Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping (Dunking) 2021

The best basketball shoes for jumping make it easy for you to attain a better vertical lift. You can soar high like basketball legends such as Darrell Griffith, Jason Richardson, and Michael Jordan.

Many factors contribute to vertical jumps. For instance, increasing power-to-body weight ratio and flexibility. But do not underrate the contribution of the right basketball shoes.

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping (Dunking) 2021

Look, there are different classes of basketball shoes:

  • Speeding basketball shoes
  • Defence basketball shoes, and
  • Basketball shoes for jumping high

If your position requires rebounding, dunking, and doing a lot of vertical and aerial maneuvers, nothing can make you successful as the best basketball shoes.

On this list, I’m only reviewing basketball shoes that make you jump high.

The shoes can handle an explosion of energy your legs generate and propelling you to the stratosphere.

Get a shoe that represents who you are. You are a high-flyer. Purchase basketball shoes that make you the high-flyers you ought to be. So, I’m providing you with the list of best basketball shoes for jumping on the market today.

The Sneak Peek

The 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping 2021 – Summary

To The Real Thing:

These are the shoes that will make jumping and landing safe for you.

Nike Men’s Kyrie 3 Hight Top Lace-up Basketball Shoes


best basketball shoes for jumping

Kyrie 3 facilitates rapid and fluid movements. But it stands out for supporting vertical leaps.

Traction is the first step to a great hop. Nike Kyrie 3 has a herringbone sole from heel to toe with two multidirectional pods. The pods are for griping the court while swiftly changing direction. But the herringbone lets perform linear movements quickly.

Heel Zoom Air unit provides cushioning. If you land on your heels, the unit cushions you sufficiently. The toe and midfoot to heel features mesh for breathability. Thus, your feet won’t soak up in a sweat. In turn, no slippage.

The flex zone at the forefoot is a foam reinforced with Flywire, a setup that makes the shoe flex and moves appropriately on the court.

Support is decent too. The shoes have an internal shank at the midfoot for torsional support. Still, the heel has an internal heel counter.

If you play on dust courts, you will need to clean the soles periodically.


  • Decent traction
  • Comfortable
  • The heel Zoom unit cushions you after every jump


  • Low on cushioning

Adidas Originals Pro Bounce Basketball Shoe


best basketball shoes for jumping

The Adidas Pro Bounce is one of the best basketball shoes for jumping. It supports explosive and quick maneuvers.

Pro Bounce is lightweight and has superior ankle and Achilles support, factors that make it a stunning choice for jumpers.

Remember, the interior features a plush layer of padding support, which offers comfort to ankles and Achilles.

The mesh upper enhances breathability. So your feet won’t soak up in a sweat. The upper is durable, thanks to the durable Forgefiber. Though it looks cheap, it is sturdy and has superb containment and support.


  • Excellent traction
  • Well-balanced Bounce cushioning
  • Stylish shoes


  • Quality of Materials feel a little bit cheap

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe


best basketball shoes for jumping

Apart from being one of the most excellent shoes in the basketball world, Nike Hyperdunk is the best basketball shoes for jumping.

The upper textile features lightweight construction, and it is highly breathable. Therefore, you can quickly move around the court.

Like other Nike shoes, it features the Zoom Air technology for excellent cushioning support. As a result, it sufficiently cushions you from the impact of jumps.

With its solid rubber sole with a multidirectional traction pattern, traction on this shoe is superb. So you get an assurance that however high you fly, your landing is safe. Besides, it offers athletic comfort.

The ¾-bootie design ensures easy entry while the laces are extra-large, providing more excellent wrapping and a secure fit.


  • Excellent traction on all type of court
  • Cushion with good impact dispersion capability
  • Durable material
  • The shoe fits true-to-size


  • The soft outsole may make these shoes not ideal for outdoor courts

Adidas Men’s Dame 5


best basketball shoes for jumping

If you are a high-flyer, Dame 5 is the real thing.

The shoe packs more bounce than the Dame 4. Ideally, the Bounce is thicker, more so at the forefront, lacking in Dame 4. Though the sole is thick, the shoes still offer players the court feel. And clearly, here is where Bounce beats Boost.

Like other Adidas shoes, it utilizes the Herringbone traction system from heel to toes. However, it differs from the other shoe models – thicker wide-spaced lines. So dust won’t clog in spaces. Thus an excellent option for outdoor courts.

Still, the Dame 5 offers plenty of impact protection without any instability or loss of court feel.

You can either buy the leather or mesh upper versions.

The mesh shoes are lighter than leather, and they feature a suede rear panel. On the other hand, the synthetic leather version has no other material. But it feels cheap leather.


  • Has a long and wide toe area – idea for wide feet
  • The lacing system is structure works incredibly well
  • Reliable torsional support – superior lockdown
  • Stability is incredible


  • The material feels cheap


Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe

best basketball shoes for jumping

The Nike Kobe Mamba symbolizes Kobe Bryant’s transition. Despite being a budget model, the shoes really hold up to play.

The outsole is a low profile, which keeps you close to the court. Though traction starts off low, it gets better as you play. Then your step back abilities get better; elevate, and create space – Kobe’s deadliest moves.

The heel cushioning feels hard. But the large outrigger and sturdy heel counter provide reasonable support and lockdown for faster play.

The upper material is embossed, which elevates control and stability. Still, it has TPU eyelets, which are inspired by snake eyes.

Note that the shoe has a narrow centre, which makes it uncomfortable for some wearers.


