10 Best Baby Carriers Reviews 2021: Buyer’s Guide

Babies love to be cuddled and cradled by their parents. However, it can be draining and you can’t do that all day. Your arms would hurt and there also other daily tasks to attend to. Using a comfy and safe baby carrier is a great solution to this. Baby carriers come in handy for parents who like to do outdoor activities liking jogging, hiking, and even stay-at-home parents.

To help you find the best baby carriers for 2021, we evaluated each carrier for ease of use, safety, comfort, breathability, versatility, durability, and reliability. We also examined them for their designs. These baby carriers are designed to help you do your daily chores, run errands while your little one relaxes against your chest. So, whether you are looking for the best baby carrier for newborns, for hiking, for dads, or for plus size parents, there is something for everyone.

Here, we’ve compiled the top 10 best baby carriers that should be part of your essential baby gear list for 2021. These are quality and versatile carriers that are highly recommended by hundreds of parents. They also make great gifts for baby showers and baby registry gifts. So, let’s get started with the reviews without delay.

The Best Baby Carriers Reviews 2021


1. Baby Bjorn New Baby Carrier One Air Best Baby Carrier for Newborn

Baby Bjorn New Baby Carrier One Air


If you are worried about the comfort and safety of your baby, then the practicality of this baby carrier will lay your worries to rest. The super-soft mesh of BABYBJÖRN New Baby Carrier One Air makes it very breathable and allows you to carry your baby while enjoying good ventilation. This unique mesh also gives a soft feel on your baby’s delicate skin, yet the fabric is very durable. This comfortable and ergonomic baby carrier is absolutely perfect for newborns.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One Air offers so many benefits to both the wearer and the newborn. It has a wide seat area for babies up to 36 months, and an adaptable size that makes it comfortable for the baby and parents.

It has an easy to adjust head support that gives the right support to your baby’s head. It also comes with a windproof cover that is perfect for use in cold, wet and windy weather conditions. It has an absorbent teething bib with a waterproof membrane that acts as a moisture barrier and keeps your baby carrier dry. It also features wider and padded shoulder straps, waist belt and back support for optimal comfort and better weight distribution. This makes it easy for the parent to carry their baby for hours without feeling fatigued.

Baby Bjorn offers four baby carrying positions; the newborn position, baby faxing-in/ front position, baby facing-out/front position and back carrying position. These positions allow closeness between you and your child in the most comfortable position while keeping your hands free. It is also easy to switch between any of the four positions when carrying your baby.

However, your baby should be at least 5 months old and weigh about 12 kg before using the face-out carrying position for them. You can use this baby carrier for newborns to carry your child from birth and up to approximately the age of three.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One Air makes the perfect baby shower gift or baby registry item! It is also certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for its ability to properly support your baby’s legs, hips, and spine.

Why we like it:

  • Keeps newborns’ in the right position.
  • Provides adequate head, back, and hip support.
  • Ensures secure fastening with safety click.
  • Two-part design that allows you to easily uncover a sleeping baby.
  • Allows four different carrying positions

Why we didn’t like it:

  • You might not be able to use it when the baby is older than 3 years, as it doesn’t offer much back support.


2. Deuter’s Kid Comfort Pro – Best Baby Carrier for Hiking

Deuter Kid Comfort Pro - Best Baby Carrier for Hiking


Deuter’s Kid Comfort Pro is arguably the carrier with the best baby seat design on the market. This hiking baby carrier is designed to provide your baby with the most comfortable trail experience. It comes with a height and width adjustable seat that ensures an ergonomic and healthy sitting position for your baby.

No need to compromise luxury even while hiking, the Kid Comfort Pro is designed to keep parents and their kids cool and comfortable for the long haul. It features a detachable daypack that you can attach to the chest strap for quick trailside picnic trips. It also includes adjustable height footrests, plush wraparound chin pad, an integrated headrest, and a fold-out sunroof; all to make outdoor activities enjoyable for both child and parents.

