Best Air Fryers Under $200 for 2021 Reviews

Air fryers are becoming highly popular due to their contribution to healthy eating. A lot of calories less from your favorite food, tasting nothing less than the best-fried food, and the lack of all that trans fat that your body can’t digest; all these factors make air fryers an essential appliance in any kitchen.

A great variety of air fryers are available in the market. And the price range also varies; you can get one at a very affordable price, but if you can invest, why not buy one that offers great features and the best performance.

This particular article will discuss some of the best air fryers under $200. We will look at some best options in the market that you can consider.

The 10 Best Air Fryers under $200 2021 (Reviewed)

Here we have handpicked some of the best options for your convenience.

1. Ninja 4-Quart (AF101) Air Fryer

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Ninja offers a great option for those who want to switch to healthy eating. You no longer need deep-fried food that puts your family’s health at risk.

The Air fryer enables you to cook food with 75% less oil. That cuts a lot of unwanted calories out of your favorite food.

The Air fryer offers a wide temperature range that allows you to cook different food at their optimal temperature. 105-400oF gently removes all the moisture from food and gives it a crispy exterior, just like frying.

The fryer comes with a 4 QT basket that is wide enough to cook food for all families. It can fit around two pounds of French fries in a go.

Not only can it air fry, bake, or grill, but it allows you to dehydrate food for making homemade dry fruits, veggie chips, or jerky.

Ninja air fryer offers easy to use control panel that allows you to set time and temperature. It comes with four preset heat settings as well.

Its spacious basket is ceramic coated that is perfectly safe for cooking and is easy to clean. You can dump it in a dishwasher for easy cleaning.

The only downside we noted was the plastic burning smell while cooking. It seems alarming.

The price of an air-fryer is not very high, especially when we consider all those great options it provides to cook healthy food. As compared to some of the other options on our list, this one is very reasonably priced.

2. COSORI Max XL 5.8 Air Fryer

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Here is another good option that is not overpriced and comes at a very decent price range.

Considering its capacity, the air fryer is very affordable as it offers a 5.8 QT space that is enough for any large family. If you have a large family or like hosting dinners a lot, this one is your best bet.

The air fryer offers a lot of choice on its control panel. It comes with 11 functions that include cooking everything from pork and poultry to veggies.

The fryer features a nonstick basket with a stay-cool handle. It is both PFOA and BPA free so you can cook without any concern. The basket has a lot of room for spreading your food so that air pass between them evenly and gives them crunch.

The fryer comes with great heating capacity. Its 1700 wat power is enough to prepare food fast than any oven can offer.

A handy feature of this fryer is its shake reminder option. The fryer will alert you on time to turn the food or shake it a bit for an even crunch.

We recommend preheating the unit before you actually put food for excellent results. The fryer comes with a cookbook that contains 100 healthy and delicious recipes for your convenience.

The little downside we noted of this fryer is that the basket button is hard to press. Overall, it’s a great option for those who need an extra-large air fryer for their daily cooking.

3. Cosori 3.7 Qt Air Fryer Review

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Here is another option for Cosori. This one is for a small family. 3.7 QT capacity of this air fryer is good for preparing food for 2-4 people. The square-shaped fryer comes with little footprints that make it easy to place on any kitchen counter.

The fryer comes with a dual-layer rack and four skewers that add to its capacity and allow you to adjust more food inside without overcrowding.

The fryer features a large control panel that allows you to control the cooking process conveniently. You can independently control the time and heat settings or choose out of its 9 preset options for cooking different foods.

The fryer comes with a detachable basket with a nonstick coating. It can be put in a dishwasher, or you can clean it with a damp cloth.

Its auto-shutoff system is also beneficial, especially if you multitask and do other chores while cooking. The system will automatically turn off without overheating or burning your food. It also features a shake-it alarm that will notify you to shake the food in the basket from time to time.

It’s a great option for all small families and comes with everything you need in a decent air fryer. The manufacturers offer two years of warranty that ensures its durability.

4. GoWISE Deluxe 12.7-Quart Air Fryer

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GoWise offers an air fryer with probably the largest capacity in the market. Its 12.7 QT capacity makes it an ideal air fryer for large families, especially for those committed to healthy food and who want to cook anything or everything in this air fryer.

Despite its large capacity, the fryer is designed to be slim so that it covers less space on your countertop.

The fryer offers three rack settings that allow you to cook as you like. You can cook food in large batches or place it spaciously for more crispy results.

The fryer comes with a built-in rotisserie for roasting chicken, kababs, steak, fish, or anything you love roasted.

