10 Best Air Fryers for a Family of 4: Review

The 10 Best Air Fryers for a Family of 4 reviews. These air fryers are perfect for people with larger families or people who enjoy a large batch of fried food.

Air fryers have struck the market and food industry as the revolutionary appliance that cuts the calories, cooking, and clean up in half while keeping the crispy flavors we all look for in fried food.

The air fryer took the food industry by storm when it promised all of that and more with the same fatty and greasy textures that many people have come to love in fast food.

All in all, an air fryer is essentially a hybrid between a convection oven and broiler. The main purpose is to crisp up foods and make them that delightfully delicious golden brown color without as much fat as the typical deep fryer.

Other benefits of the air fryer include:

  • Easy cleanup with dishwasher safe parts
  • A less intense greasy smell that lingers less in the kitchen
  • Reduction in fat consumption without sacrificing the crunchy flavor
  • Shorter cooking time with a more compact cooking space

Like its fellow trendy tools, the air fryer comes in all shapes and sizes in order to compensate for people with limited counter or storage space or family size.

For people with larger families, or maybe just really enjoy a large batch of fried food, these are the 10 Best Air Fryers for a Family of 4, reviewed.

Best Air Fryers for a Family of 4

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The 10 Best Air Fryers for a Family of 4:

1. COSORI 5.8 Quart Air Fryer Max XL

1. COSORI 5.8 Quart Air Fryer Max XL

This Air fryer is the COSORI brand extra large electric hot air fryer oven and oil-less cooker for roasting and frying. Rated Amazon’s choice as well located in the number one spot on Amazon’s best sellers in air fryers, this fryer provides people with excellent results with a healthier way of cooking.

Instead of the traditional 4-quart frying basket that typical deep fryers have, COSORI has a 5.8-quart nonstick basket that can fit whole chickens that weigh up to 6 pounds. The extra-large model of this air fryer can comfortably whip up a dish to serve a family of up to 5 people.

Like all air fryers, the COSORI model uses up to 85% less fat than traditional deep frying which leeches unhealthy saturated fats into food. The COSORI model has the same general boxed shape like a coffee machine.

The dimensions are: 11.8 x 11.8 x 12.6 inches. The frying basket is of course, removable and has a nonstick coating that is dishwasher safe as well as BPA and PFOA-free. The basket dimensions are 9 x 9 x 3.75 inches.

This air fryer model has 11 functions with the ability to fry foods from steak, poultry, seafood, shrimp, bacon, frozen foods, french fries, vegetables, root vegetables, bread, desserts, and more. With an LED digital touch screen there are 11 different presets for different foods and a keep warm option for longer dining events.



  • Digital touch screen with self-explanatory presets
  • Comes with 100 delicious and easy recipes for all different meals
  • Has 1700 watts of electric power
  • Low volume humming that isn’t distracting
  • Gets warm on the outside of the device but isn’t hot to the touch



  • The basket can leak steam while cooking, leaving puddles on the counter surface
  • Multiple people have reported flaws with their machines after short term use


While the reports of machine flaws are somewhat startling, there have been far more success stories. There are so many options on this air fryer for different types of food, the air fryer, in general, appears to be the next appliance.


2. GoWISE USA 11.6 Quart Air Fryer

2. GoWISE USA 11.6 Quart Air Fryer

The GoWise Air Fryer and Toaster oven is an 11.6-quart air fryer toaster oven that comes with rotisserie and hydration options.

There are eight preset programs with a digital touch screen that can help you control your cook time or have up to nine hours of dehydration time.

Temperatures range between a minimum of 150°F and can go all the way up to 400°F.

There is a rotisserie function, an oven light, and has multiple accessories include a pair of rotisserie tongs, rotisserie rod, drip pan, skewer rotisserie, rotisserie cage, and three mesh trays.

The door to this appliance is removable and a mesh heating element cover makes for easy cleaning. This air fryer comes with a booklet that has 50 recipes to get you started they are all step-by-step and hope you explore what your new kitchen appliance has to offer.