Deuter’s Kid Comfort Pro comes fully loaded with an integrated sunshade that deploys much quicker and more easily than other models in the same category. It has a new and intuitively designed safety harness system that makes it much easier and safer to load your child into the baby carrier seat. It features a side entry and locking kickstand that enables kids that are up to a year old and above can get in and out of this baby carrier by themselves with ease.

Go on adventures with your child in total comfort. Equipped with Aircomfort Sensic Vario mesh back system, you are sure to enjoy unparalleled ventilation like no other. There is also a mesh net between the child’s seat and the parent’s back that allows air to flow freely. With an integrated key holder, external stretch pockets, and 2 zippered hip fin pockets, there is ample room to keep keys and baby stuff while keeping your hands free.

Deuter’s Kid Comfort Pro is our top baby carrier for hiking in 2021, as it combines comfort, safety, and premium build quality. Its sturdy metal build and large capacity make it a great choice for growing and active children. When this baby-wearing accessory is not in use, you can easily fold it for easy transport.

However, this baby carrier is competitively priced and can be too pricey if you only use it occasionally. Overall, it is a great buy for families that engage in lots of outdoor activities with durable, high-quality materials and a high level of comfort for both kids and adults.

What we like:

  • Very durable
  • Good for outdoor activities
  • Provides great support
  • Perforated shoulder straps for ventilation
  • Easy to put on without help
  • It comes with a hip belt that provides ergonomic load distribution for parents

What we didn’t like:

  • It is pricey
  • Allows only one baby carrying position


3. Ergobaby 360 Cool – Best Baby Carrier for Dad

Ergobaby 360 Cool Baby Carrier - Best Baby Carrier for Dad


The well-known Ergobaby 360 Cool baby carrier is our top pick for dads. Its ergonomic and comfortable design makes it a great carrier for newborns and toddlers that are about 5.5-20kg. It features padded shoulder straps for optimal comfort and a wide wraparound waistband for lower back support. Made of soft, lightweight and durable mesh fabric, this carrier allows airflow to ensure dad and baby are cool.

It comes with a baby privacy hood; an additional feature that adds versatility to this baby carrier. So it isn’t just a good product for dads, moms can make use of the baby privacy hood for cover when nursing your baby and also help in minimizing distractions. It also features a UPF 50+ that works as a sunshade to protect dads and their babies during the hot summer months. That’s not all; the hood can easily be folded into a pocket on the front of the carrier, which acts as extra protection for your baby against the harmful rays of the sun a little easier.

In addition to offering four baby-carrying positions, Omni 360 baby carrier also comes with extra features that go way above and beyond other basic models. First, the detachable pouch makes carry a few items around in the carrier super convenient. No need to carry a purse around when going out with your baby, parents or guardians can place their phones, keys, and a few other must-haves in the pocket.

If you are shopping for a versatile baby carrier that converts between front carry and back-carry and offers both forward-facing and outward-facing in the front carry position, the Omni 360 Baby Carrier from Ergobaby is a highly recommended buy. The carrier is comfortable for both moms and dads as parents can experiment with any carry position that suits them. The carrier is also both easy to put on and easy to convert to any carrying position and size of your choice.

What we like:

  • Strong and durable
  • Good fit for dads
  • Provides great support
  • UPF 50+ baby hood for sun and wind protection for babies
  • Easy to put on
  • Easy to convert to different positions
  • Adjustable shoulder straps making it easy to nurse on the go
  • It comes with a hip belt that provides ergonomic load distribution for parents

What we didn’t like:

  • The mesh is not soft making it not breathable
  • It does not have snap buttons
  • Impractical buckle
  • Not a great option for skinny dads


4. Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier – Best Baby Carrier for Big Dads & Plus Size

Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier-Black


The Tula Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier is a fantastic baby carrier that has taken the baby-wearing market by storm. This is the newest baby carrier in the Baby Tula collection and it is definitely going to be one of the best baby carriers in 2021. One thing to love about this carrier is that it maintains the intuitive and easy to use design Tula is known for.

