10 Best Baby Night Lights 2021: Buyer’s Guide

To a parent, night time is still full of activities. If it is not feeding your baby, it is changing the wet or soiled diapers. You’ll make numerous trips to the nursery, especially in the first year of your child’s life, every night.  Still, toddlers come with more significant challenges.

Overhead lights seem to be an easy solution, but their intensity will seem like the sun. It isn’t a good option for the blurry and delicate eyes of the infants.

Luckily, innovation has led to the creation of invaluable night lights. These lights provide enough brightness to allow you to change the diapers or feed your precious little one but still is gently on the eyes of the baby. The incredible thing with the night light is they do not disrupt sleep-mode as the overhead light would do.

If you are a parent or you are expecting a baby in 2021, we have prepared a list of the 10 best night lights. Take a closer look to find the one that suits your needs.


10 Best Baby Night Lights 2021:


1. Star Sky Night Lamp ANTEQI Baby Lights

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The Star Sky Night Lamp is easy to use. It comes with 2 power options; the 4 AAA batteries, which you have to buy separately, and the 59-inch USB option. Further, it comes with 5 to 95 minutes of timing control, which is easy to select.

When it comes to colors, you get white light, blue, green, red, or multi-color combination, and the ability to rotate the entire display slowly makes every aspect worth the money. The white light is a bit brighter than the rest; thus, the best light to use while tending to your baby.

These variable display options, together with the colorful star moon night projector, makes these lamps a better option to decorate the interior of your house. This feature also creates a wonderful and starry atmosphere for children.


  • The bulb doesn’t get hot
  • 2 power options – batteries and AC
  • Variable display options
  • Use it right from the box
  • Lights the entire room


  • 95 minutes maximum is short for some parents
  • The USB cable is shorter
  • Fuzzy sky night in some lamps


2. AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light

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Advanced features are what make AnanBros best baby night lights. You can set the timer up to 999 minutes, and you can control the lighting and timing with the help of a remote from 32 feet away, and unlike other lamps, the star and moon projection has a higher resolution with a 360-silent rotation. Furthermore, you get night impressive color options a quiet night sleep for your baby.

What we found even more amazing are the pleasant lullabies that this remote-controlled night lamp has. Essentially, it comes with 12 tracks cleverly chosen to initiate a bedtime mood in your baby. With a 128 MB removable memory card, you still can load more lullabies.


  • High-quality music in the pre-loaded SD card
  • The stars appear bright on ceiling and walls
  • The combination of rotating light and music keeps babies calm
  • The remote makes it easy to use


  • Some customer complained about the motor – stops rotating or produces a loud buzzing sound
  • Other customers received products that only worked once – defective batches


3. BlissLights Sky Lite

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The BlissLights Sky Lite creates a soothing and relaxing environment for the baby. The lamp is unique because it uses direct laser diodes to project bold and vivid colors, which can be on for up to 6 hours, thanks to the in-built 6-hour timer.

With the lamp you bring the galaxy indoors, it instantly projects the field of drifting stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud. You can change these effects very quickly, thanks to the dedicated button. The button allows you to modify the impact, adjust brightness, or start/stop the motion.

Apart from using it as a unique night lamp, you can use it as a dinner lamp or revitalizing your workspace.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Beautiful display
  • Allows you to select a display of your liking
  • The skylight adds a unique almost Hypnotizing view


  • Placement of the button makes it difficult to control an aspect without affecting another
  • The timer is not adjustable (an automatic 6-hour shutoff)


4. Groegg2 Night Lamp from Gro Company

Groegg2 Night Lamp from Gro Company

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This version of Groegg2 is an improvement from the previous version as it features a much brighter LED that is visible across the whole room. The night time lamp comes with an inbuilt digital thermometer, which has a tremendously easy to read display — usually, the color changes with changes in the room temperature.

You can select a brightness level that is comfortable for both you and your baby so that you do not disrupt the sleep mode, especially if it is late at night. There are three light levels, of which the dimmest allows you to sleep without being bothered, you still can see enough to tend to your baby.

Additionally, the Groegg2 night time lamp comes with the Groegg shells that allow you to create friendly animal faces.


  • Impressive design
  • The lamp allows you to monitor the temperature of the room of the baby
  • Incredibly easy to use, plug it in using USB
  • It comes with many groegg covers


  • Some customers complain of defective temperature detectors
  • You have to buy the USB power cable separately


5. Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Baby Nightlight

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Skip hop baby nightlight is indeed made for babies. It comes fully loaded with nature sounds and lullabies to ensure that your babies get the best nighttime sleep. Did you know that white sounds can calm even the fussiest kid? With this night lamp, you can play the songs all night long.

When it comes to lighting, you’ll always get the best for your baby. The belly of the lamp glows, and it has a dimmer control to allow you to get the right light intensity. Besides, the lamp is loaded with an adjustable pivot lens that brings the nightscape into the interior of your interior spaces. Typically, it projects a luminous sky with stars and the moon. You the adjustability of the lenses makes it possible for you to project based on the sleeping posture of the baby.

Another goodie that makes this stand among the best baby night lights is the auto-off timer. For either continuous or intermittent play or lighting of 15, 30, and 60 minutes.


  • Has lots of excellent controls to modify light brightness, volume, timeout, noise pattern, etc.
  • The ability to adjust both light and sound are adjustable makes it easier to find the right blend for your baby
  • The instruction manual is pretty clear


  • The white noise is quieter as compared to others


6. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

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The Hatch Baby light is an outstanding product that features both a baby sound machine and wakes up alarm. Essentially, you can customize this night light to fit your family’s sleep and wakeup schedule.

