The Best Baby Thermometers to Buy in 2021

Here, you will discover the top 10 Best Baby Thermometers for different types of needs in 2021.

In the past, parents used to place their palm on the forehead or chest of the babies to determine whether they have a fever or not. Currently, you no longer need to do that. There are a plethora of thermometers in the market. The good thing is, technology is advancing, and the thermometers are getting more accurate with time.

Modern thermometers offer instant digital readings. The non-invasive thermometers take temperatures by scanning the skin. Still, some sophisticated thermometers come with a memory function and can record the last 20 temperatures taken. Such a feature enables you to keep track of your baby’s temperature.

Doctors normally recommend certain types of thermometers as per the age of the baby, to ensure that you get accurate readings. Therefore, it is essential to follow the direction of pediatricians.

If you are looking to buy a baby thermometer in 2021, we have rounded up ten best baby thermometers categories of baby thermometers, each with a highly rated example. This ensures that you buy a thermometer that meets your needs.

Let’s delve in.

Here, the 10 best baby thermometers for your baby:

1. Best Baby Rectal Thermometer – Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

The AAP recommends rectal thermometers for newborns and kids up to 3 years of age. And, so far, these are the most accurate thermometers as they measure the core body temperature.

Healthcare providers are always fixated on the rectal thermometer. Using them isn’t fun. When combined with the stress of a sick baby, it gets even more complicated.

Babies are tiny, and shoving something in their rectum, especially when stressed, is, without a doubt, challenging. Do you know how far you should go? We chose the Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer because it answers this question with certainty.

It has a soft, short, and flexible tip that eliminates the possibility of injuring your baby when you insert the thermometer into the delicate baby rectum. Furthermore, its short stature makes it impossible to stick too far than needed. Besides, it packs a wide base to offer you a surface to hold while carrying out the procedure.

The thermometer provides a temperature reading at lightning speed. Again, the display is large enough for easy reading of values. Just by taking a glance, you can tell whether or not your baby has a fever.

It is easy to use the thermometer; lubricate the tip with a water-soluble jelly for easier insertion. Lay the baby on its stomachs with the legs hanging (on the edge of the bed/across your knee), and then gently insert the tip not more than a half an inch into the rectum. It takes 10 seconds to record the highest temperature. It will notify you through a beep.

Keep in mind that it has an on/off button.


  • Gives results with a short time -10 seconds
  • Easy to use
  • It provides the most accurate temperature
  • Longer-lasting battery


  • Some customer complained of half of the screen display
  • The devices break easily


2. Best Forehead Thermometer for Baby – PURUIZT Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer

The PURUIZT non-contact forehead infrared thermometer stands out as the best forehead thermometer because most users say that the thermometer gives accurate results, and it is easy to use. Besides, most users report that it provides readings within a short time.

The thermometer packs incredible features for accuracy and rapid reading. The thermometer needs not to be in contact with the skin for it to give temperature readings. Instead, it has an in-built high-tech infrared temperature sensor that works from a distance up to 5 cm from the surface.

The infrared technology also makes the thermometer act rapidly and accurately. Typically, you get results within 2 seconds.

Unlike other baby thermometers that come in either Fahrenheit or Celsius modes, and make you calculate conversions, this thermometer, allows you to switch from one form to another easily. Simply press the scan button for 8 seconds when the thermometer is off, to shift from one mode to the other.

Babies can develop a fever at any time. If you are a first-time mom, you won’t know it is a fever. Thankfully, this thermometer comes with a fever alert. The backlight display of the thermometer will turn red, and you will have 10 short beeps that will warn you that your baby might be having a fever.

When you start the thermometer, it will display the previous temperature readings automatically for two seconds. If you enter the memory mode, the device can give you up to 30 previous temperature readings. Such a record allows you to keep a closer eye on your baby.


  • Easy and more comfortable to use
  • Accurate results
  • Memory function gives up to 30 previous readings
  • Can measure both the temperature of body or object


  • Some customer complain of inconsistent results/results varying
  • Some customers received a defective product – could not power up.


3. Best Ear Thermometer for Baby – Braun Digital Ear Thermometer ThermoScan 5 IRT6500

Most pediatricians use the Braun Digital Ear ThermometerThermoScan 5 IRT6500 than any other thermometer because it is easy to use, accurate, and delivers results faster.

Braun ThermoScan packs innovative features to ensure it delivers accurate results at demon speeds. For instance, it has a pre-warmed tip that reduces the cooling effect resulting from when you introduce it to the ear. The feature ensures total accuracy.

