Best 4k Monitors for Macbook Pro in 2021 Reviews

What makes up a good MacBook Pro monitor? Considering there are multiple monitors on the market, you need to be extra cautious when choosing a model for your work.

Still, your needs should be paramount when selecting a monitor to pair with your MacBook. For example, if you need a monitor for presentations in the office, the screen size should be large to provide good visibility for all people.

It would be best to consider other crucial factors: colour, contrast, resolution power, brightness level, and connectivity. The same case goes for gaming monitors. So, which are the best 4K monitors that you can connect with MacBook pro? 

The Top five Best 4k Monitors for Macbook Pro for 2021

1. AOC CQ32G1 31.5

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If you are into gaming, this right here is a monitor worth considering getting from the market. Still, it is generally an excellent option for people who need an office monitor since you can use it for everyday work as well.

The screen of this monitor measures 32 inches and has a curved VA panel that gives a comfortable view. The device has an HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 to ensure you have an excellent and clear idea from different corners.

Another feature that makes this a great monitor for presentations or gaming is the frameless style. You don’t have to worry about the corner distractions as the frameless style provides a sleek and uninterrupted view from all angles.

This monitor is equipped with a direct backlight essential for reducing flickering, eyes straining, and fatigue after sitting for too long on the computer. Do you want a monitor that you can use as a desktop or mount on the wall?

Well, another good thing about this monitor from AOC is that you can either hang it to the wall or place it on the desk when working. It has multiple connection ports: display port 1.2 HDMI 1.4 and 1 x HDMI with a 2.0 connection.

Note that the monitor comes with a display port for convenience when connecting it to your MacBook Pro. This device is also tiltable in case you wish to adjust it to multiple angles.


Screen display size 32 inches

Series G1 series

Quad HD resolution 2560 x 1440


2. Acer Predator CG437K Pbmiippuzx 43 Inch 4K UHD

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I would categorize this monitor among the top beasts in the industry right now. From the functioning to the ease of crafting, you are guaranteed to enjoy working or even gaming with this great monitor from Acer. Also, coming from one of the best technology manufacturing companies worldwide, you are guaranteed quality and functionality. So, what makes this Acer 4k monitor stands out?

The first thing that strikes me from this monitor is the huge display. It features a 43 inch 4 K screen display with a UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 to ensure you have excellent and clear viewing, for that matter. It has two display ports and a response time of 1m for convenience when connected to use. You are guaranteed to get an excellent view regardless of how you use this computer thanks to the high brightness and contrast power equipped. Therefore, you can enjoy working with this monitor even in dark areas.

The monitor is equipped with two speakers powered by 10 watts to ensure excellent audibility while using the device. You don’t necessarily need to sit close by to the monitor when working as the speakers provide excellent audios from a distance. This feature suits perfectly if you opt to mount the monitor on the wall, considering it has the Vesa mounting design.

Most especially when controlling this monitor, your comfort is fully guaranteed as it comes with a remote. You don’t need to keep up making changes on the monitor, as you can do it with the remote. Besides connecting this monitor with your MacBook Pro, you can also connect with other smart devices such as iPhones if you want to browse or watch a movie by syncing the two devices. It has a type C USB, which is compatible with multiple smart gadgets.


Screen display size 43 inches

Series CG437 k Pbmiiippuzx series

Resolution 4K HD 2160p


3. Nixeus EDG 34 Inch Ultra-wide 3440x 1440 AMD Radeon FreeSync Certified 144Hz 1500R Curved Monitor

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There is something about curved monitors when it comes to viewing, and this monitor from Nixeus ensures you have the best view without straining. I would recommend this monitor for editing purposes other than gaming due to the ease of use design and the high-resolution power. It is relatively easy to edit and even shape the content and art images with the unit due to the broad view of 3440 x 1440.

For gamers, you will be able to juggle around without straining your eyes to see the screen. This monitor has a high ratio contrast of 21:9 to provide a broader and better view. The curve design enables one to have good viewing with lesser ocular exertion. Do you want to save space on your working table or gaming desk?

This monitor is an excellent option since the curved design leaves much room where you can keep other items, unlike the flat-screen models. This monitor is certified for AMD free sync, which means you don’t need to worry or deal with screen tearing or even shuddering.

The connection details;

This monitor has two display ports of 1.4 and 2 HDMI 2.0 inputs. Another feature that makes this among my top five best monitors to connect with MacBook pro is the colour and brightness. This monitor has an LED screen light that provides an outstanding balance of colour. The brightness is adjustable up to 400 cd. Worried about its quality and durability? Well, no need to! This monitor ships with three years warranty against all manufacturing defects.


Screen display size 32 inches

Display LED

Resolution QH Ultra-wide 1440p


4 Samsung CJ890 Series 49 inch 3840 x 1080 Super Ultra-Wide Desktop Monitor

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Do you need a great monitor for presentations in the boardroom? I would suggest you look at this amazing monitor from Samsung. Again, this is a great device from a well-known manufacturing company, and thus, the quality and convenience are fully guaranteed. What makes this the best monitor for professional use? This monitor is designed with a whole 49 inches size screen curved for a generous viewing surface without straining your eyes.

The monitor is equipped with two USB ports, and it supports a connection between two devices. Therefore, you can comfortably connect two laptops for easy presentation using the same monitor. The monitor is also compatible with a wide range of electronic gadgets, including tablets and smartphones, for convenience when holding a meeting in the office. Another great design on this monitor that qualifies as the best for use in professional areas is the easy control.

The monitor consists of a KVM switch, so you can control multiple computers using just one set of peripherals. This means that you can efficiently switch from one computer to another without necessarily rearranging the work station. Do you want to do two presentations at the same time? Well, this monitor is perfect for this. It features the split display mode so that you can display two sources simultaneously.

Considering the enormous size of this monitor, it is designed with VESA mounting mode to save working space. This also ensures everyone can have a clear view of the presentation from a distance. The quality of this monitor is warrantied as the package comes with a warranty for three years.


Screen display size 49 inches

Series C49J890DKN

Resolution FHD Ultra-wide with plus 1080p


5. Dell U2719d 27 Inch UltraSharp QD LED-Backlit

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One of the outstanding features you will love on this monitor is the great colour design. The powerful colour illumination on the screen provides great and reliable viewing from a distance to avoid straining the eyes. The monitor is adjustable in different angles, whereby you can pivot, tilt, or even swivel it to attain the right view angle when working. The stand of this monitor is also adjustable to accommodate varying working desks and individual.

Do you need the monitor to use on the working table? Well, this is a fantastic option when it comes to saving the work station. This monitor has a cable management design, so you can keep away connection cables to leave enough space on the desk. Another elegant feature that makes this a safe monitor for working is the flicker-free screen that prevents glares that may damage the eyes.

There are a total of 5 USB ports with a size of 3.0 for convenience connection. Another feature that we love about this monitor is its lightweight. Moving it around is quite easy and convenient for all.


Screen display size inches

Series U2719D

Resolution HD Ultra-wide 1080p



Whether you need a monitor for work purposes or that you can use for gaming, these are the top best 4K monitors compatible with the new models of MacBook pros. The monitors provide excellent views thanks to the high-quality contrast and resolution power. These monitors are designed in varying sizes, something worth considering ensuring you choose the monitor that serves the purpose. Also, check the connection port sizes to see if it is compatible with your MacBook pro.




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