The Best 20 Quart Commercial Mixers in 2021 (Reviews)

We’ve tested several of the best 20 quart commercial mixers for versatility, value, durability, and quality performance to have this comprehensive top 6 best mixers review.

Mixers are essential kitchen appliances for those looking to upgrade their cooking skills. They come in different models, brands, sizes, shapes, designs, and the list continues…

When we talk of mixers, renowned brands like KitchenAid, Bosch, and Cuisinart come to your mind. So, which one takes home the crown of the best mixer?

While the standard mixers understand best to quicken the production rate, commercial versions are handy if you want efficiency. Both are significantly strong engines that will meet nearly all your kitchen needs. This makes it daunting to know the one that best suits your needs.

Not to worry…

We’ve tested several products for versatility, value, durability, and quality performance to have this comprehensive top 6 best mixers review.

Read along and find out which one perfectly suits your needs.


The TOP 6 Best 20 Quart Commercial Mixers for 2021 (Reviews):


1) Precision AV-02 20 Quart Mixer

what is the best 20 quart commercial mixerDesigned for use on the countertop, Precision AV-02 is the gold standard mixer for the dough of small quantities. It mixes ingredients of brownies, cookies, cakes, and frostings satisfactorily.

Running this mixer requires single-phase power of 115 volts and it draws only 10.98 amps. So this implies you can operate your machine in any building as opposed to other heavy-duty mixers that require 3-phase power.

Its over-sized heavy-duty ½ HP induction power motor with a gear-driven transmission system makes it the pride of many small businesses. Manual reset motor overload function allows you to regulate your mixer efficiently.

The unit also includes a beater, wire whip, dough hook as well as a stainless steel bowl for mixing. The bowl has locking handles for firm fixation during operation.

Has a standard #12 attachment hub on the front. However, you should not use this hub when mixing.

The timer allows you to set the mixing time after which the machine automatically shuts down.

For enhanced safety, the auto-off function shuts down the machine once the bowl is lowered or the bowl guard is opened.

The Positives:
  • 3-year product warranty
  • Auto-timer for precise mixing
The Negatives:
  • Cannot mix extra-large quantities of ingredients


2) Value Series GEM 120

what is the best 20 quart commercial mixerThis is an all-purpose commercial-grade planetary mixer with a capacity of 20 quarts. Using a planetary mixing action gives you a consistently blended and aerated mixture despite the ingredient type.

The mixer gears, made of a carbon-steel alloy that has received heat treatment, can work at three different speeds. You can select either 108, 195, or 355 rotations/minute depending on the task at hand.

It is equipped with a majestic 1.5 HP thermally protected motor that is entirely enclosed and well lubricated for life.

Additional protection for the motor is provided by the overload switch which is also moisture resistant.

The Value Series mixer has a unique stainless steel bowl guard that conveniently opens allowing you to add ingredients to your mix. The guard’s magnetic lock guarantees your safety as it automatically stops the mixer once the bowl is lowered or the guard opened.

You can manually lift the lever-operated massive 20-quart bowl to the top position where it self-locks with ease.

Side-mounted controls give you easy access during operation while the front-mounted #12 taper hub is for attachments.

The package includes a wire whip, spiral dough hook, and a flat beater.

The Positives:
  • Quiet operation
  • Long-lasting heat-treated carbon steel gears
  • Unique magnetic bowl lock for enhanced safety
The Negatives:
  • High initial cost


3) Adcraft BDPM-20 Mixer

what is the best 20 quart commercial mixerFor your small bakery or restaurant in town, BDPM-20 commercial planetary mixer is a worthy asset. It has a capacity of 20 quarts and its transmission is 100 percent gear driven.

The gears make it a consistent mixer with three fixed mixing speeds that you can easily change. Despite the number of ingredients in the bowl, the mixer will power through without difficulty.

Its heavy-duty 1.5 horsepower motor requires 120 volts, 1100 watts to run.

Constructed using premium quality materials, it consists of stainless steel wire bowl guards to prevent accidents during operation and bowl clamps to keep the bowl firmly fixed when mixing. The feet are fitted with rubber inserts for enhanced stability.

The push-on/off button and the 60-minute manual timer also make it more user-friendly.

Your package will come with attachments such as a wire whisk, flat beater, and dough hook. A stainless steel mixing bowl is also included.

There is a #12 hub for your meat grinding attachments.