On the other hand, the patented ExacTemp positioning system is vital in ensuring that you get the right positioning in the ear. When the thermometer is in the correct position, it beeps as well as light up. This allows you to get the temperature reading from the eardrum and the surrounding tissues within the ear, which is a true reflection of the core body temperature.

While other ear thermometers require sterilizing after using on each person, the ThermoScan 5 IRT6500 bypasses that problems as it comes with disposable lens filters. You can switch these lenses – simply use a clean lens filter with each new person. Apart from ensuring hygiene, the lens filter ensures that you protect your baby from cross-contamination as well as ensuring that the earwax does not affect the accuracy of the reading.


  • Has a memory capabilities
  • Ear filter lenses ensure hygiene
  • Gives consistent results
  • Accurate results
  • Easy to use


  • No backlights – you can read the temperature at night easily
  • Pricey


4. Best Digital Thermometer For Baby – [Newest Model] Best Digital Medical Thermometer

In spite of its simple appearance and features, this 2019 model digital thermometer comes with incredible features that makes it a handy addition to your home medicine cabinet. Like any other thermometer, it gives works quickly, and the temperature readings are accurate.

Apart from using this thermometer on your baby, you can use it also on adults. A notable feature is that it is both an oral and rectum thermometer. The rectum option is suitable for babies, while the oral option works well for adults. The flexible tip is more convenient for taking temperatures from both the mouth and rectum as it reduces the chances of injuries.

This top-shelf product from the iProven gives you results within 10 seconds, whether you use it in the mouth or rectum. The exciting thing is that it has a quick temperature indicator through smileys, primarily when it detects elevated temperatures. This way, you quickly know when to take action.


  • Waterproof tip to enhance hygiene
  • Works quickly and accurately
  • Flexible tip ensures that your bouncy baby is free from stabbing
  • Flexible tip fits comfortable under the tongue
  • Comes with a protective case
  • Has a fever beep


  • Highly-priced
  • Some customers complained of inconsistent results


5. Best Temporal Thermometer for Baby – Exergen Tat-2000c Scanner Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer

What makes this thermometer our best choice is it is professional technology. The thermometer has a patented arterial heat balance that ensures the recording of the correct temperature reading. The arterial heat balance system computes the correct temperature from almost 1000 readings within a second. The thermometer will then average the most accurate reading while omitting erroneous results.

Using the temporal artery is a bright idea because the artery connects directly to the heart via the carotid artery, ensuring constant blood flow that ensures accurate measurements. Use the Exergen Tat-2000c Scanner by simply stroking it gently across the forehead to capture the naturally emitted heat from the skin over the temporal artery. It uses infrared technology to read the temporal artery temperature.

When the correct scan is identified, the thermometer notifies you by red lights and soft beep. Most users term this thermometer to be more accurate than the ear thermometer. Actually, its accuracy is close to that of the rectal thermometer.

The best thing is that it is safe, easy, and comfortable to use, considering it is non-invasive. You can use it even on a sleeping baby, and you can still get readings from children with an ear infection.

It is easy to use the thermometer; run the thermometer from above the eye to the hairline without lifting it; repeat the procedure twice, and get the highest reading. If the baby is sweaty, you won’t get accurate results because the sweat evaporates and cools off the body. You can run the thermometer on the carotid artery in the neck instead.


  • Battery is long-lasting
  • Delivers fast and accurate readings
  • Comfortable, safe and easy to use
  • Works perfectly for both left and right-handed persons
  • Has a backlight screen that makes it easier to take temperatures at night


  • Some users complain of inconsistent readings
  • Gives a wide range of readings that many users get confused


6. Best Infrared Thermometer Baby – iProven Medical Digital Ear Thermometer with Temporal Forehead Function

When you buy a thermometer, you are preparing for your worse days. You cannot go wrong with the iProven Medical Digital Ear Thermometer. Initially meant for ear use, this versatile thermometer features a clinically approved and upgraded infrared DMT-489lense technology for temporal function. The infrared ensure high levels of accuracy.

The ear model is vital if you are looking for more accurate temperature readings, but you can only use it for babies who are 6 months or older. However, the forehead mode is essential if you are looking for an indicative quick scan. You can use this mode is suitable for babies of all ages.

What should give you the confidence to buy this stuff is that it is a professionally built medical equipment with revolutionized calibration technology for medical use. Thus, Paediatricians and medical professionals term this clinically tested thermometer as a secure solution for the whole family.

The thermometer is pretty easy to use. It comes with 2 buttons- the ear and the head so that you can choose the mode you want to use. Besides, the thermometer will give the readings within 1 second. It notifies you through a loud enough beep.

Apart from the alarm fever, the thermometer has 20X memory. This means that you can easily recall the last 20 readings.


