Best Baby Dolls 2021: The 10 Cutest Dolls Your Child Would Love

Every parent likes seeing their kids happy. As such, they’ll go to any extent to provide the necessary stuff that will not only make the babies happy but also help them to learn new things.

Today we look at baby dolls. Yes, the idea may sound ancient, but trust us, these devices work wonders for your baby.

Besides being cute, baby dolls are great companions and learning aids for your baby or toddler. With the right doll, your baby will learn things like nurturing skills, organization, and grooming practices.

The range of dolls is diverse – looks, make, and features. Some come with human-like characteristics, while others have inbuilt nightlights and lullabies.

Finding the right doll is the best thing to do for your kid.

We have a list of the 10 best baby dolls you can buy in 2021. Reward your precious child in 2021 with one of these outstanding dolls.

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The 10 best baby dolls are:

1. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Soft Body Baby Doll

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Soft Body Baby Doll

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Commonly called Jenna, the doll has a soft body and is 12 inches long. It has human-like features – eyes that open and close and soft cheeks just like a baby. Still, this smart doll can suck a pacifier or her thumb.

The baby doll comes with a removable smocked romper, matching cap, and matching cap. When you rock to sleep, Jenna closes her eyes. If you have a tiddler 18 months and above, this is the doll to buy. At this age, they can hug it, cuddle it, and care for it.


  • Perfect size for little hands – 1 to 6 years
  • High-quality doll
  • Ability to close eyes and suck thump makes Jenna interesting to be around


  • Overpriced
  • Strong smell


2. La Baby 16-inch Purple Soft Baby Doll by JC Toys

La Baby 16-inch Purple Soft Baby Doll by JC Toys

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Both the size and the quality of this doll are outstanding. The La Baby doll is soft and smooth, making it easy and fun to cuddle. The head, hands, and feet are created from cushion-like vinyl texture to give a feel of the real skin, and they are securely fitted to ensure that they do not easily detach. On the other hand, the hair is of sculpted vinyl. The eyes always remain open.

Your baby is safe while playing with this 16-inch doll because it is made of safe BPA –free material guaranteeing you a high-quality doll. Considering the size of the toy, it is meant for babies 12 months and above.

What makes this doll unique is the beautiful outfit and an extensive range of accessories. The outfit is easily removable and washable


  • Its great quality
  • Pleasantly weighty
  • It’s a soft, squeezable plastic making it cuddly
  • Lifelike skin and eyes


  • Some dolls are poorly assembled
  • Doesn’t come with a pacifier


3. Berenguer Boutique 15″ Baby Doll

Berenguer Boutique 15" Baby Doll

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If you have a two year or older baby, this is one of the best baby dolls you for them. The doll is amazingly built with some human-like features. The body is soft, and the head, limbs, arms, and legs are cleverly fitted to prevent detachment, and all are made up of detailed vinyl. What is exciting is that the doll can open and close its eyes.

The 15-inch size makes the doll easy for the children to handle, while the soft body makes it easy to cuddle or hug. You can use the doll to teach your child some nurturing skills.

The doll looks stunning, thanks to the two-piece embroidered outfit. Still, the manufacturers offer you an extra gear and a pair of shoes, to keep your baby doll smart all the time. Again, there is a generous amount of accessories – pacifier, baby bottle, feeding accessories, and rattle.


  • The body feels more lifelike
  • A range of accessories
  • Impressive look
  • Light enough for babies to carry


  • Velcro closures on clothes are not child-friendly
  • Dolls head doesn’t turn at all


4. La Newborn Nursery 8 Piece Layette Baby Doll

La Newborn Nursery 8 Piece Layette Baby Doll

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What is interesting about this baby doll is that it has a whole set of accessories and equipment that a child needs, and that’s why it can be an excellent set of the gift.

Your baby can use the gift to learn about nurturing skills. Typically, it comes with 8 pieces to dress up your baby – T-shirts, bodysuit, cloth diaper, hospital bracelet, and hat.