  • Requires no scrubbing and can be rinsed out after every use and it’s dishwasher safe
  • This air fryer gives an excellent crispy golden brown flavor and has great versatility in the range of cooking methods
  • This air fryer has cooked foods from wings to French fries to wire fried chocolate chip cookies to hot dogs and more
  • The recipes are delicious and the appliance itself is easy to figure out


  • Some of the offered food presets have overcooked the food to people’s liking
  • It is highly recommended to purchase perforated liners to use in the basket as parts of the inner coating have been reported of chipping off



For all the different options, needing a certain liner every so often isn’t a large hassle for the number of accessories, air frying basket space, and more. This is a very good starter set with all the different accessories included that will make air frying more convenient and enjoyable.


3.Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Air Fryer

Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Air Fryer

The Cuisinart toaster oven air fryer has a cubic interior and his black stainless steel. It has been rated amongst the number one bestseller in both air fryers and toaster ovens.

It has 1800 W with multiple functions that include air frying, conduction baking, convection broil and, warming, and toasting.

There is a nonstick interior with an oven light. Its food capacity includes up to six slices of bread, air frying up to 3 pounds of chicken wings, baking a 12-inch pizza, or roasting a 4-pound chicken.

There is an adjustable thermostat with a 60-minute timer that includes an auto shut off and a toast shade selector timer. This also includes an oven rack and a baking pan as well as an air frying rack and rectangular basket.



  • Cooks food safely in a very short amount of time
  • Makes “unbelievably crispy” and quickly cooked air-fried meals
  • This appliance is very versatile and it’s cooking methods
  • The internal racks and sheets are very easy to remove and clean



  • The temperature is been noticed to be higher than an average air fryer
  • The knob can become loose


4. Ninja AF161 Max XL 5.5 QT Air Fryer

Ninja AF161 Max XL 5.5 QT Air Fryer

The Ninja brand comes back from its revolutionary blender and instant pot with its extra-large 5.5-quart gray air fryer.

Ninja encourages you to enjoy eating air fried food without the guilt with up to 75% less fat being used or than traditional deep frying methods. These numbers were tested in comparison against hand-cut and deep-fried french fries.

The Ninja technology can reach up to 450° of superheated air and cooks food up to 30% faster than yields browner and crispier results than their Ninja AF100 model.

The Ninja air fryer comes with a boiling rack that will help give your meal or side dishes a crispy and bubbly crust and its functions include frying, roasting, boiling, baking, reheating, and dehydrating… all with the power of the air.

The inside of the air fryer is nonstick and you can cook up to 2 pounds of fries at a time. The basket used for air frying has a diameter of 8.5 inches.


  • Gives delightful and crispy flavor and crunch all around the food
  • This product makes a great gift as it’s very easy to use and clean
  • The “Max Crisp” setting works really well and air roasting and broiling do a great job browning
  • Has a nice metal rack that stands up inside the air fryer with handles for easy grabbing


  • Gets heated very quickly and can be hot to the touch
  • There is no cookbook, just basic suggestions on what can be cooked


The Ninja provides a versatile experience with food and the many ways you can cook it. It appears as pretty standard for air frying.


5. Chefman XL Family Size 6.3 Quart Airfryer +

5. Chefman XL Family Size 6.3 Quart Airfryer +

The Chefman air fryer is a 6.3-quart digital dehydrator, rotisserie, convection oven, and more.

It has eight different touchscreens presets that will fry and roast, dehydrate and bake, and reheat all your foods. Unlike your typical oven, the multi-functional air fryer does not require preheating, and it actually cooks your food faster than an oven with less than 98% oil than traditional deep fryers.

The temperature range is from 90 to 400° and the eight different options can make any type of cooking easy with interior lighting that lets you watch your food as it cooks.

There are different accessories that include two airflow racks, rotisserie spit, and forks, a rotating basket as well as a retrieval tool and a chipping tray.

The dripping tray is removable and many of these parts are dishwasher safe which helps make kitchen cleanup easier and faster.

This air fryer has 120 volts or 1700 watts of electrical power.