The best part of this air fryer is the accessories it comes with. It includes everything; a rotisserie tong, rotisserie rod, oven rack, drip pan, skewer rotisserie, rotisserie Cage, rotisserie steak Cage, shallow mesh basket, and two mesh trays. That’s like they provide all you need for frying, roasting, grilling, or baking food.

It is easy to use, and a simple control panel offers 15 heat settings that take the guesswork out of your cooking. It is programmed to know what temperature certain food require and for how long. You can adjust your personal settings as well.

The fryer has a stainless steel interior that is very durable and easy to clean. You can easily clean it with a damp cloth.

The fryer comes with a cookbook of 50 recipes that explains the cooking method in this appliance.

It comes with one year warranty, but it’s durably built will last much longer than that. It’s a great option with a lot of capacity and several other useful features.

5. Yedi XL 5.8 Quart Air Fryer

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Here is another option for air fryer lovers. This one is also with extra-large capacity and 5.8 QT space, is suitable for large families.

It comes with a lot of useful accessories to help you cook a variety of healthy food. Its deluxe accessory kit includes a cooking basket, 50 perforated parchment steaming papers, an 8-inch cake Carrel, an 8-inch pizza pan, a multi-purpose rack with 3 stainless steel skewers, a cupcake silicone pan, and heat resistant rubber mat. So, it pretty much covers everything for you.

If you look at health and safety, then the product air fries food without losing any nutrients and eliminating the harmful organism from your food.

Its intuitive user interface offers better control and gives a lot of preset heat setting options. The auto-shutoff function saves your food from overcooking.

The basket is secured with a button guard that must be pushed for taking it out. It comes with a  handle that remains cool to touch and saves you from any accidental burns.

The fryer offers both preheat and reheat options. You can use it as a microwave to reheat any leftover food as well.

Overall it’s a great choice with many useful accessories and a great capacity for catering to your everyday meals.

6. Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer

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This one is a premium quality toaster oven with a built-in function for air frying. It’s a multi-tasking appliance that brings a lot of convenience to your life.

The air fryer comes with a specially engineered motor fan, and its heater delivers powerful heatwaves that give a perfectly fried result to your food.

The fryer comes in a compact size and can easily sit in the corner of your kitchen counter. Despite its small size, it offers great capacity for cooking as much as 2.5 lb of food.

It comes with traditional knobs for adjusting time and heat settings. You can set the timer up to 60 minutes, and it gives a heat option to 450oF. The time and heat options are suitable for various food options, and you can cook anything in this oven-toaster-air fryer.

The fryer features a clear glass panel door that allows you to monitor the food when cooking.

The air fryer has a brushed stainless steel building that not only looks great and enhances the beauty of your kitchen’s decor. Its nonstick interior is easy to wipe.

The fryer comes with a fry basket, a baking pan, and a drip tray. What we miss is preset heat options or a digital display. Also, the timer does not work very well, and you have to keep checking food from time to time.

Overall it’s a great option for those looking for a combination of oven toaster and air fryer. It serves the purpose pretty well.

7. Power Elite 6 QT Air Fryer

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Power Air Fryer offers a premium quality air fryer for those who want a quality product and are ready to pay a little high price for that.

This one is an Elite Air fryer oven with the extra-large capacity for cooking meals for an entire family or servings on dinners or gatherings.

This one is a combination of an oven and a powerful air fryer to cater to all your culinary needs. If you add the price of an oven to the air fryer, this appliance becomes very budget-friendly. You are investing in both appliances, saving space and money.

The food options it provides are too many. You can cook appetizers, fried items, burgers, sandwiches, veggies, chicken, fish, prawn desserts, or anything you come up with.

The oven plus air fryer does everything; it can bake, grill, or even dehydrate. The air fryer has a built-in rotisserie function and comes with a complete rotisserie skewer set and stand for your convenience.

The rapid air heat technology cooks food at your required temperature and gives a colorful and crunchy outer layer to your food.

It comes with all the necessary accessories. It includes a crisper tray for cooking multiple batches of food, a drip tray, a round basket, and matching fetch tools that make handling food and trays easier.

The mighty oven fryer comes with three cookbooks that offer valuable information on cooking healthy and tasty food for the entire family. It’s a great choice for every kitchen and brings a lot of convenience to your everyday cooking.

8. Skinnytaste by Vremi 5.8 Quart Air Fryer

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Here is another good option for those who want a basic air fryer without an oven or rotisserie. This one is also an extra-large option, and with its 5.8 QT capacity, it is suitable for large families.

The air fryer does not only fry your food but offers other useful options like baking, grilling, or roasting as well.

Its latest technology combines hot air with rapid air circulation with a temperature range up to 400o F. Not only it speeds up the cooking process, but it gives excellent results by cooking your food to perfection.