It can support babies as small as 7 pounds without the need for an infant insert, and up to a capacity of 45 pounds. This means it can serve parents from the first week of their baby’s birth up to the age of 2-3 years. So this versatile carrier from Baby Tula is great at accommodating the changing weight of babies as they grow.

This carrier features adjustable height and width settings that allow for adjustments to ensure the right ergonomic positioning all through the stages of your baby’s growth. You can be sure to get good support for different body positions including, head, neck and hip.

Tula’s Free-to-Grow baby carrier is made with super soft and machine-washable fabric. Although it is lightweight, it is strong and will secure your baby well. In addition to being a great fit for your baby’s shape, the waistband can adjust up to 57″ making it a great baby carrier for big dads and plus-size parents. Even with active babies, putting it on and taking it off is pretty easy.

Free-to-Grow carrier offers 2 carrying positions, allowing you to carry your baby using the inward-facing front position as well as the back carry position. The inward-facing position is great for newborns, infants and toddlers. It also allows you to position your infant in the most natural spread-squat position. As a plus for this carrier model, it is listed as one of the “Hip Healthy Products” made by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

This new Baby Tula Explore can also be used for facing out carrying and it provides good support for baby’s legs (and prevents them from dangling).

Another feature that I love about this high-quality carrier is the adjustable shoulder straps and waistband with a wide range of setting – for big dads and plus-size parents. The shoulder straps and the wide waistband is well padded to reduce shoulder and neck strain. The soft padding and multiple adjustments also ensure even weight distribution so you don’t have back pain when carrying your baby for long periods.


What we like:

  • Beautiful design
  • Does not require any infant insert for babies around 7 pounds
  • Very safe and comfortable
  • Provides great support
  • Easy to adjust straps
  • Ideal carrier for bonding with baby
  • Padded shoulder straps and waistband makes it comfortable for both baby and parents
  • Offers baby good sitting position

What we didn’t like:

  • Offers only two out of four carry positions
  • Not practical for hot days
  • Not so compact


5. LÍLLÉbaby Airflow Ergonomic Baby Carrier – Best Baby Carrier for Back Pain

Lillebaby The Complete Airflow 360


Looking for a baby carrier that won’t cause strain to your back? The Lillebaby ergonomic baby carrier the real deal if you don’t want to experience back pain when carrying your baby. To crown it, this infant carrier is certified to be a Hip Healthy baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Babies grow very quickly, so it is important you choose a baby carrier that can grow with your baby. One key feature to watch out for is an adjustable back panel. Lillebaby Airflow carrier comes with an adjustable back panel, which means you can adjust the baby carrier for good fit and support.

It features amazing ergonomic-friendly features which include an adjustable seat for enhanced comfort, leg openings that enables proper hip support. These features allow your little one to stay in the right curved C-spine position.

Lillebaby carrier offers incredible lumbar support that not only relieves lower back pressure, it also ensures even pressure and weight distribution of your baby. What this means for parents and guardians is that they’ll experience less pressure on their spines and back caused by carrying babies for long periods. So, as your baby grows in stature, this carrier can still accommodate your child’s increasing weight without causing back pain.

Unlike most baby carriers in the market, you’d get 6 carrying positions from this carrier. You can use the fetal position for your little one at 0-3 months, the inward position at 0-1 year old, the outward position at 6-18 months, the hip position at 6+ months, toddler inward at 6+ months, and back position at 6+ months. Since it is ergonomically designed, you can be sure that all 6 positions will be comfy for both you and your child. Also, with these carrying positions, you will definitely get value for your money as it can accommodate your baby up to about age 3-4.

Lillebaby Airflow baby carrier is a favorite for many moms as it is very breathable. Its mesh lining enables plenty of airflows regardless of any of the six ergonomic positions you choose when wearing this baby carrier. This means that the mother and child will enjoy good airflow and comfort at all times. So, even when it gets extremely hot during summer, your baby will stay cool, dry, and comfortable.


