  • Works well for couples who want different but precise temperatures


  • The Cord is short in terms of the recommended placing of the blanket
  • Not very comfortable
  • Cords get tangled up easily
  • Controllers tend to give error codes and needs two wall outlets
  • It does not have a variable timer


The Beautyrest Ribbed Microfleece Heated blanket is a good size and has a unique knit construction. It has a 10-hour automatic shut-off feature for safety and is machine washable but needs to be air-dried. It has a very large range of temperature choices.

The upper side of the blanket is a ribbed texture, almost like a soft corduroy, and the bottom is a softer fleece, but it is the softest blanket on the market.

The controls are rectangular and easy to use and have a lighted display that reads well at night but tend to give error codes after extended use. It does not come with a variable timer.

The preheat function is fast and won’t keep you waiting for hours to heat your bed to warmth. You need to have a good night’s rest.


The coils are flexible, but it is not as soft and comfortable as other blankets made from microfleece or plush, but it is less slippery and will stay put on your bed, even if you are a very active sleeper or dreamer.

It has more options in temperature control than many other blankets. It is not the most lightweight blanket but also not very heavy at around 9lbs (4 kg) spread over a queen-size bed.

It comes with digital controls where other blankets usually have analog controls. The auto shut off works well compared to other blankets and will keep your mind free from nagging thoughts about having to remember to turn things off.

It has a unique ribbed upper layer where most other heated blankets are microfleece or Sherpa only.

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This Beautyrest Ribbed Microfleece Heated Blanket is a good blanket for your bed. It won’t slip away into the night or hide on the floor. It will stay put and keep you warm without moving around like lighter smoother blankets.

It has 2 digital controllers and has a very large range of temperature choices to keep both you and your partner warm at the level of heat you like (now no one has to fight over being too hot or too cold). It will work well as a gift for couples facing a cold climate and a colder winter. It warms up quickly and the wires are not noticeable.

The texture is stylish and will give a little extra flair to the décor in your bedroom. If you and your partner want a blanket to keep you both warm and accommodate your climatic preferences while providing a sense of style, then this heated blanket will certainly be welcome in your home.

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