  • It’s very easy to switch between the two methods
  • Accurate
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Delivers results within a second
  • Features an alarm alert


  • Highly-priced
  • May give inconsistent readings


7. Best Rated Baby Thermometer – ANKOVO Thermometer Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer

The ANKOVO DigitalThermometer stands out as the best-rated baby thermometer for its versatility. The thermometer features dual modes, i.e., the ear and the forehead functions, making it one of the most practical thermometers for babies.

As a forehead thermometer, people of all ages can use it effectively, while the ear mode is only suitable for babies above 3 months. Switching between the two modes is easy – just press the button. Typically, if you are taking the ear temperature, remove the probe and insert the sensor into the ear canal. Press the ear button, and it will display the reading on the LCD screen.

Similarly, to use it on the forehead, press the forehead button and scan from one side of the forehead to the other. You must repeat the procedure severally for accurate results.

You can easily switch between the two modes by pressing and holding the button for 10 seconds. This will switch the mode from ℃ to ℉ and vice versa. Still, it has a fever alarm; a red LCD with flickers alongside 7 rapid and short rings is an indication of fever- reading exceeds 37.5℃/99.5℉. A long ring without a flicker and a green LCD is normal


  • 20 readings Memory recall
  • Easy to use
  • Precise reading
  • It has an excellent packaging and storage bag
  • Hygienic thermometer


  • Gives inconsistent reading
  • Some users complain of wide variation between ear and forehead readings


8. Best Baby Thermometer for Newborns – Kinsa Smart Thermometer for Fever

Fever in newborns devastating. However, with the right thermometer, you can easily curb fever before it reaches uncontrollable levels. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer should be the first thing to think about. The thermometer is FDA-cleared for its safety & accuracy, and still, the pediatrician recommends it for all stages, including newborns.

What you get from this thermometer is a professionally accurate and reliable temperature reading within 8 seconds or less. The tip of the thermometer is soft and flexible, making it safe for newborns. Again, the flexibility of the QuickCare makes it perfect for versatile modes of uses, including orally, rectally, and under the arm.

The most amazing part is the thermometer can be linked to your smartphone through Bluetooth. The free Kinsa app will inform you of the next best cause of action in case your baby has a fever. The smartphone app makes use of age, fever, as well as your symptoms to help you understands how you feel. This way, you can decide whether to buy OTC or call a doctor.

Further, the app allows you to track symptoms, medications, and temperature for all family members. You can share this information with your doctor for proper medication.

To set up the QuickCare thermometer, download the free Kinsa app to your smartphone and then link it to your thermometer. However, you can use your thermometer with or without the app, but if you need the smart features, you must use the app.


  • Setup the app is straightforward
  • Temperatures start showing within a second
  • Very intuitive app to keep track of temperature, symptoms, and medication for the whole family
  • Very easy to use


  • The thermometer tends to be inaccurate at high temperatures
  • It only allows you to have a single account


9. Best Non-Contact Thermometer Baby – Equinox Digital Thermometer Non-Contact Infrared Forehead

The Equinox Digital Thermometer is built to perform, right from its sleek look to the versatile features. One thing you’ll note is the ergonomic handle, a feature not found in any other thermometer.

Again the LCD display is large, and it displays in 3 different colors depending on the temperature. These display colors are accompanied by specific beeps to notify you of a successful temperature recording. The red color is a clear indication of a fever.

The non-contact technology in this thermometer is impressive. The infrared technology allows you to get an accurate reading of body temperature, room temperature, or even the temperature of your food from a distance of between 3-5 centimeters. While using the thermometer, you are guaranteed no spread of germs and bacteria, especially in infants.

You can use the thermometer anywhere, and you’ll record the most accurate and instant readings. Whether it is a °C or°F, you can get the readings within 500ms with absolute accuracy. This makes it the fastest and the most accurate thermometer.


  • Highly accurate
  • The non-contact feature eliminates the spread of germs especially in hospitals
  • Has silent functioning buttons
  • Large screen, well lit and easy to read values
  • Instant temperature reading
  • Ability to turn off sound


  • Battery drains rather faster
  • Some customers report inconsistent results


10. Best Underarm Thermometer for Baby –TH-65 Digital Thermometer

This is a premium thermometer that you must have in your medicine cabinet. The thermometer gives readings within 10 seconds, and these results are accurate.

The thermometer has a waterproof design, which makes it easy to clean. In turn, this ensures that there is no transferring of germs from one user to the other. Still, the tip of the thermometer is super flexible to ensure maximum comfort for babies and infants.

Apart from the armpit, you can use this thermometer comfortably for rectum and orally. What’s impressive is that all these modes give you accurate and consistent readings, though some variations may occur.