What we liked:

  • Comes with adjustable straps to make nursing your baby much easier
  • Comes with an adjustable waist belt which provides a customized fit for petite to tall parents
  • Features adjustable side panels for comfortable hip positioning and to prevent back pain
  • Sleeping hood for sun protection and support while sleeping
  • It has a zippered pocket
  • Offers 6 carry positions
  • Made with 100% cotton for comfort and durability
  • No need for an infant insert
  • It can support babies that weigh 7 pounds up to 45 pounds
  • It is lightweight


What we didn’t like:

  • It is expensive


6. TBG Tactical Baby Carrier – Best Baby Carrier for Tall Parents

TBG Tactical Baby Carrier - Best Baby Carrier for Tall Parents


When it comes to baby carriers, the TBG Tactical baby carrier stands tall among the best baby carriers. This baby carrier is equipped with safety features that ensure the safety of babies in babywearing. If you want to enjoy hands-free parenting performance like never before, this front harness baby carrier gives you that and so much more. The inner side of the carrier is made of soft foam to help in keeping your baby comfortable even after staying in the baby carrier for a long period.

This baby carrier is designed to support your baby’s weight about 8 pounds to 33 pounds. It comes with smart features that today’s parents will surely love. This includes a removable cotton liner that is washable and makes post-blowout cleanup a breeze. Not only that, it features heavy-duty UTX buckles that enable easy strap-in. You can either choose to carry your baby using either the facing in or out position.  Depending on your baby’s growth stage, the carry position can be adjusted to suit your baby’s comfort.

The lightweight and minimalist design of the TBG Tactical baby carrier comes with a comfortable, open back for temperature control that makes it easy to pair with the Tactical Diaper Bag Backpack.

This baby gear is not only great for tall parents; it is also dad-friendly. Unlike most baby carriers, TBG Tactical baby carrier is designed to suit light outdoor usage besides the normal everyday use. It is equipped with MOLLE webbing that allows pairing with different kinds of accessories, including Tactical Baby Gear’s compatible pouches and carabiners. With this smart baby carrier, dads can have all their go-to gears within arm’s reach during outdoor activities.

With the TBG Tactical baby carrier can help you in carrying the baby while facing in or out This flexible and compact baby carrier system features several alternatives for hip seats to make sure your baby is comfortable. Its wide bottom seat also provides support to your baby’s hips. Basically, dads can find all the important features they require from a carrier system in this Tactical Baby Gear.

What we like:

  • Beautiful design
  • Does not require any infant insert for babies around 7 pounds
  • Very safe and comfortable
  • Provides great support
  • Easy to adjust straps
  • Ideal carrier for bonding with baby
  • Padded shoulder straps and waistband makes it comfortable for both baby and parents
  • Offers baby good sitting position

What we didn’t like:

  • Offers only two out of four carry positions
  • Quite expensive


7. Moby Classic Wrap – Best Baby Carrier for Hot Weather

Moby Classic Wrap - Best Baby Carrier for Hot Weather


The Moby Wrap is a super-long, 18” piece fabric that can be wrapped around you and your baby while you get other tasks done. The skin-to-skin contact also encourages mother-child bonding. Your little one can snuggle into the comfy pocket that is created when you wrap the fabric over your shoulders and waist.

No need to worry as there’s plenty of fabric to keep the wrap secure for newborns and toddlers. This customizable carrier allows for safety, adjustability, and also guarantees the perfect fit.

The Moby Classic Wrap forms a snug cocoon for newborns and can be adjusted to fit parents and caregivers of different sizes. Parents can be sure to get value for their money when they buy it just right after childbirth. This wrap will serve you up till your child is about 3 years old and it will stand the test of time.

Made of 100% cotton, it allows plenty of airflows to ensure baby and caregiver are cool and comfortable while using this baby wrap. The cotton material of this baby-wearing gear makes it a perfect carrying gear for your baby during the hot summer months. Another benefit of the fabric is that it is washable, so you can wash it frequently and your baby will be germs-free.