  • Ultra-light shoes
  • Available in 3 colour combinations
  • Affordable price
  • Rubber soles with decent grip


  • Flimsy materials
  • Low cushioning on the insole

Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 10 SFG Basketball Shoe

best basketball shoes for jumping

The Lebron Soldier 10 SFG works well for both offence and defensive players.

Thanks to its trademark lace-less strap system, you get a maximum lockdown. And because it encompasses the entire foot, you won’t experience any slippage from the toes to the ankles.

Additionally, the multidirectional outsole design allows a full transition of power without interruption. Therefore, getting hop becomes easy.

With Nike’s signature Zoom Air, this shoe has one of the best cushion support. Ideally, it will deflect the impact of hard landings.


  • The efficient strap system eliminates the cumbersome lacing process.
  • Excellent lockdown
  • Excellent comfort and support even with hard landings
  • It fits true to size
  • Commendable ankle support


  • It may take you time to get used to the strapping

Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

best basketball shoes for jumping

Adidas Crazy Explosive a legendary basketball shoe. Its strongest points are vertical performance and dunking.

Here is why:

The shoe boasts superior traction. Traction translates kinetic energy into jumping power. Since the outsole features a sea coral design, the shoe gives you the grip you need to initiate a jump.

Note that the midsole features TPU, which confers lightness and stability. That is what most jumpers need. Again, the Boost cushioning gives more comfortable and hops.

Simply put, this shoe makes your playstyle better, bigger, stronger, and faster.


  • Xeno upper for added comfort
  • Decent padding and cushioning – boost cushioning
  • Longer shaft for heel protection


  • Ankle support could be better

Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Looking for the best basketball shoes for jumping? Zoom KD 12 has a superb spring.

Look, these shoes feature a full-length Zoom cushion, which absorbs shock from all jumping impact.

The KD 12 keeps you balanced and secure when you jump. And then it protects you when you’re on the way down.


  • Lightweight; thus, comfortable on the feet
  • High collar for exceptional support and lockdown
  • Full-length Zoom cushion


  • Traction isn’t good


Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3 Men’s Basketball Shoes

best basketball shoes for jumping

The Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3 offers a decent rubber sole and external heel counter.

Compared to Clutchfit Drive 1s and Clutchfit Drive 2, the heel counter confers more stability and support. Still, it comes with an extra Achilles pillow. This means you have additional padding and comfort around the heel.

If you want to jump and dunk efficiently, the Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3 is one of the best basketball shoes for jumping high.

Traction: herringbone covering the outsole entirely. But it’s flat, hence low bite ability.


  • Plush cushioning
  • Excellent fit and support
  • The upper offers stability and flexibility and is breathable.
  • An innovative lockdown mechanism


  • Traction could be better.

Adidas Men’s Dame 3 CNY Basketball Shoe

best basketball shoes for jumping

The Adidas Dame 3 offers superior bounce cushioning and blade traction making it one of the best basketball shoes for jumping. In fact, most hoppers across the globe hail the shoes.

These features make the shoes offer a better fit, besides allowing a stronger leap ability. What the shoes provide you is the right kinetics for a jump.

Fuse mesh is a pretty excellent choice of material. The welding of parts together eliminates overlays. This does not sacrifice durability and structural integrity. Rather, it generates a lightweight shoe.


  • Bounce Cushioning works pretty well
  • A good overall fit
  • Decent containment
  • Fair price


  • Heel slippage
  • Lace pressure can be uncomfortable

Features to Consider: Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping Higher

Consider the following features:


Cushioning is the material under your feet– in the sole of the shoe. Different manufacturers use different technologies for better comfort.

For example, Nike moved from air technology to now zoom. On the other hand, Adidas uses Bounce and Boost technology.

All in all, the cushioning should absorb all the shock from the impacts of jumping.

Midsole: a moderate to thin cushioning is decent for this area, as it will enhance stability and prevent ankle rolling.

The Upper type

Different types of uppers fit different kinds of players. There are 3 types of uppers on basketball shoes – low, high, and mid-high

High-upper basketball shoes feature an upper wrap that covers the ankle. This provides stability and support. If you are an aggressive player such as centre and forward, you need more coverage and support. Such shoes are perfect for you.

The low-height upper is excellent for guards, as they usually run all over the court. Such shoes are built for speed and agility.

Lastly, mid-height upper basketball shoes provide flexibility and medium ankle support. If you aren’t sure of a position to play, buy these kinds of shoes.


Leather and mesh are common materials that make basketball shoes. Most players need shoes that can offer high levels of comfort, ventilation, speed, and mobility. That is a characteristic of a basketball shoe with flexible, soft uppers.

Supportive and more durable shoes have harder synthetic uppers. However, these shoes also feature excellent breathability.

And for better support and protection, choose shoes with zippers, a hook-and-loop closure, or straps.

Support and Lockdown

If you are going to explode for lift, you need the best basketball shoes for jumping – no debate. Above all other things, ensure that you get sturdy support. So cute tight laces, strapping systems, and lockdowns are a must.

You will be blasting high energy amounts through a shoe. The shoe must be able to focus that energy well on enabling you to reach better heights.


Traction and durability are vital. Most outsole feature rubber construction. If you need balance, then shoes with flat and broad outsoles are the best.

On the other hand, basketball shoes with herringbone or hexagonal pattern offer the best grip. They are not prone to sliding, which makes such a choice the best basketball shoes for jumping.

Bottom line

If you aren’t keen, you might not notice the differences between basketball shoes. Therefore, you can easily make the wrong choice.

In this write-up, I address high-flyer basketball players. All these choices will make you hop, dunk, and jump higher quickly.

It’s true; some perform better than others. But that also depends on your skills. If you ever need to jump higher while playing basketball, do not hesitate to pick a shoe from this list.


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