The device is programmable. So you can program it to turn on/off automatically, and the smartphone Hatch Baby Rest app allows you to modify the brightness, sound, color, and volume remotely, or you can control manually.

The Hatch Baby Rest creates an ideal sleeping environment for your baby, thanks to its color and sound combination that are highly recommended by experts. All sounds re white noises and are accompanied by soft light, which allows feeding your baby at night.


  • It looks stylish
  • Ability to use the app makes it easy to use
  • Produces a wide range of soothing background sounds
  • Ability to program sounds and lights


  • Adjusting the device manually is difficult
  • Lack of a battery option
  • The sound ranges are too loud


7. VAVA VA-CL006 Night Lights

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The VAVA VA-CL006 is a night light in its class. Apart from providing light, your baby can play with the lamp as a toy without any undesirable effect, thanks to the toy-grade ABS and PC lamp material.  What we found interesting is the anti-blue light LED will not hurt the eyes of your baby.

The nightlight is pretty much easy to use. To get the night mode, simply touch the top of the lamp, and the mode offers enough light to breastfeed your baby at night. When you tap the logo twice, you set the timer to one hour.

Still, you can customize the brightness of the lamp to suit the needs of your baby. Again, customization helps in managing power. The battery can last up to 200 hours if you set on dimmest brightness but only last for 6 hours when you select the brighter option.

You can still use the lamp outdoors, but you have to boost the brightness by pressing the bottom button, which also disables the touch controls.


  • The lamp doesn’t heat up making it safe for babies and kids
  • Holds its charge for long
  • A really low lighting level that doesn’t disrupt the sleep mode
  • Easy to switch on and off – a simple tap
  • Easy to charge


  • Some customers complained that the device wouldn’t charge
  • Not durable


8. Lumipets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light

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The Lumipets night light is an easy to use baby lap that you can conveniently place in your baby’s crib or bed without worrying. The lamp never gets too warm; thus, your baby can play it with it. Still, it is built of high quality, washable, and non-toxic silicon. The general design of the lamp suits the cuddling nature of the baby.

When you tap the Lumipets, it wakes up. Tap again to change glow color, and you can use the remote controller to select the favorite color that suits your baby, change the brightness level, or set the sleep timer. Basically, there are 8 different color glows.

It features an in-built recharge battery that can last up to 20 hours, depending on usage.


  • The lighting effectively calms an upset baby
  • The lamp is safe for babies to play with it
  • Remote control feature makes it easy to use
  • Sooth and squeezable making it safe for babies to handle
  • Comes as either owl or teddy bear


  • The charging system fails rather quickly
  • Some products don’t work as advertised


9. 3D Moon Night Light

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If you want to bring the real moon into your baby’s room, try the 3D Moon Lamp. The lamp is intelligently made to look a realistic as the real moon. The craters on the surface are identical to what the satellite images show.

The soothing glow sufficiently illuminates your baby’s room or nursery, and the incredible thing is that the battery can last up to 15 hours. If you have a fussy little one, you can leave the lights on all night.

This kid-friendly and the softly glowing moon are easy to use despite the massive range of colors (16 colors) which you can conveniently dim to suit your needs. Again, the moonlight has five working modes, with different levels of brightness making it possible for you to use it to achieve different moods. Do you want cozy, peaceful, or feel good? Still, you can dim it to feed your baby.


  • Impressive design
  • Solidly built to withstand kids play
  • Easy to switch colors and brightness levels
  • It charges quickly and retains charge long for a lamp of its size


  • The remote fails rather quickly
  • Lackluster controls


10. Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic Night Light Soother

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic Night Light Soother

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The cloud b twilight is another excellent option to reduce fear in your babies. It illuminates stars with eight constellations. While the turtle design of the lamp may not be popular, its display remains outstanding. With the lap, you get three fabulous colors, i.e., Blue, Green, and Amber. All these colors are soothing.

With proper settings, the lamp can change the colors automatically. It can cycle through all the three colors in succession to give the interior of a baby room a unique feel and look. The best point is that the LEDs do not heat, thus saving on the power, while the auto-shutoff option has a 45 minutes timer.


  • The battery is longer lasting
  • Works excellently as a bedtime soother
  • Improves a baby’s focus and feel in control when they choose a color they want
  • Calms a fussy babies


  • Lack auto shut off feature
  • The lamp is very hard and can injure babies if they play with it


What to look for in the baby night lamp

A baby night lamp is essential to both babies and parents. Apart from just emitting light, it can calm down your baby. So it is vital that you find a night light that cannot harm your child, or will all together not work correctly. Below the critical factors, you have to consider while buying the best baby night lights.

  • Safe material: babies can chew anything. So, find a material that is not toxic to the baby, such as ABS and PP.
  • Friendly illumination: eco-friendly lighting systems or Modern LED bulbs produce tolerable illumination
  • Ease of use: the lamp should be easy enough to operate, especially for the child. This is a way to stimulate learning capabilities in babies.
  • Brightness control: too bright light at night can disrupt the sleep mode of a baby. Getting a lamp that allows you to select the brightness level is valuable.
  • Touch-sensitive operation: this feature makes operation a breeze.



You can put a night lamp into various use. When properly used, it can help your baby to calm, concentrate, and learn new things. If you have a baby who has a habit of waking up several times at night, without a tangible reason, these lamps can train them to sleep well.

Nevertheless, the best baby night lights are priceless devices that every mother or aspiring mother should invest in. The market offers an extensive range of these devices; that’s why we have sampled the best lamps based on reviews from parents and other users for you to consider.


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