However, the downside of the Moby Wrap is that it takes lots of practice or watching tutorial videos before mastering the technique of putting this carrier on. Notwithstanding, after a while, the process will come naturally. Also, the fabric of the wrap is very long, causing the ends to drag on the floor during the process of tying it.

What we like:

  • Minimalistic design
  • It does not require any infant insert
  • Very safe and comfortable
  • Compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around when not in use
  • Perfect fit for all parents, no matter the size
  • Can be used to carry smaller newborns
  • It is not pricey
  • Best for newborns
  • Ideal carrier for bonding with baby

What we didn’t like:

  • Offers only two carry positions
  • Takes a lot of practice before you can get a hang of it
  • The fabric of the wrap is very long and drags on the floor when wrapping it around your baby
  • Time-consuming to put on


8. Baby K’tan ACTIVE Baby Carrier – Best Baby Carrier for Plus Size Mom

Baby K’tan ACTIVE Baby Carrier - Best Baby Carrier for Plus Size Mom


For plus size moms, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a baby carrier is the fit and size of the carrier. It is necessary to select the best baby carrier for plus size mom as there are many carriers that won’t be so comfortable and safe to use. As a baby wearer, having a baby carrier that is uncomfortable and in the wrong size can become a disaster. If you get a carrier that is too big, your baby will be sagged against on your body. This can result in shoulder/neck/lower back pain. However, if your carrier is too small, it will cause discomfort for both mother and child.

The K’tan Baby Carrier ticks all the boxes as regards the best baby carrier for plus size moms. This carrier allows you to get the feel of a baby wrap without the stress that comes with wraps. Unlike wraps, this carrier is fast and easy to use by baby wearers. Instead of dealing with long rolls of fabric, this carrier simplifies the wrapping process by adding clear pathways for the straps to be fixed.

For extra support when your baby is adding more weight, you can decide to purchase an additional strap to harness the bottom seat of the carrier. The mesh and breathable fabric of the carrier help to keep you and your baby cool. However, the fabric is not as strong as cotton materials, as the fabric stretches over time, making it quite hard to get the perfect fit as your baby grows in stature. It also has thick cotton in the shoulder pads, to ensure your baby is comfortable no matter the weather.

The good thing about this carrier is that it comes in different sizes; from small to extra-large. These size options give the wearer plenty of options to choose from so that you can get what best suits your body type. This carrier is almost mostly used for the front-facing position, but it can also be used for a hip carrier.

Another plus of the Baby K’tan is that it is lightweight and perfect for nursing. Even while you are wearing the carrier with your little one in it, the carrier can easily be adjusted to accommodate breastfeeding. With this, there is no need to take your baby out of the carrier to feed them. This not only helps to guarantee comfort, but it also helps moms’ to keep breastfeeding discreet, especially in public.

What we like:

  • Can easily allow discreet breastfeeding
  • Very comfy and secure
  • Compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around when not in use
  • Can be used to carry smaller newborns
  • Easy to adjust size settings
  • Good carrier for plus size moms
  • Great for active lifestyles and hot days

What we didn’t like:

  • Offers only two carry positions
  • Not much built-in back support for the wearer


9. Pognae No 5 Organic Baby Hipseat Carrier – Best Baby Carrier Outward Facing

Pognae No 5 Organic Baby Hipseat Carrier - Best Baby Carrier Outward Facing


The number 5 version of the Pognae line of baby carriers is super impressive. Although it comes at a premium price of about $200, there are many exciting features to be enjoyed using this hip seat carrier.

Pognae’s hip seat baby carrier offers great support to babies from 3 months old up to around age 3, making it not ideal for newborns. It can support a maximum weight of 44 pounds, which is considerably high for any baby carrier.

Pognae claims that this carrier offers 6 carry positions, with 3 of the positions being varied hip seat positions alone. There is a hip seat position where you can lay your baby partially on the hip seat. This is a good position to adopt for feeding. There is also another where the baby is positioned to sit on the hip seat facing outward, and one where the baby is placed on the hip seat facing inward. These 3 hip seat positions still require that you use at least one of your hands to support your baby.

