5 Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet for 2021

Find good basketball sneakers isn’t as straight forward as compared with people with normal feet.  But, in this article, we have compiled the 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet for 2021. The buyer’s guide includes here will help you choose easier.

If you have flat feet, probabilities are you must have experienced discomfort and pain even after most mutual daily actions such as standing or lengthy walking. Since you are here, we can take responsibility. You understand how easy it is to grow painful symptoms from running or playing basketball.

Well, we have some good news that you can still be a great basketball player even though you have flat feet. What’s more, most of the painful signs can be prevented by wearing the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

Flat feet frequently bring about some level of uneasiness or downright pain. But one way to reduce the worry and pain is by choosing a good pair of basketball shoes intended for flat feet.

Although you could or may not control your flat feet, you do have control over what footwear you use to play basketball to your filled potential. Before I go any further, I would want to talk about flat feet.

The 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet for 2021

Here are the top five best basketball shoes for flat feet;

1. NIKE Air Jordan XXXII Basketball Shoes

NIKE Air Jordan XXXII Basketball Shoes


Air Jordan XXXII Low is one of those shoes that merely stand out on the playground and don’t let you balance in. At the first look, it’s understandable that Nike, in fact, pushed their designers to the limits to make a perfect balance of innovation and sophistication.

At the same time, keeping the core of the Air Jordan II alive and winning a step forward in footwear engineering, Nike created one of the best distinctive playing shoes in a long time. While travelling with new materials and technology, Nike artisans learned knitting structure by making laces disappear from the outside but still deliver an excellent provision for your foot.

Speaking of a sense of balance and stability, XXXII’s decoupled Zoom Air cushioning comes out to be easier than the previous XXXI’s full-length Zoom Air.

Thanks to the new Flyknit material, these shoe mold to your feet more effectively, not leaving space for a few internal slippages. On the other hand, due to multiple layers, Air Jordan 32 isn’t the utmost breathable pair of shoes out there, but then again, this type of Flyknit material is still one of the best so far, a huge step in the right direction.

Many players with flat feet will escalate superb support and lockdown along with astonishing cushioning and excellent traction. While the first, a small number of runs with Air Jordan 32 might be a little bit tight for some, you’ll have to rearrange laces until it feels like they were made for you.

2. AND1 Men’s Downtown Basketball Shoes

2. AND1 Men’s Downtown Basketball Shoes

AND1 Downtown is amongst the most lightweight basketball shoes out there. They’re one of those easy-on and easy-off shoes that all the calm kids had while you were a child. Also, if you’re not an admirer of eclectic colours of shoes these days, you will appreciate the easiness of the black-white colour pattern.

Although they do not have extraordinary support for the ankles, there’s a power-strap that reimburses by increasing lockdown and overall fit. Lax and breathable upper construction feels abundant, and you will find them enjoyable to wear even after a long game.

Being comfortable, warm, fairly tight and close-fitting, they are snug in every way conceivable. There is a wild past behind AND1, which we will not talk about this event. We’re just glad they’ve come up with extra well-built pair that certainly lived up to our prospects.

The Downtown is one beautiful portion of sports footwear designed for full receptiveness to the foot when it flexes and a form that fits pleasantly and accurately. There’s an adequate amount of space for your custom foot-padding that won’t have an emotional impact on your freedom of movement in any way.

Also, not forget continuous toe-guard carefully designed to ensure supreme comfort and support even for utmost sensitive feet.

3. Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct Men’s Basketball Shoes


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Kobe Mamba Instinct is one heck best of shoes. Any person looking for the benefit on the court will adore them for their toughness, ankle support, and comfort.

Not to mention they’re tremendously stylish and will go with pretty much whatever, from jeans to shorts. They’re also obtainable in several colour combinations, though the most popular ones are red and black and Black/Bright Crimson/University Red/Anthracite.

Kobe Mamba Instinct features next-generation Flyweaveknow-how, making them helpful and breathable, while TPU yarn increases stability and overall durability.

There’s also moderately enough room for any custom orthotics you might need to insert, which is certainly a plus. However, be aware that Mamba Instinct shoes are thinner and smaller than usual Kobe models, so make certain to give them a try before purchase.

Mamba Instinct shoes are made for rapid directional changes, allowing more natural effort on the court. A combination of Lunarlon midsole receptiveness and Flyweave upper nearly give you Black Mamba instincts.

Furthermore, inner slipping was lessened due to internal bootie constriction that guarantees one-to-one fit while keeping your feet at ease.

4. Under Armour Boys’ Drive 4 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Boys' Drive 4 Basketball Shoe

Those who recollect Clutchfit Drive back in 2014 will be cheerful to hear there might be a commendable successor. Performing full-length Micro G foam layers, ClutchFit technology, and thrilling cushioning, CFD was one of the most forward-thinking pieces of sports footwear at the time.

Any person with flat feet with confidence remembers the Achilles pillow that provided superb coziness around the heel and additional padding. Men’s Team Drive 4 features Micro G just once again, almost certainly the best foam when it first looked on the market.

