15 Best Barbados Hotels to Stay [Luxury for Less ]

The 15 Best Barbados Hotels That Are Luxury. When planning a vacation to Barbados, consider staying at one of these top Luxury Hotels.

Barbados is a nation full of remarkable wonders, ranging from the extensive beaches with clear waters and surrounding luxurious hotels where you can get luxury for less as you enjoy your trip or vacation at the Caribbean Island.

This article briefly listed the 15 best Barbados hotels where you can get luxury for less. These hotels will suit all your needs, be it a business, family, or luxurious personal treat.

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The 15 Best Barbados Hotels That Are Luxury:


1. Beach View Hotel

When it comes to the ideal definition of luxury for less, Beach View Hotel perfectly fits the context. This property is located in Barbados along the West Coast, giving the guest a modern touch of luxury for less. With only $178 per day, guests have access to the following lavish amenities:

  • Thirty-six spacious guest rooms have impressive upscale facilities such as mini-fridges, Wi-Fi, and decorated air-conditioned rooms.
  • A spacious swimming pool with clear water, suitable for guests who are on a vacation mission. After sunset, there are tons of entertainment at the resort, including cocktail parties.


2. Blue Orchids Beach Hotel

This is another lavish property that provides luxury for less. At only $145, guests at the hotel can have an unforgettable luxurious experience, supplemented by state-of-the-art guest rooms with upscale amenities such as TV and mini-fridges.

Additionally, the guest rooms are well-positioned to give guests a magnificent view of the ocean.

This lavish facility has friendly staff who helps to fulfill your vocational mood by providing that welcoming atmosphere.


3. Meridian Inn in Maxwell

Another best cost-friendly property in Barbados is Meridian Inn, famous for its luxurious services at a low price, going for only $65.

This opulent facility has gained positive reviews from guests because of the tasty dishes of the Caribbean culture.

Meridian Inn is an excellent choice for guests because it is located in a quiet environment which gives guests that relaxing atmosphere away from the noisy and chaotic world.

However, one flaw of the hotel is that there is a short distance between the property and the ocean, and guests lack that perfect view.

But the hotel has a beautiful and well-maintained garden which improves your vocational mood.


4. Sunbay Hotel

Sunbay Hotel is a perfect family-friendly property that has gained popularity due to the luxurious experience given to the guests.

The luxurious hotel is famous for the following reasons: spacious guest rooms with upscale amenities such as Wi-Fi, private balconies that offer you a perfect view of the ocean, air-conditioned rooms, private bathrooms, and much more.

The property also gives beautiful scenery of the sea and tons of relaxing activities such as boat riding. Guests can also have access to laundry services, mini-gym, and babysitting services.


5. Yellow Bird Hotel

This impressive lavish property costs only $155 a day.

Yellowbird hotel has an impressive interior and exterior design supplemented by beautiful flower gardens.

Guests love this luxurious hotel because it is situated a few meters from the ocean, which gives that cooling ocean breeze.

This luxurious property also has a swimming pool, perfect for those who prefer a private swimming experience in calm water.

The friendly menu contains tasty street food and quality Caribbean dishes at an amazingly affordable price.

The guest rooms are spacious, air-conditioned, and contain free Wi-Fi.


6. Dover Beach Hotel

You will never regret your choice when you consider the Dover Beach Hotel. This property is critically located, overlooking the ocean with a magnificent beach view.

At the cost of $95 a night, Dover Beach Hotel offers the following luxurious services: Spacious guest rooms with tons of upscale amenities such as king-sized bed, Wi-Fi, mini-gym, and tropical scented air-conditioned rooms.

During the day, guests can enjoy swimming at the calm pool and then take a few drinks at the restaurant bar section.


7. Halcyon Palm

This luxurious hotel is a contender in this list because of several reasons.

At the cost of $86, guests should expect a royal experience at the property which gives an eye-appealing scenic water view because it is located only a few meters from the ocean.

Even though not all guest rooms have a perfect view of the ocean, guests can consider renting an apartment to experience this eye-appealing view.

The guest’s rooms are well-conditioned and feature amenities such as Wi-Fi, hairdryer, TV, coffee-makers, king-sized beds, mini-fridges, closets, and private bathrooms.

