Best Air Fryer Australia Reviews for 2020

Welcome to the future of cooking! This is where eating healthy doesn’t mean your food should be bite-sized or tasteless.

If you are in the market for a wholesome lifestyle without compromising on your decadent cuisine, then you are in the market for an air fryer, my friend.

We at rluy are big air fryer fans and we have been doing all the hard work for you in testing out all the whos-who of the air fryer world.

So, don’t delay – dive into our website and get an air fryer to suit your needs today!


But What is an Air Fryer?

Are you new to the concept of air fryers? Then we should first start off by telling you exactly what they are. An air fryer is the newest protégé appliance in the kitchen that allows you to create deep-fried food without actually using any oils or other cooking fats.

By using what they call rapid air technology, you can simulate the heat within a boiling vat of oil, giving you the same crispy outwardly texture with the succulent softness inside.


Air Fryers to the Rescue!

It’s no surprise that grease and oil don’t do you any favors health-wise. But it’s only now that we are starting to find alternative solutions to oily and deep-fried cooking; bringing guiltless dining and a much-needed break to an overworked you (not to mention your arteries) back to the kitchen.

It’s also a much safer option without you having to constantly dodge oily splatters throughout cooking.


Tried-and- Tested Air Fryer Reviews



We have designed our site and reviews to be user-friendly and we are proud to say that we have created a trustworthy, one-stop website for all tried-and-tested air fryer feedback.

We have reviews of all the most popular and effective fryers on the market today such as the Tefal Actifry YV9601Philips Viva Airfryer HD9230/20Philips XL Airfryer HD9240/90 and many more. We have ensured that you have all the information you need in order to make a well-informed decision before purchasing your new air fryer appliance.


Do Air Fryers Work?

Best Air Fryer Reviews Australia

They work alright! The real question here is whether (and which) air fryer will work for you. It all comes down to the features the various fryers on the market have and how much is in your budget.

Most fryers have a lot of features in common such as temperature and time control and the handy touchscreen, digital display, and an automatic stop function.

But then you get fryers with different cooking pieces such as baskets and trays that are made with non-stick material and that are dishwasher safe. Others also include a recipe book that could come in quite handy if you’re a fryer amateur.

We can all agree that an air fryer is definitely the healthier option when it comes to deep-frying.

Even though fryers still need oil for their cooking process, it’s almost 80% less than your conventional deep frying.

One should still consider that not all fryers keep that deep-frying oil locked inside. This we learned the hard way, so be sure to check out our reviews in order to make an informed decision about which fryer to choose.

Another factor to consider when purchasing your fryer is what kind of cook you are in the kitchen.

Yes, we are not kidding. For instance, we tend to be quite controlling when it comes to our cooking, so we prefer a fryer with a transparent lid where we can have a quick peek whenever we want without prolonging our cooking time.

We also like a fryer that has adjustable temperature control which allows us to pick our perfect cooking temperature. And who are we kidding? This is the modern age and technology is there to make life easier, so we enjoy it when we can program our favorite dish settings into our fryer. Then, next time around, our (favorite) meal is just the press of one button away.

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