The doll doesn’t have the strange smell that other dolls have because it’s created from washable vinyl, which is not only soft, but also smooth to touch. It has joints at the shoulder, hip, and neck. The joint at the hip and shoulder allows easy changing of clothing.

At 14 inches tall and a weight capacity of one pound, this doll is light enough to be handled by babies one-year-old. However, its manipulation and nurturing require a baby two years and above. All kids will find the smiling face, cute toes, and bright, happy eyes very charming.


  • Made from non-scented and washable vinyl
  • Soft and smooth
  • Waterproof
  • Looks realistic


  • Smaller than most parents expected
  • Its rock hard and the body won’t move at all


5. 12” Baby Twins Dolls 1 Boy & 1 Girl with Milk & Juice Bottle

12'' Baby Twins Dolls 1 Boy & 1 Girl with Milk & Juice Bottle

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If you have twins or two babies with a close-range age, you can pick these dolls as their gift. It is a boy and a girl. The toys are dressed in an elegant and marching outfit, making the dolls appealing. The clothes are removable and washable.

What is nice about the outfit is that the hats are attached to the shirt with a thick cloth. Thus, they won’t get lost. When you purchase the doll, the manufacturer packs a complete outfit for each doll, i.e., pats, hat, and shirt.

The built of the dolls is strong, making them durable, but they are soft enough for babies to handle and can hold up to rough play. The legs, arms, and head are made of plastic while the body is made of soft material. The material is tested for safety (lacks lead).

At 12 inches, the doll can be handled by children from 1 year onwards.


  • Washable doll and clothing
  • Lightweight
  • Adorable soft body


  • Pricey


6. Adora Adoption Baby Doll

Adora Adoption Baby Doll

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This baby doll comes with a cuddly body measuring 16 inches from head to toe, and they are scented. The doll gives a realistic play and engaging experience due to its wide range of accessories, including diaper, cuddly microfiber blanket, pacifier, and hospital bracelet, among others.

Still, when you buy the doll, it comes with her crib. The manufacturer aimed to create an experience of bringing a baby home from the hospital, which allows your child an opportunity to build their own baby doll family, where they’ll learn to nurture, tend, and pretend to play with their dolls.

The doll has a smooth body and a light skin tone. However, there four adorable baby dolls you can choose from, each with a unique skin tone and eye color.

The material that builds the toy is non-toxic, BPA free, and Hypoallergenic.


  • Comes with numerous accessories
  • Comes with baby cradle box
  • Adorable smell
  • Beautiful face
  • Four different skin tones and eye color to choose from


  • The quality of the body is questionable


7. PENSON & CO. Reborn Newborn Baby Realike Doll

PENSON & CO. Reborn Newborn Baby Realike Doll

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This is one of the most innocent looking dolls you can get for your baby. It is a small one, typically 10 inches tall. It is made with the expression of a sleeping toddler. If you love a face with dimples and a tiny chin, get this doll for your baby.

The uniqueness of this doll is that it is handmade, and every tiny detail was seriously considered; that is why the doll has a close resemblance to that of a real baby. Besides, the doll is anatomically correct. She has a vagina and nipples.

The built quality is superb, and it is of vinyl material. The material is waterproof and light, and the doll is washable.

The small size makes the doll lightweight; only 14 oz., which makes it easy for babies above two years to handle. Since it is a sleeping doll, the eyes are closed and can’t open. Nonetheless, the doll has flexible joints making it easy to get many realistic poses –the doll can sit and lie while you can move the hands up and down.

Lastly, the doll comes with a pink outfit – hat and socks included for a perfect match.