The quality of Adcraft BDPM-20 is guaranteed by its ETL enlistment together with the 1-year warranty for replacement or repair provided by the manufacturer. Noteworthy, installation in non-commercial building nullifies vendor warranty.

The Positives:
  • Very stable even when working
  • Consistent mixing speed
The Negatives:
  • Installation in residential places nullifies the warranty


4) Hobart HL200-1STD Mixer

what is the best 20 quart commercial mixerThis commercial tabletop planetary mixer has an exclusive ergonomic swing-out bowl design as an outstanding feature. Consequently, you can add the ingredients, change the bowl, or even check the mixture much more conveniently.

Using the hand crank, you easily raise or lower the bowl via an internal lift system. A bowl lock also ensures the bowl is properly secured in the unit before the operation begins.

For your safety, there is a bowl guard made of stainless steel that protects you against moving agitator. This bowl guard is removable making your cleaning work easier.

The ½ horsepower motor machine has three fixed mixing speeds plus a stirring speed. You can change the speed without splashing out ingredients from the bowl, thanks to its soft-start technology.

Has an automatic 15-minute timer that helps prevent overmixing for your recipes.

With a variable frequency drive system, the mixer can operate on a single gear set giving it a steady speed and high torque. This translates to motor protection in case of excess loading.

Finally, the Quick Release system makes disengaging and fixing back the agitator more straightforward using a pin.

The 20-quart mixer comes with attachments like a spiral dough arm, wire whip, aluminum beater, and steel bowl.

The Positives:
  • Soft-start technology
  • Auto-timer that prevents overmixing
  • Ergonomic swing-out bowl design
The Negatives:
  • Quite expensive


5) Waring WSM 20L Countertop Mixer

what is the best 20 quart commercial mixerSpecially designed to handle the bulky work in big restaurants’ kitchens or ever-busy cafes, this heavy-duty mixer delivers unswervingly.

Fitted with a 1 HP induction motor, the 20-quart mixer easily handles ingredients for baked goods or deserts of any size.

It powers through mashed potatoes and heavy batters without compromising the blending consistency or slowing down.

Its large 20-liter bowl made of stainless steel is quite durable. The bowl has handles making it easy to carry. The powerful lever also eases bowl lifting or lowering even when it is fully loaded.

This mixer derives its reliability from the thermally protected gear-driven design combined with the preset three mixing speeds. The variable control allows you to get virtually any mixing job done in a few minutes.

For seamless operator access, the controls have been mounted on the side of the mixer.

You can use the Waring mixer on countertops without any worry as it has been fitted with a removable splash guard containing a feed chute that ensures your working area remains clean. The clear-view guard allows you to monitor mixing easily.

Again your countertop remains protected from damage as non-slip rubber feet reduce the impact during operation.

Included in the package are an aluminum mixing paddle, dough hook, and stainless steel chef’s whisk.

The product comes with a limited warranty of two years for the motor and one year for the parts and labor.

  • Durable
  • Overload thermally protected motor making it more efficient
  • No drawback has been reported by users


6) Alfa APM-20 Commercial Precision Mixer

what is the best 20 quart commercial mixerThe Alfa mixer is another versatile commercial precision mixer on the 2021’s market. It is a go-to machine for those looking to mix up savory dumplings and baked goods.

At its affordable price tag, this unit is top in line and worth your concentration. No wonder, it appeared on our list!

The product is quite large 2and able to handle almost anything. You’ll appreciate the mixer’s lever that makes bowl lifting and lowering an easy process even when it’s fully loaded. Since it has a removable bowl guard, cleaning is a simple task that will take you only a few minutes.

The bowl guard boasts a stainless steel construction to protect the user from getting hurt by the agitator. This in turn increases its safety.

The Positives:
  • Sturdy construction
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
The Negatives:
  • Some customers complain that it has a slow operation

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Found an answer to, “what is the best 20 quart commercial mixer for your needs?

Well, this is what we advise: when looking for the best mixer, be sure to go for a professional unit that blends almost anything seamlessly. Understand your needs and do not settle for anything that compromises quality in the name of saving cash. After all, cheap is always expensive!

Ours have excellent performance. So, you won’t regret any penny spent from your pockets to make the purchase.

From our list, we rank the Precision AV-02 20 Quart Mixer takes the crown home! This is because it comes with versatility, reliable construction, top-notch performance, and of course, considerable power use. In other words, this product is a long-term investment!

We hope you found this useful.

Happy purchase and happy baking!

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