15 Best Barbados Resorts All Inclusive for Western Tourists

The tropical island of Barbados is truly a magical place where you will get comfort from dozens of hotels, critically located in coastal beach areas for the beautiful oceanic view, sandy beaches view, and rocky headlands.

There are multiple Barbados resorts for western tourists, which provides opportunities for adventures such as solid winds surfing, coral reefs interaction, and scuba diving.

In these resorts, you can enjoy world-class spicy cuisine and international distilleries.

These resorts for western tourists range in size and accommodation options.

But all of them provide that royal treatment in aspects such as golf games, swimming, fine dining, and other activities tailored for western tourists such as night entertainment.

Below are our 15 best Barbados resorts for western tourists.


15 Best Barbados Resorts:


The Crane ResortThe Crane Resort is an international property that has been in operation for more than a century and has gained status as one the oldest in the Caribbean for western tourists.

The resorts give guests stunning views of the coastal stretch and are suitable for families, couples, or individuals.

This all-inclusive resort is set on a rocky headland, and the property boasts of well-maintained gardens, guest suites, restaurants, and lavish sports activities.

The guest suites feature tons of upscale facilities such as marble bathrooms, walk-in showers, separate tubs, full kitchens, private pools, and scenic garden decks.

Other tailored amenities for western tourists include a Jacuzzi spa, an adult-only communal pool, and bars that offer nightly live entertainment and cocktails.

With a total number of 4 restaurants, this resort has well-lit pools, and you can share a bottle of wine in well-maintained gardens.


1. Saint Peters Bay Resort

Saint Peters Bay Resort serves as one of the best resorts for western tourists. The resorts have a great interior and exterior design that enables a guest to have a magnificent scenic view of the ocean.

Saint Peters Bay Resort has stylish furnishings and modern amenities in the guest rooms that improve your stay.

Guests also have easy access to a restaurant and an outdoor pool that lets you have the best experience.

Apart from the friendly and hospitable staff at the hotel, guests can also have a tasty and delicious meal prepared by experienced chefs who are well conversant with the western tourists’ meal.

Moreover, Saint Peters Bay Resort has spacious terraces and pools filled with fun water activities.


2. Hilton Barbados Resort

Hilton Barbados Resort is a five-star resort with a wide range of facilities tailored for western tourists.

This luxurious property has gained a reputation for offering a personalized retreat for guests from several cultures for conventions and meetings, ranked as one of the best hotels on the coast for western tourists.

The guestrooms come with many upscale amenities, such as private balconies where guests can have a good view of the surrounding garden and the ocean.

Hilton Barbados also offers a cooling experience by the readily available adults-only swimming pool.

Other impeccable upscale amenities guests are likely to find a mini-gym, spa, and aromatherapy massage.

The resort also allows guests to access tons of recreational activities such as playing tennis and communal TV.

In the guestrooms, guests are likely to find coffee makers, mini-fridges, plasma TV, and mini-bar.

Hilton Barbados Hotel is preferred by couples who desire personalized romantic retreats in a tranquil atmosphere.


3. Mango Bay Resort

Mango bay Resort is another lavish property for western tourists determined to give you a perfect luxurious retreat at an affordable cost.

At this resort, guests can enjoy various meals fused with a unique taste of the Caribbean culture.

After sunset, the hotel provides world-class entertainment with soft jazz music that is rich in Caribbean culture.

You can also access the restaurant’s mini-bar at night for a perfect drink that matches the mood.

Other activities tailored to fulfill the needs of western tourists include evening water cruising activities such as kayaking, boat riding, and scuba diving.

Moreover, you can enjoy a tour around the coast on a glass-bottomed boat.

One flaw of the resort is that the guestrooms come with different luxurious packages, and it is upon guests to choose a room based on their preference.


4. Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados

When we talk of paradise, we talk about the beauty that Radisson Aquatica Resort depicts.

This property is one of the best resorts for western tourists because of the lavish services offered to guests.

The friendly staff are hospitable and speak different languages, hence accommodate the language needs of various western tourists.

What puts this resort a contender in this list is the medical assistance offered to the guests during a health emergency during your stay.


5. The Club, Barbados Resort & Spa All Inclusive

Just off Saint James Beach in Barbados, The Club, Barbados Resort & Spa is a fun-filled haven being the sole resort that is all-Inclusive.

The resort gives beautiful ocean views and a pleasant atmosphere that makes activities smooth Spend time in the most luxurious rooms with astounding forms of entertainment in the evening.