  • High-quality material that is safe for babies
  • Attractive and friendly demeanor
  • Optimal size
  • Suitable for both boys and girls
  • Easy to clean


  • Eyelashes come off quickly, and younger babies might eat
  • It is not a cuddly doll


8. Soft Body Baby Doll, 14 Inch Doll

Soft Body Baby Doll, 14 Inch Doll

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Starting from the packing, you’ll know that this is one of the best baby dolls.  Standing at 14 inches tall, the doll offers an incredible opportunity for your baby to enjoy her play for countless hours. Every child will find a generous supply of accessories and outfits engaging enough for a whole day’s companionship and learning opportunity. Your baby can learn various body parts, dressing, and hygiene practices.

Parents looking for pretend play options for their kids, this doll is the best alternative as it is known to offer unmatched cognitive development and at the same time, instill the emotions of love and nurturing.

Lastly, the toy looks like a real baby with lovely blue eyes, rightly proportioned arms and legs, and natural expressions.


  • The clothes are machine washable
  • Vibrant color clothing
  • Different skin tones to select
  • An ideal way to prepare your baby for a new sibling in the family


  • Legs, limbs, and head fall off rather quickly


9. Corolle Babibunny 2-in-1 Musical Baby Doll & Nightlight

Corolle Babibunny 2-in-1 Musical Baby Doll & Nightlight

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Apart from being a baby doll, this product can be used as a night time lamp. It comes with a battery case that is removable if you want to wash the doll in a gentle cycle.

Your baby can use this product as a doll during the day and convert it in a night lamp when it comes to sleeping time. The combination of amazing lights and soothing music makes your child fall asleep sooner as they go to bed.

What is also interesting is the sewn-in label with space that you can write your child’s name your phone number, so you can easily track it when it gets lost. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best baby dolls.


  • Soft and snuggly
  • Soft and non-intrusive music
  • Easy to carry around


  • None reported by customers


10. HABA Snug-up Doll Luis 8″ First Boy Baby Doll

HABA Snug-up Doll Luis 8" First Boy Baby Doll

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This 8-inch baby doll makes the best first doll for your baby. Its small footprint makes it a super-lightweight doll, that even for one-year-olds to carry it around. The doll comes with a beautiful light blue outfit – pajama, bandana, and cap, which is sewn on the doll. Still, the doll is machine washable.

Generally, the doll is soft and has a soft filling, which makes it an excellent option for cuddling, but still, you can manipulate it to sit upright. The face of the doll is printed, has a brown eye and an amazing smile. The best part is that the doll is safe for baby’s right from birth.


  • Decent quality fabric – soft to the touch
  • It’s a perfect size for a baby – it is soft and easy to grab
  • Small enough for little hands


  • Ironed on decals – not embroidered
  • Lightly lower quality than the other Haba dolls


How to buy the best baby dolls for your baby

The baby doll market is flooded, considering the importance of these products. They come in different styles, such as rag dolls, floppy baby dolls, unstuffed dolls, and child-like dolls, among others. Each baby shop or supermarket stocks a variety of these products, and if you’ve decided to buy your baby a doll, you have to look for nothing but the best baby dolls. Here are some basic things to look at.

  • How does the doll look like? Babies love appealing stuff. To find a doll that is pleasing to the eye. Typically find dolls with milder expression, probably smiling.
  • Body of the doll: theories suggest dolls’ bodies can be age-specific. For instance, the unstuffed body is perfect for infants as they can easily grab while upright babies can effectively use the slightly stuffed dolls
  • With or without joints? The dolls with joints require careful handling, though they are versatile in use. You can pose it in many postures, a feature that older children like.
  • Human-like features: such features include hair, eyes, and the tone of the skin. Some children adore dolls that look like them. They can tend to the hair or the skin.
  • Age: most manufacturers have age recommendations for each doll. It vital that you adhere to this
  • Material: find a doll that is made of safe material because your child will be with the doll all the time.



Baby dolls are vital toys. Apart from keeping your baby company, you can use these dolls to teach your baby about numerous things, including nature and how to take care of stuff.

The interactive types of a doll can teach your child many things, including improving their imaginative powers. When it is buying time, always look for “How to buy the best baby dolls for your baby”  to make sure that you get the best baby dolls for child/twins.


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