It features a digital touchscreen with 8 preset heat settings that make heat and time convenient for you.

The food basket has a nonstick interior that is free of PFOA free. Its Teflon coating is absolutely approved by FDA and carries no risk for your food.

However, the fryer does not seem very durable, and no warranty is offered by the manufacturers, which seems a little disappointing. It comes with Gina’s cookbooks with lots of useful tips for healthy cooking.

9. COSORI 3.7 QT Air Fryer

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Here is another good option from Cosori. This one is a premium quality air fryer with a 3.7 QT capacity. Its special ergonomic angled display provides better viewing without bending over.

The food basket is spacious enough for easily frying large batches of food without making it overcrowded. Its nonstick coating is PFOA and BPA-free. You can easily clean it later in a dishwasher.

The built-in digital menu offers 11 preset heat settings that help you choose the optimal temperature and time for your food with a finger tap.

Its powerful heat-circulating system crisps the food without needing any oil. You will be using a tablespoon or no oil at all for cooking all those delicious recipes.

The fryer offers a preheat button as well. Preheating visibly improves food texture. It won’t take much; only a  minute or two is enough for preheating, but it results in a great difference.

It also features an alarm to remind you to shake the food up, so it gets the same color and texture from all sides.

Overall, it’s a great air fryer that focuses only on on-air frying and does not include an oven or toaster facility. It’s a good option for those looking for a quality air fryer for their everyday use.

10. PowerXL 6 QT Air Fryer Pro

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Here is another great option for those looking for a multi-tasking air fryer. This one can not only air fry but also dehydrate your food so that you can prepare some healthy nachos, veggies, chips, and nuts at home.

It also comes with a rotisserie function that allows you to roast a whole chicken, kababs, wings, or anything with equal ease.

The air flows through all racks to give an equally crisp and colored texture to your food. It comes with frying trays, a rotisserie stand, drip trays, and food baskets that help prepare any food you require.

It is spacious enough to allow air frying food in large batches. 6 QT capacity is suitable for large families.

It comes with a 100-recipes cookbook that contains many sumptuous cooking ideas. The downside is that no warranty is offered. Otherwise, it’s a good option for any large family’s kitchen.

Advantages of buying a quality Air Fryer

If you are spending so much money on an air fryer, it should offer something more than basic features. You can easily find a basic fryer under $75-$90, but it should add value and better performance if you are spending more money.

Here are a few advantages of having an air fryer in a better range.


No doubt a pricey fryer would last longer. Kitchen appliances are like a one-time investment, and if you are investing in a good appliance, it will give years of great performance without any hassle.

Heat Circulation Technology

The difference in price lies between the technologies. The latest Airflow technology rapidly circulates your food or in between, which gives better results. It removes the moisture out of your food gradually to give a result similar to deep frying.

It makes a great difference if you try to switch your family’s food choice towards a healthier side. They won’t ask for a deep-fried version if the air frying is giving the same tasty results.

Built-in oven or toaster

Some of these appliances are not only air fryers. They combine a toaster or oven with an air frying function, so you get a more complete and comprehensive appliance for your kitchen.

A built-in toaster or oven is only necessary if you need these separate appliances for your kitchen. If you have them in your kitchen, no use spending money on buying something you already have.

So make sure you know your needs before you select an air fryer.


A lot of good priced air fryer offers rotisserie options. It is advantageous if your family loves roasted chicken or other such recipes. Again it is a matter of personal preference if you need it in your air fryer or not.

Preheat and Reheat

A great option that air fryers offer is the choice of preheating and reheating.

Preheating gives excellent results to your food. It makes it look more colorful and crispy. And it won’t take as much time as your regular oven does. A few minutes are enough for preheating your air fryer, but it improves the taste and appearance of your air-fried food.

Reheat is excellent for serving some leftovers from last night. The heated air restores the crunchy texture of your food by removing extra moisture. It works pretty much like a microwave.


This one is a great advantage of having an air fryer. The dehydrate option allows you to home to cook a lot of healthy food for your family. The dehydrating function removes all the moisture from food, and you can even store it for a long time.

It allows you to prepare your homemade herbs, dry fruits, or anything you love saving for year-round use.


These air fryers come with a lot of accessories that will help you cook in several ways. They often come with tripping trays, food baskets, or frying trays that are very useful for your everyday use.

Editor’s Verdict

Though all of the selected air fryers are chosen because of their great functionality and utility, we will choose Power Air Fryer Oven Elite 6 QTas editor’s choice of the best Air fryer under 200.

The air fryer offers great performance and allows a lot of convenience for your everyday use. It comes with a lot of variety and gives limitless options for healthy food choices.

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