It’s dense, durable and quick to respond. It just wouldn’t be fair to expect more. There are occupied rubber herringbone traction design for extreme court control and grip, while the outward heel counter provides extended provision on the battlefield.

There’s also 3D shank wraps up about sidewall that was hypothetical to give some extra stability, but we didn’t get the sensitivity; it was fully functional. Also, if you’re considering more forefeet cushioning, approachable advice would be to deliberate twice.

5. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Bounce Basketball Shoe


adidas ScarletWhiteCardinal Performance Crazy Bounce Basketball Shoe e1620130528843 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet for 2021

Adidas Crazy Bounce is the lone Adidas shoes that found a place on this list, but they shouldn’t take too lightly in any way. This team model shoe features an exceptional full-length Bounce cushion that offers kind influence protection on the heel and ankles.

Due to advanced elastic cell technology that returns the liveliness upon take-off, you will have a feeling that you’re active all over the court.

To not be too springy, Adidas integrated a length outrigger into the base of the shoe to deliver maximum stability and energy return.

Speaking of the court, the resistance between the shoe and ground is outstanding and can be worn both outdoors and inside.

There’s a TPU plate on the midfoot, making certain there are no slips when you’re in the Mad Spring up. Once you have tightened up the laces, the shoe’s valuables construction clips the foot from the ankle to the heel to make available a stable foundation for the foot.

Definitely a plus for any person experiencing matters with flat feet. They come in more than 10 colour designs, with the ‘USA’ colourway being the most general one. It has the same traction design as Adidas D Rose 773 V, but it has three vertical bands of colour on the ankle collar as a replacement for its usual place on the forefoot.

What are flat feet?

Flat feet are stated in which the foot has an arch that is lesser than usual. People with flat feet usually do face huge disappointments when it comes to sports. Many sports do not offer room for flat-footed people as sports necessities do not entertain such factors.

Nevertheless, the passion does not rest and never lets the athlete rest too. With time, so many improvements have taken place for the sports equipment that is appropriate for people having diverse kinds of issues like wide feet, flat feet, lengthy or double toe, etc.

You, having flat feet, must have had encountered huge difficulties during your play. Uneasiness, aches are so normal to experience after long hours of playing or being on the floor.

When we dialogue about sport basketball, it is understandable that you need to be good at running and jumping, along with great usual movement on the court.

These days, the sports shoe sorts are very well-aware about the procedures required in manufacturing shoes keeping in mind wide feet, foot size, flat feet, extended toe, etc., that they need to offer to the clients with such situations.

Over time, many shoes have been obtainable that are specifically designed for people with wide flat feet. It is certainly depressing to feel discomfort while playing your favourite sport.

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Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet:

Ankle coverage

During the basketball game typically all the basketball player needs extra ankle coverage.

A basketball player indeed faces ankle injuries just for the reason that is not getting the right shoe. Most prominently, for flat feet, you need to pay more consideration to this factor. The basketball shoe you need to buy for flat feet is that shields the full ankle.


Like ankle exposure, getting the right fit is also a vital factor to consider. You have to create sure the basketball shoe fits appropriately with your socks and wear them before purchasing.

Most of the time, the toughest thing is to buy shoes online. But once you know your perfect foot size, then it is not a difficult task for you.


One more component to check is the style of the basketball shoe you pick out, and every other player looks for the fashionable pair. Nevertheless, it should be less vital than the quality, material, and comfort. In this case, choose a brand that gives equally style and durability at the same time.

The above-mentioned manufactured article review of the famous brands fulfils equally the requirements.


Basketball is a high-intensity game that would ask for strong jumps and run. Consequently, during a jump or recoil, your foot might suffer from strain and incessant shocks.

The cushion is hard for all the players, irrespective of the skill level. With the diversity of basketball players, there is a diversity of the cushioning system.

In this regard, each brand uses distinct cushions to make the playing knowledge the best.


If you want to slide and slash all through the basketball game, you need to purchase high-level traction shoes. For this purpose, numerous brands are putting extra effort to achieve the requirement of basketball players.

The traction is a vital factor to look into before purchasing basketball shoe for flat feet. For the fact, the traction can make or break your routine on the basketball court.

As a result, check the traction of your basketball shoe to avoid any regret.


Without any doubt, every time we buy whichever product, the buyer keeps an eye on the price and the brand.

The high price of a few products does not mean it also has high quality and alike goes with basketball shoes. So it is not essential to always go for the high priced shoe. As an alternative to this, you can also look for a small priced basketball shoe.


Each pair on this list has some benefits and disadvantages. Though most of these shoes have many sole features, in the end, it’s all up to your individual preferences.

What they all have in mutual is outstanding stability and to some spread correction for mild over the pronation.

If you have a preference for your orthotic or arch support, you would be satisfied to find the insole in most of them simply removable. Also, they all come in a lengthy range of sizes and widths, so you might want to take a certain time and try numerous models until you find the perfect-fitting one.

These shoes are intended to provide enough cushioning, constancy and shock absorption, so we believe most of the people with tumbled arches will be able to find the sustenance they need.

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