At sunrise, guests can access the sun deck and get a beautiful view of the sun.


8. Worthing Court Apartment Hotel

Worthing Court Apartment Hotel is a luxurious property that costs less compared to the services guests receive.

 At the cost of $87, guests have furnished rooms that contain the latest state-of-the-art amenities such as Wi-Fi, a kitchenette, cable TV, and a wardrobe. Guests also have access to airport shuttles stationed at the facility, a bar, free parking, and a swimming pool.

The hotel also has friendly staff who are trained to make you feel hospitable.


9. Haven House Apartments

Haven House Apartments provide a serene environment for guests, making it one of the most preferred properties in Barbados.

A spacious guest room supplements the luxurious treat in the apartment with modern amenities such as Wi-Fi and private balconies, where guests can view the beautiful garden lanes.

This luxurious family-friendly property has smoking rooms, which are situated far away from the family rooms.

Guests can access free parking, a mini-gym, and a restaurant bar.


10. Tropical Winds Apartment Hotel

Tropical Winds Apartment Hotel is another luxurious family-friendly hotel that has tailored its services for adults and kids.

In this royal property, guests are likely to enjoy tons of great activities such as spacious and air-conditioned rooms, which contain king-sized beds and modern amenities such as mini-fridges, Wi-Fi, and TV.

The hotel is considered family-friendly because it has many activities tailored for kids, including babysitting services and kids’ entertainment.

Most importantly, this luxurious property gives guests free parking and free laundry services.

When the sun is at its peak, guests can get access to the swimming pool and get a sunset cruise in the ocean later in the evening.


11. Arjan Apartments

This is another luxurious property that you can’t miss to enjoy the great experience at a very considerate cost of 4108.

The hotel is a contender in this list because it has furnished upscale amenities, including the latest-state-of-the-art items in the spacious rooms such as TV, Wi-Fi, and much more.

The friendly staff at the hotel are excellent English and Spanish speakers, unlike most teams at other hotels.

Among the luxurious amenities in the hotel include free parking space, free Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms, a smoking zone, laundry services, car rentals situated nearby, and unique rooms for disabled guests.


12. All Seasons Resort

All Seasons Resort is another outstanding property in Barbados offering luxury for less.

For only $75, guests can secure a royal spacious guest house with the following amenities; A private bathroom, plasma TV, air-conditioned rooms, and a private balcony that gives you a magnificent scenery view.

Guests can also access the swimming pool, which overlooks the hotel, and a free car park.


13. Chateau Blanc Apartments on Sea

Chateau Blanc Apartments on Sea is an excellent luxurious hotel situated off the coast. The hotel has all the lavish features likely to give you that royal coastal experience.

For $87, you can rent a spacious guest room with the following amenities; free parking and Wi-Fi, access to a kitchenette, private balcony, a hairdryer, a mini-fridge, a safe wardrobe, TV, coffee maker, and free local calls.

In case you have a family, you can request babysitting services from the friendly staff.


14. Eumelvilla

Eumelvilla is one of the best affordable Barbados hotels with its strategic location where you can get luxury for less.

For only $75, guests can access lots of luxurious services, including a spacious guest room with the following amenities: free Wi-Fi, iron box, private balconies, air-conditioned rooms, private shower, and phone.

There is also a grill in the garden for night grilling and free parking.

The hotel is located in the nearby tourist attraction town of Bridgetown, which happens to be 12 kilometers away.


15. Nautilus Beach Apartments

Nautilus Beach Apartments closes our list of Barbados Hotels where you can get luxury for less.

For only $63 per night, you can secure a room and gain easy access to the following:

  • Free Wi-Fi and outdoor space
  • Air-conditioned rooms and kitchen facilities
  • Access to a family playground and
  • Free parking.


The hotel is considered family-friendly because it hosts tons of activities tailored to entertain kids.

The hotel has outstanding furnishings that gives that desired luxurious experience, perfect for couples who prefer intimacy and romance.


Final Words

It is now apparent that you can get a luxurious experience from royal hotels in Barbados without necessarily straining your pocket.

The most significant factor to consider is whether the hotel caters to the entire family or just a couple.

You should also check whether the hotel has modern upscale amenities such as Wi-Fi, TV, and private balconies.


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