  • A low humming sound that has about the same noise level of a microwave or less
  • Cooks faster than suggested guidelines and makes food crunchy and not soggy
  • Can make good rotisserie chicken up to 4 pounds in weight
  • 2 airflow racks can cook two 12 inch pizzas


  • This air fryer is recommended to have water placed underneath the basket or racks to help prevent the grease from getting too hot and smoking, although you don’t have to use water and everything comes out perfectly
  • No air toasting feature


This is a very versatile and well-equipped air fryer. Any negative issues aren’t considerably damaging to the reputation of the fryer. Regardless of an air toasting feature, the air fryer should give the food industry some solace on the test.


6. Instant Pot 4-in-1 6 Quarts Air fryer

Instant Pot 4-in-1 6 Quarts Air fryer

The instant pot brand features it’s instant Vortx four and one air fryer that has a 6-quart basket that can air fry, roast, bake, and reheat. This makes your favorite junk food healthier by using 95% less oil and fat than traditional deep frying methods.

This Vortex air fryer reduces the amount of kitchen clutter on the countertop and unlike your oven, it requires little to no preheating time. With this handy appliance you can whip up are your favorite side dishes and meals without having to heat up the entire kitchen.

The Vortex air fryer technology gives your foods the perfect crisp as it circulates super-hot air all around the food in order to cook it evenly while keeping in moisture it gives your meals the perfect delicious and crispy golden finish without all the saturated fats.

The air fryer basket is large enough to hold 2 pounds of fries or a butterflied chicken that can weigh up to 4 pounds.



  • Easy to clean
  • The air fryer exterior does not get dangerously hot like an oven with even the top of the fryer being safe and comfortable to touch
  • Heats up in 5 minutes or less
  • Very easy to lift and transport



  • The bottom tray doesn’t cook as equally as the top tray

  • Food requires additional flipping in order to make sure all the sides are crisp

  • The air fryer comes with minimal instructions



The creators of Instant Pot appear to haven’t quite outdone themselves with their model of the air fryer. While the multiple layer setup is nice, the disproportions in heat can pose to be an issue when expecting the food to be cooking at the same time.


7. Dash Deluxe Electric 6 Quart Air Fryer

7. Dash Deluxe Electric 6 Quart Air Fryer

This air fryer doesn’t keep the smell of fried food lingering in the kitchen hours after you’ve been frying.

The large 6 quart capacity for a basket can be filled with as much food up to the top and comes out crispy.

All that was required is to set the temperature and set the timer and walk away. There is an auto shut off function that prevents the food from overcooking and the handle attached on the outside is safe to use for both children and adults.

The basket is nonstick and dishwasher safe and this air fryer is available in black, white, red, and aqua colors. This air fryer has 1700 watts of power.



  • Comes apart easily and can be cleaned up in a jiffy
  • The recipes that come along with the air fryer are amazing
  • Lots of space and room to fry chicken or ribs with vegetables in a very short amount of time
  • Safe for kids to handle and colors are pleasant for leaving out on the kitchen counter



  • No extra settings; only air fries
  • Has plastic exterior



This seems to be just your average air fryer that will meet the needs of a family of four. There are no distinct features that make this stand out extremely well besides a more stylish exterior. All in all, it does do the air frying job and does include good recipes.


8. Tidylife Hot 5.8 Quart Air Fryer Family Size

8. Tidylife Hot 5.8 Quart Air Fryer Family Size

This family size air fryer is able to feed six people and has tools that equivalent to an oven or a fryer or a popcorn maker and works as well as a nonstick frying pan, a grill, and a sandwich maker. This requires no oil and saves time when cooking your favorite foods.

For example, this air fryer only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to make frozen french fries, and a 3-pound chicken only requires about half an hour.

It has two knobs: one for the temperature and one for the timer. One special feature is that you can choose and make your own ideal presets for future cooking.

The air frying basket is nonstick as well as BPA free.



