10 Benefits of Taking Green Tea Extract Supplements

Green tea is beneficial both for overall health and also for the skin and hair. This has been one of the most sought after natural cure for centuries. Green tea is considered to be a very powerful medicine that is rich in antioxidants, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Here is a look at why you’ll love taking green tea extract supplements in your daily routine.


The Top 10 Benefits of Taking Green Tea Extract Supplements

10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea


1. Stop worrying about your skin

Very few people know that green tea is also used for smooth and glowing skin. It naturally cures your skin of all problems without having side effects.

You can also just intake green tea and see a sea change in the texture of your skin.


2. Helps protect you from sunburns

The antioxidants in green tea protect your skin from sunburns. They fight free radicals which are produced due to exposure to sun emitted ultraviolet rays. Green tea also helps from pre-mature aging. It is no wonder that green tea is used as the main ingredient in many cosmetics like Orogold cosmetics. Green tea tones your skin, hair, and muscles.


3. Help get healthier eyes

You can also reduce the puffiness under your skin by taking green tea regularly.


4. Have skin you’ll love

It keeps your skin cells moisturized all the time and prevents dehydration of the skin. Cool green tea bags are also used for reducing itching sensation on the skin.


5. Can Help Treat Cancer

You may not give a second thought to your cup of tea, but it can do wonders for your health. Consumption of tea has shown to help maintain metabolic and cardiovascular health, prevent heart diseases and have antidiabetic and anti-aging properties.

It also turns out that it can be used to treat various types of cancer! Specifically, green tea and black tea can help with skin, prostate, lung and breast cancer.


How does Tea Prevent Cancer?

The polyphenols EGCG, EGC, and EC present in green tea come with antioxidant properties. The same goes for the arubigins and theaflavins found in black tea. EGCG is one of the most potent anticarcinogenic. And acting with ECG, it can hunt down harmful free radicals and keep cells safe from DNA damage.

The polyphenols have proved to discourage tumor cell growth and bring about programmed cell death that can eliminate abnormal cells. They also protect against harmful damage of ultraviolet rays which cause skin cancer and facilitate the immune system function.


6. Gives a healthier you

You can also protect yourself from tumor development thanks to the detoxification enzymes present in green tea. Many clinical studies on humans and animals have shown the effectiveness of tea in cancer, but the actual process by which tea treats or prevents cancer hasn’t been established.


7. Lose weight easily

If you are trying to lose weight, look to take a green tea extract. It is an excellent fat-burning supplement. It helps increase activity in your body and increase your metabolism to help your body fat faster.


8. Reduce skin redness

You can use green tea for reducing itchiness or redness of the skin after the hair removal process on your legs or armpits.


9. Helps you look younger

The antioxidants present in green tea can counter affect the free radicals present in the body which play a major role in your aging process.


10. Help reduce dark circles

Green tea extract supplements can reduce dark circles or puffiness and also wrinkles around the eyes.


Should you go for one?

Yes, green tea is rich in antioxidants and applying it to your skin really offers some amazing results to the skin helping it survive from the ultraviolet rays. It has also been found to prevent non-melanoma skin cancer by repairing the damaged DNA through the antioxidants present in the green tea. Here is a look at a few types of cancer that taking green tea can help prevent potentially.


Prostate Cancer

The polyphenols (GTP) found in green tea has been found to have chemopreventive properties. Increasing the quantity, duration, and frequency of green tea supplementation reduced the risk of prostate cancer in a study.

Another research showed that treating prostate cancer patients with catechins present in green tea resulted in lower PSA values. PSA stands for a prostate-specific antigen which is produced at a higher level when someone has prostate cancer.


Lung Cancer

Researchers in Uruguay found that drinking tea slashed the risk of developing lung cancer in male cigarette smokers. Green tea also produced the same effect in female non-smokers. It also generates a protective effect and people who drink 1 cup of green tea each day were at less risk of developing the disease than people who never drank it.


Breast Cancer

Drinking 5 cups of green tea per day results in a longer disease-free period and lower recurrence rate of breast cancer in stage I and II patients. It also leads to a reduced risk of developed breast cancer and is inversely related to recurrence.

When you get up tomorrow, don’t forget to get hold of your cup of tea. While it can take just minutes to make, it’s got some amazing properties that can help you live healthier and longer. We are sure you won’t think of tea the same way anymore. Do you know of some other benefits that we didn’t talk about here? Let us know below.

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