Additionally, guests can access facilities such as the gym, Wi-Fi, a lounge, and a spa.

The spacious guest rooms are well-maintained and topical air-conditioned, strictly written no smoking.


6. Coral Sands Beach Resort

Great location on the South Coast of Barbados, Coral Sands Beach Resort on Worthing Beach has 31 spectacular ocean fronts, placing it one of the best Barbados resorts for western tourists.

With a pocket-friendly rate, you can book yourself a guestroom for as low as $150 and enjoy drinks and food of the Caribbean culture.

Services at this resort are overly intriguing, with well-maintained rooms and well-made beds that guarantee comfort as you enjoy your vacation.


7. Crystal Cove Resort

Crystal Cove is an all-inclusive resort located at Appleby in Barbados.

The resort has gained a reputation due to the extensive activities tailored for western tourists, such as skiing, snorkeling, boat riding, fine dining, and tons of entertainment activities such as jazz music at night.

The resort gives guests a magnificent ocean view and tons of recreational facilities, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and other aquatic sports.

The spacious air-conditioned guest rooms have modern facilities such as Wi-Fi, mini-fridges, and magazines to keep guests entertained.

Every guestroom has private balconies for a perfect scenic view of the ocean.


8. Ocean Two Resort

Ocean Resort is another lively resort that has gained a positive reputation with breathtaking views from the rooftop.

The resort is an excellent option for western tourists who desire a romantic retreat.

Feel the warm welcome at Ocean Two Resort by the impressive air-conditioned guestroom with stylish furnishings and tons of upscale amenities such as Jacuzzi tubs, furnished private balconies, and communal rooftops where guests can have expansive ocean views.


9. Port Ferdinand Marina and Luxury Residences

Located in Saint Peter, Port Ferdinand Marina and Luxury Residences are known for the excellent guestroom furnishings and the well-positioned rooms providing unobstructed views of the sea through the window, facilitated by the proximity of the resort to the ocean.

In this excellent value property, guests can enjoy Wi-Fi, DVD players, plasma TV, use of airport shuttles, fitness center, pool, and tasty meals.


10. Almond Beach Resort

What puts Almond Beach Resort on your list of best resorts for western tourists in Barbados is the diversity.

From well-prepared tasty dishes to the architectural design of the buildings overlooking the vast water mass, Almond Beach Resort is an excellent property to be reckoned with.

This resort allows guests to visit their website and inquire about the weather condition in the area.

Because the resort is family-friendly, you can float lazily in the swimming pool without having to worry about your children as they are well taken care of by a staff who exposes them to lots of entertainment activities.


11. Bougainvillea Beach Resort

Located at Christ Church, Bougainvillea Beach Resort is an eco-friendly property suitable for western tourists because of the perfect relaxation atmosphere.

The resort has terraces and balconies that provide an excellent view of the surrounding areas.

The air-conditioned guestrooms give that luxurious feeling with many upscale amenities such as TV, Wi-Fi, and king-sized beds.

Apart from the beautiful and well-maintained gardens, this property has flowers placed in every guestroom.

The hotel also caters to the kids with the existing kid’s club, and children under 15 years are not charged any fee at the resort.


11. All Seasons Resort- Europa 

Winning awards such as the year’s hotel, there is no doubt that All Seasons Resort is among the best resorts for western tourists in Barbados.

The resort has a spacious parking space with stylish sheds that makes it stand out from its competitors.

Guests can access kitchenettes and other facilities hosted in the cottages to make your stay more comfortable.

Moreover, guests can use malls that are not far away on a complimentary bus means and free local calls.


12. South Beach Resort

South Beach Resort highlights the modern touch of what resorts should have, ensuring that your amenities can facilitate your stay comfortably.

Located on the Southern Coast on Accra Beach, the resort has facilities such as bars and a lounge where you can have various meals as per your preference.


13. Sandals Barbados All Inclusive-Couples Only

If you are a western tourist looking for a romantic gateway to Barbados, Sandals Barbados

The all-Inclusive resort is the place to be, mainly preferred by couples. With an elegant touch on the rooms, furniture, and the main focus on couples, you are guaranteed a romantic treat with your partner that will strengthen your bond.

When looking for a place to have your candlelit dinner, then here is an option for you.

The couple can enjoy the scenic ocean views, taste French cuisines, go shopping, and take walks within the property without restrictions.


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