  • Can act as a microwave
  • Extremely versatile for a lower price
  • Saves time with faster cooking despite larger quantities
  • Has a longer warranty in comparison to other like models
  • Extremely easy to clean up afterward



  • Could have a more clean-cut design with a digital screen over two big knobs
  • The air fryer itself could also use a more precise temperature indicator



For the beginning air fryer, this model seems adequate for giving people the crispy experience or ease in cooking that they might be looking for.

However, if there truly isn’t a desire for crispy food, it would be safer to get a smaller sized air fryer and do small-batch cooking.


9. OMORC 6 Quart Air Fryer

OMORC 6 Quart Air Fryer

This 6 quart, 1800 W air fryer has presets and an LED touchscreen that can work with either wet or dry fingers. Unlike many other air fryers are if I can fit a 5 to the 6-pound whole chicken and serves up to eight people.

The product is very easy to operate and doesn’t require a lot of manual reading. This air fryer experience much like a convection oven and can bake and roast food as well.

It has a large-sized air frying basket with a well-constructed exterior made from high-quality, durable material.

There is also no mention of any thick oil scent in the kitchen post-frying.



  • Cooks large sums of meat and an ample amount of food
  • Extremely quiet
  • Acts like a convection oven but works faster
  • Easy to clean and requires no oil, equating to no greasy lingering smell



  • Releases heat from the bottom and have reported cracking countertops
  • Doesn’t increase the temperature in expected 5-degree increments



This air fryer seems like a great bang for your buck. While some have experienced minor manufacturing issues, there is, of course, a limited warranty.

The product does an excellent job of preparing food in a convenient and timely manner.


10) Ultrean 8.5 Quart Air Fryer Large Family Size

10) Ultrean 8.5 Quart Air Fryer Large Family Size

This extra-large family size air fryer whips up tasty treats and fried food in no time. This is an 8.5-quart nonstick basket that can detach and be placed straight into the dishwasher after use.

Not only can this appliance fry up some food, but it also roast, grills, and bakes.

This air fryer comes with a cookbook chocked full of delicious ideas for the family. The 8.5-quart basket holds enough food to serve up to 8 people.

There are 7 different cooking presets, all located on a nice digital LCD touchscreen.

For safety purposes, there is an auto-shutoff and overheat protection that will keep the family safe from any kitchen mishaps. This is a very user-friendly design with heat resistant gloves to pull the basket out of the fryer.

It has a sleek black exterior is a modern and minimalist addition to the kitchen.



  • Versatile and has been able to replace common household appliances such as the microwave and toaster
  • Keeps things moist or makes things crispy without overcooking or drying out food
  • A very large air fryer basket which is exceptionally good for batch cooking
  • Extremely easy to use and is finished in good time
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Not extremely loud or irritating



  • While size is a benefit, be considerate of storage space or the amount of counter space it could take up
  • The bulkier size adds some weight so it’s good to be aware



This air fryer appears to have received great customer satisfaction and feedback. While it is on the more expensive side, the size, quantity, and quality of the food at which it’s providing has seemed to outweigh any issues with space.


Buyers Guide: How to Pick the Most Affordable Air Fryer (Without Breaking the Bank):

  • Family size: Consider the amount your family eats over how many mouths there are to feed.
  • Fryer weight: Most air fryers are larger in size and stature, directly corresponding to fryer weight.
  • Recipe book included: Recipe books are often always more helpful than not. They are the beginning guides to represent even a small sample of the things you can make with your air fryer.
  • Power consumption: Most air fryers have given out 1700 watts of electricity.
  • Versatility: it appears that regardless of the number of presets, the air fryer will always remain similar to a convection oven. The versatility of an air fryer just from that is endless.
  • Affordability: A good air fryer can be anywhere between 50-200 dollars. Lesser name brands will always do the same job at half the price, so don’t let the idea of top name be the final decision. Think of your personal needs and just how badly you want that French fry.



Most people are looking for appliances that make our everyday lives easier. With kitchen tools such as the pressure cooker or the instant pot promising an easier cooking experience with one pot, there was no denying their popularity.

Air fryers, when being focused on its benefits and the public has realized and commended it for so much versatility in one appliance.


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