It also offers 3 other carry positions: front-facing outward, front-facing inward, and back facing inward positions. These three carrier positions coupled with the hip seat at the bottom support your baby securely. The seating design ensures your baby’s legs are properly positioned for good hip development.

The shoulder straps of this carrier are very wide and comfortable, and it does a good job of distributing weight across the hips and shoulders to reduce the chances of shoulders, hips or lower body pain. This height-adjustable chest strap can also be used when you want to wear this baby carrier as a backpack carrier. It can be fastened to your back, but only if there is someone to assist you to buckle and unbuckle it.

It comes with a roll-down flap right at the front to aid ventilation. It has a zippered storage pocket on the waist which is roomy enough to accommodate important stuff you want to have on-the-go.

This hip seat carrier is stylish and well-designed. The hip seat is also well cushioned and the mesh allows plenty of airflows, so you guarantee comfort for your baby. It is also easy to clean, so you can ensure your baby isn’t exposed to germs when using this carrier. However, ensure the styrofoam hip seat insert is removed before making any attempt to wash it.

What we like:

  • Offers great support for babies up to 44 pounds
  • Very comfortable and secure hip seat baby carrier
  • 6 carry positions
  • Easy to adjust size settings
  • Good carrier for outward-facing carry position

What we didn’t like:

  • Velcro wears out after repeated use and washing
  • Noisy velcro
  • It is large so you can’t fold it in a diaper bag
  • Very expensive
  • Not ideal for newborns


10. Tula Explore Baby Carrier – Best Baby Carrier for Long Walks

Tula Explore Baby Carrier - Best Baby Carrier for Long Walks


Like other Tula Baby Carriers, the Tula Explore is designed to be very versatile and comfort-oriented. It is made with super-soft yet durable fabric that is beautifully designed and compact enough to store in a big diaper bag.

The Tula Explore offers just the right amount of adjustments for you to get a great fit. You can adjust the seat width of the carrier fit to suit your baby and your choice of carrying position.

It offers 3 carry positions: back-facing front-carry that is suitable for infants and toddlers, forward-facing front-carry for toddlers, and back-carry position for babies and toddlers. Adjusting it to support your baby’s size is very easy and these adjustments can be set to support babies as small as 7 pounds and up to 45 pounds.

The Tula Explore is intuitively designed with panel-narrowing buttons to give a bucket-shaped seat. This gives an ergonomic position for your baby, even when facing outwards.

There is so much to love about the Tule Explore baby carrier. It is lightweight and very comfortable to use when going for long walks. You’d also love the nice, handy waistband pocket; a perfect size to keep your phone and keys.

Tula Explore’s baby carrier is designed for warmer climates and durable enough for all-year use. Its breathable mesh fabric panel helps in increasing airflow to keep your baby cool even in very hot climates.

It comes with a removable hood that is great for use during naptimes and as a shade on windy or sunny days. If you are in need of additional lower back and hip support, its ergonomic panel design and lumbar support pad will help you get that. As an addition, you can widen the baby carrier to accommodate long-legged toddlers with Tula’s seat extenders.

What we like:

  • Suitable for newborns without the need for an infant insert
  • 3 carry positions
  • Can support baby of about 7 pounds and above
  • Made using two fabric types that aid airflow – cotton, and mesh
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to adjust size settings
  • Available in 4 beautiful patterns
  • Good carrier for long walks

What we didn’t like:

  • It is pricey
  • Cannot be used as a hip seat
  • The pocket cannot be easily accessed
  • People with less shoulder mobility may find it difficult to secure the safety clip on the shoulder strap to their backs


All in all, these top 10 best baby carriers are recommended for use in 2021 based on their versatility and high-quality.

Whether you are looking for the best baby carriers for newborns or tall dads, this baby carrier review will help you make the best buying decision so you can get your penny’s worth.


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