The Best Chest Freezers for Apartments 2021 (Review)

If you’re shopping for the best chest freezers for apartments and small spaces, then this is the perfect article for you.

Sometimes everyone needs a little extra space to store food. This is especially true when trying to cut down on how much you go to the grocery store, like most people are trying to do these days.

I always prefer to have a spare freezer in my apartment, but fitting one isn’t always that easy. Because of tight corners and the fact that most people don’t live on the first floor, finding chest freezers for your apartment isn’t always easy.

Though, there are many great chest freezers that you can get on Amazon. I’ve put together a list of six of the best chest freezers for apartments you can get on Amazon.

All of these freezers are adequate and offer exactly what you should need in an apartment setting.

Nobody wants to run to the store every other day, and by picking up one of these, you’d be eliminating the need to do that.


The TOP 6 Best Chest Freezers for Apartments in 2021 (Review):

1. BLUELINETECH 10 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer

This freezerBest Chest Freezers for Apartments is one of the best that you could get for a variety of reasons.

It features a classic yet modern design so that it doesn’t stick out in your kitchen or wherever else you’ll be storing the freezer.

It’s technologically advanced, featuring an easy setup and easy to use temperature control. Most freezers are strict with temperature control, but this chest freezer allows you to adjust the temperature from -18 to 10 degrees F. This is a perfect range for most food storage recommendation but allows you to adjust it as you’d like, depending on what you’re storing and for how long.

Not only does the freezer work and look great, but it’s also energy efficient. This will help you save money on your electric bills, which is never a bad thing.

Dimensions: The freezer has dimensions of 40.6″ L x 30″ W x 33″ H, allowing it to have enough room to store plenty of food while not taking up all the room in your apartment, which is often a crucial requirement of most chest freezers meant for apartments.

Overall, this freezer is a solid choice.


2. MOOSOO Chest Freezer, 9 Cubic Feet

This freezerBest Chest Freezers for Apartments is ideal for those looking for a freezer that offers a bit more. It looks simple and matches easily with most decor. It offers a quiet compressor, allowing it to run smoothly without too much distracting noise that other freezer brands are known for.

Not only does it run smoothly, but it has five different temperature levels; the temperature range goes from 10.4°F to -22°F/-12°C to -30°C, allowing plenty of adjustment where needed.

Not only that, but adjusting the temperature is done on the outside, allowing you to quickly and easily change your temperature without opening it.

The freezer is large enough to store plenty of food but small enough and deep enough to fit into tighter spaces. Not only that, but it’s energy-efficient, using only 0.60-kilowatt-hour power per day.

This freezer runs well, looks great, is easy to clean and maintain, and offers ease of use with its door stays open at a 45 to 90-degree angle, making it easy to access what you need without a struggle.

This freezer is absolutely one to be considered when looking for a good chest freezer for your apartment.


3. Kitna 9.6 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer

This freezerBest Chest Freezers for Apartments is a great midsize option when you’re looking for an apartment chest freezer.

Featuring dimensions of 40.5”×26.5”×32.5”, this freezer is big enough to store what you need while still being small enough to fit in some smaller spaces.

The classic white look also fits easily in most kitchens. Insulated with environmentally friendly materials, this freezer is made to hold temperatures well while structurally sound. However, temperature controls are a little less wide with this unit.

The freezer allows you to adjust your temperature from -10 to -1 F. This range is a little less usual and allows for less control. However, you shouldn’t have a problem with storing frozen items within that range, especially if you use them within a reasonable amount of time.

This freezer offers a drain plug in the back and runs smoothly. It also features removable baskets, as most units do.

Beyond that, the hinged lid will allow easy access to what you need, allowing you to use the freezer with ease and without stress. This freezer is a great option for a standard chest freezer.

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4. Vevor Car Freezer, 101 Quart

This freezerBest Chest Freezers for Apartments is a little different than the others on the list. This freezer is suitable for both car and home. The 3.3 cubic foot size is small enough to fit meats, drinks, and other essentials while also being small enough to be placed in many locations.

This freezer is also quiet, emitting no more than 45 decibels. This allows for quiet, uninterrupted use in any situation. The design is sleek and silver, featuring an LCD temperature control that allows you to adjust the temperature easily.

Beyond that, the freezer controls allow a wide range of 10℃/50℉ to -18℃/-0.4℉, allowing you to use the freezer in a variety of ways.

This freezer is great for small kitchens but is also suitable for travel, featuring a locking lid and multiple power options.

Not only is the freezer effective, easy to use, and great looking, but it’s also energy efficient and offers a fast freeze option, allowing you to cool what you need to when you need to quickly.

This freezer is a magnificent choice if you’re looking for a few extra bells and whistles.


5. Costway Chest Freezer, 63 Quart

Best Chest Freezers for ApartmentsIf you’re looking for a freezer with a lot of power and use but a smaller size, this freezer may be the one for you.

This freezer offers a modern, silver design, allowing it to look sleek and nice no matter it’s put. It features 60L of storage space, allowing you some extra room without being overly large. This freezer is great if you’re looking for a smaller unit that still has space to fit food and drinks.

This freezer offers a lot of temptation, allowing you to use it as both a freezer and refrigerator. This is due to the wide range of temperature control of -0.4°F to 50°F.

Not only that, but the freezer features a max mode for high-speed cooling, or a minimum mode, for energy saving bonuses.

This freezer is also alarmingly quiet, emitting no more than 45 DB, allowing for quiet and pleasant use.

This freezer is also suitable for travel, with a locking lid and no shake technology. This is the perfect freezer if you’re looking for a small yet extremely functional freezer to hold a bit extra when you can’t fit it anywhere else. This is also the perfect freezer if you travel a lot.


6. hOmeLabs 7 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer

This freezerBest Chest Freezers for Apartments is a great standard option for anyone looking for a midsize chest freezer that fits in their apartment. This freezer can store up to 8 frozen turkeys, and then some. Not only that, but it features wire basket storage, allowing you to organize the freezer as you see fit.

This chest freezer is standard white and doesn’t offer too many extras, but it is rather functional. The freezer is also quiet, emitting only 42DB of sound, making it perfect for apartments and more quiet spaces.

Featuring a temperature range of 10.4 °F to – 0.4 °F, it follows the standard range for most freezers of its type.

The white style is classic and fits well in most kitchens. Its temperature control is easy to use, located on the outside on the bottom. Turn the knob one way or the other for max or minimum chill, or somewhere in between.

This unit is easy to clean, easy to use and even features a two-year warranty, which is better than some other brands.

With dimensions of 32.2 x 21.8 x 33.5 and a max door height of 50.5 inches, this freezer is useful yet compact and should be considered for nearly any apartment.


Final Thought

Trying to find a functional yet sizable freezer for your apartment isn’t always easy. This is especially true if you only have so much room to work with.

Finding a chest freezer is easier to manage, and they usually work rather well when it comes to storing extra meat and other goodies. There are many great options on the market, including the six that I’ve displayed here.

Consider what type of freezer you need most and what kind of room you have to work with. The freezers listed here range from a small 3 cubic feet to 10 cubic feet, giving you plenty of options when it comes to finding the chest freezer that works best for your apartment.

No matter what is chosen, enjoy the extra space and all of the extra food too!


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