All members of the family can use this thermometer, thanks to its medical-grade built. Needless to say, the thermometer reads both the Celsius and Fahrenheit, and you can simply switch by pressing a button.


  • Has a soft mouthpiece which makes it easier to hold in your mouth
  • Comes with probe slips so that you can use it quickly on different people
  • You can use it in multiple ways, which is great
  • Well-priced
  • Come with instruction on using, a handy feature for first-time users


  • The beeping is low volume
  • Some customer complain of inconsistency


How to Choose the Best Baby Thermometer for Your Baby?

Babies can get sick at any time. Sadly, they can’t explain themselves. Commonly, babes exhibit fever as a symptom of underlying illness or defense against infection. Thankfully, you can keep the guesswork out. A thermometer is an invaluable asset for all parents. The right baby thermometer will give you the correct temperature readings, whether you are taking the temperature via armpit, orally, or the forehead.

There are numerous types of thermometers. It is, therefore, essential to choose a thermometer that you’ll be comfortable using. That translates to an accurate reading. Modern thermometers pack features that make them quicker and accurate. The typical features you should consider are:

  • Speed: speed is essential. Buy a thermometer that gives readings very fast. Rapid thermometers give results in less than thirty seconds. Also, they have a disposable cover for hygiene purposes. When they get the highest reading, the thermometer beep once.
  • Talking thermometer: some thermometers can talk back. They tell you about the recorded temperature.
  • Comfort: between the invasive and non-invasive thermometers, which ones are comfortable? Non-invasive category to be convenient. For instance, the forehead thermometers are more comfortable to use.
  • Cost: as much as thermometers are essential, get a thermometer that fits your budget.
  • Battery type and lifespan: digital thermometers have come with button batteries to supply power. However, these batteries may be swallowed by children. To ensure that the battery cover is secure.
  • Digital readings: digital thermometers are the most accurate types.
  • Ease of use: the procedure of getting the temperature determines how easy the thermometer is while using.
  • Base: a wide base is a desirable feature in rectum thermometers as they give a place to hold when you insert the thermometer.
  • Memory: modern thermometers have a memory feature, which helps in keeping track of your baby’s temperatures.


Digital Thermometers

Currently, almost all thermometers are digital. They run on batteries and use electronic sensors to read body temperatures. The thermometers are rapid types of thermometers, which will beep once the highest temperature is reached. Besides, they have a small display where you can easily read the recorded temperature.

They include:

  • Rectal thermometer: this category of thermometers is invasive. Thus, your child will feel a little uncomfortable. But you can get the one with a flexible tip and a good base, which will not make your baby uncomfortable. That notwithstanding, these thermometers give an accurate reading.
  • Oral thermometer: these thermometers are placed in the mouth to get the reading. You can put them under the tongue. They are the safest types to use on your baby. However, they should be used in babies above 4 years.
  • Axillary thermometer: this thermometer is placed at the armpit.
  • Forehead thermometer: this is another category of accurate thermometers. They use infrared technology and are expensive.
  • Ear and forehead thermometers: these types of thermometers are placed against the forehead or in the ear of the baby to get the reading. These thermometers are easier to use than the rectal types, but their results are not accurate.


Smart Thermometers

Technology has revolutionized the world of thermometers, and currently, there is a wide range of smart thermometers in the market. These thermometers are effective at taking and recording readings.

They are characterized by being easy to use and multifunctional. They are handheld and can be used to take spot measurements, or set up and left to take temperature readings at desired intervals. You can easily customize settings, including alarms. The best part of this thermometer is that they can keep records and instantly indicate a fever.


Making the final decision

Each particular age group has a particular thermometer that works well for them. For instance, a rectal thermometer works well for babies below the age of 3 years. Similarly, forehead thermometers can work for these groups, but first, you have to consult a pediatrician. Any thermometer must give you accurate results.



Baby thermometers are vital equipment that you must have in your medicine cabinet. They’ll help you to know when your baby has a fever and needs medical attention. Luckily, there are hundreds of these devices in the market.

Nonetheless, most people complain about inconsistency, inaccuracy, or receiving a dead thermometer from the supplier. This might be true, and it is unfortunate. You must read the instruction label before using the thermometer. Do not assume just because you are familiar with thermometers, all brands do not work in the same way.

When you read the instruction, you’ll note that oral and rectum thermometers are more accurate than any other thermometers, but using them can be challenging to use. The forehead thermometer is the easiest to use, but it may not be as precise as the rectum.

The thermometers we have reviewed here are the best among the categories. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you won’t experience inaccuracies and inconsistencies associated with other thermometers.


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